The 9 Best Shutter Motors of 2022

Shutter Motor – Buying Guide, Opinions and Analysis

Shutter motors increasingly come with more modern and technological operating systems, and for this reason it is always advisable to be aware of new innovations. For example, a Benexmart M515EGB motor allows you to control the blind with your voice or with your mobile phone and even use an internal battery that lasts up to 6 months. On the other hand, other more conventional motors such as the Julius Mayer JM45-150 also have remarkable qualities such as silent operation, low energy consumption and quality elements that do not require maintenance.



The 9 Best Blind Motors – Opinions 2022

Acquiring a good shutter motor will make the use of these devices safer, more comfortable and more practical. For that reason, taking the time to compare different alternatives could make a difference when buying the product. You will find options of different axis, operation and load capacity.

Wi-Fi blind motor

1. Benexmart Roller Shutter Controller 

Although it is not among the cheapest models, this WiFi-enabled blind motor is a good alternative to have in your home. It is possible to use it with its internal battery or connected with the cable and, if you choose the latter option, it will not be necessary to worry about the electric bill, since it is energy class A+. In addition to that, with both ways of use, the operation will be silent, even when using the locking system.

To adapt easily, this motor is compatible with different models of blinds. Additionally, it can be controlled with the included remote control, with the Tuya mobile app or by using Alexa or Google Home. In this way, with only the voice it will be possible to make the engine work.

Finally, it is worth noting that the power of the motor is 4 W, with a nominal torque of 0.45 Nm and it rotates at 30 rpm. This makes it a suitable appliance for home use.

Modernizing your home will not be difficult with practical and useful gadgets like this motor for blinds with WiFi.


Compatibility: This device is compatible with different blinds and different forms of control.

Battery: If you want to use the device with its internal battery, it can give you up to half a year of use without recharging.

Energy: The energy efficiency class of this motor is type A, so its electrical consumption is low.

Assembly: The purchase brings everything required to make the assembly without complications.


App: The app may have some issues with connectivity and some of its features, which limits its use.

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2. M&B Blind Motor 50NM + WiFi Button

With enough power to lift up to 90 kilograms without complications, this WiFi blind motor is one of the most outstanding on the market, as it is compatible with various models of blinds, regardless of weight. Fits small domestic models with 6cm shafts, PVC and aluminum shutters, projection screens and blinds.

Its ability to lift this weight is due to the force of the engine, which reaches 50 Nm. This, in turn, is complemented by a power of 205 W and a speed of 12 revolutions per minute that is suitable for this type of product. To ensure proper operation, this motor has thermal protection to prevent overheating.

As for its structure, it is tubular and measures 58.1 cm in length and 4.5 cm in diameter, so as not to take up much space. In addition, the purchase comes with everything necessary for installation.

This product is a good alternative for those who still do not know which shutter motor to buy and want a practical and easy-to-install model.


Compatibility: Whether they are projection screens, PVC and aluminum blinds or blinds, this motor is compatible with all these models.

Assembly: This purchase comes with all the parts required to make the assembly and, in addition, being a small and light motor, it will not be complicated to install it.

Weight: This product has the power required to lift blinds up to 90 kilograms.


Operation: Unlike other models that allow voice operation, this one does not come with said feature.

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roller shutter motor

3. Julius Mayer JM45-150 Electromechanical Tubular Motor

You will probably forget that you have a roller shutter motor when using this product, as its silent operation and low power consumption will make it inconspicuous, even when lifting its maximum capacity of 38 kg at either of the two speeds: 17 U/min and 15 U/min. As if this were not enough, the product is made to be easy to install in your home, thanks to its weight of 2.6 kg, and not to require any type of maintenance, as long as it is used properly.

Manufactured to high quality standards, this motor will continue to serve for the long haul. In addition to that, to avoid overheating, the device has a protection system against it that will also contribute to its resistance over time.

If you wish, this model is adaptable to Wi-Fi connection systems so that you can modernize the use in the way you want. However, if you want to use the motor manually, the movement will still be fluid.

Among the cheapest alternatives on the market, you can get this Julius Mayer model that offers good quality, despite having an economic cost.


Silent: The operation of this motor is silent so as not to bother you at any time.

Durability: Made with high quality materials and with systems against overheating, this device is designed to last over time.

Energy: As it works with low energy consumption, the use of this motor will not generate extraordinary expenses on your electricity bill.


Instructions: The instruction manual may not be as specific as it should be in certain aspects.

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4. Came Roller Shade Tubular Motor Y5050A121MO

Among the best shutter motors of 2022, this Came model stands out, which has various qualities that make it stand out among other alternatives. This roller shutter motor weighs 2.74 kilograms and measures 8 x 8 x 58 centimeters, making it light and small for easy assembly in your home. In addition to that, it is an economical product to save you from spending a lot of money.

Although it is a cheap product, this does not mean that it is of poor quality. On the contrary, this small device stands out for having a lifting force of 50 Nm, so it can handle up to steel shutters that weigh 92 kilograms; all this without generating excessive noise that could disturb.

The purchase includes a connection cable with a length of 2.5 meters and the motor has a universal head to be able to adapt to different fixing systems.

This engine may be the right choice for those who require a powerful engine, but one that doesn’t take up a lot of space.


Force: This product has a lifting force of 50 Nm, suitable for lifting up to 92 kg.

Silent: The operation of this device is silent. That way, its use will not be annoying.

Installation: The dimensions of this motor are small and, in addition, its weight is light, so the installation will be simple.


Adapters: Adapters may be required when mounting and may incur additional expense.

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Tubular roller shutter motor

5. Jarolift SL45 30/15 Electric motor for roller shutters

It is difficult to choose the best roller shutter motor, however, this model has a fairly comprehensive operation that could be adapted to the needs of different households. To provide high-quality performance, the manufacturing process included testing for more than 15,000 movement cycles, and the product also comes with an overload protection system, thus providing safety.

When it comes to operation, this tubular roller shutter motor has a pulling force that manages to lift roller structures of up to 60 kilograms with no problem. In addition to all this, the device has a metal planetary gear system that minimizes noise when used, thus avoiding discomfort.

Another important aspect of these devices is their structure. In this case, the motor weighs 2.86 kilograms, so it is considered light, while its dimensions are small. This, together with the instruction manual, will facilitate its assembly.

After passing several tests, this motor provides optimal and comfortable operation to provide solutions in your home.


Quality: The gear system and overload protection work together to deliver quality performance.

Silent: To avoid disturbances and interruptions, this appliance has a silent operation.

Load: This roller shutter motor has a lifting force that can handle up to 60 kg without any problem.


Blocking: If the shutter gets stuck, this motor will not be blocked. For this reason, it is necessary to always be aware of its operation.

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6. Ttgo Motor with mechanical limit switch

If you are looking for a tubular roller shutter motor, this model could be right for you, especially if you want to save money. The measures of the artifact are adequate for this type of product, since its dimensions of 50.8 x 9 x 9 cm and its weight of 2.58 kilograms facilitate the assembly of the artifact.

This could be considered the best value for money shutter motor, because although it is cheap, it is a 230 V device with a force of 30 Nm that will successfully lift maximum loads of 60 kilograms. Because of this, it is considered a professional quality model.

The purchase comes with a 60 mm adapter and a cable that reaches 2.5 meters in length. In addition to that, this motor is compatible with different manufacturers of blinds to be able to adapt more easily to the model you have at home.

Easily adaptable to the needs of your home and with quality performance, this motor is a good option for those who want to modernize their blinds.


Weight: This motor has enough strength to lift up to 60 kilograms smoothly and smoothly.

Price: The cost of this device is cheap, so you will get quality for a low price.

Compatibility: This motor is compatible with various blinds, so it will not be necessary to change them to use the device.


Instructions: It is possible that the instruction manual for the assembly does not come in Spanish, so the installation could be complicated.

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Somfy blind motor

7. Somfy HiPro LT 50 Gemini 25/17 Tubular motor

For those looking for reliable quality, a Somfy roller shutter motor could be the first option. In this case, this tubular mechanical model is one of the most outstanding motors on the market, not only for its performance, but also for its light structure of 2 kg and its adequate dimensions for easy installation.

Regarding its technical specifications, this motor offers an operation of 17 RPM, to prevent the shutter from getting stuck, and with a lifting force of 25 Nm. This allows the artifact to handle up to 63 kilograms without straining the engine. On top of that, by having effective shutter protection, the motor will stop if it detects a blockage.

The materials used in the creation of this unit are efficient enough to allow thousands of cycles of use, without the need for maintenance. All this is complemented by silent operation that will not bother anyone.

Somfy, due to its fame in the market, could be considered the best brand of blind motors, as it manufactures quality products like this model.


Protection: In the event that the shutter becomes blocked, the motor has a protection system to prevent it from being damaged.

Quality: The quality of the materials used in the manufacture of this motor means that maintenance is not necessary.

Noise: The noise produced by this motor is minimal, therefore, its operation will not be annoying.


Price: The cost of this motor is much higher than other alternatives on the market, so it may not be the best option for some people.

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Shutter motor with remote control

8. Rollerhouses RTS 12V Curtain Motor

A shutter motor with a remote control is a good alternative to better control the shutters in your home. In this case, this 16 mm diameter model may be the one for your home, as it can adapt to different blinds and mini blinds with a maximum weight of 2 kg.

Depending on your tastes, this motor can be controlled with the transmitter mounted on a wall or with the remote control for added convenience. In addition to that, this device is modern and allows you to connect to the WiFi network. Thanks to this detail, it is possible that the motor is linked to Google Home or Alexa to control the movement with the voice.

To make installation easier, this purchase comes with its instruction manual to guide you step by step and, in addition, as the cable is 2 meters long, it will be easy to connect the motor without any problem. 

If you have small blinds and you need a suitable motor to provide power, this could be the best blind motor of the moment.


Connection: It is possible to connect through voice using Alexa or Google Home.

Structure: Small in size and with a diameter of 16 mm, this motor adapts to different blinds easily.

Assembly: The assembly will not be so difficult, since the motor cable is extensive and the purchase comes with an instructional guide to carry out the installation.


Strength: The maximum load that this product can lift is 2 kilograms, which is much less than other models.

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40mm shutter motor

9. Matismo Motor for AMT35 blinds 

With so many alternatives, it can be difficult to know which is the best roller shutter motor, however, this model is of good quality and could be right for you. It is a tubular motor about 51 centimeters long that comes with its octagonal adapter with a 40 mm shaft. In addition to this, it is considered one of the lightest devices, since it weighs 1.5 kilograms, which will facilitate assembly.

Its operation is another quality that can be highlighted, since the motor does not generate too much noise when active, avoiding discomfort. Also, by turning 17 revolutions per minute, the blinds will go up quickly and smoothly, to avoid jamming. The motor has a power of 10 Nm, so it has the ability to take care of blinds of up to 26 kilograms without forcing the operation.

Finally, so that you can really modernize your home, this product is compatible with some voice recognition systems such as Alexa.

With smooth operation and quality materials, this roller shutter motor may be just right for your home.


Weight: This is one of the lightest motors on the market at 1.5 kilograms, therefore assembly will be easier.

Operation: The operation of this blind motor is quite silent and it has a smooth rotation to avoid blockages.

Compatibility: By using compatible switches, it will be possible to link this motor to systems such as Alexa to use voice control.


Power: Despite serving its purpose, the power of this motor is less than that of other similar products.

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Shopping guide

Privacy is something that many people value, therefore, having blinds at home is a good way to enjoy this privacy without completely isolating yourself from the outside. Installing a new motor for the blinds is an alternative for those who want to modernize these products and enjoy newer operating options.


At the time of making your guide to buy the best blind motor, there is an aspect that must be paramount in the search and this is the power of the device. Buying a model with enough strength will not only help the motor last much longer in good condition, but it will also give you more opportunities to use it with different blinds.

You need to keep in mind that it is not mandatory that you buy the most powerful of the motors if your blinds do not need that much power, therefore, always keep in mind where you are going to use the motor before deciding. What usually determines the maximum load of the device is the so-called “motor torque”, which can vary from 0.3 Nm to 50 Nm or more. These figures, in turn, are complemented by the rated power of the motor, which can range from 4 W to over 200 W.

While the former motors work well with mini-blinds and small models, the latter can take care of blinds, PVC and aluminum blinds and even projection screens. A good power 50NM motor could lift up to 95kg, in certain cases, while small artifacts are suitable for blinds weighing 4kg or less.


When it comes to making a comparison of shutter motors, there are certain characteristics that may go unnoticed but have a great impact on operation, therefore, it is necessary to take them into account. For example, something very important to pay attention to is the level of protection that these artifacts have.

Something that should not be missing even in the most economical model is a blocking protection system, because sometimes it is possible for the shutter to get stuck and, if the motor continues to work forcefully, then it could be damaged or overheated. In this sense, you should also look for a motor that has protection against overheating, as this will undoubtedly benefit the device and extend its duration.

On the other hand, you should also look at the revolutions per minute offered by the engine. This detail does not affect correct operation, however, it does indicate the speed at which the shutter will go up or down. The rpm can vary from one model to another, however, what matters is that the number is not too high, to prevent the movements from being abrupt and damaging the blind. The latter also influences the noise produced, as fast engines tend to be noisier. As long as the movements are smooth, the fixtures will offer quiet operation.


Lastly, for the process of modernizing your home to go smoothly, you should also take into account the compatibility of the motor you want to purchase with the blinds you have. The most important thing is to be sure that the axis of the blinds is the same as that of the motors and, to avoid mistakes, all devices indicate this information in their specifications. Remember that if you do not take the measurements of the axis of the blinds and make a purchase that is not according to these measurements, you could risk receiving a device that simply will not work for you.

In addition to this, there are certain motors that are not compatible with some types of blinds, either because of their size, material or weight. Again, in this case, look at these data before investing the money.

On the other hand, compatibility is also given in a technological way and, when it comes to these qualities, the price may vary. For that reason, check how much the model costs. The most common blind motors come with switches that you can mount on the wall to control the movement, however, many others make it easy to use when they include remote controls in the purchase. Thanks to this, it will be possible to control the blinds even if you are far away.

Those newer motors give the opportunity to link the blind, via WiFi or Bluetooth, with mobile applications and even with voice recognition systems such as Alexa or Google Home. These options, although they tend to be more expensive, have the technology required to make every penny worth it.

Frequently asked questions

Q1: How to use the motor of a blind?

After installing it, the shutter motor can be used in different ways, depending on which model you have chosen.

Some of them must be used through the manual switch, pressing the up or down buttons. However, most modern models come with a remote control that will allow you to control the blind from afar if you wish.

On the other hand, the latest blind motors come with or can be adapted to switches that work with WiFi or Bluetooth to be used with unique mobile applications or voice recognition systems such as Alexa or Google Home. These latest motors will give you greater control over the blinds in your home and will make their use more practical and comfortable.

Q2: How to change a shutter motor?

As a first step, completely lower the blind using the old motor and proceed to disconnect the device and the current to be able to extract it. To remove the axle, all you have to do is loosen some nuts and apply a little force to remove the frame.

Remove the bolts from the shaft to open it up and access the motor. When finished, insert the new motor to the axis. Remember that they must be compatible and that, if they are not, an adapter will be needed.

Raise the shaft and mount back onto the shutter. When the connections are complete, you can reconnect your home power to test the product by following the instructions included with your purchase.

Q3: How to regulate the motor of a blind?

The shutter motors are regulated at the down and up stroke ends. To do this, just stand at the end of the motor and look where the arrows are pointing, as they indicate the place to adjust depending on the adjustment you must make.

Try several times until you achieve correct regulation with the right tool.

Q4: How to unlock an electric shutter motor?

First, before trying to do anything, turn off the motor if it keeps trying to raise or lower the blind even though it is locked. In this way, the engine will not wear out or work forcefully.

After this, find out why the motor is blocked. It could be dirt build-up, which can be resolved simply by wiping, but it could also be a bad belt installation, a broken or misplaced blade, and even worn parts.

Disassemble the shutter box and open it to find out what the problem is. Then, proceed to replace the piece, accommodate the sheet or reinstall the tape properly.

Q5: How to connect a WiFi shutter motor?

It’s pretty simple, and luckily motors always come with the proper instructions for making these types of connections.

Shutter motors of this type come with 4 cables: phase down, up, neutral and ground. In the WiFi switch you will be able to find where to connect the cables, because this device must have a legend.

When you finish making the connections, you just have to test that the options work by pressing them and that’s it. This switch, depending on the model, could also be connected to voice recognition systems or mobile applications to provide greater control of the blinds.

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