The 9 Best Mattress Toppers of 2022

Mattress Topper – Buying Guide, Opinions and Analysis

Good physical and mental health is largely determined by the quality of rest you can get. Hence the importance of having a good topper that not only gives you a restful sleep, but also prolongs the life of your mattress. Among the different toppers that you can find on the market, the Viscoelastic Bedsure stands out, a model made of foam with a memory effect and that favors people who suffer from back pain. On the other hand, the Orthopedic Primo Line also highlights a hypoallergenic mattress topper with 7 support zones and a removable cover for greater hygiene.

The 9 Best Mattress Toppers – Opinions 2022

The toppers are the ideal accessory when what you are looking for is an optimal rest. In the market there is a wide range of options to choose from; however, in order to facilitate your purchase decision, we have prepared a selection with some of the 9 best mattress toppers available for you.

Viscoelastic mattress topper

1. Bedsure Topper Viscoelastic Memory Foam Antistatic Mattress

Viscoelastic is the material used par excellence for the manufacture of toppers and is one of the favorites of the best brands. In this sense, we have this viscoelastic mattress topper that has the latest technology for rest.

It is a mattress topper designed with memory foam and has 7 different zones that adapt to the anatomy of your body, releasing pressure and promoting breathability at the same time. It could be considered the best value for money mattress topper, as it offers an affordable cost and great features.

It comes presented in two eligible sizes: 90 x 190 cm and 150 x 200 cm. On the other hand, you don’t have to worry about accidents when sleeping, since the bottom of the cover offers a non-slip design.

To get the rest you deserve and wake up refreshed every morning, you could consider this model, one of the cheapest and best quality of the moment. Learn more details below.


Viscoelastic: It is made with viscoelastic technology, a high-density foam with a memory effect.

Non- slip: The bottom of the cover contains a non-slip bottom that allows you to rest without risk of falling.

7 zones: Its advanced structure has 7 zones that adjust to the user’s silhouette, providing optimum rest.


Variety: This topper is only available in two sizes, so a greater variety of sizes is missing.

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2. BedStory Ergonomic Topper Mattress with Removable Microfiber Cover

If you are looking for a high-quality viscoelastic mattress topper that gives you the comfort you need to rest, this option might interest you. It is a comfortable and soft mattress topper, which also offers a delicate essence of lavender that transmits freshness, promotes relaxation and sleep; while eliminating bad odours.

It could be the best mattress topper, as it not only has high-quality materials, but is also available in a wide variety of sizes to meet the needs of all audiences.

Additionally, it has a zippered cover, easy to put on and take off; It also has 4 elastic bands that allow you to always keep the topper in place. In addition, thanks to its ventilation pores, it can regulate the temperature and for extra appeal, the mattress topper has a characteristic lavender colour.

This is a high-quality and functional topper that deserves your consideration in this comparison. Next, know its most outstanding characteristics.


Comfort: It is made with a viscoelastic design with ventilation pores and a microfiber cover, which favors a comfortable rest.

Fastening: In order to keep the topper firmly attached to the mattress, this model includes 4 resistant elastic straps.

Anti-deformable: To prevent deformation, it has an open-cell foam on the top layer of the inner core.


Packaging: You will receive it compressed in order to facilitate its transport, for which the manufacturer advises to ventilate 48 hours until its expansion is complete.

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Latex mattress topper

3. Primo Line 100% Latex Mattress Topper 7 Zones

In the search for the best mattress topper, those made of latex have earned the trust of many for their high quality. For this reason, it is a material widely used in the rest industry.

This Primo Line product has a structure made of 20% natural latex and 80% synthetic latex, which gives it elasticity and great softness at bedtime.

It is a latex mattress topper that gives you comfort and resistance to intensive use, thanks to its materials and its structure that gives you a thickness of 8 cm (including 2 cm of the cover).

Along its body you will find cellular holes that absorb moisture and favor ventilation. In addition, it is hygienic and reliable, since it has antibacterial, antimicrobial and hypoallergenic treatment.

It is a very useful product for all people who need to improve their quality of sleep. Here’s a look at its pros and cons.


Comfort zones: It is a model that offers superior orthopedic support through its 7 comfort zones.

Structure: Its structure is designed with cellular holes on the surface that absorb moisture and promote perspiration.

Cover: Includes a 2 cm thick padded cover with zipper, easy to remove for washing.


Load: This topper is suitable for people with a body mass of up to 95 kg.

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Mattress topper 150×190

4. SonnoMattress Topper Vissoft Aloe Vera Basic

If you want to breathe new life into your mattress without significantly breaking your budget, you might consider fitting it with a high-quality mattress topper that will allow you to improve your rest and achieve a peaceful sleep.

Thinking about it, and in order to provide the size you are looking for, SonnoMattres has designed this mattress topper 150×190 cm, especially comfortable and equipped with elastic bands that keep it in place.

Its advanced structure is one that only the best mattress toppers of 2022 can offer. For this, it has a thickness of 3 cm and three differentiated layers with great benefits.

The first layer has a soft, high-quality Aloe Vera Strech fabric; while the intermediate one offers soft fiber padding and memory foam. Likewise, it has 3D fabric in its lower layer for adequate ventilation.

This model could interest you, since it offers you an affordable cost and its design is state-of-the-art. Here are more details.


9 Zones: It is a product specially designed to improve the body’s pressure at bedtime, so it has 9 support zones.

Sizes: You can choose the size that best suits the dimensions of your mattress, from a wide variety of sizes.

Thickness: Thanks to its 3 cm thickness, it is a topper that does not significantly affect the height of your mattress.


Cover: A removable cover is missing that favors hygiene and cleaning.

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Other products

5. Recci Topper Memory Foam Hypoallergenic Bamboo Mattress

When choosing a mattress topper, it is essential to consider if you are one of those people who sweat profusely or if you live in hot regions with high temperatures.

In order to deal with this situation, Recci has equipped this model with heat insulation technology, which offers you a molecular structure that favors air flow and regulates body temperature; so your nights will be comfortable and cool. Likewise, it is a product made with 100% original viscoelastic that adjusts to the natural curve of the body.

It also has a cover made of 60% bamboo fabric, a material that provides freshness and absorbs moisture; it is resistant to dust mites, hypoallergenic and removable. In addition, you can choose the topper from several sizes according to your needs and it has the ISPA, CertiPUR-EU and Oeko-Tex certificates.

For all its benefits, this could be considered the best mattress topper of the moment. We invite you to evaluate the strengths and possible disadvantages of it.


Memory foam: It is a topper made with original memory foam, which adapts to your body and promotes comfort.

Heat insulation technology: Thanks to this technology you can sleep cool and comfortable, as it regulates temperature and ventilation.

Bamboo: It has a cover made of bamboo fabric, which favors the absorption of moisture and care for the skin.


Elastics: It is a topper that does not include elastic fastenings. However, it does not slip thanks to the lower textile.

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6. Micamamlama Viscoelastic topper Cubrecolchon

If you bet on high-quality, nationally manufactured products, Micamamellama is a Spanish manufacturer that could offer you one of its best toppers to renew your mattress. It is a model made with materials free of toxic and approved by the EU; Likewise, it has the Oeko-Tex certification.

Its structure has two faces that adapt to different climatic conditions; one is suitable for summer, so it has an airfresh 3D fabric and the other is recommended for winter, since it integrates a warm stretch fabric.

Likewise, its design offers you 4 elastic bands that allow you to hold it easily and keep it firm to the mattress. On the other hand, in order for you to choose the most suitable size for the dimensions of your mattress, the manufacturer offers you a wide variety of measurements.

If you want to improve your sleep and your quality of life, but you don’t know which mattress topper to buy, we invite you to evaluate the main aspects of this model.


Utility: Thanks to its double side, one for winter and one for summer, you can use this topper comfortably all year round.

Thermosensitive: It has viscoelastic with thermosensitive qualities, so you will not have problems with heat and perspiration.

Elastic: It has 4 elastic straps that adapt to all types of mattresses, improving the user experience.


Special treatment: A fabric with antibacterial and insect repellent treatment is missing.

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7. Zinus Green Tea Memory Foam Mattress Topper

In the market you can find a wide variety of mattress toppers of all prices; however, it is likely that the cheapest ones will not offer you the quality you are looking for. However, with this Zinus model you can get a product that offers you confidence, comfort and an affordable cost.

It is a viscoelastic topper that provides a comfortable fit for your body and a restful sleep. It is designed with a patented cover of green tea and charcoal, thanks to which the moisture and surrounding heat that could be generated by its memory foam is efficiently eliminated.

The thickness of the mattress topper is 7.6 cm, comfortable enough to wake up the next day without tension and totally relaxed. On the other hand, you can select between 4 different sizes, according to the measurements of your mattress.

Read below the most important features of this Zinus mattress topper, in order to make your selection easier when buying.


Patented cover: It is a model that has a patented green tea and carbon cover, making it an ideal topper to eliminate moisture.

Functionality: In addition to adequate rest, it is a model that also prolongs the useful life of your mattress.

CertiPUR-US Certified: If you care about the environment, this product is CertiPUR-US Certified.


Cover: The inclusion of a protective cover would be appreciated, in order to avoid accidental stains.

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8. Amazonbasics Memory Foam Mattress Topper 7 Air Zones

AmazonBasics is a renowned manufacturer that offers a wide variety of products for home and office; In this case, it presents you with a topper that gives you the opportunity to renew your old mattress without having to spend a fortune, since it offers you an affordable cost compared to other similar models.

Its 7-zone design helps efficiently distribute your body weight, so you can rest without putting pressure on your joints. Likewise, it has a thickness of 5 cm of memory foam for a greater sensation of comfort, so it is recommended for people who suffer from arthritis or sciatica.

On the other hand, the 4 included straps allow you to adjust the topper on the mattress, so that it does not slip while you sleep. In addition, it has a removable and washable cover that incorporates a fabric with a soft and luxurious touch.

For offering high-quality household products at competitive prices, AmazonBasics might just be the best brand for mattress toppers. Learn more about this product.


Comfort: It is a topper designed with 7 zones that provide comfort and relaxation to the body while you sleep.

Cover: It has a soft touch cover and luxurious appearance, easy to remove and put on.

Variety: You can choose the size of your convenience from a wide variety of options.


Density: It is missing greater density in memory foam. However, it is a topper that fulfills its purpose.

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9. Dailydream Corrector Topper for Mattress in Memory Orthopedic

Regardless of whether you want to renew an old mattress that has lost its firmness, or whether you are looking to prolong the life of a new mattress; Having a padded and very soft topper is an excellent option for your restful nights.

This model is made with superior quality materials, so it has viscoelastic foam; that is, every time you exert pressure, the foam is capable of adapting precisely to your anatomy, eliminating pressure. It also has tapes in its corners that favor a firm fit to the mattress.

The included protective cover has a zipper to be removed without problems and that you can easily wash it at a temperature of up to 60ºC. In addition, it is a product that is presented in different eligible sizes according to the dimensions of the mattress, all with a thickness of 5 cm.

If you are looking for a viscoelastic topper suitable for all audiences and easy to clean, you could consider this model. Learn a little more about this product.


Hygienic: It is made with allergy sufferers in mind, as it is free of mites, bacteria and dust.

Portable: Thanks to its flexibility, you can easily roll and unroll the topper without losing its original shape.

Washable cover: Its high-quality removable cover can be washed in a washing machine at a temperature of 60º.


Ventilate: It is convenient to ventilate it before mounting it on the mattress, in order to eliminate any odor and favor the total expansion of the viscoelastic.

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Shopping guide

If you do not have the budget to invest in a new mattress with great features, toppers are a good and economical alternative that allows you to enjoy a comfortable rest. To choose the most suitable one you must consider various factors, so we hope to help you with this guide to buy the best mattress topper so you can choose the one that suits you best.


Having a deep and restful sleep is essential for the proper functioning of the body, so you must have an appropriate resting surface. In this sense, the toppers are the accessories specially designed to favor a comfortable rest.

They are also known as a mattress topper and it is a padded sheet that is placed on the mattress with the purpose of reinforcing comfort, providing extra comfort and adaptability. They also improve blood circulation, relax the body and offer greater support; minimizing pressure points and guaranteeing a correct posture of the neck and back.

However, beyond this goal, a topper also offers other advantages. Among them we can mention that it protects and safeguards the mattress, prolonging its useful life and its integrity for longer. Likewise, it increases the level of hygiene, since it prevents the mattress from getting dirty.

Materials and breathability

When you make your comparison of mattress toppers, the main aspect that you must evaluate is the materials with which these products are made; since it is a factor that could determine how much a specific model costs.

In the market you can find various materials, chosen for their ergonomic properties, softness and resistance. Among the most used we have viscoelastic, latex and down.

Viscoelastic is a high-quality material and is used in the vast majority of modern toppers. When this memory foam is in contact with your body, its surface adjusts and adapts to the anatomical curves of your silhouette; minimizing pressure points and improving lumbar support.

Latex stands out for being a flexible and non-deformable material, as well as being economical. Natural latex is obtained from the resin from the rubber tree; however, to improve its quality and elasticity, brands often mix it with synthetic latex when making toppers.

There are also the classic toppers made of down; They are one of the softest, most comfortable and 100% natural options. They are usually made of goose or duck down and their cost is not exactly the cheapest.

On the other hand, it is also convenient to look for materials that give you freshness and breathability. Since it is an accessory that usually generates heat, it is important that the chosen model has technologies that regulate temperature and release moisture.

Dimensions and density

The toppers are presented as a padded sheet whose thickness can vary between approximately 3 to 10 cm; so you can choose the product that best suits your comfort needs. Its dimensions are not a problem, since regardless of the mattress model and its size, the market has a wide variety of eligible measures; the idea is that you select the topper according to the width of your mattress.

On the other hand, density is another of the parameters that you must evaluate when choosing a topper; this quality allows you to determine how firm the mattress topper can be. For example, if you need a topper that is soft but firm at the same time, you should consider a high density; while if you are looking for a light and soft topper, a low density might suit you.

Cover and fastening

Try to choose a topper that has a high-quality, padded cover with anti-mite treatment, as this prevents the proliferation of these undesirable organisms. Similarly, if the model is treated against the appearance of fungi and bacteria, this favors hygiene and comfort.

Likewise, consider that the cover has a zipper that allows you to remove it easily; this way you can put it on and take it off every time you need to wash it. In addition, this is a complement that provides greater protection and a plus of elegance to your mattress.

Some covers have a lower fabric that prevents the topper from slipping during movements when sleeping. However, in order to provide greater security and support, most models include elastic bands or straps that provide a convenient grip on the mattress; which favors the topper to remain in place and not slip.

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