The 9 Best Security Locks of 2022

Security lock – Buying Guide, Opinions and Analysis

Padlocks are portable locks that allow protecting those elements that do not allow a fixed closure, therefore, they are a security solution in homes and businesses. However, there are different locks on the market, so we have selected some of the most prominent. The Kurtzy MA-5030 has been crafted from hardened steel so it cannot be easily destroyed with a saw or drill, plus it comes with 5 keys to allow access for the whole family. For its part, the Wanlian 0019 is made of stainless steel and its beam reaches 40 mm, to facilitate its installation where you need it.

The 9 Best Security Padlocks – Opinions 2022

There are many types of padlocks today, so it is possible to find one for every need. However, the variety of products can make it difficult to choose, so we have selected 9 of the best security padlocks for 2022, so that you know their characteristics and can make the best decision.

Security padlocks for bars

1. Kurtzy Heavy Duty Padlock 1kg with 5 Keys

Among the security padlocks for bars, this large model particularly stands out, which measures 9.4 cm x 7 cm x 2.9 cm and has a shackle with a diameter of 12 mm. In this sense, it is useful for garages, gates and lockers, providing a high level of security to prevent theft, for this reason, some users think that it is the best security lock.

For added strength, it has been made from hardened steel, making it very difficult for an intruder to destroy the lock with a saw or drill, as it is one of the most robust locks. This provides peace of mind when storing valuable items, such as cars, motorcycles, among others.

Another advantage of this security padlock is that it includes 5 keys, so you can keep them as spare parts or give one to each member of the family so that everyone has access. 

If you want to acquire the best security lock of the moment, then you may be interested in this model from the Kurtzy brand. However, it is worth reviewing its pros and cons in more detail.


Size: It is a large lock compared to other similar products, since it measures 9.4 cm x 7 cm x 2.9 cm.

Material: It has been made with hardened steel that provides anti-saw and anti-drill protection.

Keys: Bring 5 security keys so you don’t have to spend additional money on copies for other people. 



Weight: Although the weight of 1 kg makes it more robust, it can also damage the floor if it is accidentally dropped.

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2. Abus 92/65 Padlock 65mm

When choosing security padlocks for bars it is important to think about resistance. In this case, the Abus 30609 has been made from solid brass and has a hardened steel casing, which allows it to be used indoors and outdoors, providing both protection and long life. This is why this product could be the answer if you are wondering what is the best security padlock. 

It is indicated to provide peace of mind when storing valuable items, so you can install it in cabinets, doors, wardrobes, tool boxes, among others. It is important to take into account that this padlock has a high level of security, with precision pins, being resistant to drilling and extraction. 

It is very easy to use, so you can open and close it quickly without major complications. In addition, it works with common keys, so you can make a copy at any locksmith if you need to give access to several people. 

If you still do not know which security lock to buy, we invite you to analyze in more detail the most relevant positive and negative characteristics of this product.


Resistance: It is made of solid brass and has a reinforced steel housing, so it resists removal and drilling.

Uses: It is indicated to secure metal shutters, bars, doors, tool boxes, cabinets, wardrobes, among others.

Cylinder: The cylinder is equipped with precision pins, which provides greater security than other models.



Keys: This model works with common keys, which can be a disadvantage compared to other locks with special security keys.

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security padlocks for doors

3. Wanlian Stainless Steel Security Padlock

Among the options of security padlocks for doors, the Wanlian 0019 model stands out; for its 40mm beam that allows you to use it in multiple places. In addition, it is resistant to the elements, to be able to install it outdoors without problems.

It is made of stainless steel and has manufacturing finishes that make it beautiful and robust, as well as reliable, to be able to handle it comfortably both when putting it on and when removing it. Its shackle measures 7.2 mm in diameter and the width reaches 20 mm, facilitating its installation.

The keys, on the other hand, are a total of 4, so that you can have spare copies in case of loss or to give one to someone you trust. And as for its mechanism, the cylinder is 6-pin with a removable pin.

Wanlian offers you a practical product with features that could tip the balance in its favor:


Size: This lock stands out for the size of its beam, since it allows you to put it in more places than other models.

Keys: It has a set of keys that you can keep as a spare if you need them.

Materials: It is made of stainless steel, which gives it strength and ability to be placed outdoors.

Drilling: The lock body is strong enough to prevent it from being drilled.


Lock: Keep in mind that the padlock prevents you from being able to remove the key if it has not been closed completely as a security measure.

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4. Mornyray Padlock Fingerprint Security Keyless Electronic Lock

If you are looking for good security padlocks for doors, we would like to recommend the Mornyray T002-FP.

It is a smart padlock that you can unlock with your fingerprint, so you will not need keys to open it. The padlock reader works with an internal rechargeable battery that can last up to 6 months on a single charge.

In terms of its size, it is slightly larger than conventional padlocks, but it is still comfortable to handle. It has dimensions of 7.6 x 4.6 x 1.3 centimeters and weighs approximately 110 grams.

On the other hand, it has the IP65 water resistance certificate, so you can use it both indoors and outdoors. Besides, it stands out that its price is affordable, which is why many netizens consider it to be the best value for money security lock.

Now we invite you to evaluate one by one the pros and cons of this Mornyray security lock:


Reader: You will not need a set of keys to open this lock, since it works with a fingerprint recognition system.

Fingerprints: The padlock system can memorize 2 administrator fingerprints and up to 10 authorized ones.

Rechargeable: It has a built-in battery that you can charge when you need to continue using the lock.

Resistance: It has a certificate that guarantees that it is waterproof, allowing it to be used outdoors without problems.


Configuration: You must be patient when configuring and registering your fingerprint in the lock system, since it can be somewhat complicated.

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high security padlocks

5. Master Lock Padlock High Security Laminated Steel Keys

When buying high security padlocks it is necessary to pay more attention to the manufacturing materials. In this case, the Master Lock M15EURDLF has a 64 mm thick laminated steel structure, which provides high resistance, in addition, it is coated with stainless steel and zinc, so it resists outdoor weather conditions.

On the other hand, it has an octagonal shackle of 38 mm in length and 11 mm in diameter, which has been made with boron carbide, so it offers 50% more hardness than reinforced steel, thus providing greater resistance to damage. saw use. Thanks to this, it guarantees a high level of protection.

It incorporates a 5-pin barrel and double-locking ball bearings for resistance against pinching, hammering and prying. As if that were not enough, bring 4 keys so you can share them with family members.

The best brand of security padlocks may be the one that offers high quality products that give you confidence but at the same time are cheap. Let’s see the pros and cons of this model.


Uses: It can have multiple uses, both indoors and outdoors, so it is used for bars, garages, etc.

Materials: It is made of rolled steel, zinc, boron carbide and stainless steel, providing strength and durability.

Cylinder: It features a 5-pin cylinder to prevent puncturing, while the ball bearings are double locked.



Copies: Only bring 4 keys, which can be a disadvantage if you need to give copies to more people.

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Security locks for vans

6. Silverline 633786 Padlock without Clevis

For those who are interested in learning about good security locks for vans, we present the Silverline 633786.

This model is mounted with 2 pieces of hidden fixing strap which, as well as making it much more difficult to pick the lock, will also deter thieves. It does not have a fork and its size is 15 x 7.5 x 12 centimeters, while its weight is 117 grams, to be easy to install.

For handling, the Silverline padlock includes 3 keys made of brass, which are robust, and their number allows for replacement options in case of loss. In addition, they work with a 6-pin cylinder that increases the security generated by the use of the padlock.

Reviewing its manufacture, it stands out that the 633786 is made of chromed steel which has parts joined by welding, to make them more reliable.

If you want to spend your money wisely when choosing a security lock, you need to consider both the good and the bad:


Design: It has a closed bolt design that makes it more difficult to violate than other models.

Deterrent: By having fixing parts, the appearance of the padlock will be able to deter thieves.

Materials: Its manufacture is made up of highly robust and resistant elements that make it durable.

Keys: It is accompanied by a set of several spare keys, so that you have one on hand or distribute them among several people.



Screws: If this lock has caught your attention, you should know that your purchase does not include the screws for mounting the plate.

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Other products

7. Yale Y114/80/118/1 Security Padlock

If you need a padlock for different uses and you still don’t know which one to buy, you may be interested in this Yale brand model, which measures 80 x 64 mm, but is also available in 70 x 56 mm and 90 x 73 mm, for that you can choose the one that best suits your interests.

The base of its structure is made of brass, a material in which copper and zinc have been combined, so this padlock is resistant to corrosion even in saline conditions. On the other hand, the arch has been made with case-hardened steel, in a process where carbon is added to the surface to increase the hardness of the metal.

It is specially designed to make it difficult for potential thieves to attack, so destroying it would take a lot of time for the intruder. As if that were not enough, it comes with three keys so you have two spares in case of loss.

This padlock may be the answer if you need to protect valuables somewhere in the house. Let’s review its most important positive and negative characteristics.


Multipurpose: This model can be used indoors and outdoors to protect doors, shutters, windows, etc.

Body: The main structure of the padlock measures 80 x 64 mm and is made of brass.

Bow: The bow is made of case-hardened steel, which has been reinforced with carbon on the surface.



Keys: It is designed to work with common keys, so it is at a disadvantage compared to other models that use more advanced keys.

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8. Euroxanty High Resistance Stainless Steel Rectangular Padlock

Rectangular padlocks tend to inspire a little more confidence than other models, since they are more difficult to force and that is the case with Euroxanty; a 90mm rectangular security padlock.

The Euroxanty product specifically measures 90 x 58 x 20 mm, while inside the dimensions are 30 x 20 x 20 mm. This indicates that it is comfortable to handle and use in various locks. Likewise, the keys are included, which are a total of 3.

To block its opening, the padlock uses a 12 mm diameter crossbar, which will remain in place in the event of any type of forcing. In addition, it should be noted that both the bar and the padlock are made of stainless steel, to guarantee their resistance and durability.

If you want to know the most striking advantages of one of the cheapest security locks, here you will find them:



Manufacturing: It has been made with stainless and durable materials that will prevent you from worrying about its deterioration.

Secure: The cross bar that holds the lock closed is thick enough to be difficult to break.

Anti-breakage: Features design details that make it resistant to some of the common opening methods.

Suitable for outdoors: You will be able to install this lock outdoors without any risk, since it is resistant to the elements.


Closing: In order to close the padlock, one of the keys must be inserted in the cylinder, otherwise it will not yield.

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9. Yale Y110C/40/119/1 Security Padlock 

To make attacks by intruders more difficult, you can opt for this padlock with a closed shackle, which leaves very little space for cuts. In this case, the bow is just 16mm high, while the body is only 41 x 53cm, making it a small device.

It is made of solid brass, an alloy of copper and zinc, which is why it has a gold-colored finish. In addition, the arch is made of chromed steel, which gives it greater hardness and resistance. However, it weighs only 222g, so you can easily take it with you.

It works with a traditional latch lock and includes 3 keys so you have spares in case one is lost and allows you to share access with others if necessary. It is also available in other versions with long, short and adjustable shackle.

There is a padlock for every need, which is why when choosing one you should carefully review the characteristics of the most outstanding models. Let’s break down the pros and cons of the Yale Y110C/40/119/1.


Arch: It has a closed arch, which makes it much more difficult for intruders to attack.

Materials: The body is made of a copper and zinc alloy, while the bow is made of chromed steel for greater resistance.

Spare parts: Includes 3 keys so you have spare parts in case one is lost.



Protection: The protection level is 4 on the scale of 10 levels according to the manufacturer.

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Shopping guide

Padlocks are among the most widely used security devices around the world, as they protect against theft and are often portable. However, there are too many options on the market today, so we have prepared this guide to buy the best security lock so that you know the most important features.


When making a comparison of security padlocks, the first thing we must define is the type of product we need, since generally each model is specially designed for a particular use. In the same way, it is of great importance to specify what are the protection needs that we have, so that we can make a good investment.

An initial classification that we can make is between key padlocks and combination padlocks. The first ones, as their name indicates, need a key to be unlocked. They work with a cylinder in which we must insert and turn the key, so they are easy to use. These are the most popular and it is possible to find them in all sizes and shapes, so you must make a decision according to your requirements.

On the other hand, although combination locks have been around for a long time, they are less common. These devices do not have a cylinder itself, but work with plates and notches, so it is necessary to align the slots by moving the numbers until you get the exact combination. The advantage is that you don’t need to have a key to unlock them.

Another widely used is the door lock. In this case, we can find two versions, since there are some for trucks and containers, where it is necessary to hold the bars of two doors, so they have an elongated shape and adjustable hooks for better fixing. Instead, locks for van doors are made up of two pieces that are installed on each door and a lock in the center that must be unlocked with a key.


The manufacturing materials can give you an idea of ​​how much the lock costs, but beyond the price, this feature can directly influence the quality, resistance and durability of the product; however, there are currently many options, so you can find a good and at the same time cheap lock.

We can say that the material most used by padlock manufacturers is steel, since this metal provides great resistance to mechanical actions, which are the most used by intruders when it comes to forcing a padlock. However, this will depend on the thickness of the steel and it is important to consider if it has been subjected to a special process or has any coating.

In this regard, a case-hardened steel padlock can provide superior strength, as the metal has been hardened with carbon in a thermochemical treatment that adds strength to the metal without affecting its core. The same goes for chrome steel, which simply has a layer of chrome on the surface to prevent corrosion.

Gold-colored padlocks are usually made from a material called brass, which is made from a combination of copper and zinc. These padlocks are highly resistant to impacts, cuts and corrosive processes, even in saline conditions, so they can be used on boats.


The design of padlocks can vary greatly depending on their uses. The most used are those of traditional design, which are made up of a body and an arch that serves as a hook, they also have a cylinder that needs a key to release the arch, easily unlocking the lock.

The shackle of the padlock can be long, short, closed and even adjustable, while the diameter can vary, presenting greater or lesser resistance to cuts with pliers or saws. At this point, it is worth insisting on the importance of reviewing the measurements of the product before placing the order.

When we talk about a lock, the size and weight are directly associated with the resistance of the device. Small padlocks are generally best suited for protecting items with little risk of being stolen, such as a gym locker, while larger padlocks are used to secure high-value items, such as a garage door.

It is good to keep in mind that precision keys are more difficult to copy because not all locksmiths provide the service, this can be inconvenient for users when they need an additional key, but it is also true that it makes the task more difficult for a possible intruder.

Frequently asked questions

Q1: How to use a security padlock?

Padlocks are intuitive to use equipment, since their operation is the same as that of a door lock, where you only have to insert the key, turn and pull the padlock shackle to open. In such a case that you have a lock with a key, you only need to know the combination and move the numbers in the correct order, this will make the lock open automatically.

Q2: What are security padlocks for?

Security locks are devices that provide a higher level of protection. In general, they have a mechanism that can hardly be broken if we do not have the key or password to lock or unlock it, as the case may be. They are commonly used as portable locks in elements that do not allow other types of locks to be placed, such as in the case of bars, doors, vans, suitcases, among others.

Among its most popular uses is the closure of chains, where you must pass the shackle of the padlock through the links of the chain and then close it. This favors protection and blocking, since the padlock as a single object is difficult to break, but when combined with chains it becomes an optimal security system.

Q3: How to break a security padlock?

If you lost the keys to the security padlock or simply forgot the key, then you should know that there is a way to break it or open it to avoid the hassle of calling a locksmith, although in some cases it is necessary to have a permit to avoid legal inconvenience.

Experts usually use a shear to break the lock, this is a large scissor that is normally used to cut metal plates, steel and even bones, as long as they are thin. It is normal for security forces to have this tool to use in an emergency. Another way to break a padlock is by placing two torque wrenches on the sides of the hook, and then exerting force towards the center, until the shackle yields to the pressure and breaks.

Q4: What do the colors of the security lock mean?

Although it is not a norm, many companies that carry out industrial activities use colored padlocks so that employees can use them according to their work area.

In this sense, the red padlocks are for electricians, the green ones are used by those who block the mechanisms of the equipment, the blue ones are for technicians, the yellow ones are used by maintenance workers, finally, the black padlocks are the most commonly used. used by security forces to restrict access to certain areas or equipment.

Q5: How to open a security padlock with a key?

Key or combination locks are those that do not require keys or other implements to lock and unlock them, it is only necessary to learn a key between 3 and 6 digits. The password comes with the instructions for the lock and is usually a simple combination of consecutive numbers or a series of zeros.

Once opened for the first time, it is necessary to locate the button to change the lock’s configuration, then insert a clip or thin metal that will serve to press the button while the new password is entered. It is recommended that it be a simple combination so that it can be easily remembered.

Q6: How to fix a security padlock?

Padlocks are normally made of aluminium, brass or steel, so when exposed to the elements they could continually begin to fail, making it difficult to open and close, so it is convenient that you take into account some maintenance options.

You can use a can of compressed air to spray and remove any dirt or dust from the inside of the lock. Afterwards, it is convenient to lubricate the lock using a multi-purpose oil that you can place in the key hole and in the upper part of the lock between the holes in the shackle. Next, it is only necessary to place the device in a fixed position for a couple of minutes and let the oil reach all areas of its internal mechanism.

Q7: How to copy security padlock keys?

Although there are some ways to try to copy a security key, it is best to go to a professional locksmith. We must remember that these keys are specially designed to be difficult to copy, so even many hardware stores do not have the necessary equipment to officially make copies. On the other hand, copying a security key and using it to open someone else’s lock can have legal consequences, so it’s a good idea to check the law.

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