The 9 Best Mini Spy Cameras of 2022

Mini spy camera – Buying Guide, Opinions and Analysis

Having a small camera is not a bad idea, as it can not only function as a spy, but also to help you capture your daily activity without discomfort or to always keep an eye on your home, even if you are not there. Thanks to this freedom of use, mini cameras have become increasingly famous and innovative, as they seek to adapt to each user. Having a camera like the Rirgi Koiteck will allow you to always have a view of what is most important, even if it is at night, allowing you to record videos with optimal quality. On the other hand, a model like the Niyps Submersible focuses more on practicality, giving you comfortable use, waterproof and high definition images.



The 9 Best Mini Spy Cameras – Opinions 2022

In the mini spy camera market there are options for all tastes, therefore, it is enough to read a little about the different alternatives until you find the model that suits everything you need.

WiFi mini spy camera

1. Rirgi Koiteck Hidden Spy Cameras

Having a mini WiFi spy camera is a good way to keep your home always under surveillance. In this case, it is a model with a size of 3.8 x 3.8 x 2.2 cm to be easy to place and, although it is small, it can record in 1080P definition to capture all the details in an angle of 150°, even at night, thanks to its 8 infrared lights.

In addition to that, this device is compatible with memory cards from 8 to 128 GB to store the content. The most recent images will replace the oldest ones, so as not to stop recording due to lack of memory. This is complemented by a 300 mAh battery that allows continuous operation for up to 90 minutes. 

Finally, by having motion detection, this camera has the ability to alert you to the action through the app for iPhone and Android.

The versatility of this device and how practical it is make the product to be considered the best mini spy camera of the moment.


Movement: The movement detection system will send an alert to your mobile whenever someone is in the range of vision of the camera.

Night vision: The camera’s infrared lights allow for excellent night vision.

Recording angle: With a recording angle of 150° it will be possible to capture all the details of the image.

Storage: The ability to expand its memory up to 128 GB provides a large storage space.


Audio: The audio recording is not optimal, so you may not fully understand what is being said in the video.

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Mini spy camera with long battery life

2. Niyps Underwater Hidden Spy Camera

If what you really want is that no one discovers your camera, this model with dimensions of 1.5 x 5.2 x 2 cm is surely the one, since its size is small and its lightness will facilitate its mobility. In addition to that, the included mount, clip and strap will make it easy to take the camera everywhere.

As for the recording, this camera has a large lens that covers 140 ° and a resolution of 1080P. This is also complemented by its night vision, which works with 6 infrared sensors. This mini spy camera with long battery life can be used for up to 2 hours continuously and continue to be used while its 400 mAh battery recharges. To store the images, you only need to insert a micro SD card from 2 to 32 GB.

Lastly, the inclusion of the waterproof case makes the camera waterproof for use in aquatic environments.

In case you don’t know which mini spy camera to buy and you value versatility, this option could be the best one for you.


Accessories: The inclusion of accessories for fastening and a waterproof case offers greater freedom of use.

Connection: This spy camera does not need any connection, since it can do everything independently.

Recording: A resolution of 1080P is ideal to enjoy sharp images and great detail.


Memory: Unlike the models that manage to work with memories of up to 120 GB, this product only allows a maximum of 32 GB.

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wireless mini spy camera

3. Piaek Spy Cameras 1080P HD

With this mini wireless spy camera you will never miss anything, as it is a device created to capture images at a distance of 5 to 10 meters with a resolution of 1080P to prevent you from losing details. In addition to that, this model is compatible with memory cards of up to 128 GB to be able to store the images with loop recording.

In case you need to record at night, this small camera is equipped with 6 infrared sensors that will capture quality images within the 110° field of view. In addition to this, the device has a motion detection system that will send alerts through the application compatible with iPhone and Android.

To enjoy 2 hours of continuous operation you will have to charge the camera for 2 hours, although you can still use it while connected. Additionally, if you want to use the device as a regular camera, you can place it on its magnetic base.

Piaek could become the best brand of mini spy cameras on the market if it continues to create high-quality models like this one.


Versatile: This device can be used as a spy or regular camera, as it is small and comes with a magnetic base included.

Night vision: Infrared sensors will allow the recording of clear images even at night.

Movements: If the camera detects any type of movement, you will quickly receive the alert on your mobile phone.


WiFi: To work properly, the camera will need to be connected to WiFi at all times. This is a disadvantage.

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mini spy camera for car

4. Cusflyx Cloud Spy Cameras 1080P WIFI

Owning a mini spy camera for car is a way to have greater security and, in this case, this model is designed to provide you with surveillance in your car and also in your home. Recording at 30 frames per second, this product captures images with high definition resolution and great detail. In fact, even night shots will have good quality thanks to its technology.

So you can loop record all day without having to delete videos, this camera can be used with memory cards from 8 to 128 GB, even without WiFi connection. However, you can also store everything in the cloud automatically. For that reason and its 150° field of view, it is considered one of the best mini spy cameras of 2022.

By charging the device’s 500 mAh battery for 2 hours, you can use it for approximately 1 ½ hours. So you will not miss its motion detection and alarms on your mobile.

This high-quality camera comes with features that you shouldn’t miss out on if you want to record all the important situations in your home.


Storage: With this device it will be possible to record in a loop while using SD cards from 8 to 128 GB.

Connection: In order to use the camera it is not necessary to keep it connected to the WiFi network, so you will have more recording freedom.

Images: The quality of the images, whether day or night, will be quite good so as not to lose detail.


App: The brand’s app is not as intuitive as it should be, so it might take some getting used to at first.

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Mini spy camera HD

5. Mhdyt Mini Hidden Spy Camera

Discretion is the most outstanding quality of this mini HD spy camera, not only because of its small diameter of 3.3 cm, but also because of its small removable mirror that will cover the lens. In addition to that, thanks to the magnet that comes on the back of the camera, it will be easier to place the device on any metal surface, whether in your home, in your car, etc.

Thanks to its professional lens, this camera manages to record videos with a resolution of 1080P to offer a detailed result. In addition to that, its improved night vision will help you capture optimal quality images even at night. Using an SD card from 2 to 32 GB you can store everything and loop recording overwriting the oldest data if the memory runs out.

The camera can be used continuously for 50 minutes, but connected it can work without interruptions.

In addition to being one of the cheapest cameras, it is also one of the most versatile and creative models.


Accessories: The magnet and the mirror adhesive are additional accessories that improve the user experience.

Recording: The quality of the images can be noticed whether it is recorded during the day or at night, since it is a quality camera.

Storage: When there is no more storage space, the camera will not stop recording, it will only overwrite the oldest data.


Battery: Unlike other models that can last up to 2-3 hours, the camera’s 160 mAh battery only lasts 50 minutes on a charge.

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Mini spy camera with button

6. U Lifestyles Hidden Spy Camera

Cheap products don’t have to be bad and this is proven by this Mini Button Spy Camera from U Lifestyles. With a 150° angle of view and a resolution to suit your needs, this camera will capture the most important images with ease. If there is not much light, the device will automatically activate its night vision so as not to lose details.

It is possible to use the camera while it is connected, but its 300 mAh battery allows wireless use for approximately one hour. Because this model allows loop recording and supports SD cards up to 128 GB, you can always have the latest recordings at hand without interruption. Its movement detection system prevents recording at times when it is not needed, since the camera will only be activated when an action is recorded.

Lastly, as the product has a magnetic sensor, it will be easier to place it on any metal support for greater recording stability.

With a low price and excellent quality, this mini camera has managed to surprise us with its different benefits.


Magnet: The magnetized base makes locating the camera a simpler, more comfortable and faster process.

Images: The images can be recorded at 1080P or 720P depending on your needs, always adapting to you.

Infrared: The infrared sensors are automatically activated so that the recording does not lose detail when it gets dark.


Battery: Battery life is approximately one hour. This is less time than most options on the market.

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Mini spy camera with motion sensor

7. Amyway Mini Hidden Spy Cameras

By having a mini spy camera with a motion sensor you can receive alerts whenever something unusual is detected. For this reason, if you are looking for the best mini spy camera, this model could be the answer, as it has this function and many more. By having a square structure, this camera will be easier to stabilize and, in addition, the magnet placed on the back will also facilitate its location.

As for its recording, this camera captures everything in a 150 ° viewing angle with a Full HD resolution of 1080P to avoid losing any detail. In addition to that, its 6 infrared LED sensors will allow images captured at night within a range of 5 meters to also be seen with good definition. These data will be saved on the mini SD card you purchase, which can have up to 256 GB.

After fully charging the device, it can record for up to 6 hours continuously, avoiding interruptions and data loss.

This camera is one of the most modern of its kind, as it has outstanding qualities that complement each other to give good performance.


Capacity: Unlike other models compatible with 32 or 128 GB SD cards, this one accepts memories of up to 256 GB.

Battery: This is one of the few cameras on the market that manages to work for up to 6 hours in a row.

Magnet: The inclusion of the magnet makes it easier to find a safe place for the product, since it can adhere to metal surfaces.


Resolution: The resolution could change between 1080 and 640P while recording, which is a drawback.

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Mini spy camera Full HD

8. Niyps Mini Hidden Spy Camera

Doubting about which is the best mini spy camera is normal because there are too many options, however, models like this one stand out easily. With a size that reaches only 2.2 cm and weighs less than 20 grams, this product is easy to move and also to hide in the place you need.

With its motion detection system, this camera will only record if movements are recorded on the spot. In this way, you can save energy and extend those 50 minutes of recording offered by the 240 mAh camera battery. However, it is possible to use the Full HD mini spy camera while connected.

If you want to do loop recording so you don’t miss a thing, this camera supports SD memory cards from 4 to 32 GB. Remember that, even at night, it will be possible to enjoy good images and continue recording thanks to its 4 infrared lights to improve video capture.

Small in size but great in quality, this mini spy camera could be exactly what you need to record your images.


Movement: With the movement detection system, the camera will be activated at the moment you need it. That way, no more battery is spent than required.

Portability: The small size and also its lightness facilitate its easy transport, as well as its placement in the home.

Recording: The wide viewing angle and the good resolution offered, both day and night, will give you quality images.


Infrared: Although most cameras of this type have 6 or more infrared sensors, this model only has 4.

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Mini spy camera with USB

9. Supoggy Portable 1080P Mini Spy Camera

If you are looking to save money and find the best value for money mini spy camera, then this model could be what you need. Compatible with SD cards up to 32 GB, you just have to insert the memory, connect the camera and start recording. This device will manage to go unnoticed because it looks like a regular charger and, fortunately, it also fulfills this function when connecting a phone.

To properly serve as a mini spy camera with USB, this product has a function that detects the slightest movements to start recording. The images are captured in high definition to be able to visualize every detail at a viewing angle of 90 degrees 24 hours a day, as its protection against overvoltages makes its prolonged use safe.

No need to connect to WiFi network to use the product, or link to devices, just plug and record. When finished, transfer the images to a computer, tablet or phone.

This model is quite different from other options on the market, however, its peculiarities and quality make it stand out and be a good purchase option.


Movement: As soon as the camera detects a small movement in the place, it will start recording in high definition so as not to lose any detail.

Protection: Leaving the camera plugged in will not cause problems, since the device has protection against overvoltages.

Charging: While connected, the camera will also function as a charger for mobile phones.


Live: By not connecting wirelessly, it will not be possible to view the recorded videos live, unlike other more modern products.

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Shopping guide

Mini spy cameras are multifunctional devices, as they can be used to monitor the home effectively, play pranks on friends and even record important moments for you. To choose the right model, it is necessary to check the qualities of the products and here are some of the most important aspects.


Like any camera, when you want to buy a mini spy camera, you should pay close attention to different aspects related to its quality when taking videos or photos. This really is the foundation of a camera, and for that reason, it’s the first thing you need to consider.

A good recording does not only mean capturing the images, but capturing everything in a detailed and clear way. Because of this, when you are ready to buy, do not first look at how much the product costs, but rather at the resolution it has. For best results, it is recommended to purchase a device that offers high definition. In addition to that, it is also important to buy a product that has a good viewing angle, as this way you will be able to cover more space without having to move the camera.

On the other hand, do not miss the opportunity to acquire a model with several infrared sensors that allow you to record in the dark. You can usually get products that have 6, however, there are some more modern devices that go up to 8. Additionally, it is better to buy the ones that activate this night vision function automatically, so you will not forget to do it yourself.

Finally, it is preferable to buy mini spy cameras that allow loop recording. That is, uninterrupted recording that replaces old images with new ones without the need to stop recording. To do this, you should look at models that are compatible with high-capacity SD cards, preferably between 32 and 256 GB.


When checking out a guide to buying the best mini spy camera, don’t forget to pay attention to its size and the way it works. If you really want the camera to be “spy”, then it should be inconspicuous and discreet in size, so as not to attract attention.

Most cameras can be used while connected, however not all can record wirelessly. This also influences discretion, since a model that only works with the use of cables will surely be discovered soon. Therefore, make sure that the option you choose can be used without cables and that it also has a good battery life. There are models with batteries that last between 1 and 3 hours, but there are also others that can work continuously for up to 6 or 8 hours.

On the other hand, having a motion detection system that activates the camera can be a good way to save battery life. This way only the important moments will be recorded. This function is also complemented by the connection to mobile phones in newer models, as alerts will be sent in case there is movement in a certain room.

Lastly, most cameras that connect via WiFi or Bluetooth are able to stream live images, and this is also a great quality. So you can monitor what happens in your home remotely.


After having verified the recording offered by the camera, its operation and that it is a good and economical option, then it is possible to pay attention to other characteristics when comparing mini spy cameras.

Thanks to the growing popularity of these products, manufacturers increasingly decide to add more accessories to the purchase to provide better performance or the ability to function in different ways. For example, some models can be used as car cameras or as action cameras, thanks to all their accessories.

There are devices that come with waterproof cases to be able to capture images underwater and also with straps that will adjust the camera to your body, to help you record while doing sports activities, for example. If you are interested in putting your purchase to different uses, then this is worth keeping in mind.

This is not all, as some cameras also offer different ways of holding to suit your needs. While some fixtures come with stand bases, other models have built-in magnets to stick to metal surfaces.

On the other hand, some special models can serve as key rings, mobile phone chargers, among other things. Thanks to this, you will get more for less, since you will not have to invest in another device.

Frequently asked questions

Q1: How to make a mini wireless home spy camera?

Unless you are tech-savvy, making a wireless mini spy camera is a really difficult process, therefore it is not something that is recommended to try.

If you have two smartphones or tablets, it is possible to download applications that manage to link both devices to transmit live images. Placing one of the artifacts in a good place and discreetly, while you take the second with you could serve as a wireless home spy camera.

Q2: How to connect a mini spy camera?

There is no universal answer to this, as not all spy cameras work the same way. While some use the Bluetooth connection to be able to transmit the images, other models need the WiFi network to achieve it. Some alternatives may come with a receiving device that connects automatically, while other options may require the use of certain dedicated camera apps.

On the other hand, some cameras will not even require connections of any kind, as they can be versatile units that support the use of memory cards to directly store recordings.

The best recommendation to know exactly how to connect the spy camera is to read the instructions included in the purchase to avoid mistakes.

Q3: How to install a mini spy camera?

In order to be truly spy cameras, these gadgets need excellent portability. Therefore, neither model should require installation or assembly by the user, other than placing the camera in an inconspicuous place.

Spy cameras should always be rechargeable devices or, failing that, battery-powered products. Therefore, an installation is not necessary.

Q4: How to set up a mini spy camera?

You should consult this with the instruction manual included in the purchase, since you must follow the steps that the manufacturer recommends specifically for that type of camera. Remember that the operation and configuration may vary between the different models on the market.

Q5: How to use a mini spy camera?

The first thing you should do when you have the spy camera in your hands is to read the manufacturer’s instruction manual, because there you will get all the necessary information about the operation of the spy camera, as well as the necessary configurations to make the connections, in case that they are required.

After this, you will need to find the perfect place to place the artifact. It is necessary to remember that the space must be discreet and that, although there may be objects around to hide the camera, nothing should obstruct the field of vision of the product.

Activate the camera from a distance or manually, depending on the model, to record and, when finished, deactivate the recording or proceed to view and save the images on the device of your choice.

Q6: How does the mini keychain spy camera work?

A mini spy camera in the form of a keychain is one of the most creative and practical models on the market, as it easily goes unnoticed and manages to capture good images, since it is an object that you can carry in your hand to focus better.

There are a variety of models, but most work with external memory cards and work simply by turning on the camera, activating the shutter to record and pressing it again to stop recording.

After this, the images can be viewed on a computer via USB cable or memory card.

Q7: How to make a mini spy camera with a cell phone?

To make a mini spy camera with a cell phone, you will need a data connection cable, an OTG cable, an old cell phone with a camera and your current smartphone.

As a first step, you will have to open the old cell phone and remove the small camera from the main structure. You need to do this carefully, as the pieces can be delicate.

After this, take the data cable and proceed to strip the specific end where it joins the input of the phone. The small wires will need to be soldered to the back of the camera to make the connection.

With this process, you will only have to connect the OTG cable to the smartphone and connect the USB end of the data cable to the OTG to be able to transmit the images.

Your smartphone should recognize the USB device and allow you to transfer files. By activating this, the images should be seen on the screen.

To finish, just activate the screen recording function so that the phone saves the images recorded with the small camera.

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