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Armchair – Buying Guide, Opinions and Analysis

Surely among your best friends, the ones you want to see when you get home, you have your favorite chair. A classic and essential piece of furniture with which to enjoy all the comfort you deserve after a long day. The good news is that these products have evolved with new designs and finishes that give you greater comfort, such as those of the Sueñoszzz-Specialistas Del Descanso Soft model. We are talking about a relax armchair that adds extra comfort to the traditional design thanks to its elevating footrest and tilting backrest. Also interesting is the Auming Verde model, which can be converted into a bed and has an elegant and modern design.

The 9 Best Armchairs – Opinions 2022

Enjoying pleasant comfort in your home is very easy if you have the best armchair, adjusted to your preferences and your budget. A market segment in which the appearance of cheap products with different designs makes the process of choosing somewhat more complex. In any case, to decide which is the best armchair for your living room or any other room in your home, you can rely on our selection of the best armchairs of 2019, which we start below.

relaxing chair

1. Suenoszzz Rest Specialists Soft Recliner Relax Armchair

The relax armchair is a modern and up-to-date option with which to give extra comfort to your usual armchair. Something for which you can use products like Suenoszzz-Specialists Del Descanso Soft. This product, which could well be the best armchair of the moment, has the traditional structure of these pieces of furniture, with a width of 66 centimeters, a seat 40 centimeters high and a backrest of 70 centimeters, where there is enough space to rest.

This included backrest and footrest allow us to rest better, since they are reclining and easily adjustable to our position, with a wide angle of inclination. To finish off the design, apart from offering comfortable and pleasant padding, you also have a wide range of colors, which simplify the process of fitting this new chair into your decoration.

We analyze this product and its characteristics in greater depth, so that you have a clearer idea of ​​everything it offers you.


Reinforced structure : The reinforced structure adds extra strength to the product during use.

Reclining : Its reclining position is easy to unfold and is activated by a discreet side handle.

Padding : The padding of the product is also up to par, to give you greater comfort.

Colors : The product comes in a wide range of colors, to make it easier to choose the one you want.

Independent : You can raise the foot area without having to recline the back of the seat.


Space: As with other similar models, the product takes up a lot of space, especially unfolded.

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2. Cambiatusmuebles Nexus Relax armchair

When it comes to looking for a quality relax chair, the truth is that it does not have to be more expensive than desirable. We have the proof in models such as the Nexus armchair by Cambiatusmuebles. This compact and simple product is among our cheapest proposals, but it does not detract in quality from the more expensive models. In addition, it is highly recommended as a bedroom chair due to its adjusted size, with closed measurements of 76 centimeters deep, 98 high and 65 wide.

A model that becomes the best value for money armchair of our chosen ones thanks to details such as the adaptability of the backrest, the firmness of its foam or the zigzag design of its springs, among other elements. So enjoying great comfort is as simple as sitting down, unfolding it and relaxing.

Let’s know more about this product, located among the cheapest and most attractive options on the current market.


Compact: It has a compact design that fits perfectly in almost any room.

Zigzag springs: The design of the zigzag springs gives you greater comfort when sitting or lying down.

Supersoft foam: This foam comfortably accommodates your body and gives you extra comfort when moving or lying down.

Articulation : The push articulation simplifies the process and eliminates elements during the use of the product.


Large users: Due to its measurements, the product may be too small for larger users.

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bed chair

3. Auming Lounge chairs Lounge chair

The Auming Verde armchair-bed is a versatile solution with which to rest comfortably in any part of your home. This product consists of a design that can be used as a conventional chair, although a pressure on the lever included in the back is enough for the model to lie completely flat and become a comfortable bed.

This bed can also be folded flat for storage when needed. A high level product where we will have a very pleasant padding, an elegant design and a good finish of materials, so that our rest is not disturbed by the comfort of the base.

All this in a model that has a beautiful upholstery in green with a removable cover, which simplifies cleaning. Its weight, about 8.5 kilos, does not bother either, which facilitates the comfortable handling of the product at all times.

Change the look of any room with this versatile bed chair that we analyze below.


Dual: The product can be used both as a bed function and as a traditional armchair, depending on your preference.

Folding : The folding or flattening is easy to activate, leaving the product ready for use as a bed or for storage.

Padding : The padding offers good comfort in all positions in which the product is used.

Weight: The weight of the product is 8.5 kilos, so that moving it or changing its location is not a problem.


Legs: The chair does not include legs, but must be placed on the floor, perhaps being annoying for some users.

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reclining chair

4. Gift Rest Recliner

The Don Descanso Verona Beige model has a beautiful mix between the design of conventional relax armchairs and the most modern armchairs, with which to obtain a pleasant reclining armchair full of comfort. A model that offers us measurements of 103 centimeters high by 63 wide and 92 deep, enough to comfortably accommodate all types of users. In this space we find quality materials, as well as pleasant padding. Something that gives us good comfort when resting regardless of the position we have chosen.

In addition, the seat offers three levels of reclining, from the conventional format and almost straight up to 160 degrees in the lying position. And so that its assembly does not generate headaches either, it only takes a couple of minutes, thus being ready to be used.

Enjoy the comfort of this recliner and all the features listed below.


Assembly : Assembly is so simple that it will only take a couple of minutes to have the product ready for use.

Padding : The padding offers you all the comfort you need to rest in any position.

Compact : It is more compact than other similar models, making it perfect for tight spaces.


Finishes: Certain finishes can be improved, especially in the upholstery finish, according to some comments.

Counterweight : The chair maintains its position due to the weight of the user, so if you move the product folds.

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wing chair

5. Spend as you like Armchair Armchair

The wing chair is one of the classics that is not lacking in any living room or dining room. Products like this Gasten a Gusto armchair, which has the traditional design of this type of furniture and offers you a very pleasant space to rest in any room in your home.

For this, the product offers us measurements of 103 centimeters in height by 78 centimeters in width and 74 centimeters in depth. In addition, its height is 50 centimeters to the ground with a cushion of 15 centimeters. A very complete product with a nice gray finish and that includes stain-resistant fabric, which makes cleaning the seat easier. In addition, the product is shipped directly assembled, so you only have to unpack it to start enjoying the comfort it offers you.

So that you are clear about which seat to buy, we give you more information about this product and its characteristics.


Traditional design: Its traditional design is very nice and fits in any room in your home.

Measurements : The product has a compact size, although this does not affect the comfort of the seat.

Anti- stain: Its anti-stain fabric simplifies the product cleaning process, for which a simple damp cloth is enough.


Maximum weight: The maximum weight of the product is 110 kilos, so corpulent users should take this into account.

Armrests : The height of the arms with respect to the seat is lower than in other models.

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rocking chair

6. SuenosZzz Armchair Rocking Armchair Irene

For those who need a rocking chair to relax, the SuenosZZZ Irene model is another of those products that are always present on the market. We are talking about a model that maintains the traditional design of an wing chair and in which the usual legs have been changed for the two skates that allow the product to swing.

A design in which we have adequate comfort both for the manufacturing quality of the product’s materials and for the design of the seat itself. Something that is perceived in details such as the lumbar height, improved compared to other models, or good-sized armrests, which give the user a better reception during rest. As if that were not enough, the product also has quality padding and elegant, stain-resistant upholstery, so you don’t waste time cleaning the chair.

Enjoying a comfortable rocking is easy with this lively armchair that SuenosZZZ offers us.


Skates: The skates give a nice balance and movement to the chair during use.

Lumbar height: The improved lumbar height gives greater comfort to the seat and generates a more pleasant position when sitting.

Aqualine fabric: This fabric is very resistant and has both a pleasant finish and an anti-stain approach.


Size: Some comments indicate that the product is somewhat smaller than it seems, although this does not affect its comfort.

Color: The colors may not be completely faithful to what the photos show, although the differences are few.

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vintage armchair

7. Rebecca Mobili Small Armchair Mini Armchair

If you want to give any room a different touch with a vintage armchair, the Rebecca Mobili Mini P model is an interesting proposal. We are talking about a compact and small product, with measurements of 50 centimeters high, 30 wide and 35 deep, so that it hardly takes up space at home.

Its small size does not affect its vintage design, in which we find a nice classic upholstery in blue with white strips on the entire piece, as well as an approach that mixes exposed wooden tops with others hidden in the upholstery. An elegant proposal that does not require assembly, so you will only have to unpack it to have it ready for use.

And given that the seat is among the cheapest options on the current market, we could well be facing the best value for money seat of all those that we have included in our list.

Since having an armchair does not have to be expensive, we are going to get to know this product in depth.


Elegant: The vintage finish of the product gives this armchair a very elegant touch.

Upholstery : The fabric upholstery has a very attractive appearance and adequately withstands use.

Legs : The legs finish off the set, with two covered and two other views in natural wood.


Weight: Due to its adjusted size, the product may not be comfortable or suitable for very tall users.

Height : Related to the above, the product remains at a seat height of about 30 centimeters, compared to the usual 40 or 50 centimeters.

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rocking chair

8. SoBuy Relaxed Armchair, Rocking Chair

The SoBuy FST20-BR rocking chair is all you need if you are looking for one of these products. We are talking about an armchair in which metal and wood are efficiently combined to establish a resistant, comfortable and elegant structure. To do this, we have four support areas, including the additional headrest and the leg area. An area that is adjustable and that has five different positions for its placement.

The side storage area is also missing, with a comfortable bag where you can store everything you want. The product comes in a nice dark tone, more resistant to stains and that maintains uniformity between the upholstery and the main body of the product. Something that also facilitates cleaning, due to the quality of said finish.

Although it is not clear which is the best brand of seats today, this model could well appear in your catalog for its quality.


Resistance : The product has the necessary resistance to last a long time without deterioration.

Materials : This model combines birch wood and a metal frame to give you great comfort during use.

Side bag: The side bag allows you to store what you want comfortably and always have it at hand.


Assembly: The product must be assembled by the user in a process that is not entirely simple.

Movement : It is important to use it with caution to avoid tip-overs and other accidents.

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breastfeeding chair

9. Sermahome Breastfeeding Rocking Wing Armchair

Designed for all those mothers who want to breastfeed comfortably or simply relax with their baby, the Sermahome Deluxe nursing chair has everything they need. We are talking about a wing chair with a traditional cut and the usual design, offering a large interior space to welcome you while you rest. Its movement is very fluid and easy to activate, so you don’t have to make great efforts to slide.

This comfort is also helped by the quality of its upholstery and padding, built with a soft foam of 30 kilos per meter of resistance, ideal for gently but also firmly. This upholstery has the additional advantage of being stain-resistant, to save you work in the event of any possible spillage during the use of the product. As for its legs and skates, these are made of white beech, to finish off this elegant design.

Enjoy the pleasant rocking of this chair and discover its main features.


Design : Its traditional cut wing design gives great comfort and a classic touch to any room.

Padding : The padding has considerable resistance, although it is also soft on reception.

Movement : The movement of the chair is very pleasant and easy to activate, with a slight slide of the body.


Displacement: Some opinions indicate that the displacement tends to be brief, although it is a rather personal matter.

Backrest : The backrest has a very straight approach and is slightly inclined over the seat.

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Armchair accessories

seat cover

Martina Home Tunisia

When it comes to looking for an armchair cover, the Martina Home Tunisia model is one of those that always come to the fore. This particular product is offered in two versions, being suitable for a wingback chair and a relax chair, depending on your preference. A model that has a wide range of colors and a very elegant finish, so that it does not detract from the original appearance of your seats.

As if that were not enough, the product is easy to apply and remove from the sofa and can also be washed conveniently, so that it looks its best without you having to spend a lot of time on its maintenance.

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Shopping guide

Having a good chair at home is a great idea, especially after a long day of walking down the street, working or having fun. A piece of furniture in which to relax and enjoy your favorite movies, your music or a good book. But for that, it is convenient to start by reading our guide to buying the best armchair, according to your preferences, budget and personal tastes.

type of seat

It is enough to look a little at any seat comparison that falls into our hands to verify that the variety of products that exists today is more than remarkable. Both in sizes and finishes and even in the types of seats that we have at our disposal. Precisely this last aspect is going to be our first stop.

Within the most classic models, we have the conventional and stable seats, either in their wingback mode or in their conventional mode, with armrests. These two products are the most common and are presented in all kinds of designs, from the most modern and up-to-date line to vintage-style products, with a large number of intermediate stops between the two products.

As for the “mobile” models, we start by talking about relax-type products. Armchairs that recline their backrest and raise the foot area, in order to give us a lying or reclining position, depending on what we prefer. If what we want is movement, then we have within our reach the rocking or seesaw chairs, among which we also find nursing chairs. Perfect to relax with the smooth movement of the seat and that is not usually difficult to activate.

Manufacturing materials

Another important aspect when looking for a good and economical chair is the materials with which the product has been manufactured. A field in which there is not excessive variety in the structure, but there is in the rest of the components of the product, which also influences how much one seat costs compared to another.

The most classic armchair is the one that has an interior structure made entirely of wood and on which its springs are mounted. This interior structure is covered with foams adapted to the different shapes of the product and finished off with upholstery in materials such as leather, imitation leather or fabric, among others. In the reinforced models, this wooden structure includes iron or other metal elements that give the whole more stability.

If we talk about a relax chair, then things change. In these models, the wood disappears and is replaced with metal, both in the base area and in the arms that hold the backrest. Reasonable considering the stresses that the product will suffer during use. Finally, we would have the most “exotic” seats, in which we have wicker or rattan fabrications, being ideal for gardens, or those made entirely of foam and with hardly any frame.

Finishes and style of the armchair

As a final aspect, it is time to decorate the product and see the different finishes that we have. Starting with the upholstery, both in the case of leather, natural or synthetic, and in the case of fabrics, it is usually easy to find different shades and colors for that finish. Something that makes it easier to fit the product better in our environment so that it does not clash in our living room.

To these finishes are also added those of the legs or arms of the chair, in case these are visible. Some finishes in which it is normal to find exposed wood in natural tones or varnished in different colours, always combined with the rest of the piece. In some models, we can find metallic elements, although this is not entirely common.

Finally, we want to mention some styles present in these products. We have the traditional cut models, already known to all and of which we will not go into detail. We also have vintage-style furniture, with older-style upholstery and where the brackets and other usual elements are not lacking. And in modern models it is possible to find backrests and seats with shapes that break the straight line and give the product a different look. It’s all a matter of looking for what we like best.

Frequently asked questions

Q1: How to use an armchair?

To use an armchair, it is enough to place it in the favorite corner of our home and properly seated on a flat surface. Then, we will only have to sit on it and rest. If it is a model with a rocking or seesaw chair, a small movement is enough for the chair to slide with its pleasant sensation. And if it is a relax or reclining model, you just have to pull the element that activates that function and drop to the desired angle.

Q2: How to restore an old armchair?

To restore an armchair, we begin by removing the upholstery in order to verify its structure. We will repair the damaged wooden elements, as well as those springs that are already expired, changing them for new ones. Once the structure is ready, we will proceed to renew the sponges and foams of the product with others to our liking. Finally, we will be upholstering the piece with the chosen material and using fixing clips that are suitable for said material. Do not forget to also check the condition of the legs during the process, changing the chocks or protections if necessary.

Q3: How to clean an upholstered armchair?

Given the type of materials used, it is very easy to clean an upholstered chair. Whether it is upholstered in fabric, natural leather or imitation leather, there are different foams and specific products with which to achieve adequate cleaning and protection of these materials. Just pour the product, let it act and remove it with a cloth. In the case of stubborn or complex stains, you can resort to more specific solutions or home remedies, such as baking soda, vinegar or hydrogen peroxide. Although with the latter it is advisable to be careful because it is somewhat aggressive, it is advisable to do a small test in a non-visible area of ​​the fabric if it is delicate.

Q4: What is a shoe remover chair?

The shoe-removing chair is a piece of furniture that was traditionally placed at the foot of the bed and, as its name suggests, it is used to put on and take off shoes. It is a piece of furniture that today has fallen into disuse, although the truth is that its new, more compact presentations are well received. The same goes for those that have a trunk format that, in addition to the traditional function, also offer a good interior space to store what you want. Interesting alternatives that are bringing this more traditional product back into fashion.

Q5: How to make a wing chair cover?

To make a cover for a wing chair we will choose a suitable material that protects the chair and has the necessary flexibility to adjust to its shapes. Precisely this will be the next step, spreading the fabric over the sofa until it covers it completely and can be inserted through the interior area. If the fabric does not give, it will be enough to cut and leave the future seams in the interior area, already mentioned. With the patterns made, we just have to sew whatever is necessary to shape the cover, it being optional to add an adjustable elastic band at the base, to give it the final touch.

Q6: How to fix the springs of an armchair?

To fix the springs of an armchair that have expired, we will start by removing the just and necessary upholstery to access them. Once we have them in sight, we will have to see if they have come out or if they are simply old. In the first case, it will be enough to put the spring back in its position, while in the second case we will have to completely remove the expired spring and replace it with a new one. We finish the job by repositioning the upholstery as it was, fixing it with staples or whatever is necessary.

Q7: How to balance a wobbly chair?

In most “limp” seats, the problem has to do with the deterioration of the touch or the element that protects the floor and is mounted on the leg, so replacing it will solve the problem. It is also possible that the structure that holds the leg has moved, simply screwing the loose pieces back together. If the problem persists, we can change the original block of the leg for a higher one, which balances the whole. As a last option, there is always the saw and the sandpaper, although it is the most drastic of all the existing remedies.

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