The 9 Best Train Beds of 2022

Train bed – Buying Guide, Opinions and Analysis

Train beds are a solution to space and organization problems because they allow you to create a decorative and functional set, especially in the children’s room. In this sense, a bunk bed like the Interbeds Carino is an efficient alternative with a classic design for those with more than two children, as it includes a lower drawer with a box spring to be a third bed. On the other hand, the design of the Polini Kids 1447.55 stands out in the market for its loft bed format with cabinets and a desk, which can be combined in different orientations to make the most of space in small rooms.

The 9 Best Train Beds – Opinions 2022

If you are thinking of remodeling the children’s room and changing the decoration for children to youth, our selection of train beds can help you decide on one of these models that, in addition to being attractive, are functional to take advantage of every meter of the room. Here we present its most outstanding features and a summary of its pros and cons.

3-bed train bed

1. Interbeds Bunk Bed 3 Places Carino

Although the design of the train beds is distinguished by the arrangement of the elements that resembles that of a locomotive cabin, traditional bunk beds are also known by this name.

That is why the Interbeds Carino is a 3-bed train bed because it comes with a lower drawer with a mattress to provide three seats. This format is ideal for large families or to have an additional space when a friend of the children sleeps at home and everyone rests comfortably.

Additionally, 3 7cm foam mattresses are included so that when assembling this product it is ready for use. Thanks to these qualities, some users have given it the qualification of the best train bed.

As for the construction, it is worth noting that the bed is varnished with ecological and odorless enamel, very safe for children.

We have summarized some pros and cons of this model that we present below.


Materials: The bed is made of solid pine wood with rounded corners to prevent accidents.

Varnish: The ecological varnish used to paint the wood is odorless and safe for children.

Space: The drawer with wheels doubles as an extra bed or to store toys, sheets and pillows, freeing up space in the closet.

Resistance: Each bed resists up to 80 kg of weight thanks to its robust structure.


Assembly: Despite coming with the instructions, some users have found it difficult to fit the pieces together, taking longer to assemble the bed.

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Train bed with desk

2. Polini Kids Bunk loft bed for children

Style and functionality are the main characteristics of the Polini Kids train bed with desk, which offers a loft bed design with cabinets and a desk for the child or young person to carry out their activities, since the modern appearance of this product It adapts well to a children’s or youth decoration.

With regard to manufacturing, this bed is made of chipboard and has a good thickness to offer greater resistance and durability. In terms of space, the dimensions are 206 x 199.3 x 107.9 cm, so it fits well in small rooms.

On the other hand, the appearance of this loft bed in white and gray stands out, strategically combined to increase its functionality and be totally unisex, so it is not surprising that it is considered the best train bed of the moment by its buyers.

So that your purchase is successful, we advise you to review the positive and negative aspects that we distinguish in this model.


Format: This train bed includes a wardrobe and a desk to make better use of space in a small room.

Storage: The layout of the wardrobe, drawers and shelves in the loft bed ensures ample storage space.

Security: The sides of the bed offer a safety barrier, even if you place a high mattress.


Ladder: The steps are narrow, so children must be careful when going up or down.

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Children’s train bed

3. Habitmobel Children’s Convertible Bunk Bed

Making the transition from the crib to the children’s bed is an opportunity to decorate with functional furniture, while taking advantage of the spaces, especially if you have more than one child.

In this sense, the Habitmobel children’s train bed has two places: the upper one with raised sides that function as safety barriers and the lower one is surrounded by the ladder and a wooden support, which also protect the child from falls.

For its part, the storage space in the side cabinet and the lower drawers allows you to store clothes, toys and shoes, so it may be the answer if you are looking for the best train bed to organize the room well.

Regarding the dimensions, this bed measures 253 x 150 x 111 cm. Regarding its appearance in neutral colors, we can add that it is a unisex design.

If you have doubts about which train bed to buy and you like this model, you can take a look at the pros and cons that we summarize of its characteristics.


Convertible: The train bed can be mounted parallel or perpendicular to best fit the space of the room.

Colours: The combination of white and gray contributes to the unisex design of the bed, being also suitable for rooms with a youthful decoration.

Space: The side cabinet and the lower drawers offer a good storage capacity for clothes, toys or shoes.


Mattresses: Mattresses must be purchased separately, increasing the investment.

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youth train bed

4. Homekit Youth Train Bed

If in a small room you need to place two single beds and wardrobes, you can save space and make a smart investment with a youth train bed like this one, since it takes less than 3 square meters to assemble it. Consequently, you can get a comfortable space for children to rest and at the same time a cabinet and drawers to store their things.

Regarding the solid structure of this model, we can say that it is resistant and complies with all safety standards, according to the manufacturer, since the boards are 16 and 22 mm thick. It is also available in three combinations: sea water, pink and graphite. In this way, you can choose the color that best suits the decoration of the room.

Finally, for its assembly, the necessary instructions and hardware are included; you just have to have the tools to make the adjustments.

As it is one of the best train beds of 2022, we have summarized the positive and negative aspects of this model in the following section.


Colours: The main color of the bed is slightly gray combined with three options to choose from: seawater, graphite and pink.

Assembly: Instructions and necessary hardware are included to assemble the bed in a short time and without complications.

Resistance: The boards have a thickness of 16 and 22 mm, providing a robust and resistant structure.


Bed base: For the lower bed, a 90 x 190 cm bed base must be purchased, because it is not included.

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white train bed

5. Wnm Group Sophie double bunk bed with wooden frame

The design of bunk beds that can be converted into single beds is very useful when more space or more rooms are available. This is the main feature of the Wnm Group white train bed, which is also available in other colors such as blue, green, pink, vanilla, alder and pine green.

Regarding its manufacture, we can highlight that it is made of solid pine wood, offering a strong structure with a maximum load capacity of 190 kg.

As for safety, the design of this bed has rounded edges and has been painted with three coats of varnish to maintain a beautiful appearance. For its part, the distance between the beds of 80 cm provides a comfortable space for the user to enter or exit the lower level without difficulty.

Wnm Group has specialized in offering solutions for users to rest and take advantage of spaces. For this reason, it can be considered the best brand of train beds, so we mention the pros and cons of this particular model.


Structure: The robust frame of the bed is made of pine wood, so it is resistant and supports up to 190 kg of weight.

Colours: In addition to choosing the white train bed, you have other color options to acquire the one you like the most.

Convertible: The parts of the bunk can be separated to have two single beds in case of getting a larger space.


Mattresses: Mattresses must be purchased separately, so you must take this into account when organizing your budget.

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train trundle bed

6. Knights And Princesses Knut Bunk Beds

According to our search, this can be considered the best value for money train bed, as it has a robust structure and an affordable cost for those who are looking for the ideal trundle bed for small children.

The high format of the sides in the upper bed offers greater protection so that the small user does not fall when sleeping. On the other hand, thinking of ease for children, the total height of the bunk bed is 147 cm, being safer when climbing to the upper bed.

Also, the robust construction of this product gives it stability and, although the manufacturer does not specify the maximum resistance in kg, some users claim that it can support up to 80 or 100 kg.

This is one of the cheapest options on our list, so you can’t rule out knowing its pros and cons before you buy it.


Height: The train bed is 147 cm high to be safer due to its child-oriented design.

Convertible Design: This product converts into two single beds, in case the kids don’t want to use it as a bunk bed.

Barriers: Fall protection in the upper bunk is determined by the barriers that keep the child within the space.


Instructions: The information for the assembly is summarized in just 4 pages and can be a bit difficult to understand for those who do not have experience.

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Train bed with wardrobe

7. Habitmobel Youth Bunk Bed with 2 drawers

The Habitmobel design in this train bed with wardrobe adapts very well to the decoration of a youth room, due to its appearance and functionality. First of all, we highlight the resistant construction with 22 mm boards and its height of 150 cm, suitable to support the weight of young people and adolescents.

Secondly, we must mention the storage space that is combined in this bed with a side cabinet with a metal hanger and hinged door, in addition to the lower drawers with PVC handles and wheels for easy removal.

Also, the neutral tones of this train bed give a nice appearance to form a modern decoration using the correct accessories in the rest of the room. Regarding the dimensions of this product, you should know that it measures 253 x 150 x 111 cm.

Although this is not one of the cheapest models, its features and design make up for the investment. Therefore, we invite you to read the summary of pros and cons that we distinguish in this product.


Assembly: The bed can be assembled in no time with the instructions provided by the manufacturer.

Storage: The cabinet and drawer design increases the functionality of the train bed because it offers space to store clothes and shoes.

Resistance: Thanks to the structure with 22 mm boards, the bed has good resistance.


Price: The value of the product is high, considering that you must also buy the mattresses separately.

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Corner train bed

8. Pharao24 Swanda L Shaped Kids Bunk Bed

In small rooms, you can take advantage of the space with a corner train bed like this model, which is assembled in an L shape to favor the design of a children’s playground with the slide included.

And it is that this novelty offers total fun for children, who can climb the ladder to the upper bed and slide down the slide. In addition, the tent with a pirate print is another plus that children really like to turn their bed into a small park for games and adventures.

Regarding the structure of this model, we can say that it is made of solid beech wood, preserving a natural color and, therefore, a timeless style. For its part, the convertible format of this bunk bed allows the parts to be separated to obtain two single beds when the children grow.

Now, we invite you to review the pros and cons that we distinguish in this bed, which is one of the cheapest and most functional on our list.


Fun: The pirate tent on the upper bed and the slide included in the design of the bed increase the fun of the little users.

Construction: This product is made of solid beech wood, so it is robust and resistant.

Shelves: On one side of the train bed there is an open shelf where you can place toys, books and other accessories to decorate the children’s room.


Variety: A variety of colors is missing to choose the bed.

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train bunk bed

9. Habitmobel Trundle Bed with Built-in Wardrobe Desk Shelf

This Habitmobel model is designed to furnish a youth room with style and good taste and thanks to all the pieces it includes, you won’t have to additionally invest in another piece of furniture. The pack of pieces that make it up are: a train bunk bed with 2 drawers, a small wardrobe, desk and shelf; everything your children need to feel comfortable in their space.

The bunk bed offers you two single beds with standard measures suitable for 90 x 190 cm mattresses (not included). Likewise, it has a comfortable 3-step ladder that provides easy access to the upper bed; This sleeping surface includes a sturdy base, so you only have to invest in the bottom base.

In addition, in order for the furniture to integrate perfectly with the decoration, you can choose the desired combination; either in white and pink or wood color.

It is a room set with all the necessary pieces to provide comfort and rest to your children. Then its positive and negative aspects.


Pack: It is a model that not only includes two resting surfaces, but also 2 drawers, a small cabinet, a desk and a shelf; all matching and high quality.

Desk and shelf: Thanks to these included pieces of furniture, your children will have extra storage and a comfortable area for studying.

Variety: You can choose the combination you want at the time of purchase, depending on the users and the decoration.


Available space: You may need a large room to assemble all the pieces that make up this model.

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Shopping guide

Nowadays, decorating a room is the opportunity to take advantage of the space with many design and functionality options with the furniture. In this sense, you can review our guide to buying the best train bed, since this new format combines comfort and storage in most cases. Here we will talk about the most relevant aspects to buy one of these beds.

Train sleeper types

When you start your comparison of train beds, you will notice the different models that are in this category. We start with the traditional two or three-seater bunk beds that have come to be called a train bed, although this term was recently coined for those whose layout resembles a locomotive cabin. This model is very useful for large families to offer a comfortable bed for each child, even if they live in a small flat.

Likewise, the train beds as such can be three, two or one bed, adapting according to the space and needs of the buyer. In this aspect, the layout of the bed also influences, since some can be mounted perpendicularly or parallel, other models are special for corners due to their L-shaped design and other characteristics that require this location.


One of the most outstanding functionalities of the train beds is the storage space that it can offer when the design includes drawers or large cabinets in its construction. In this way, not only do you have beds to sleep in, but you also have the space to organize clothes, shoes, toys and decorative elements.

In this sense, the staircase can include drawers or one of the lateral supports becomes a large wardrobe, while the lower space can be used by a main drawer that also becomes a bed for guests.

This feature is, many times, the aspect that determines the purchase of this product for many users who need a storage solution in small rooms.

And although it can affect how much the bed costs, increasing its value, the investment is compensated because it is not necessary to buy additional cabinets or shelves, since they are already included in the structure of the train bed.


With regard to the structure, the manufacturing material can determine the resistance and durability of the product, and in a bed that is going to support several tens of kilograms, a long useful life is expected.

Our advice is to acquire one that is made of solid wood, with beech and pine being the most used species due to their well-known durability, offering robust furniture. However, improvements in chipboard have made this material one of the favorites in the construction of train beds due to its resistance and good price, so it is not difficult to find a good and economical one that adapts to your space.

Likewise, it is important to identify the treatment that the material has with lacquer or varnish coatings that take care of the wood and improve the finish of the bed.


Train beds can be the ideal piece of furniture to decorate a children’s room because many include a play area design for the little ones, as is the case with the bed with tent and slide. An ideal format for young children and their families, because it allows you to take advantage of a reduced space in a room to provide good rest and, at the same time, a very fun play area.

But the versatility and variety of train bed models is not only limited to large families or families with children, as it can also be the solution to the lack of space in the room of a young person who needs a desk to study. This is where the loft model comes into play, as it offers a modern and very attractive design of a loft bed with space in the lower part to place a large desk, combinable in several positions and even provide a closet or shelves to organize your things..

In terms of appearance, this element can also favor a decoration according to the combination of colors in the parts of the bed, so you can get specific models painted and lacquered with the tones that best suit the rest of the room.

Frequently asked questions

Q1: How to assemble a train bed?

If you have purchased the train bed on a platform like Amazon, the manufacturer’s instructions will surely be included with all the hardware parts. What we recommend is to review all the information in detail and verify that no part of the bed is missing before starting the assembly. Then, make sure you have the necessary tools at hand and, if it is necessary to ask someone with more experience in assembling furniture, you can do it so that the structure is very firm. The next thing is to follow the instructions and in a couple of hours you can have the train bed ready to be used.

Q2: How to make a train bed?

If you have DIY skills and want to make your own train bed, you can reuse two single beds and send the wooden boards that would serve as a support and union between the two parts to be cut in a carpentry shop. To have a clear idea and specific measurements, you can use the different plans that are available on the Internet for this furniture and adapt them to the dimensions of the room in question.

Once you have all the pieces, you can start the assembly. Remember to take advantage of the accessories in your favor, since you can use wooden slats in a specific color to place as a rail on the upper bed and combine the same tone on the stairs. You can also put the handles of drawers or cabinets in that color to form a nice decorative set.

Q3: How to transform a train bed?

Many train beds offer the versatility of being separated and converted into single beds, which is advantageous when the children have grown and want separate rooms. But, it can also be the opportunity to redesign the distribution and get a new room with the same elements.

To begin with, you can change the location of the beds, perpendicular or parallel as the case may be. Painting the drawers and cabinet doors a different color can be another way to renew their appearance, as can changing the handles. Additionally, a desk at the bottom will increase the functionality of the bed and its decorative aspect if you place some accessories.

Decoration and DIY tutorials on the Internet can be the inspiration you need to transform the train bed and renew its attractiveness, without spending a lot of money.

Q4: How to disassemble a train bed?

The assembly of a train bed can be difficult, but also its disassembly, because the walls, mattresses and tables of the bed must be protected. To begin with, you have to remove the mattresses and place them in another room so that they do not get in the way during disassembly.

Next, you should remove the drawers and cabinet doors, if any. In this step it is recommended to have the help of a person to keep the screws and hardware separately and with the proper identification. Also, the helper will be very useful because, while one unscrews the boards, the other person will hold these pieces to avoid accidents. Little by little, the structure is dismantled until the train bed has been completely removed.

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