The 9 Best Sink Traps of 2022

Sink siphon – Buying Guide, Opinions and Analysis

The sink needs an efficient drainage system that does not have leaks and prevents bad odors from the accumulation of waste. For this, a siphon is the ideal element within the sanitary installation. In this category, one of the most outstanding products is thevariosan 12951, since it is made of solid stainless steel with a chrome finish, whose assembly facilitates frequent maintenance. But, if you are not interested in such an elegant design, the Wirquin 31560002 siphon may be the right one for your wash, as its flexibility allows vertical or horizontal mounting and its cost is affordable. 



The 9 Best Sink Siphons – Opinions 2022

It is not necessary to be a plumber to know how to buy a good quality sink siphon and guarantee efficient operation in the drainage of this important element of the bathroom. But, as we know that this is not a popular knowledge, here we help you with our selection of the best sink traps of 2022 so that you can buy the most suitable one for your home.

Chrome sink siphon

1. Variousan 12951 Sink siphon

The siphons must be resistant and durable, since it is not a piece that is changed very frequently. With this in mind, Variousan offers users this chrome-plated sink siphon, which has been made of stainless steel with a robust design. 

Regarding its universal adaptation format, it provides a proper fit due to the 1 ¼” nut that connects to the drain, as well as the 32 mm wall pipe. These aspects favor the assembly of these parts in a short time in most commercial washbasin models.

This same characteristic determines the ease of maintenance when necessary, an aspect that users appreciate and that makes them qualify this model as the best sink siphon.

In this product we have noticed some positive and negative aspects that you will be able to know in the following summary, if you are interested in buying it. 


Quality: Its construction in stainless steel and chrome finish is a reference of its resistance and durability.

Assembly: All the parts that come from the siphon are easy to install and disassemble, without being a professional plumber.

Adaptation: The universal design of the siphon allows it to be adapted to most conventional sinks. 

Price: This product has an affordable and competitive cost, considering its other characteristics.


Connection: In some cases, the connection pipe is short. But the rest of the parts are assembled correctly.

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Flexible sink siphon

2. Wirquin 31560002 Siphon for taps

In the event of any complication of leaks in the drain, a flexible sink siphon can be a cheap and quick solution for which it will not be necessary to call a plumber.

In this sense, the Wirquin model stands out in this category and is emerging as one of the best sink traps of 2022 due to its extra-flat and flexible design, which saves space, favoring its assembly, since it can be adapted in small places of up to 64mm. 

On the other hand, the inside of the siphon incorporates a silicone membrane that fulfills the function of anti-return and anti-odour, to prevent the passage of solid debris, dirt and water. 

For its assembly, the push fit system facilitates the entire process, since no tools are necessary, since only the evacuation tube must be assembled at the siphon outlet.

All these design features make Wirquin stand out as the best sink trap brand, according to its users, as it has a wide range of efficient solutions for sanitary drains. Therefore, we will stop to analyze the pros and cons of this particular model.


Membrane: The silicone membrane prevents the return of dirty water and solid waste to the sink.

Assembly: The push fit system favors the assembly of the siphon, without tools and without hiring a professional.

Quality: The Wirquin brand is a leader in the sink and washbasin siphon sector due to the innovation of its designs.


Resistance: Due to the flexible material, the resistance of the body decreases, because it is prone to tears or punctures. 

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black sink siphon

3. Keymark Brass siphon for washbasin

Thinking of recreating a modern style and saving you the hassle of hiding the pipe in the bathroom, Keymark designed this black, matt-lacquered washbasin siphon to give a decorative touch to sanitary installations.

This new style does not compromise the strength and quality of the siphon, as it is constructed of solid brass for added durability against corrosion. In addition, it incorporates all the silicone joints to prevent any water leakage and, at the same time, the release of bad odours.

As for assembly, this product comes with the necessary parts to make a connection with the threaded couplings, without the need for tools or glue to seal it. Also, its universal design allows it to fit traditional 1 ¼-inch sinks and 32mm tubing. 

Due to its modern style, this could be considered the best sink siphon of the moment, so we summarize its main pros and cons in the following section.


Compatibility: The universal design of the siphon is compatible with 1 ¼” threads and drain pipes with a diameter of 32 mm.

Protection: The brass construction is resistant to corrosion and calcification, while the silicone gaskets prevent water and odor leakage.

Cleaning: Due to its easy assembly, the siphon parts can be separated for regular maintenance.


Price: The cost of this product is high, compared to other models on our list.

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Bottle siphon for washbasin

4. Jimtem M103153 Siphon expandable bottle 

When we prioritize savings and functionality, this sink bottle siphon seems to be the best option because its design has numerous advantages, starting with its cost, its easy-to-assemble format, its accessible design for retrieving objects and its long useful life. 

Due to all these characteristics, the Jimtem S-69 has positioned itself as the best value for money sink siphon among users. In addition, the extendable neck design is a positive aspect because it can be adjusted to the required size.

This siphon is suitable for 40 mm horizontal outlets and 1” ½ sinks. For its part, the difficulty of assembly is very low, so no tools or technical knowledge are necessary to do the installation correctly. 

We distinguish some positive and negative aspects of this model that we summarize below, highlighting the fact that it is one of the cheapest in the selection.


Durability: The siphon is made of polypropylene, a material resistant to chemical agents, hot water and impacts, extending its useful life.

Register: The lower register allows easy access in case of losing small objects in the sink; at the same time, it favors regular maintenance of the drain. 

Design: This model takes up little space, its extendable neck adapts to the necessary length and the screw couplings allow intuitive assembly.


Measurements: You must verify the size of your sink to see if this is the right siphon.

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Extendable sink siphon

5. Famous Bath Flexible Trap 

Among the cheap products, we find this extendable sink siphon, functional due to its elastic recovery capacity and resistance to household detergents. 

Due to its flexible design, this model has a closed length of 40 cm and when expanded can reach up to 86 cm, in addition to being malleable, which is a plus when correcting any misalignment.

Regarding the connections, these are standard: 1” ¼ and 32 mm for the wall outlet connection. For its part, the tightness of the drain is determined by a metal knurling that seals the joint well to prevent leaks. So if you are looking for the best sink siphon, this model may be the answer. 

Additionally, the assembly of this product has no complications, it can be quickly placed and removed, also facilitating its cleaning. 

If you have not yet decided which sink siphon to buy, you can review the pros and cons that we observe in this model.


Extension: This siphon extends from 40 to 86 cm, adapting to the needs of the installation.

Connections: Trap design is for traditional sinks with a 1″ internal thread connection and 1.25″ outlet.

Barrier: The malleability of this product, adjustable in different directions, allows you to create a barrier against bad odors from the drain.


Material: If any object pierces the body, it will be necessary to change the siphon to prevent water leaks. 

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Drain siphon for washbasin

6. Bonade Siphon and Pop-up 

Modern sink designs without overflow and countertop models need a stylish drain accessory to match their style. For this reason, the Bonade sink drain siphon is the most suitable in these situations, because it is made of brass with an elegant chrome finish, suitable for keeping it visible.

On the other hand, the connection tube with its adjustable height between 15 and 90 mm greatly facilitates assembly, while the drainage tube has a length of 30 cm and can be reduced if necessary, by making a cut in the piece. 

Regarding the sink stopper, the diameter is 66 mm, and its pop-up mechanism works efficiently, being smooth and quick to activate. The advantage of this system is that you no longer run the risk of losing things or children throwing small objects that can clog the drain. 

Now we invite you to take a look at the pros and cons that stand out in this model.


Construction: The siphon is made of brass with a chrome treatment to increase its durability. 

System: The pop-up operation of the sink stopper is efficient, preventing the loss of objects and blockages in the drain.

Adaptable: The connection thread adapts to conventional sinks and new designs, since the drain valve has a standard size of 1¼”. 


Maintenance: The stopper must be washed regularly so that lime stains do not affect its shiny finish.

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Flat siphon for washbasin 

7. Wirquin TM200040 Pipe with integrated extra-flat siphon

When thinking about the distribution of spaces and their use, many sink designs incorporate furniture or appliances below them to occupy those dimensions. In such a case, a compact washing machine can be placed under the sink or a storage cabinet, and for this a drainage system adaptable to this novelty is necessary.

Consequently, the Wirquin flat sink trap offers an efficient solution with its two-bowl design and a side inlet for a dishwasher or tumble dryer. Regarding its technical specifications, you should know that the input size is 1½” and the output diameter is 40 mm.

In terms of resistance, its high-quality plastic construction withstands different types of chemicals and detergents, as well as high temperatures.

If you are interested in the benefits offered by this extra-flat model, you can review the summary of its positive and negative aspects below.


Format: The siphon design is an effective alternative to solve drainage problems in small spaces.

Utility: Using this siphon allows you to take advantage of the space under the sink to place a piece of furniture or an appliance, without compromising the drainage system. 

Durability: The quality of the plastic of this model resists impacts, high temperatures and household detergents, without damaging its structure.


Overflow: This model does not incorporate an overflow outlet, an aspect that you must take into account if your sink has this element.

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Siphon for sink in bronze

8. Shdjyr Round Siphon Bronze Bottle Trap 

In the decoration of a bathroom with a vintage style and antique sanitary pieces, everything must harmonize, including the drainage elements, for which a bronze sink siphon can improve the appearance of the room. 

Of the available models, this one with a circular design and traditional format seems to be the one indicated for its smooth and beautiful surface, in addition to its aged color that will look great if combined with taps of the same style. 

In terms of functionality, the body of the siphon efficiently resists corrosion, offering a long useful life. For its part, the L format prevents some objects from being lost in the drain, and can be recovered if the pieces are disassembled.  

Likewise, all the incorporated seals and joints favor quick assembly, complementing the tightness of the siphon to prevent water leaks or bad odours. 

If you are interested in buying this siphon, you can read the summary of its separate features in pros and cons, to also know its disadvantages.


Material: The solid construction of this siphon offers good resistance to rust and a long service life.

Cleaning: The detachable design of the siphon parts allows easy cleaning and recovery of lost objects in the sink.

Parts: Gaskets and seals are included to assemble the siphon in a few steps, without the need for a professional plumber.


Price: The cost of this product is high, but its extensive durability compensates for the price to pay. 

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Stainless steel sink siphon

9. Homelody Bath Trap 

There is no doubt that a stainless steel sink trap looks much better than a plastic one, especially if you can buy it at a competitive price like this model from Homelody.

The height-adjustable format of this product is a factor that favors its installation, since it can be extended from 8 to 15 cm. For its part, the length of the tube is 30 cm and in both cases it can be cut, if necessary. 

In addition, the ring is included to seal the hole in the wall and favor the tightness of the siphon. Regarding the measurements, the input connection has the standard size of 1¼” and the output connection has a diameter of 38 mm. Regarding durability, this model is built with corrosion-resistant materials. 

Now, in this product we noticed some positive and negative aspects that we comment on below.


Style: The L format of this siphon is adjustable in height and retains an attractive appearance, as well as being a functional design.

Resistance: The quality of the materials in the Homelody siphon offers good resistance to oxidation, maintaining its robustness and shiny finish. 

Assembly: No tools are needed to install the siphon, as it is very easy thanks to the threaded design and the assembling parts. 


Registry: A lower registry is missing that facilitates its cleaning.

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Shopping guide

When it comes to bathroom renovations, sanitary installations can be a headache if good quality products are not chosen. And in the case of sink traps, the decision must be correct. Otherwise, the drain will not work properly. So, if you don’t know about it, you can review our guide to buying the best sink siphon and learn what the most relevant aspects are when choosing this item.

siphon types

If you are not a professional plumber, you may have been a bit confused when making a comparison of sink siphons and seeing all the models that exist. And it is that this hydraulic closure system has evolved with hygienic installations for several decades, adapting to changes and trends in construction and decoration.

In this sense, we can make a quick classification of the types of siphons most used today:

Flexible: It is a cheap and functional model, because its design is extensible and adaptable to different alignments.

Bottle: This format is very useful because it has a lower register that allows easy access and maintenance.

Rigid: They are straight tubes, whose body can siphon without needing curvatures.

Flat: It is a compact model designed to free up more space under the sink.

It should be noted that sink traps may vary a bit from traps for sinks, showers and other sanitary facilities, but what they do have in common is their sealed construction to prevent water leaks and the return of bad odors to the bathroom. pipeline.

Fabrication material

The type of siphon can determine the price of the product, but another aspect that directly affects how much this element costs is the manufacturing material. In the case of flexible and extensible models, the construction in PVC plastic or polypropylene lowers costs. The same thing happens with plastic bottle-type siphons.

For their part, rigid models are usually more expensive because they are made of metal, be it brass, stainless steel or bronze. And the price can vary a lot, since a superior quality of the material is related to the useful life of the siphon. 

This does not mean that you cannot get a cheap and good quality siphon, because you will be surprised to see some models that do not cost even 5 euros and have a functional, durable design and simple assembly. 

Consequently, you should think about whether you want a decorative model for your siphon or you are simply looking for a functional piece that will be hidden under the sink. This information will help you narrow down your options and choose the right product for your needs, but also your budget.

Dimensions and mounting

In order to purchase the correct siphon, you need some basic knowledge about the sanitary installations in your home: if the inlet measurements of the washbasin are standard or what is the diameter of the outlet pipe, among others, to verify that the dimensions of the siphon are adequate.

In this regard, you should know that this range has now become more generic, making it easier to purchase a product of this type without the risk of needing to return it due to erroneous measurements.

However, if you are renovating an old bathroom and want to keep most of its installations or taps, you should know this information to buy a siphon that suits the decoration, but also corresponds to the necessary measurements.

Likewise, the assembly of these parts is increasingly simple, dispensing with the use of special tools or glues, since most incorporate a thread system that is very simple to place and remove for repairs or maintenance, without sealing being a problem. This is due to the silicone or rubber seals and gaskets that usually come with the siphon for quick assembly. 


Today, the decorative value of a piece of plumbing, such as the siphon, has been elevated with countertop sink designs, which leave the drainage system exposed.

For this reason, the designers of siphons and taps have innovated in the styles of some models to form a combinable and very attractive set with which the bathroom can be given an elegant, sophisticated or antique touch, depending on the preferences of the users. 

In this way, it is possible to obtain this element in colors other than the traditional white, as well as with smooth, glossy or matte finishes. Therefore, if you are thinking of renovating your bathroom, you can achieve that distinctive touch by using a functional siphon as a decorative piece. 

Frequently asked questions 

Q1: How to install a sink siphon?

To give you a general idea of ​​how to assemble the siphon, you can start by assembling all the pieces separately, without over-tightening them. Once you have it assembled, you can place it on the top nut of the sink drain and start screwing it on. 

Next, you must connect the siphon to the outlet of the wall drain, fixing it in its correct position. Once all the parts are in place, you need to tighten each nut securely. To finish, it is necessary to test that everything was assembled correctly when opening the faucet and check that there are no drips along the length of the siphon or in the joints.

It is advisable to regularly disassemble the siphon or, if it has a lower register, remove it frequently to clean the pipe and prevent debris from clogging the drain. 

Q2: How to unclog the sink siphon?

When a lot of debris, hair, and other items are allowed to go down the sink, it can become clogged and water may back up or not drain properly. A solution to this problem is to remove the valve from the drain to remove the elements causing the blockage. 

If the water is still slow to drain after this, you can fill the sink and seal the valve. When it’s filled, quickly remove the cap and insert the plunger to create a tight seal. Then start pressing up and down several times until the water drains out.

Finally, you can remove the rest of the residue by using the effervescence of the baking soda and vinegar in the pipe to flush out any remaining debris and free up the drain. Rinse the mixture with hot water, as high temperatures break down the waste matter.

Q3: Why does the sink trap leak water?

The reasons for a leak in the sink siphon can be two, basically: one of the nuts is loose or the joints have deteriorated or become dislodged. The solution to both situations is simple. The first is to check the tightness of all the nuts, verify if they are loose or tight.

If the drip still persists, you can then check the condition of the gaskets and change them if they are damaged. Many times, the replacement of the joints does not completely eliminate the drip, so a new pipe must be installed, since changing a joint will be a short-term fix, since it is a symptom that the lifetime of the joints is is running out

Q4: Which is better, plastic or steel sink siphon?

In terms of quality and resistance, both materials more than fulfill their function, as there are rigid PVC plastic siphons with high resistance to high temperatures and chemical agents. For their part, steel models generally have an anti-corrosion treatment that also protects them against the effects of limescale. Therefore, either of the two models will work efficiently to maintain the sink drain.

However, the cost of each one must be considered, since the plastic siphon is much cheaper than the steel one, so this aspect can affect your purchase.

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