The 9 Best Tea Tree Oils of 2022

Tea Tree Oils – Buying Guide and Comparison

Tea tree oil is a good option to treat skin conditions, as it has antiseptic, moisturizing, purifying and even relaxing properties. If you do not know much about the subject, the recommendation is to verify the level of purity of the essence to acquire. Among the most promoted products, you will find Samar 100% Pure Australian, a product of great purity recommended for massages, aromatherapy and superficial inflammations of the skin. Another interesting option due to its intense fragrance is Authentic Oil Co Essential, a chemical-free natural oil that absorbs quickly and, due to its antiviral, healing, and antibacterial properties, can be used for hair, acne, and skin.


The 9 Best Tea Tree Oils – Opinions 2022

We know that your time can be limited due to the multiple occupations of the day to day, so conducting an exhaustive search for the best ranked tea tree oils could lead to complications. That is why we have taken the initiative and did this task for you. Next, the nine selected products.

tea tree essential oil

1. Samar Premium Quality Australian Tea Tree Oil

If you are looking for a high-quality essential oil, this Australian Tea Tree Oil could be the best option. It is a 100% organic and pure product, since its formula is free of additives, pesticides and chemical substances; which guarantees its high level of purity. It is an oil recommended for superficial use at the cutaneous level, since it has anti-inflammatory, antibacterial and antiseptic properties. Plus, it’s vegan; as it has not been tested on animals.

On the other hand, given its concentration and benefits, this oil is ideal for use with other oils for massage sessions; You will only have to mix 1 ml of tea tree oil with the oil of your choice. Likewise, it is used in diffusers and in aromatherapy, since it is capable of creating an energized environment with an invigorating aroma. You will receive it in an amber glass bottle, in order to protect it from light.

If you have any inflammation or skin condition, this high quality Australian oil could be the best treatment. Next, we present its advantages and disadvantages.


Formulation: It is an organic essential oil, undiluted, with high purity and free of chemical substances or additives.

Uses: Its benefits are aimed at skin and hair care, as well as for aromatherapy sessions.

Presentation: The product is presented in a 10 ml amber glass bottle, with a practical dispenser that improves the user experience.


Pregnancy: Among its contraindications we have that it is an oil not recommended in cases of pregnancy.

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2. Dderma CN174619.1 100% Pure Tea Tree Oil

When purity and high quality are what you are looking for, this tea tree essential oil could meet all your expectations. It is a 100% natural product, from Australian tree plantations, specially selected and forest controlled. Given its origin, you will have a reliable essential oil to use in a wide variety of treatments. It is recommended in cases where an astringent, antiseptic and healing product is needed.

It is a natural oil that has medicinal and healing properties typical of the tea tree. In addition, you can use it daily, since it is a delicate product with the skin. On the other hand, it is an oil manufactured respecting the right to life and cruelty-free, so in its production process it is not tested on animals.

It has a minimum titration that offers 40% terpenes, so it is reliable to apply directly to the skin, although you can also use it diluted, depending on the treatment and the condition.

Given its high purity and its great efficiency for multiple treatments, it is a must-have product for many people. Therefore, we offer you in detail its pros and cons.


Concentration: It offers a concentration of 40% Terpenes, so it can be used on all skin types.

Versatility: It is an essential oil that provides multiple topical uses and is even effective in eliminating lice.

Packaging: You will receive it in a brown glass bottle and a practical dropper that facilitates its use.


Size: Its presentation is given in a 15 ml bottle, so for many it has turned out to be a very small bottle.

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tea tree oil for hair

3. Authentic Oil Co Tea Tree Oil 

For those who want a versatile tea tree essential oil that, due to its properties, can be used to treat different conditions, as well as for cosmetics, this model presented by the manufacturer Authentic Oil Co may be the most favorable. 

This oil is made with natural ingredients as it contains Melaleuca alternifolia leaves. Therefore, it can be used for aromatherapy, for muscle pain and also as a stimulant.

Its uses are so versatile that it can be applied in antiseptic pads or as a home remedy for acne and is beneficial for respiratory health. It is unrefined and chemical-free, which promotes rapid absorption, but long-lasting effect. 

In addition, the liquid is available in a 10 ml presentation, poured into a small amber bottle with a dropper dispenser cap, which prevents the content from being wasted.

To give you a more complete idea of ​​what this option offers, here you can find a summary of its most important positive and negative aspects.


Content: It is available in a presentation of 10 ml content, presented in a dropper bottle.

Elaboration: Its elaboration is natural, hence it is a pure oil, made with Melaleuca alternifolia leaves.

Preservatives: It has no harmful preservatives and is free of chemicals, so its absorption is fast.

Uses: Being antiseptic, moisturizing and healing, it can be used for multiple purposes, from aromatherapy to massages.


Aroma: This oil has been described as having a light aroma, so if you are looking for a model with a more intense aroma, you may want to continue evaluating options.

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4. LDReamam Tea Tree Essential Oil

If you are looking for the best tea tree oil, this product has good characteristics that could be of interest to you.

LDReamam LD-TEAYRE02 oil comes in a small glass bottle, so you can carry it in your backpack or purse without taking up space. Something important given that this product has multiple uses, such as the possibility of moisturizing dry skin, disinfecting or healing wounds. All this without forgetting its effects in the fight against acne or to keep lice away from children’s hair.

All these effects are easily obtained thanks to the high purity level of this oil, which does not contain additives or other elements that should not be in it. An entirely natural oil free of genetically modified elements and the like, so there is no risk of allergic reaction or the like. Precisely for this reason it is also suitable for use in children and adults. 

If among the available options you still do not know which tea tree oil to buy, we invite you to evaluate the pros and cons of this product.


Effectiveness : It is effective for disinfecting or healing wounds, keeping the skin hydrated and against lice in children, among other effects.

Natural : It is 100% natural, so you will not have to worry about allergies to chemicals.

Affordable : Because its price is low, you can buy it with just a small investment.


Safety : The cap is a simple thread, without safety protection to prevent children from opening it.

Touch : Some comments indicate that the touch of this oil is somewhat greasy than other similar products.

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tea tree oil for acne

5. Kanzy hair and beauty Essential oil 60ml

This product with the KANZY laboratories quality seal is currently among the best tea tree oils of 2022. The 100% natural essence is used for hair, fights lice, and is suitable for skin conditions such as irritations or acne., has an efficient action to moisturize naturally, being used in massage sessions.

In addition, by placing a few drops in the diffuser with the help of the dispenser, it will clear the respiratory tract and purify the environment. As for some specifications regarding the packaging of the product, we have that the manufacturer had a 60-milliliter bottle in darkened glass to prevent the passage of light, as well as a polymer screw cap.

This is how the properties of the oil will be maintained for longer, giving you the best therapeutic and/or aesthetic benefits in each session. As if that were not enough, this tea tree oil for acne offers you a money-back guarantee if you are not satisfied with the results obtained.

KANZY is a manufacturer that you cannot let go unnoticed if you want to acquire the best brand of tea tree oils of the moment. Its 60 ml presentation stands out for its multiple benefits.


Presentation: The darkened container has a presentation of 60 milliliters, being a sufficient volume of oil to be used for both therapeutic and aesthetic purposes.

Use: The product is intended for the nail, skin and hair area, providing hydration while eliminating any existing condition. It is also used for aromatherapy.

Dispenser: With the purchase, you will receive a dispenser made of flexible polymer, which will allow you to correctly measure the oil when using it.

Guarantee: The manufacturer incorporated a guarantee in case of not obtaining the promised results in the different uses of the product, thus offering the refund of the money.


Purity: The body of the oil is not dense, its aroma is very mild and the color lacks intensity, which is why some people comment on its low level of purity.

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6. Natura Pur Tea Tree Essential Oil

Made with pure Australian tea tree leaves, this oil from the manufacturer Natura Pur is obtained after a process of distillation of water with leaves, which have been selected in a delicate way, so it is vegan and free of preservatives. 

According to its manufacturer, this essence has anti-inflammatory properties, so it can be applied to combat acne problems and oily skin, because it is also a natural antiseptic.

Since its aroma is pleasant, it serves to reduce stress and anxiety. There are even those who have taken advantage of its benefits to counteract bad foot odor and dandruff. In addition, it can be applied in the humidifier so that its aroma is in the environment. 

The content is available in a dark bottle, which protects the 50 ml of liquid from light to improve its preservation and freshness. Includes dropper dispenser and dropper.

If you were interested in this model, by knowing its pros and cons you will be able to make a purchase decision. 


Elaboration: To obtain this oil, it previously went through a process of selecting leaves and distillation with water, which implies a meticulous elaboration.

Uses: Due to its intense fragrance and anti-inflammatory properties, it can be used in aromatherapy, to combat skin diseases and more.

Content: The 50 ml content is poured into a dark container with a dispenser and dropper.

Aroma: Its fragrance is a mix between fresh, bitter and aromatic, which is why it is stimulating. 


Intensity: Its smell is intense and penetrating, which may upset some people.

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tea tree oil for lice

7.  Vsadey Organic Tea Tree Essential Oil

One word that can define this Vsadey tea tree essential oil is multifunctionality, since being made with 100% natural and organic ingredients, it can be used for multiple purposes, be it massages, aromatherapy, skin treatment and even for the lice 

This product, unlike other options, does not contain parabens, additives or chemicals, so by moisturizing the skin, it has a lasting and natural effect, being effective in improving the health of the dermis when mixed with lotions. Its aroma is intense because it includes ingredients with a strong smell, but which stand out for being refreshing. 

Among its benefits, this essence has been proven as an antiseptic, mosquito repellant, and even for beauty and massage, as well as being added to a diffuser or humidifier to keep the immune system strong and relieve congestion. It is available in a suitable presentation of 50 ml. 

If this oil meets your expectations, it only remains for you to know its positive and negative aspects. 


Presentation: This model is available in a bottle presentation with 50 ml content and includes dropper.

Fragrance: It has an intense fragrance that is the product of the leaves of the tree and that serves to decongest. 

Uses: Can be used in hair, on skin as a lotion, for aromatherapy, massage, and more. 

Preservatives: It is a natural product, which in its formula does not include chemical preservatives or parabens. 


Density: It is not as dense as other oils, which leads one to think that it can be mixed.

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tea tree oil for face

8. Ralf BADERs Gesundheit Tea Tree Oil

BADERs is a German laboratory with a European pharmaceutical certificate, whose products enjoy a high level of quality. Proof of this is this tea tree oil extracted through a double distillation process from the leaves of the lemon tree Melaleuca Alternifolia, also containing 3% cineol and 39% terpinen.

With this combination, its effective formula could be used as a tea tree oil for the face to treat acne and warts. It is also used to eliminate lice, athlete’s foot, fungi and is even suitable for relieving the symptoms of the common cold. The manufacturer took care of every detail of the manufacturing process, including packaging.

The content was placed in a darkened amber glass bottle with a screw cap to protect the essence from the impact of light rays, thus preventing the loss of medicinal properties due to oxidation. Also, it is important to mention that the presentation has a volume of 30 milliliters and the instructions are printed on the label.

MA-100 is a presentation of tea tree oil processed by BADERs laboratories. The product has European pharmaceutical certification and years of experience treating the various conditions generated in an organ as important as the skin.


Presentation: The presentation of this oil has a 30-milliliter bottle, the oil is dense and has an herbal aroma.

Container: The container is made of darkened glass, thus protecting the content from light rays. In addition, it incorporates a screw cap.

Use: The product has been formulated to treat cases of acne, remove warts, lice, fungus and the well-known athlete’s foot.

Distillation: The manufacturer had a double distillation process for the leaves of the plant, thus obtaining a smoother oil.


Instructions: The instructions for use printed on the container label are in German and do not have a translation, becoming a limitation for some people.

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tea tree oil for pimples

9. Ldreamam Tea Tree Essential Oil

This oil from the manufacturer Ldreamam is frequently used because it is natural, with a clean and refreshing aroma that can be used for aromatherapy, but also as an anti-inflammatory for the skin, since it moisturizes, repairs and relieves conditions such as acne. 

In addition, after the use of this oil, no lacerations or redness are generated, it only provides greater energy and flexibility for a fresh and luminous appearance. Due to its properties, it can be added to an aroma diffuser, so that it will provide well-being and a pleasant fragrance. 

According to the use that is given, its application changes. For the hydration of the skin, it should be added directly and massaged so that it is absorbed. In the case of acne and skin rashes, it should be applied with the help of a cotton pad. It is available in a small dark colored bottle, which prevents the sun from making the 30ml content less effective. 

To learn more about this model, we have summarized its properties in four pros and one con that you should review. 


Uses: It is recommended because it cleanses the pores, moisturizes and repairs the skin by fighting problems such as acne. 

Natural content: It is available in a quantity of 30 ml of natural liquid based on tea leaves.

Bottle: The liquid has been poured into a small dark bottle with a spill-proof lid. 

Aroma: Its aroma is fresh and clean, so it can be used in aromatherapy.  


Quantity: Although it is not a feature that affects its properties, a greater amount of content is missing.

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Shopping guide

Tea tree oil is a product that has been used since ancient times to treat skin conditions. However, its healing properties go beyond body treatments. For this reason, in this guide to buying the best tea tree oil, you will be able to find the information you need to know about this natural product. The idea is that your purchase is successful and that you find the oil that best suits your particular case.

Ingredients and properties

Tea tree oil contains more than 100 components, among which terpenic hydrocarbons stand out, mainly terpinen-4-ol. This ingredient has shown, through studies, its great effectiveness in dealing with fungi, certain bacteria and viruses. For this reason, it offers antimicrobial, antiseptic, anti-inflammatory and healing properties.

In addition, it favors the increase of white blood cells, reinforcing the immune system to fight germs and other pathogens. However, the concentration levels of terpinen-4-ol are decisive in establishing a greater or lesser antiseptic property. In this sense, the concentrations of this ingredient usually vary according to the manufacturer, between 10 and 40%, with 40% being the highest concentration.

Likewise, it is used for treatments in people with acne problems, psoriasis, eczema, burns, wounds and is even used for its efficiency in reducing skin blemishes. It also offers excellent results in cases of insect bites, itchy skin, dandruff and oily hair.

Its benefits are not limited to topical treatments, since it is a natural oil that also provides benefits in cases of muscle pain, bad breath, bladder infections, bronchitis and other conditions. Similarly, tea tree oil is considered a nervous relaxant that tones and calms anxiety, which is why it is used in aromatherapy, since it activates both physical and mental energy reserves. Additionally, it can be used domestically as an all-purpose, non-toxic disinfectant cleaner.

Packaging and presentation

In order to preserve their properties for longer, manufacturers usually pack these oils in dark glass bottles, either in color, blue, violet or brown. It is estimated that, with these crystals, the oil can be kept unchanged for up to a year, from the time of storage. If, on the other hand, in your comparison of tea tree oils, the product is presented in a transparent bottle, it is very likely that the content will only be kept for a couple of weeks.

As for the presentation, it depends on the use you want to give it. In this sense, if you want the oil to disinfect and clean your house, you can find spray cans. On the contrary, if you are looking for it for a treatment, the best option is a dropper or dropper format.

purity and quality

Purity and quality are relevant factors when choosing a tea tree oil, since they not only influence the price, but also its efficiency. For this reason, you will be able to find an economic format that presents the product diluted and with a lower concentration, which would not be a problem if you need it for cleaning the home, since with a percentage of 50% purity or less it would be sufficient for this purpose..

However, if you are looking for an oil especially for topical use, it is best to buy a product that offers you close to 90% purity. So no matter how much it costs, you shouldn’t skimp when it comes to your health.

On the other hand, regarding the quality of the oil, since it is a natural product, it is important that it does not contain additives or chemical compounds, usually used by manufacturers in order to preserve certain items. For this reason, this oil, like most natural products, only needs to be properly packaged to prolong its useful life. In addition, it is likely that some of the added substances cause you some kind of unwanted allergic reaction.

Some contraindications you should know

Although it is a product with great benefits, there are some contraindications that you should not ignore. In this sense, you should avoid the use of tea tree oil if you are pregnant or breastfeeding. Likewise, you should not apply it to the breasts or in the case of suffering from an immune disease, linear IgA dermatosis, as it could cause adverse effects on the skin. In addition, it has been shown that it is toxic to ingest and use in pets, especially in the case of cats.

Frequently asked questions

Q1: How to use tea tree oil?

This versatile product has multiple uses, in some cases it is used diluted and in others it is used pure. In any case, it is important to note that tea tree oil is toxic if ingested, so it should not be used orally. Likewise, when it comes to topical applications, it is convenient to carry out an allergy test, putting a drop on a small area of ​​​​your skin and waiting 24 hours. As for the amount and dosage, it depends on the type of treatment to be carried out, its severity and the level of concentration of the oil. For this reason, it is essential that you read and follow the manufacturer’s instructions to the letter.

Q2: Where is tea tree oil extracted from?

It is an oil that is extracted from the leaves of the Melaleuca Alternifolia, a tree species native to Australia. Its flowers are white and its leaves are narrow and aromatic. It is a tree that can reach 5 m in height and belongs to the myrtaceae family; its oil is used to make a large number of products, especially for skin care.

Q3: How to apply tea tree oil on the scalp?

The most practical option for applying to the scalp is to add 3-4 drops of the oil to your regular shampoo and then wash your hair as usual. Another way to apply it is by mixing a few drops with jojoba oil and then putting it directly on the scalp. Leave it on for 60 minutes and then wash it off with shampoo and plenty of water.

Q4: How to use tea tree oil for fungus?

To treat foot fungus (athlete’s foot), experts recommend applying 5 drops of tea tree oil mixed with a tablespoon of olive oil or almond oil and then rubbing the affected area twice a day, paying attention especially to the spaces between the fingers. When it comes to nail fungus, you can apply directly undiluted on the infected nail, for 6 months 2 times a day.

Q5: How to dilute tea tree oil?

In the case of using this oil as a household cleaner, it is important to know how to dilute it to make the most of its properties. To prepare an all-purpose disinfectant, you can mix 25 drops of tea tree oil, ½ cup of distilled white vinegar, and ¼ cup of water in a spray container. This cleaner is recommended for kitchens and bathrooms.

It is also efficient in removing mold and cleaning the washing machine. In the case of mold, it will be enough to dilute 10 drops of tea tree oil in a cup of water and then spray the surface. To eliminate bad odors and clean the washing machine of bacteria, during the hot cycle (without clothes) add 15 drops of tea tree oil. You can also put 3 drops to a load for best results.

Q6: How to make tea tree oil?

First of all, you should get the tea tree leaves, a distillation set, safety glasses and gloves. Start by mounting the distillation kit on a flat surface. Then, you will need to pour water into the container, which should be 30% full. Add stones to boil with the water and deposit as many leaves as possible in the upper container of the kit.

Once the water begins to pass through to the condenser, it will allow the oil to reach the tube. Now, you’ll need to turn on the hob to start steam distillation. The hot plate encourages the water to flow through the leaves, which will begin to shrink. Within 30 minutes, the oil from the leaves should pass into the container and then you proceed to separate it from the water.

Q7: How to remove warts with tea tree oil?

Warts are usually present anywhere on the body, they come in all shapes and sizes and they turn out to be very unsightly. With tea tree oil you can eliminate them, you just have to apply directly undiluted to the affected area and cover with a bandage or dressing. Uncover the next day and repeat until it disappears.

Q8: How to use tea tree oil for lice?

To keep lice away, you should add 30 drops of oil to 100 ml of shampoo and, in the case of infestation, you can apply diluted to the entire scalp and then cover the head for 30 minutes. Then, you must use a special comb soaked in oil, in order to remove all the eggs.

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Natura Pur Tea Tree Oil 50ml

If you have problems with your scalp, this tea tree oil for hair is a natural remedy that restores the health and beauty of your hair, since it eliminates excess oil and dandruff problems. It is an original, pure and vegan product, so it is free of animal cruelty and thanks to its antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties, it is used by many people to deal with skin conditions; such as fungus, acne or oily skin.

It is a 100% natural product from the best leaves of the Melaleuca Alternifolia species, with a fragrance that generates a positive impact on our minds, which is why it is used in aromatherapy treatments to reduce anxiety and stress. It is also used as oil to humidify environments. In addition, it is presented in a practical bottle that offers a dropper and an additional dropper.

When it comes to personal care, this oil, free of chemical and toxic substances, could be the best natural option to cure various conditions. Learn more about this product.


Utility: It is a multipurpose oil, since it is not only used in various body treatments, but also in aromatherapy.

Packaging: Its container with a screw cap offers a dropper and a pipette, which favors the dosage of the product.

Size: It is presented in a bottle that provides a size of 50 ml, so you will have oil for longer.


Allergy to the components: Since it is a pure essential oil, it is possible that people with sensitive skin may have an allergic reaction.

Art Naturals 120 ml 100% pure essential oil

The search for the best tea tree oil may take longer than you expected, since there are multiple laboratories respo

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