The 9 Best Quilts of 2022

Quilt – Buying Guide, Opinions and Analysis

Bedding is an essential element to ensure a good night’s rest and bedspreads are a very practical option both to decorate and to increase comfort. You can find them in many designs, sizes and fillings, allowing you to choose the most suitable according to your taste and the normal temperature in your room. Among the available bedspreads, we first present you with the JVR Donatella Fabrics model. It is a stuffed model that stands out for having an elegant and beautiful design to dress the bed. Secondly, you can meet the Camatex Conforter Catalina. This bed spread is rich in attractive colors along with a thick filling that makes it suitable for combating the cold.

The 9 Best Quilts – Opinions 2022

With a good quilt on your bed you can feel warmer and more comfortable, especially when it’s cold season in your city. For this reason, we bring you a selection of various options in quilts for the home with which you can equip your bed or sofa, either to wrap you up or as decoration.

quilt quilt

1. Fabrics JVR Quilt Quilt Donatella Bed 180

JVR fabrics is a brand that has several options with the qualities sought by many in the best quilt on the market and, on this occasion, we will review the Donatella model.

It is a 180 cm bedspread that stands out for having an elegant design which has as striking elements the gold color and the flourishes. You can combine it with matching covers that are sold separately and also with both light and dark decorations.

It is made with a combination of cotton and polyester fabrics, specifically 50% each, to provide softness, durability and a pleasant touch. Additionally, the Donatella duvet coverlet features sturdy stitching and insulated edges, to create the illusion of a drape that’s custom tailored to your mattress.

Occupying the top positions among the competitors to be the best quilt of the moment, this option from JVR Fabrics has a lot to offer:


Design: One of the most striking aspects is its design with golden details that make it very elegant for the room.

Size: It is a quilt that can be purchased in different sizes, allowing you to easily adapt it to the size of the mattress.

Fabrics: Its clothing fabrics are soft, safe and pleasant to the touch for greater comfort.

Washing: You can use hot water in the washing cycle without any risk.


Cushions: Before purchasing this product, you should know that it does not include the matching cushions, but rather that they are sold separately.

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2. Brandsseller Two Sides Quilt Coverlet

Brandsseller Braun/Natur is a quilt that is among the most practical options on the list and this is because it is reversible, that is, you can put it on your mattress from both sides. One side is white and the other is brown, providing stark contrasting choices to style the room in one way or another.

On the other hand, evaluating its size, it is 220 x 240 centimeters, being wide enough to be used in double or queen beds. Its construction is made of microfiber fabric and has internal padding designed to unify temperature.

As for its care, you can wash this Brandsseller quilt at a maximum temperature of 60 ° C, so that you get rid of deeply concentrated dirt, as well as mites and other pests.

If you find it difficult to choose which quilt to buy, reviewing its most important aspects in a timely manner can help you make a decision:


Double Sided: The double sided design of the quilt with one side white and the other brown makes it very practical.

Fabric: Its construction is made up of microfiber fabric, which provides a soft and pleasant touch.

Breathable: It has breathable qualities to allow good air circulation underneath.

Cleaning: It is easy to wash and you can use hot water to sanitize it in depth.


Lint: The dark side of the duvet cover is more easily noticeable than the white side and can be difficult to remove.

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150 bed quilt

3. Camatex Conforter Catalina Bed 150 Quilted quilt

If you are looking for a good quilt for a 150 cm bed, we invite you to review the Camatex product, as it has a striking and colorful design to bring your room to life.

We are faced with a quilt that, aesthetically, combines various shades of gray and purple along with a very pretty flourish pattern; suitable for all types of rooms. It measures 250 x 270 centimeters and together with the fabric, it has a 400 gr/m² padding, being warm for winter.

Besides, it has some ribbons and buttons installed so you can shape the quilt and adjust it to the edge of the bed. This has led many to consider that this model could be part of the best quilts of 2022, especially considering all the advantages mentioned above.

Camatex probably has what it takes to become the best brand of bedspreads, which invites you to evaluate its Conforter Catalina model in more detail:


Design: The quilt has an intricate pattern that is pleasing to the eye, as well as being in an eye-catching color.

Fold: It has various folds that will help you shape the quilt once it is placed.

Adjustable: It has incorporated ribbons and buttons with which to adjust the garment to the mattress.

Cold: Considering that it is a thick model, it will be very effective to combat the cold of winter.


Smell: Being new, the quilt probably has a distinctive smell that could be unpleasant for some users, but it will gradually fade.

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children’s quilt

4. Qucover Children’s Quilt Bed 90 Child Youth

Qucover has what for some users is the best value for money quilt; the Shooting Star model.

This children’s quilt measures 140 x 200 centimeters, being compatible with 90 cm beds and, in addition, it has a quite attractive unisex design with a dark-colored background and star simulations on the surface.

On the other hand, its construction is durable and comfortable. It is made of soft, high-density polyester fabrics which, in addition to maintaining the aesthetics of the quilt for longer, also help to wash it easily and even make use of hot water in the cycle.

Also, to save time, you can dry the quilt directly in the dryer without the risk of it shrinking or being damaged in any way.

Now we invite you to consider one by one the most relevant aspects regarding this alternative in bedspreads:


Aesthetics: This model has a beautiful design and a unisex style for the room of the smallest of the house.

Seams: It presents geometric seams throughout the entire quilt, giving it a special touch.

Soft: The construction fabric is soft and breathable to ensure a good level of comfort.

Cleaning: You can wash the quilt both by machine and by hand, as well as with hot water.


Thin: You must bear in mind that it is a thin quilt, so it is not the best option for winter, but rather for cooler times.

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patchwork quilt

5. Woltu Quilt for Bed Multipurpose Blanket Patchwork Quilt

If you have come this far without being able to choose which is the best bed cover for your home, we invite you to review what the Woltu model has for you. Especially if you do not want to spend a lot of money, since it is one of the cheapest products.

This patchwork quilt for bed has dimensions of 220 x 240 centimeters and an approximate weight of 330 g/m², while being thick enough to block the cold. Aesthetically it is beautiful and presents multiple shades of pastel color interspersed with a certain order in its grid pattern.

As for the cleaning of the bed upholstery, it can be done at a microscopic level, since it can withstand washing cycles with hot water at 40 °C and with the use of neutral detergent for fabric care.

In case you have doubts and cannot decide if this is the best purchase option for you, you should take a look at the following information:


Design: This model features a patchwork design that respects sizes with various colors, lines, and geometric shapes.

Materials: The fabrics used in its preparation give it, in addition to comfort, a long useful life.

Filling: The quilt has enough padding built in to keep you warm and comfortable in the winter.

Care: You can both wash and dry the quilt in the dryer if you need to.


Color intensity: Although it has a very beautiful design, the colors of the quilt may not be as intense as in the photographs.

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crochet bedspread

6. Miguor Handmade Crochet Crochet Blanket

Seeking maximum comfort when resting is essential so that you can get up the next day full of energy and, in these cases, bedding plays a fundamental role.

In consideration of the above, you would probably like to complement your sheet with a crochet quilt like Migour’s, which could increase comfort and warmth in cold weather.

This model has a size of 150 x 100 centimeters, being very practical to be placed on the sofa as a decorative element or at the foot of the bed to cover you if it starts to get cold.

In addition, the quilt has been made by hand and is made with wool fabric, which makes it warm and comfortable. In addition, it presents a colorful aesthetic design, full of life and with careful details.

Miguor offers you a crochet quilt with which you can decorate and increase comfort at home, so here are its important aspects:


Colorful: Features a colorful, checkered flower design to bring life to the room.

Fabric: It is made with wool fabric, maintaining the classic crochet style.

Warm: Although it is not too big, it is warm, being very useful in cold weather.

Versatility: You can place this quilt at the foot of your bed, on the sofa or on the side chair in the room.


Washing: You must be very careful when washing this quilt, since its construction and materials are more sensitive than those used in other models.

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90 bed quilt

7. Vialman Bedspread 90 Stars

Vialman SF10 is the name of a 90 bed quilt, that is, with dimensions of 180 x 270 centimeters with which you can cover yourself comfortably to face the winter seasons.

It presents a print aesthetic made up of white stars on a gray background which, in turn, could be chosen in different colors according to the manufacturer’s layout and your own taste. Likewise, it is characterized by being unisex and easy to combine with other decorations.

Evaluating its fabric composition, the quilt has a combination of cotton and polyester in different proportions, but enough to give the quilt a pleasant touch that increases comfort. In addition, it is reversible, so that you can use it on both sides without aesthetic or comfort problems.

If you are looking for one of the cheapest bedspreads, you may be interested in the pros and cons of this Vialman product:


Pattern: This quilt features a cute star pattern in a unisex style.

Colors: It presents a reversible confection where you can choose a light or dark tone of the color of the quilt.

Flexible: It has a relatively flexible finish compared to other fabric combinations.

Breathable: Thanks to the type of fabric, the quilt is also cool, being practical in the summer.


Balls: You must be careful when washing the quilt, since thread balls can easily form.

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white bedspread

8. Nora Home Jacquard Squares Piqué Quilt

Having a white bedspread on the mattress will give the bed a relaxed and clean look, so if you are interested, we have the Nora Home Piqué model for you; an option for 200 cm beds and with a soft-touch printed design.

This model measures 290 x 260 centimeters and is padded, being quite warm and practical to use in the cold months. In addition, it should be noted that the fabric is soft and comfortable to sleep on.

Aesthetically, the quilt is simple, but beautiful, since it is made with cotton and polyester fabric to generate a pleasant touch to the skin, an aspect that will increase comfort at night. Besides, it has an embossed print with squares that increases the sensation of softness.

Offering a neutral and pleasant design, this quilt from Nora Home could have what you are looking for to dress your bed:


Pattern: The Nora Home bedspread has an embossed pattern that makes it different and beautiful.

Fabric: The composition of its fabrics make the quilt resistant and comfortable to use for sleeping.

Touch: The fabric has a soft touch, increasing comfort when resting.

Wrinkles: Due to the type of embossed finish, the quilt will hardly present wrinkles.


Temperature: When you select the washing temperature, it should not be too high, since the fabric runs the risk of shrinking.

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135 bed quilt

9. Bedsure Bedspread Summer Bed 135 Natural Spring Bouti

From the Bedsure brand we present a 135 cm bed quilt with which you can both protect yourself from the cold and increase the level of comfort in the room.

This bedspread is dark gray in color with an embossed pattern that makes it both pretty and practical and comfortable. It has a reversible face design and its size is 230 x 280 centimeters. As for its weight, it is relatively light compared to other models, avoiding discomfort or difficulty when washing it.

Its clothing, on the other hand, is made up of 100% microfiber fabric which, apart from providing the softness sought in bed when resting, also has breathable qualities to prevent you from feeling hot when using the quilt in times like summer. or spring.

Bedsure offers you a striking quilt with several advantages, which you can review in more detail below:


Reversible: This is a reversible quilt that you can use on both sides, depending on your preference.

Color: Its gray color makes it relaxing and suitable for promoting rest at night.

Confection: It has a confection with interlaced fabrics that is noticeable on the print giving it a special touch.

Utility: Considering its composition, you can use the quilt at different times of the year.


Finishes: The fabric used to make the quilt should have a better finish, since it has a certain shine.

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Shopping guide

Bed spreads can be difficult to choose if you don’t know what aspects may influence their long-term use and durability. If this is your case, you will probably be pleased to know that we have prepared a guide to buying the best quilt with the intention of helping you make a decision.

quilt design

The design of the quilt you are interested in is likely to be an important factor in determining how much it costs, since details such as the finish, borders or stitching are very relevant to the durability of the product.

In other words, when choosing which one to buy, we advise you to pay attention to aspects such as color. Try to choose a quilt that is in shades that match the decor of the room where you put it.

For its part, the seams can be both aesthetic and reinforcement. Within this aspect, you will realize that there are geometric seams to mark each area or piece of the quilt, as well as those with double seams designed to withstand regular use and washing.

product measurements

When you are reviewing among the various options to choose which quilt suits you best at home, you cannot ignore the size of the model of your interest, since they can be chosen according to the size of the mattress in order to ensure complete coverage.

When reviewing this feature, you must take into consideration the standard size of the beds according to their measurements. The 90 are those that use 150 x 220 centimeter quilts, the 135 to 140 go with the 220 x 220 centimeters, the 150 combine with the 240 x 220 centimeters and with the 180 you can use 260 x 220 quilts centimeters. They exist in other sizes, but by reviewing the most common you will be able to get a clear idea of ​​the size of the quilt itself.

clothing materials

Another of the most studied points in a comparison of quilts is usually the fabric or fabrics used in their preparation. As it is a quilt for the bed, it is important to review this section, especially if you are looking for a fresh option to rest or a fluffy one that protects you from the cold.

In case you need a quilt for your bed, there are a couple of recommended fabrics especially for this type of garment. One of the most common is linen, as it is soft, easy to work with and generates good air circulation. You can also buy it in polyester or cotton. Both fabrics are durable, comfortable and pleasant, as well as being easy to wash in the washing machine.

Infill percentage

Many quilt purchase options are equipped with padding inside which, in addition to increasing its thickness, acts as an insulating material to block the passage of cold and keep heat inside.

In accordance with the above, you should know that the models with padding are intended primarily for use during cold climates and you can check their density by reviewing the manufacturer’s specifications. The greater the amount of padding, the greater its effectiveness against the cold. Also, be aware of what material your quilt fill is made of, so you can select one that is safe, holds its shape, and is both comfortable and easy to wash.

On the other hand, if you prefer to get a good and cheap quilt, you can also consider models that do not have padding. These are usually available in both reversible and single-sided cuts, which will allow you to save even more if you choose a plain quilt.

Care and maintenance

Taking into account that you could use a quilt for the bed on a daily basis, it is important that you carefully review what the basic requirements are to be able to wash the garment without the risk of damaging the fabric or shrinking. This way you can select a quilt that is not too complicated to care for.

In this way. And knowing that we are talking about bedding, you should keep in mind that there is always a risk that the bedspread will be contaminated with mites, grease, dead skin, dust, pet hair, among many other things. In excess, these elements can cause allergy problems and skin irritability, so it is imperative to thoroughly wash the quilt you use to cover yourself.

In other words, it is more practical and easier to care for a quilt that you can wash directly in the machine, since that way you will not have to worry about wringing and rinsing. In addition, it is a plus if it allows the use of hot water, in order to directly attack insects, bacteria and germs that may accumulate in the fabric.

Frequently asked questions

Q1: How to make a baby stroller quilt?

To make a simple quilt that you can put in the baby’s stroller, you will need a piece of linen or cotton fabric, which you will have to cut with measures of 53.5 x 56.5 centimeters, where you will take advantage of the last 1.5 centimeters of each side to create a border.

When you have the fabric ready, create the hem on the fabric, helping you with an iron to mark it well. Next, take the quilt to the machine and double-sew the edge making sure to keep it straight. You can also create 2 quilts and join them to obtain a reversible model.

Q2: How to make a crochet quilt?

Crochet is a sewing technique by hand and with large needles that is quite popular in many parts of the world, since all kinds of garments can be created with it.

One of the most common are the crochet quilts, since they use the most common patterns and stitches of the technique, being one of the first garments that you learn to crochet. However, to avoid mishaps, we advise you to be familiar with garter stitches and reverse seams.

To sew your own crochet quilt, you must start from one corner and go stitch by stitch each seam until you reach the opposite corner depending on the size you want the quilt.

Q3: How to make a fabric quilt?

To sew a fabric quilt for your bed you will need to take the measurements of your mattress, in addition to respecting an extra space of 7.5 centimeters for the seams. Once the fabric is prepared, you must divide it into 3 pieces: the sides and the central area, in this way it will be easier to give it the appropriate shape.

Sew each of the sides to the center piece, preferably applying the French seam technique on your machine and, if you wish, you can put a quilt equal to the front with which you can use it on both sides.

Q4: How to quilt a patchwork quilt by machine?

To quilt an existing patchwork quilt, you’ll need to cut a piece of fabric the same size to serve as the back and also to store the stuffing. Once you have it ready, you can start sewing it on 3 of its sides, preferably leaving one end unsealed.

At the end, you will have a kind of large bag, which you will have to fill with wool, fiber or any other material of your choice, taking care to avoid accumulations in any point of the quilt. When you are satisfied with the density and thickness, proceed to close the end of the quilt with double stitching and you will have it ready to use.

Q5: How to fix a short quilt?

There are several creative solutions you can try to disguise or repair a quilt that is too short to put on your bed.

If you don’t want to sew, you can simply choose to take advantage of the space covered by the pillows to lower the quilt and thus hide the lack of fabric. You can also complement the main quilt with one for the feet, so that the latter covers the edge of the other, so that it is not noticed that it is short.

To add fabric to the quilt, you can follow the patchwork sewing method, which uses scraps of fabric to create squares of the same size that are sewn together, allowing you to add as many rows as you need to reach the desired length.

Q6: How to decorate a white quilt?

If you want to give your white quilt a new life and fun, a fun, simple and cheap alternative is to use wool. You will need a ball of the color of your choice, a pair of scissors to cut and a wool needle.

We will start by creating small tassels of yarn. You can make them simply by winding yarn around your fingers and then cut both the top and bottom and finish joining the bouquets by tying them in the middle. When you have enough to create a pattern on the quilt, take your yarn needle and thread a piece of yarn.

Now it’s time to sew. Tie a knot in the end of the yarn and bring the needle upside down and through the point where you want to sew the tassel onto the quilt. Put the tassel in its place and pass the needle again, this time allowing the yarn to hold the tassel in the middle, to finish making a new knot. Repeat the operation with all the tassels and that’s it.

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