The 9 Best Mattress Covers of 2022

Mattress cover – Buying Guide, Opinions and Analysis

Investing in good footwear and a mattress with the best features is essential to avoid back pain. So if you’re stretching your budget and buying a high-quality mattress, you’ll definitely want to take steps to protect it from wear and tear, sweat, spills, and even unintentional urine odors and stains. The Utopia Bedding EU0222 mattress cover is one of the best options to keep you dry with its guaranteed waterproof property. For its part, the Pikolin Home PA203 is an anti-mite protector that will keep you away from sneezing and offers you a pleasant padding.

The 9 Best Mattress Covers – Opinions 2022

A good mattress cover is the best solution to extend its useful life and always look like new. In addition to ensuring protection, the following 9 proposals add an additional level of comfort.

Waterproof mattress cover

1. Utopia Bedding Waterproof Bamboo Mattress Protector

If you are looking for a high-level waterproof mattress cover, this is your option, since it simply does not allow even a drop of liquid to penetrate. When you place this protector on a 150 x 200 cm mattress, its entire upper part blocks the entry of any liquid spills or body fluids.

Thanks to a barrier created with a TPU base, your mattress will remain free of stains that become difficult to remove. In addition, the material from which it is made earns it a place in the list of the best mattress cover.

30% of the rayon used is bamboo fiber that thermoregulates temperature and wicks away moisture. The remaining 70% of the blend is a highly refreshing ultra-tech polyester that allows the fabric to breathe.

In addition to its features to prevent dealing with stains and odors, this mattress cover has more to offer.


Hypoallergenic: It works as a barrier against mites and allergens that generally cause nasal congestion in allergic people.

Toxic-free: Its effective impermeability is achieved thanks to polyurethane, being free of PVC, vinyl, phthalates or any harmful chemical.

Elastics: The elastics on its edges make it fit snugly to the base of the mattress, remaining stretched in place.

Washing: It is very practical, since it allows washing by hand or in a machine and drying in the open air or in a dryer.


Pattern: If you use light sheets, you may not like that the bamboo patterns on this cover show through.

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Dust mite mattress cover

2. Pikolin Home Mattress protector/Quilted mattress cover, waterproof

Impossible that the protectors of the Pikolin brand are not among the best mattress covers of 2022. Its external and internal components will make the experience of sleeping comfortable hours in which you will not wake up with allergies caused by mites.

To the touch, it feels pleasantly padded thanks to an internal padding of Ecolofil Down Touch silicone hollow fiber. To be an effective anti-mite mattress cover, its external part is covered with brushed polyester microfiber with 100% treatment to eradicate mites. Its last layer made of PU polyurethane is in charge of the impermeability that will keep your mattress hygienic without stains.

This cover is perfectly suited to mattresses with width and length measurements of 90 x 190/200 cm and up to 32 cm in height and will adjust in such a way that not even the most restless sleep will make it move or generate noise.

In addition to the advantage of being one of the products in the Pikolin anti-mite line, this cover has other important aspects to consider.


SmartSeal: It is the name of the waterproof membrane that will not allow the urine leaks of the little ones to show on the mattress.

Sound: Its perfect fit to 32 cm high mattresses does not allow it to move or generate annoying noises that disturb sleep.

Price: This case is very well priced for the features it offers and the brand behind it.


Heat: Although it is breathable, if you are very sensitive to heat, you may find that its layers make it feel hot.

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Mattress cover with zipper

3. Savel Pack of 2 Elastic and Breathable Mattress Covers

The description of this mattress cover with zipper is in itself very good, but the fact that your purchase means obtaining two covers makes your acquisition a great opportunity. Savel has been on the market for four decades offering quality textile products, so if your mattress measures 90 x 190/200 cm, these covers will fit perfectly.

So that you can keep it clean, its regular washing can be done very easily from your own home. It will be enough to machine wash with water that does not exceed 40º C and dry at low temperature in the dryer to always have a hygienic cover free of germs and mites.

It is made with the softness of cotton, the resistance of polyester and the flexibility of elastane, so it will adjust to the mattress as if it were part of it, promising durability over time.

If you are looking for a mattress cover to buy that has the softness of cotton, you are looking at the right alternative. Let’s see more pros and cons of this option.


Pack: It is a purchase that offers you a pack with two covers for mattresses of 90 x 190/200 cm and between 20 and 30 cm in height.

Zipper: It is a cover that covers the entire mattress above and below and has a zipper to close it.

Oeko-Tex: You can have the confidence of a certification that guarantees that this cover is free of any harmful substances.


Impermeability: Its soft and resistant fabric does its job of protecting against dust, but it is not waterproof against liquid spills.

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Mattress cover 150 x 190

4. Bedsure Quilted Mattress Protector

When you feel its soft padding you will not want to put a fitted sheet on this cover. If you already have a quality mattress, it will enhance the work for adequate rest for your back and other parts of your body. One of the most striking points of its design is the one that refers to the 7-zone padding.

There are seven areas of the cover with a different thickness depending on the part of the body that is expected to rest in the area. This multiple pattern seeks to relieve muscle fatigue and allow you a restful sleep whether in a short nap or at night’s rest.

It is a 150 x 190 mattress cover that looks majestic with its white color and pronounced padding. In addition, it will wrap the mattress very well, covering the bottom part with its 45 cm skirt with elastics.

This cover mimics the best style of a fitted sheet and provides other positive features to value.


Design: In addition to its geometric padding, its fitted sheet style allows the cover to fit very well with its elastic skirt.

Hypoallergenic: Its 100% microfiber protects against mites and other allergens. It is also free of components harmful to your health.

Washing: Its maintenance is very practical, you just have to wash it separately with cold water in the washing machine and then put it in the dryer at low temperature.


Padding: If you enjoy the smoothness of your mattress, you may not like that its thick foam padding makes you feel like sleeping on a duvet.

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Mattress cover anti bed bugs

5. Pikolin Home Waterproof and breathable bed bug mattress cover

Pikolin demonstrates its updating and improvement of technique in the production of its products with this anti-bed bug mattress cover. Its technology guarantees that it will eliminate bedbugs and there will be no proliferation of them.

This option is for mattresses whose measurements are 150 x 190/200 cm and with a height of up to 30 cm. However, you can get it for almost every possible mattress size. In addition to this, it will give your mattress optimal protection with its membrane and waterproof coating.

It belongs to the Essential line and, like all products, it has a fabric that provides quality and resistance without compromising a pleasant sensation to the touch. This cover wraps around your mattress to protect it on all six sides, sealing them with a U-shaped zipper and when placed it seems to be one with the mattress.

Pikolin could be chosen as the best brand of Spanish mattress covers. The characteristics that its products have seek to guarantee a true rest.


Breathable: The fabric used in its preparation is breathable, so when you lie down on it you will feel an adequate temperature.

Resistant: In addition to being a wear resistant cover, it has a fire retardant layer that gives you maximum peace of mind.

PU: A polyurethane sheet on the inside gives it its waterproof characteristic to prevent stains.


Measurements: Although it says to be for mattresses of 190 or 200 lengths, you should know that in those of 190 it is a little big and there may be some wrinkles in the upper part.

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Memory foam mattress cover

6. Dreamzie Waterproof Mattress Protector

With this product you have the answer to which is the best mattress cover that covers the measures of 150 cm wide and 200 cm long. It is a protector that guarantees the blocking of the upper part of the mattress from sweat stains, urine or any liquid that falls on it. A polyurethane membrane achieves this highly functional waterproof barrier if you use it on a child’s or senior’s mattress.

This memory foam mattress cover will fit very well on mattresses of 30 cm in height thanks to its lengthwise side measurements and elasticated corners. That way you don’t have the hassle of fixing it every time it comes off.

One of the most outstanding aspects of this alternative in covers is the new generation Bi-Ome treatment. This technology ensures healthy nights without the proliferation of mites, bacteria or fungi.

In addition to its innovative technology, this European-made mattress cover has much more to highlight.


Premium: It is a high quality product made in compliance with the ecological and safety standards in force in Europe.

Oeko Tex: This certificate guarantees the confidence that your fabric does not have any chemical element that could be harmful.

Waterproof: Ensures that the mattress top cover will not be affected by sweat, urine or spilled juice.


Sides: This cover guarantees that the mattress is protected from liquid stains only in the upper part; its sides are not waterproof.

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Waterproof mattress cover with zipper

7. Tural Waterproof and Breathable Anti-mite Mattress Cover

With this zippered waterproof mattress cover, total protection from getting wet is guaranteed and sealed. With its closing system it fits so well placed and adjusted on a 150 x 190/200 mattress that it will seem like it is part of it. Every time you remove the cover to wash it, you will see that your mattress is still intact and like new.

Beyond its waterproofing, its breathable quality allows you to feel fresh, even on those days of intense heat. On the other hand, it is an excellent option for those who are serious about allergies or asthma. Its modern treatment called Acarsan will not allow mites, fungi and bacteria to come into contact with your body.

In addition to everything and to help ensure that the cover is always in optimal hygienic conditions, it can be machine washed with water at a maximum temperature of 40º.

In addition to a flexible fabric to cover 30 cm high mattresses, it has more positive details.


Oeko Tex: Your skin is protected from any allergic reaction, since it does not contain elements that can harm it.

No noise: Moving around while you sleep won’t cause noise to interrupt your sleep like other options that use plastic or PVC.

Anti- mite: Acarsan technology ensures that this cover is 100% free of mites and you have a night of sweet dreams.


Design: Its model is completely smooth. If you are looking for something padded with a fluffy feel, this is not your option.

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Thermoregulating mattress cover

8. Velfont Mattress Cover Thermo-regulator Outlast

It is simply great that this thermoregulating mattress cover is able to create the best microclimate for its user. There will be neither too hot nor unbearably cold, but it will achieve the ideal balance of temperature so that your body feels comfortable while resting.

Certainly, this mattress topper is not among the cheapest on the market, however, it is impossible not to stand out with its Outlast microcapsules. This technology used by Velfont creates a thermo-regulating fabric that works incessantly to maintain a comfortable temperature balance.

It is about absorbing body heat and storing it across the surface of the fabric and when the body temperature is cooler, the stored heat is released. In addition to this remarkable feature, its 100% cotton outer fabric and padding create a very soft and comfortable padding when lying on it.

It may be the best mattress cover of the moment in terms of freshness and comfort, but it also brings together other important aspects.


Cotton: The cotton used for all its manufacture is one hundred percent natural, which makes it an exclusive product on the market.

Padding: The softness of its padding helps the body contact point feel comfortable on the cover.

Adjustment: It is a mattress cover that fits perfectly on 150 x 200 cm mattresses thanks to the rubber around its perimeter.


Price: Its natural cotton and the property of creating the ideal microclimate for rest raises its price more than considerably.

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Mattress cover 135 x 190

9. Export Trading Mattress Cover

The investment in a mattress is very similar to that made in a good sofa. Maybe you don’t skimp on its cost because you want to feel the maximum comfort when lying down or sitting, so protecting it so that it stays in optimal conditions is a priority.

If you like bright and intense colors, then this 135 x 190 mattress cover that we describe below will make you feel calm. It is designed to wrap and cover it on all 6 sides showing a royal blue background color and a variety of flowers that contrast in white.

Among those recommended, this is the best price-quality mattress cover you can get. Its cost is completely affordable, something that characterizes the range of textile and home products from Export Trading.

Along with the advantage of being among the cheapest, this mattress cover has other features that can determine your purchase.


Material: The combination of 80% polyester and 20% cotton makes it feel soft and pleasant to the touch.

Zipper: Its zipper opening and closing system makes it easy to put on and seals any possible entry of dust or dirt.

Washable: It is an easy machine wash cover whose fabric does not shrink, so it will not be difficult to put it back on.


Color: If you like to use light sheets to put on your mattress, there will be no way that the intensity of the blue color is not noticed.

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Shopping guide

Although the goal of buying a mattress cover is to get rid of dirt and stains, it does not mean that you should sacrifice your sleep for discomfort with it. On the contrary, it should provide additional comfort, and this guide to buying the best mattress cover will help you do so.


In a comparison of mattress covers, there are, mainly, two main aspects to evaluate that have to do with the purchase of a cover that fits with a zipper or with elastic around its entire periphery. There are those who base their purchase on how practical each cover is to put on and take off for washing and others who value the complete or not complete wrapping of the mattress.

A zippered cover becomes a wrapper where the mattress is encapsulated on its six sides, that is, the upper and lower sides and its four sides. This is a great option when you want to keep the mattress clean on all sides, but also when it comes to pests such as bedbugs. In this case, a zipper case with small, tight teeth is your best option.

Also, you find the covers that stretch and are secured to the mattress with elastics. Depending on the length of the side skirt, the fit is flush with the bottom of the side or covers a few inches of the bottom of the mattress. The latter guarantee to stay fixed without coming off, even if you are one of those who moves a lot when sleeping.


This feature is basic both for good protection of the mattress and for the comfort of sleeping on it. A cover that is small will have to be adjusting it frequently because it comes out of the corners creating unprotected areas in the mattress. On the other hand, if it is too big, the cover cannot stretch completely creating folds at the top that make it very uncomfortable to lie on it.

Even more unpleasant is when the cover is large and has some plastic layer on the inside that makes an annoying noise when you move while asleep that will wake you up. Therefore, the important thing is that, when deciding on the purchase, you compare the measurements of your mattress with those of the cover.

There are models that come from 60 x 120 cm for crib mattresses to 200 x 200 cm for Presidential King mattresses. So you must remember that a mattress cover is not the same as a comforter that is used to decorate and that you can remove at night when you go to sleep. The pillowcase will sit directly under the fitted sheet.


The quality of the materials has a direct influence on how much the mattress cover costs, since, in general, one does not speak of a single type of fabric, but of the combination of several or the use of elements for linings or fillings. The correspondence between the quality of your mattress and that of its cover should be similar.

For example, it would be absurd for you to put a cheap fabric cover on a high-end mattress that does not offer breathability and makes you sweat every night due to the heat it accumulates. It is your decision and the market offers you multiple options that are actually evident from having to choose from covers made with organic cotton to very cheap polyester options.

In the same way, for its inner layers. There are cover alternatives that offer waterproofing based on plastic, vinyl, PVC or PU polyurethane sheets. You should not only evaluate the noise that some produce when you move when you sleep, but also the certainty that they do not have elements that are harmful to health in their composition.


A good and cheap mattress cover is even more attractive when it offers some extras that improve rest or provide peace of mind from stains and different types of animals. You may be able to get models that have it all or just offer to cover the mattress to keep out dust.

However, among the valuable extras you have to choose from, we could start with padding. The quilted covers add comfort with a soft and fluffy textile. Being breathable ensures a rest without night sweats, but a cool and adequate temperature.

To avoid stains from liquids that fall on the mattress or urine, waterproof covers are the best and, finally, hypoallergenic ones are used to be away from sneezes or skin reactions against mites, fungi and bedbugs.

Frequently asked questions

Q1: How to put on a mattress cover?

If it’s one with elastics, it’s no different than the way a fitted sheet goes on. Verify that the measurements are adequate to be able to stretch the corners and that they are covered as well as the sides.

For the zipper cover, maybe you need some help. Whether it is a U-shaped or L-shaped zipper, the most practical thing is to place the mattress vertically and support it against a wall. Open the entire zipper of the cover and start placing it from above with the help of someone. Each person takes one side and slides the front and back evenly, avoiding pulling unevenly so as not to damage the cover. Once the end is reached, the mattress is laid down again and the zipper is closed.

Q2: How to make a mattress cover?

For a zippered cover, width, length and height are measured and based on this the fabric is cut for the top, bottom and each side. The side pieces that will have the zipper should be cut two centimeters more. Cut the piece in half and make a one-centimeter fold on each half to join it with the machine with the zipper.

When the pieces are ready with the zipper, they are joined with the other sides and then the upper and lower layer. Unlike the zipper, for the cover with elastics, a single piece is cut that will have the length of the sum of the length of the mattress plus the upper and lower sides with an increase of 5 centimeters for the latter.

For the width, in the same way, the left and right sides are added to it with the same increase of 5 centimeters that will be used to place the elastic after cutting and sewing the corners.

Q3: How to fold a mattress cover?

Stretch the pillowcase, hold both corners lengthwise and join them over each other. Then slide your hand down and grab the third corner which you are also going to tuck in with the other two and finally do the same with the last corner. Arrange and match the bottom part, and putting it on a horizontal surface you can fold it in three parts lengthwise and then three other parts that make it look like a neat square.

Q4: How should the memory foam mattress cover be?

A viscoelastic mattress has the property of its softness, but also the tendency to feel hot due to its manufacturing materials. If you don’t want to spend nights of discomfort due to excessive sweating, make sure you buy breathable covers for this type of mattress or, in the best case, thermo-regulating covers.

Q5: How to remove mold from mattress cover?

If you notice that the cover is moldy, remove it from the mattress and take it outside. With a brush with firm bristles, try to remove as much of that loose mold as you can. Then, soak it in all-fabric bleach for about 30 minutes, making sure the area where the mold is is well covered. After soaking, wash the cover in the machine as usual.

Q6: Which mattress cover is best if you sweat and spill liquids?

The answer is different for each situation. If you don’t want sweat stains or liquid stains transferring to your mattress, the only answer is a cover with a waterproof coating that protects.

On the other hand, if we talk about sweating a lot, then the solution is a cover with breathable properties that ensures that it stays cool while allowing the necessary airflow.

Q7: How to clean a mattress cover?

This has been a point improved by most manufacturers. Generally, mattress covers can be machine washed and tumble dried with no problem. The only thing is to follow the recommendation to wash them separately and be attentive to the product’s suggestions regarding the degree of water temperature and drying.

Q8: Which is better, zippered mattress cover or adjustable mattress cover?

Actually, this depends on taste and practicality. Some people find fitted sheet covers that come with elasticated corners or sides much more practical. However, these do not completely enclose the mattress and only protect it on its top and sides.

Therefore, if you want complete wrapping and protection, zippered cases are the option, especially if you need to use the guarantee. In order for a guarantee not to be voided and to be considered, the mattress must be completely clean and free of stains.

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