The 9 Best Pellets of 2022

Pellet – Buying Guide, Opinions and Analysis

The pellet is a biofuel that tries to replace heating systems with fossil fuel or wood, since it is a sustainable medium with high caloric efficiency. The selection of these tablets should be taken seriously, because although at first glance all the presentations look the same, there are big differences. An example of this is the Toro Beech BBQ pellets, which come in lengths from 7 to 36mm and can provide a long burn for greater effectiveness. On the other hand, the Pini BBQ Oak are presented in a 15 kg package and have a high calorific value to guarantee their effectiveness.

The 9 Best Pellets – Opinions 2022

The pellet brands present in the market are usually varied, so deciding on a specific presentation could be a bit of a messy task. For this reason, it would be convenient for you to review, prior to the respective purchase, the following selection that we have prepared for you. These are nine pellet products considered the best this year.

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1. BBQ Toro 100% Oak Wood Pellets

It is a package of pellets made with oak wood, so they are suitable for use in barbecues, pizza ovens and pellet stoves. Similarly, they are compatible with other heating systems, which increases their versatility.

To guarantee their effectiveness, they have a moisture content of less than 8% and an ash content of less than 1%. In this way, they can offer a cleaner and more uniform combustion. Also, the wood of these pellets does not have binders, which favors safety.

On the other hand, they can provide long-lasting combustion to provide heat for a long time. Also, they are capable of generating intense smoke that gives a smoky flavor to barbecues and pizzas.

If you are looking for efficient and long-lasting pellets, then we invite you to learn in detail some positive and negative aspects of this product.


Usage: It is suitable for stoves, pizza ovens, barbecues and heating systems.

Smoke: It can generate a dense smoke that gives a distinctive and pleasant aroma to your food.

Diameter: These pellets offer a diameter of 6 mm, so they are good size pieces.


Quantity: This package only offers 1 kg of quantity, which could put it at a disadvantage compared to other models in the selection.

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2. Iapyx Wood pel Lets pellets brennpel 30 kg

Iapyx offers you this cheap 30-kilogram pellet, distributed in two practical 15-kilogram bags. Both packages have been properly sealed so that external agents or animals do not damage the tablets.

This product has been manufactured with wood, so the percentage of maximum moisture content is approximately 7.3%. In addition, the compression process was carried out so that each pellet had a dense composition, with a shiny and homogeneous exterior. Thus, you will be able to enjoy a biofuel with greater caloric efficiency when incinerated and with an ash production that does not exceed 0.25%, well below other brands.

On the other hand, we must mention that this pellet enjoys the ÖNORM quality certification, which means that it does not incorporate chemical, synthetic or metallic aggregates, generating emissions that do not harm the environment or affect the health of our respiratory system.

With this pellet you will enjoy a biofuel with a high level of clean and sustainable energy. Get to know its highlights.


Tablet: The diameter of the tablets no greater than six millimeters will not cause obstruction in the incinerator.

Environmental care: You will not have to worry about polluting emissions, because this product is free of harmful chemical additives.

Ashes: Due to the mineral concentration of the ashes, you can use them as natural fertilizer for your plants.

Packaging: The bags were hermetically sealed so that moisture does not access the pellet and deteriorate it.


Presentation: If you plan to use the pellet for the cage of your pets, this presentation of 30 kilograms could be excessive.

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3. Pini Grillpellets 15 kg 100% oak wood pellets

These pellets can be used for grilling, smoking, and lighting pizza ovens, providing great versatility. In addition, they offer a slow combustion system, which increases their effectiveness and durability.

On the other hand, they are not only suitable for generating heat, but also a dense smoke that can give a more golden color and a smoky flavor to your food, which is pleasant to the palate. Also, it is important to know that they have an ash content below 1%.

For greater safety, this is a CO2 neutral product, so it does not generate large carbon dioxide emissions, to promote the well-being of the environment. As if that were not enough, these pellets are presented in a 15 kg package, enough to use for a long time.

Lighting barbecues, heating systems, stoves and ovens can be easy if you have quality products. In this sense, it is recommended that you learn more about these pellets.


Heat: They offer a high calorific value of approximately 5.50 kWh/kg, so they provide good performance.

Quantity: It is possible to use these pellets for a long time, since they offer 15 kg of product.

Safety: They can keep CO2 neutral, so their use is safe for the ecosystem.


Humidity: The percentage of water in these pellets is higher than in other products. However, this does not affect its burning power.

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4. Pure Bio Mass pellets

This is another product valued as the best pellet of 2022, manufactured by Pure Bio and capable of offering a high level of performance in terms of its caloric value, since the tablets have been manufactured with 100% wood chips. All this raw material, previously selected, has been dried to reduce its moisture levels, as well as exposed to a compression process from which small, high-density pellets emerge.

In addition, it should be noted that this bag of pellets contains 15 kilograms of product, whose tablets have a shiny, small, light-colored body, without cracks, classified according to solid biofuel regulations as a safe product. 

This is due to the fact that the pellet does not incorporate any type of additives of synthetic, metallic or chemical origin, which, when incinerated, generate harmful toxic emissions. It also provides a low level of ash and smoke.

Below, we present the pros and cons of a highly efficient pellet with a natural composition.


Certification: The product has solid biofuel certification, generating non-toxic emissions for the environment or human beings.

Composition: It is a product with a body of wood chips with a moderate caloric value.

Ash: Due to its A1 type classification, you can be sure that the generation of ash is low.

Use: This is a suitable pellet for stoves, boilers and even to absorb moisture in the cage of your pets.


Quantity: In certain cases, the presentation in which the product comes could be insufficient, although this is resolved by acquiring more units.

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5. BBQ Toro 100% Cherry Wood Pellets

They are pellets made from cherry wood, a high-quality material that is commonly used in making musical instruments and furniture. In this case, it can provide a natural aroma and smoky flavor to foods, since burning produces intense smoke.

On the other hand, the dimensions of each of these pellets are 6 mm in diameter and between 7 and 36 mm in length, so they are standard-size pieces compatible with various heat-generating systems.

It is important to know that these pellets come in a 1 kg presentation. As if that were not enough, they have less than 8% moisture and 1% ash, so they offer a more natural composition to increase their quality.

In case you are looking for an affordable package of pellets, then you should learn more about this product. Let’s review its pros and cons.


Safety: They are pellets free of binders and additives, since they are made mainly with wood fibers.

Bag: The storage bag has a pressure closure that helps preserve the natural properties of the pellets.

Use: It is possible to use this product in pellet stoves, charcoal grills, pizza ovens, heating systems, among others.


Duration: These pellets may not offer a long combustion, which puts them at a disadvantage compared to other models.

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6. Enerbío 15 kg paper bag of pellets ENPlusA1 certificate

The well-known company Enerbío incorporates into the market a wood pellet recommended among the cheap ones, whose presentation of 15 kilograms has been packed in a convenient recyclable paper bag. In this way, you will be acquiring a product that takes care of the environment, since selected virgin wood chips, free of bark, synthetic or chemical residues, were used to manufacture the tablets.

This is a product with a cylindrical shape, uniform surface, light and bright color. Each pellet has a diameter of approximately six millimeters, which is easy to handle when placed in the incinerator. Likewise, you will be interested to know that it offers a high level of caloric efficiency, A1 classification and its respective solid biofuel certification.

In addition, after the incineration of the tablets, no large smoke or ash emissions are generated, since the sawdust has been properly dried to extract the highest possible percentage of moisture.

This pellet has positive and negative details that could capture your attention and that we have summarized for you to know.


Use: This is a suitable pellet to be used domestically or industrially, thanks to its powerful energy efficiency.

Environmental care: The bag has been made with ecological paper, promoting greater respect for the environment.

Moisture: Combustion will be fast and clean, due to the low moisture content in the wood.

Composition: Thanks to the density of the wood in this pellet, you will enjoy great caloric power. 


Packaging: It is possible that the packaging is not very resistant to humidity, but to avoid inconveniences, it is enough to be careful when storing it.

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Pellet for stove

7. Tresmasa Pine Wood Pellet 

If you are looking for a pellet for a biomass stove or boiler that gives you good performance, then you should consider this model, since for each kilogram of product it can offer up to 4.6 kW of calorific value in approximately 1 hour.

Likewise, it is important to consider that it is a presentation with a quantity of 15 kg, which is enough to heat rooms for up to 15 continuous hours, if we take 1 kg/h as a reference.

Regarding the dimensions of the pellets, they have a size of 6 mm. Also, it is worth noting that they are manufactured with a low level of ash and dust, so they provide a high quality. As if that were not enough, they are certified by AENOR as EnPlus A1, so they are renewable and sustainable.

These Tresmasa brand pellets can guarantee good combustion in biomass boilers. Let’s take a closer look at its most outstanding positive and negative aspects.


Combustion: They have a humidity percentage of less than 10% and contain less than 0.7% ash, which favors better combustion.

Certification: They have EnPlus A1 certification by the Spanish Association for Standardization.

Presentation: The package contains 15 kg of pellets, enough to keep your stove burning for several continuous hours.


Calorific value: Its calorific value is lower compared to other models on the list, which could put it at a disadvantage.

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Bioforest pellet

8. Farella Pellets Heatit 15 kg 100% fir without additives

Farella presents us with a product that for many could be the best quality-price ratio pellet. In addition, it is a biofuel with high-quality caloric performance, which means that you will generate a good volume of heat with a small amount of the tablet.

The presentation of this bioforestry pellet contains a total of 15 kilograms in a plastic package. It is free of toxic agents and hermetically sealed, so that moisture cannot deteriorate the tablets.

Regarding the tablets, you will be interested to know that they are made from Nordic spruce wood particles, which is a raw material that has been treated to contain a low percentage of moisture. 

In this sense, when incinerated, it offers the generation of only 0.4% ash, which is convenient for our respiratory health, cleaning the room where the heater is located, and environmental conservation.

Among the cheapest pellet options is this presentation free of additives. Its pros and cons have been summarized here.


Residues: You will not have to worry about annoying smoke and ashes, since the emission is only 0.4%.

Certification: Being a certified pellet reduces the risk of incorporating polluting additives.

Compressed: The tablets have a diameter of six millimeters, being easy to place in the boiler to be incinerated.

Composition: You will achieve high energy performance due to its natural composition of fir wood.


Packaging: The bag might be a bit flimsy if you intend to store the product in it for a long time.

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Pellet EN Plus A1

9. Bricosol 15 Kg Bag Of Pellets Palser

This EN Plus A1 pellet is a tablet made from pine tree wood shavings, which is a material of great quality and purity, which is why it promotes a higher caloric efficiency than other products. This means that you will need to incorporate a smaller amount of pellets into the incinerator than usual to generate a greater volume of heat, so the savings will be notable.

In addition, this wood has been exposed to a drying process, prior to its compression, which allows it to have a low percentage of humidity. This is a favorable feature, since, when burning the pellet, the emission of smoke and soot is less.

Regarding the tablets, we have that each of them has a shiny, compact and elongated appearance with a diameter of eight millimeters. In addition, they have been packed in a plastic bag for a yielding presentation of 15 kilograms.

Below are the details of a good quality pellet and a profitable presentation.


Tablets: These are pellets that are easy to incorporate into the burning chamber, thanks to their cylindrical shape and diameter no greater than eight millimeters.

Composition: The tablets are made from pine wood, offering superior energy efficiency to other products.

Presentation: Its 15-kilogram presentation yields four to five days, depending on the hours you have the combustion equipment on.

Humidity: Thanks to their low level of humidity, they will generate a lower volume of smoke.


Level: Its calorific level is slightly lower than other options, although its performance is efficient and the price is economical.

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Shopping guide

When purchasing a pellet, the important thing is that it is a quality product that provides you with a high level of caloric energy without jeopardizing your respiratory health or polluting the environment due to the generation of smoke and soot. For this reason, it is best to review several options, verify the manufacturing components, the weight of the packages, among other aspects. For this reason, we have prepared a guide to buy the best pellet, which we recommend you read and analyze carefully.


When starting a comparison of pellets, we will find that one of the main aspects evaluated is the composition of the tablets, since, according to the quality of the raw material used for their manufacture, the efficiency offered when incinerated will depend.

In this sense, there are some materials with greater energy efficiency, which saves the consumption of pellets and generates a greater volume of heat to calm the cold in the room for longer. For example, Scots pine and Nordic fir are two common types. In addition, they generate less smoke than other products, since their humidity has been reduced by up to 10%. Likewise, at an industrial level, it is very common to find pellets made from olive stones or from climbing plant branches.

On the other hand, there are the pellets made with wood shavings, dry branches of various trees, pruning remains, food hulls, straw, among other waste of plant origin, pressed and without contaminating additives, which can enhance the rapid consumption of the tablets during the incineration process.

Packaging and storage

Regardless of whether it is an inexpensive or expensive pellet, the first thing you should keep in mind when purchasing the product is that its packaging is resistant and well sealed. In this way, you can avoid the passage of moisture inside and, therefore, the deterioration of the tablets.

Let’s remember that, if the pellet gets wet, its structure immediately changes color and texture, so that, when burned, they would generate a lower level of caloric energy. In addition, smoke and soot would increase, which are highly harmful to health and the environment.

Therefore, it is important that the bag in which the pellet has been packed is completely hermetic, as well as robust so that it does not tear with constant handling. In fact, after opening the product, it is recommended to store it in a cool, but dry place, which keeps the pellet in good condition for subsequent uses.


In the biofuel market, there is a large number of pellet presentations, which could vary according to the content of the bag. This is flattering for users, as it allows them to select the amount that best suits their usage needs.

For example, among the pellets with the highest current position are those of 15 kilograms, which could last an average of three days, taking into account that the average consumption is 1 kilogram of pellets per hour of operation. Of course, everything will depend on how long you have the equipment on, as well as the working power of the device, the level of heat emitted and, of course, the quality of the pellet.

Similarly, there are other presentations of 30 kilograms made up of a couple of bags of 15 kilograms each. These presentations could have a price at first glance a little high, but in the long term their purchase is more convenient than purchasing the packages separately.


When selecting a specific pellet brand, it is important to check that it is a certified product. Perhaps this can influence how much it costs, but it is the only way to ensure that we are taking a quality biofuel with us and that it will not generate toxic emissions.

In this sense, it is necessary that we carefully read the back of the packaging, since in it we can verify the type of pellet En plus B, EN plus A2 or Plus A1. Likewise, the respective certification confirming compliance with the manufacturing and marketing regulations for solid biofuels. They prohibit the use of contaminant-type additives that can deteriorate people’s respiratory health and harm the environment. Likewise, the improper felling of trees for its manufacture.

Frequently asked questions

Q1: How to use the pellet?

The use of the pellet is quite simple. Depending on the stove or heating equipment you have, you must proceed to open the compartment of the burning chamber, deposit a quantity of pellets in it and close the compartment again. For this process, it is recommended to read the instruction manual beforehand, since that way you will know the exact measurement, depending on the model of the device.

Then, light the pellet on fire with the help of a match or by means of the electric ignition mechanism of the heating equipment. Thus, it only remains to adjust the level of the flame and the heat output, according to your immediate needs. Remember that you must stay alert to replenish the pellet. However, some designs have been provided with an automated system, which is convenient to improve the user experience.

Q2: How is the pellet made?

To manufacture the pellet, dry branches, tree bark, remains from the pruning process and food husks are used, as well as pine wood, to obtain greater energy efficiency when lighting it. Likewise, there are pellets that incorporate organic matter from animals and, in the industrial field, add the well-known olive stone. Everything will depend on the type of product to prepare.

Said waste is selected and the water retained in it is reduced to approximately 10%, since, at a lower level of humidity, the greater the energy at the time of incineration. Then, the pressing process continues, which is carried out through a special machine to finally pack it. In this way, the pellet is protected from moisture, mold and insects that can damage it.

Q3: What is more profitable, firewood or pellet?

Both wood and pellets are highly efficient biofuels used throughout the world. However, to make the most of the energy of firewood, a drying process is required that can take from months to years, since, otherwise, it will end up generating smoke, soot and, therefore, pollution. In addition, to obtain these trunks it is necessary to sacrifice trees that are part of the vegetable lung of our planet.

For its part, the pellet comes from wood waste, pruning, dry branches and organic matter, so it takes more care of the environment. Also, after incineration, it generates more heat and is used in small quantities, so it pays off and is accessible, because it can be purchased at any store.

Q4: How to make wood pellet?

For the manufacture of wood pellets, a process of selecting the raw material and pressing it is followed, but, unlike other types of industrial or homemade pellets, only wood particles from sawmills are used. Similarly, some companies make use of specially planted wood to be felled and used as an energy generator.

Q5: How to know if the pellet is of good quality?

To identify the level of quality of our pellet we must avoid hasty purchases and carefully review the product. In this sense, each pellet must have a smooth touch surface, a uniform and bright tone. In addition, each tablet should not be so elongated so that you do not have problems when placing it inside the boiler. Remember that if these specifications are not met, the product could offer low caloric efficiency and pollute the environment.

Q6: How to know if the pellet is wet?

The pellet with excess moisture will bring you some inconveniences after placing it to burn, since it generates a higher percentage of smoke and soot, which is why it is harmful to our lungs and harmful to the environment. Therefore, you must make sure that it has an even color, as well as that it is not swollen or cracked, which are the main signs of a wet pellet.

Q7: How to save pellets?

To save pellets, you need to use a quality product, preferably pine wood, which promotes greater energy production and, therefore, yields more, so that less pellets are used.

Likewise, you must bear in mind that the pellet will be consumed depending on the incineration power of the device to be used, the time that we have it on and the size of the room that we intend to heat. However, we can take advantage of the residual heat, so after one or two hours of operation, we can turn off the stove and keep the room warm with the concentrated heat and the heat still generated by the equipment.

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