The 9 Best Senior Phones of 2022

Telephone for the elderly – Buying Guide, Opinions and Analysis

Technological advances in the field of telephony are not long in coming; We can verify it with the Smartphones that come onto the market every year with some kind of novelty. However, there is a group that seeks the opposite. It is about the elderly, whose needs demand a simple and easy to use equipment. With this in mind, we present two of the best phones of the moment; first, the Artfone Senior C1, a model with large keys, long battery life and a loud volume. Another recommended by many is the SPC 3293B, a landline phone with a capacity for 66 records and caller ID display.



The 9 Best Phones for Seniors – Opinions 2022

In order to help you choose a basic and easy-to-use phone that suits the needs of the senior public, the market has models that fully meet these requirements. In this sense, below we present a comparison of some of the best equipment designed especially for older adults.

mobile phone for seniors

1. Artfone C1 Senior Big Keys for Elderly SOS button

If you are looking for a device with great features and an affordable cost, this model could be the best option. It is considered by many to be the best price-quality telephone for the elderly, since it is a device specially designed for the management of the elderly.

It offers large keys in order to facilitate the identification and reading of the characters, it also has a 1.8-inch full-color screen that favors viewing. In addition, it has an SOS button that allows you to make automatic emergency calls in the event of a mishap.

Likewise, it is a mobile phone for the elderly equipped with a long-lasting 1000 mAh battery, which gives you approximately 360 min of conversation. As for its internal memory, it offers a capacity of 32 MB with the possibility of expanding it with a micro SD card.

This mobile could be the best phone for the elderly at the moment, given its qualities and cost that fits any budget. More details below.


SOS button: Thanks to this plus, you can register five contacts and by simply pressing the red button on the back, request help in an emergency.

Keyboard: Its large keys favor people with reduced visual acuity.

Additional functions: It also has FM radio, flashlight, Bluetooth, camera and speakers; all configured in a simple way.


Variety of tones: It misses a greater variety of tones. However, it is a detail that does not diminish its quality.

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Landline phone for seniors

2. SPC Comfort landline large keys extra loud volume

Despite the rise of Smartphones, these devices do not completely replace fixed equipment and even less so when it comes to elderly users. In this sense, this landline phone for the elderly could be an excellent proposal for this group to communicate with their family and friends in a simple way.

It is a device that stands out among the best phones for seniors of 2022, since it is not only one of the cheapest, but also offers great advantages; as an extra loud volume that can reach up to 83 dB. So it is especially useful in cases of people with hearing loss.

Its desktop design promotes comfort and its large keys are easy to see. Likewise, it has technology that identifies calls and has a direct memory that connects directly with emergencies.

It is a very useful device for the elderly who live alone at home. We invite you to know the pros and cons of this phone.


Design: Its desktop design promotes comfort when using it, while its large keys are easily visible and its screen identifies calls.

Volume: It has an extra high volume, especially useful for the elderly with hearing problems.

Capacity: It can store 66 phone records and also has a direct memory to 112 emergency.



Direct memory: Since it can only store five contacts in its direct memory, it misses more capacity.

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cordless phone for seniors

3. Gigaset E290 Duo High Visibility 2-Pack

If you are looking for a cordless phone for the elderly and you don’t know which model to choose among the proposals offered by the market, you could consider this option as a good purchase; since it is a device designed for the senior public, given the qualities it offers.

It is a phone that has numbers, letters and characters in large size, black on a white background; which promotes reading. Likewise, it has a screen and keyboard that light up when a call is activated, this feature is especially useful when the grandfather has lost hearing acuity.

On the other hand, it has an agenda to store up to 150 contacts and has two speed dial keys, in case of an emergency. In addition, it is an easy-to-install device and you can choose one or two units, each with its respective charging base.

This wireless model designed for the elderly could meet your expectations. We have prepared a summary of its highlights.



Lighting: Both its screen and its keyboard light up brightly when a call is received, which favors people with hearing limitations.

Variety: The manufacturer offers you two options to choose from, the one-unit model or the two-unit model, depending on the user’s needs.

Agenda: Thanks to its agenda you can easily store up to 150 contacts, in order to identify incoming calls.


Battery: The amperage capacity of the included rechargeable batteries could be improved.

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Telefunken mobile phone for seniors

4. Telefunken TM260 Mobile with Big Keys Screen 2.6″

Telefunken is a German brand that is dedicated to the manufacture of high-quality telephones and televisions, which is why this Telefunken mobile phone for the elderly has great advantages. Among them we could mention its intuitive and easy-to-use menu, since it is a device designed for the elderly group.

It could be the best phone for the elderly if we take into account some of its main attributes specially designed for people who have some age limitation. In this sense, it has a ringtone with high volume (up to 95 dB), large keys for easy identification and a button for emergency calls.

Likewise, its clamshell design provides protection to the screen, while avoiding any accidental activation of the keyboard. In addition, it is compatible with different telephone companies.

It is a simple and functional device that could help in any eventuality. Read on to learn a little more about this mobile.


Double screen: It has a 2.6-inch main screen and an external one located in its casing, which shows the time in large digits.

Camera: The equipment has a 2.0 megapixel camera that allows you to easily take pictures.

volume: It has a high volume ringtone, convenient for those with hearing limitations.


Technology: Since it is a cell phone with 2G technology, it is not possible to share internet data.

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Alcatel phone for seniors

5. Alcatel 2053D 2.4″ Bluetooth Dual SIM Mobile Phone

If you want to give an elderly person a classic and easy-to-use mobile, but you don’t know which phone to buy for the elderly, you could take this Alcatel model into account. This Chinese brand owned by Nokia specializes in the design and manufacture of mobile phones. For this, you will have the support of a recognized manufacturer.

It is an Alcatel phone for seniors Dual Sim, so it supports two simultaneous phone numbers in order to use it with two different operators. Likewise, it has a 2.4-inch color screen made with LCD technology, which provides clarity and facilitates viewing.

Likewise, it has a keyboard with large buttons that favor reading. In addition, it is a phone with a flip format that has extra functions that are easy to use, such as a flashlight, Bluetooth connectivity, FM radio and a 1.3 megapixel camera.

Due to its worldwide presence and the high quality of its products, Alcatel could be the best brand of phones for the elderly. Analyze the strengths and weaknesses of this phone.


Dual Sim: It is a device equipped to work with two simultaneous phone numbers.

Integrated FM Radio: It has the FM radio function, very useful for the elderly.

Languages: The equipment can be easily configured in three languages: Spanish, Portuguese and English.


Font size: It would be appreciated if it included the option to increase the font size.

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flip phone for seniors

6. Yingtai T09 Flip Mobile Phone with Big Keys

Elderly people need a simple telephone to communicate with their relatives, so a model like this could be the most recommended. It is a flip phone for seniors whose design provides a compact size, while favoring the protection of the screen and keyboard.

Despite its small size, it is a device that has a large 2.4-inch screen to see better. Likewise, it offers a large numeric keyboard, with white characters and letters on a black background that allows easy identification.

Additionally, it is a mobile that offers a simplified menu that is easily understandable for the elderly. In addition, on its back it has a red button with the SOS function, configurable for five numbers; so with just one press it sends messages and calls in case of an emergency.

Having an easy-to-use telephone is essential in case of need. Read on and evaluate the advantages and disadvantages of this model.


Direct numbers: You can configure three direct numbers for speed dialing on the M1, M2 and M3 keys.

Battery: Its 800 mAh battery is easily rechargeable and offers you 4 or 5 hours of talk time.

Voice function: Thanks to the voice function, the mobile repeats the dialed number; function especially useful for people with visual and hearing loss.


Camera: The inclusion of a camera in its design is missing.

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Mobile phone with large keys for the elderly

7. Easyfone Prime A5 Mobile Phone with SOS Button and Base

A mobile phone with large keys for the elderly is the best alternative when what is sought is to make life easier for the elderly who have visual difficulties and who cannot easily identify the characters of a conventional mobile. For this reason, the Prime A5 is a computer with a large integrated keyboard, whose separate and backlit buttons favor use by this group.

Its design is similar to that of a wireless landline phone, since it has a charging base with a comfortable size, making it easy to use on a daily basis; you just have to slide the mobile into the base and that’s it. It also has a 1.8-inch screen, in order to provide better viewing.

In addition to this, it is a device that has a special SOS button for emergency situations and eight easily configurable buttons for speed dialing.

Not only is it one of the cheapest at the moment, but it is also a very useful and high quality model. Here are its most outstanding features.


Charging base: It is a mobile phone that has a charging base similar to that of wireless phones, which favors use by older adults.

SOS button: On the back it has the SOS button, especially useful in emergency situations.

Unlocked: You will receive the device unlocked and functional for various GSM networks.


Compatibility: Apparently this model is not compatible with specific networks like orange, simyo or Jazztel.

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Funker phone for seniors

8. Funker C85 Easy Comfort Mobile Phone with Cover

Funker has designed this phone for the elderly with features adapted to their limitations and with the aim of providing ease of use. For this reason, it has included the SOS button as a plus that offers confidence to grandparents who live alone; since it is only enough to press it for the equipment to activate a sequence of calls and messages to the previously configured recipients.

Likewise, in order to provide a better display of the menu and messages, it has a 2.4-inch color screen. Likewise, its cover also has an external screen that provides timely information without having to open the phone.

On the other hand, the C85 is a Funker phone for the elderly that has an easy-to-use charging base and thanks to its 1000 mAh lithium battery, its autonomy lasts for several days.

It is a modern and easy-to-use device that also incorporates six configurable languages. To learn about its most relevant features, keep reading below.


Dual screen: It incorporates a 2.4-inch internal screen and an external one that provides information without having to open the mobile.

Design: It has a compact, folding and clamshell design, which protects the keyboard and the main screen.

Charging base: Thanks to its desktop charging base, it is easy for older adults to recharge.


Dual Sim: The inclusion of Dual Sim technology is missing, in order to enjoy two simultaneous telephone lines.

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Basic mobile phone for seniors

9. Panasonic KX-TU110EXB Large Screen and Keys SOS Button

Before so many models offered by some brands, it could be difficult for you to know which is the best phone for the elderly, so we present this Panasonic equipment. It is a block-type model that has large buttons, which allows the elderly to clearly identify the numbers and letters.

It is a basic mobile phone for the elderly resistant to impacts and falls, since it is made of high quality plastic. It also has a 1.77-inch TFT LCD color screen for better viewing. Additionally, it has the hands-free function to talk with freedom of movement.

Likewise, it has an LED light flashlight at the top that clearly illuminates any dark area. In addition, it is a device that allows you to efficiently make emergency calls with the push of a button.

If you live alone at home, this mobile phone could be your best ally to stay in touch with your loved ones. We present a summary of its pros and cons.


Priority call: With the push of a button, the mobile can automatically call the configured contacts using the loudspeaker.

Resistant: It is a mobile made with a shock-resistant casing, which prolongs its useful life.

Flashlight: Thanks to its powerful LED flashlight you can illuminate any corner of your house or use it in low light environments.


Radio: The inclusion of the FM radio in its design is missing. However, its other features work fully.

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Shopping guide

Choosing a basic phone, easy to use and suitable for the senior population, is not a simple matter given the wide variety of models available; Therefore, we present our guide to buying the best phone for the elderly, so that you can analyze the parameters that you should consider before choosing the most suitable equipment.


For an elderly person who lives alone at home, loneliness and distance from loved ones are factors that often cause anxiety. In addition to this, there is the fear among the elderly of the possibility of an unforeseen domestic event such as a fall or dizziness and that no one could help them in time.

Given this, it is essential that they have a telephone handy that allows them to communicate with their family and that also serves as support to notify emergencies in the event of a mishap.

However, many technological and complex devices could overwhelm an older adult, who only needs a simple and easy-to-use phone. For this reason, today manufacturers have equipment that turns out to be the most appropriate for them.

Types and ease of use

In a comparison of telephones for the elderly, we find broadly that there are two types: landlines and mobiles. Landlines are desktop devices or designed for wall installation, they are usually large (compared to mobile phones) and are not portable devices.

Among landlines we can find wireless models, they are those that have a charging base and work at a certain distance. By this, the old man will be able to take them with him to any part of the house.

Mobile devices, on the other hand, are devices equipped with technology that work with rechargeable batteries and are easy to transport thanks to their compact size. This type of phone connects to GSM networks, unlike modern mobiles used by the young population that have a 3G and 4G connection.

It is essential that you take into account a common denominator in these devices, whether expensive or cheap: ease of use. To do this, it must be a piece of equipment that allows easy navigation and intuitive handling, since the population group to whom it is directed are mostly people with age-related limitations.

For this reason, make sure that the phone offers a menu with a simple interface, the fewer options it offers, the easier it will be to handle. It is also important that the buttons to accept, go back and return to the main screen are correctly identified.

functional design

An ergonomic design is a highly valued parameter when it comes to phones for the elderly. In this sense, a physical keyboard is appreciated, with large, wide keys with sufficient separation. This quality is especially useful, since older adults often lose visibility over time, making it difficult for them to read. The idea is to make things easier for them, so that the elderly with this limitation can distinguish numbers, characters and letters without any problem.

Volume is another aspect that you should consider when choosing a model, since an older adult tends to lose hearing acuity with age. For this reason, no matter how much a piece of equipment costs, try to choose among those that have an easily adjustable high volume.

Likewise, it is important that the phone offers a solid construction that guarantees durability against any impact or accidental fall; especially, that the screen does not break easily. In the same way, just as its resistance is important, so is its lightness; the idea is that the device does not represent an extra weight for them.

Regarding the mobile battery, this is a variable that you should not leave aside when you are looking for a device for the elderly; since it may happen that you forget to charge it in a timely manner. For this reason, it is essential that the battery offers autonomy for several days.

Other options

Among the additional options that are usually included in phones for the elderly, we have the SOS button; a plus that provides confidence by being able to communicate quickly and automatically with pre-selected relatives in the event of an emergency. Also, some models have a speed dial menu; thanks to which it is possible to associate the numbers of people who call frequently. Other options could be the flashlight function, alarm clock and FM radio.

Frequently asked questions 

Q1: How to use a senior phone?

Each model and brand has a user manual, which you should read carefully before configuring the equipment. However, in general, a mobile device for the elderly is a device designed for intuitive handling. On one of the sides you will find two buttons, a small one that is used to activate and turn off the phone and another long one that is used to raise and lower the volume of the device.

You can use the buttons with letters and numbers to dial a phone you want to call or to write a message, the green button is used to make a call and the red button to cancel it. If you want to get more information and details about how to use a mobile for the elderly, you can check the model online.

Q2: How to set the SOS button on a mobile phone for the elderly?

In the event of a mishap, some mobiles allow the elderly to make an emergency call by simply pressing the SOS button. If you wish to configure this function, you must access the ‘Main Menu’, then ‘SOS Assistance’, select ‘SOS Contacts’ and click on ‘Edit’. From there, you can save the information of five emergency contacts, which will be dialed consecutively by pressing the button.

The mobile can also send an emergency message to the added contacts, to configure this option access ‘Main menu’, then ‘SOS Assistance’, select ‘SOS Contacts’ and click on ‘SOS Messages’. There you can create the message that will be sent when you press the button.

Q3: How to activate the radio on a senior phone?

To activate the FM radio on a mobile for the elderly, you must access the ‘Menu’, press ‘Multimedia’, then select ‘FM Radio’ from the list; the tuned frequency will be displayed here. By pressing the left arrow you can search the previous channel and by pressing the right arrow you can search the next channel, you can also change the volume with the up arrow and down arrow key.

You must bear in mind that in some models it will be necessary to connect the headphones to the headphone jack to receive the signal.

Q4: How to charge a phone for the elderly?

First, you must take the charger. On one side it has a plug that must be connected to the power outlet; on the other, the charger has a small plug that you must connect to the cell phone in the appropriate hole for it; there it should fit perfectly.

As soon as you connect the mobile, it will begin to receive a charge, you must wait the time stipulated by the manufacturer until the battery reaches its maximum capacity. Once the battery has been recharged, remember to unplug the charger and the phone to preserve the life of the device.

In the case of some mobiles and cordless phones, it will be enough to slide them into their respective charging base.

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