The 9 Best Vanities with Vanity of 2022

Washbasin with furniture – Buying Guide, Opinions and Analysis

By having a washbasin with furniture there are several advantages that you can enjoy. In addition, it is easy to find them in different sizes, designs and finishes to suit both the space and the aesthetics of the bathroom and make it more functional. An example of this is the Cygnus Bath 1060322514, a small piece of furniture, designed to be placed in different humid environments, which stands out for its discreet design with clean lines and comfortable storage space. However, the Miroytengo 104531 offers a more complete furniture by incorporating a sink, mirror and an interior shelf that offers the possibility of adjusting it to our convenience.

The 9 Best Vanities with Furniture – Opinions 2022


Today the brands of products and articles for bathrooms have taken pains to expand their catalogues. In view of this, we bring you a selection that includes the most reviewed vanity sinks online for the quality and functionality of their designs.


Washbasin with small cabinet


1. Cygnus Bath Mini Wall-hung bathroom sink cabinet

If you are looking among the best washbasins with furniture of 2022 for functional furniture to complement your bathroom, we can tell you that this model stands out for its elegant design and the range of colors it comes in, which allow it to be easily combined in any environment in your home. Likewise, it is made with wood from sustainably managed forests, which is why it has the PEFC certification.

The advantage of having a washbasin with a small cabinet is that its format provides spaciousness and its suspended design makes hygiene easy in the bathroom. In this sense, this mini cabinet from Cygnus Bath has dimensions of 40 x 22 x 48 cm and an approximate weight of 7 kg, which makes it a practical item to mount on the wall. Among other qualities, it has a section to store objects and a chrome handle on its door to open it easily.

This piece of furniture could be one of the cheapest, but it has the qualities to fill any small sink with functionality and modernism.


Tonality: It comes in white, dark gray and light oak tones, which adapt to any personal taste and decoration.

Versatile: This product can be combined with any washbasin design compatible with its dimensions.

Assembly: Includes the manual and installation kit which facilitates its mounting on the wall.


Washbasin: The piece of furniture is offered without a washbasin, so if your intention is to purchase the complete set, you must evaluate its purchase separately.

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2. Starbath Plus MDF Suspended Bathroom Furniture Set

You might think that buying a bathroom cabinet has a high cost. However, in this set you could well find the best value for money washbasin with cabinet, since your investment fits any budget and complies with legal requirements for safety and environmental protection.

It is a washbasin with a small cabinet in natural finishes, a product of melamine and chipboard, which also give resistance to its structure. It also includes brake-type hinges for smooth and silent closing. For its part, the sink is made of resin for greater durability against humidity and scratches.

Finally, we can add that it has a 40 x 22 x 48 cm suspended format that is easy to assemble, thanks to the hardware it includes, and it does not take up much space. However, hygiene and beauty items can be stored inside.

We invite you to learn more about the qualities of what could be the best vanity sink of the moment, as it is a model that efficiently optimizes space. 


Design: It has a subtle, practical design with a good aesthetic finish, so it integrates into any environment.

Materials: This sink with furniture is made of resistant materials, such as resin and melamine, which do not deteriorate easily due to humidity.

Accessories: The model includes a cabinet, sink and mirror, making it a complete piece of furniture to fit out a small bathroom.


Size: Due to its small size, it may not be suitable for a main bathroom.

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Washbasin with cabinet and mirror


3. Miroytengo Wall-hung washbasin cabinet that includes a mirror

When it comes to decorating, it is convenient to opt for a bathroom cabinet with a sink that optimizes the space both functionally and aesthetically. In this sense, this set integrates in the same area a comfortable piece of furniture, sink and mirror that projects order and spaciousness.

Regarding its materials, the sink is made of a thermoplastic polymer resistant to scratching, humidity and temperature. For its part, the furniture has a natural finish in textured melamine, provided with metal hinges on its two doors for practical use.

Another point to consider in this washbasin with furniture and mirror is its size, since having dimensions of 80 x 45 x 64 cm in its furniture it occupies little space inside the quarter of a year, while many things fit inside..

Miroytengo can be counted among the best brands of sinks with furniture, so it would be convenient to know more about their product.


Style: It is contemporary style furniture that brings functionality, order and spaciousness to any bathroom.

Distribution: It has a closed space with a shelf and an open storage area to properly organize things.

Dimensions: This washbasin with cabinet has 80 x 45 x 64 cm in its format, which is a convenient size for small spaces.


Accessories: This piece of furniture does not come with taps, siphon and valve, so they must be purchased separately.

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Double sink with cabinet


4. VidaXL Bathroom Furniture Set with Sink and Faucet Included

If you are looking for the best sink with furniture, this design could catch your attention for its variety of pieces. It is suitable furniture for a large bathroom or a large family group, due to its double format. Quality for which it deserves a place on our list.

In this sense, each unit of the model that we analyze has a cabinet with doors for a washbasin; one wall; mirror and shelf with two drawers. All made of quality chipboard with a finish that evokes the naturalness of wood, complemented by chrome accessories. Likewise, each basin is characterized by its format to be installed on the furniture and its white ceramic. In addition, both are equipped with a silver-tone chromed single-lever faucet that enhances the elegance of the set.

Finally, it should be noted that this double sink with cabinet provides ample space to store different items such as towels, brushes, cosmetics, among others, in an organized manner.

It is a family model to consider among the purchase options, so it is convenient to know more details.


Model: It is offered in a set of 9, 10 and 11 pieces, to choose the most suitable for your bathroom space.

Accessories: This furniture comes with taps, hoses, mirrors and mounting kit, which reduces your investment.

Furniture: It has a series of large furniture to organize personal and common use products.


Color: Although its natural finish integrates with any style, white or black could be included to satisfy those more traditional users.

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Other products


5. Abitti Bathroom cabinet with 2 doors and 2 drawers

This versatile bathroom cabinet with sink, in addition to providing a sophisticated model, includes among its accessories a mirror that matches the structure of the furniture. In the same way, it incorporates a wide basin compatible with the dimensions of the furniture, which favors hygiene and uniformity of the whole.

In this sense, its dimensions have been well chosen to adapt without problem to a bathroom of conventional size, since its main cabinet is 80 cm high, 80 cm wide and 45 cm deep. In addition, it is an easy-to-assemble piece, since it comes with its instruction manual and screws.

On the other hand, it is made with quality materials resistant to humidity, corrosion and scratches, such as stainless steel, on the legs and handles; melamine, in the structure of the furniture; and PMMA in the sink, giving the whole durability.

When thinking about acquiring a sink with furniture, it is convenient to know the qualities it offers, such as those that we mention below.


Distribution: It has enough storage space, since it has 2 drawers and an area with a double door.

Stability: It is equipped with 4 metal legs that provide stability and greater storage support.

Tonality: Available in an ash gray tone, which not only integrates into any environment, but also adds elegance.


Plumbing kit: This product offers convenient qualities. However, the pipes and the drain must be purchased separately.

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6. Varobath Bathroom cabinet with 2 doors and 1 cushioned drawer

The manufacturer of shelves and products for the home, Varobath, presents us with a practical, minimalist and easy-to-assemble cabinet with a sink. Likewise, thanks to its white tone, it can be complemented with all the variety of accessories, wall lights, mirrors and auxiliary furniture that the market offers; thereby allowing it to be conditioned to the taste of each user.

It is a 60 x 82 x 45 cm washbasin with cabinet that optimizes the space of any traditional bathroom. On the other hand, this simple but versatile model is mounted on four legs, which, in addition to serving as supports on the floor, facilitate hygiene around it.

In the specific case of this model, we can say that the furniture is distributed between a practical drawer and 2 spaces with doors, which allow all the essential products in the bathroom to be close at hand, tidy, hygienic and safe.

We invite you to analyze the pros and cons offered by this piece of furniture with good qualities and features.


Size: Depending on your availability of space, you can make a piece of furniture 60 cm or one 80 cm wide.

Soft closing: The furniture has stainless steel hinges with a regulated brake, which allow the doors to close in a controlled manner.

Sink: It has a porcelain assembled sink, which can ensure its durability and hygiene.


Taps: This cabinet with sink does not have taps. However, this quality allows you to acquire it according to your preferences.

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7. Pitarch Vintage Cottage Bathroom Cabinet

For those who choose to look for furniture with cheap sinks, this Pitarch option could be a good alternative, given its affordable cost, if we consider its features and the Cottage design it has.

Its structure is made of quality melamine in natural tones, such as white and cambrian, typical of this style. Likewise, to reinforce its character, the legs and handles evoke the rigidity of metal; while the drawer and doors have soft-closing closures for smooth and silent handling. Regarding the washbasin, it enhances the elegance of the furniture as it is ceramic in a circular format.

The set has dimensions of 82 x 95 x 47 cm, being a practical product to install. In addition, it comes with its mounting kit that includes the screws and an instruction manual to facilitate this task.

If you want to know in detail the qualities of this model, we invite you to read its pros and cons.


Style: Its style evokes the rustic and classic, being convenient to set the bathroom of a cabin or country house, for example.

Hole: This piece of furniture comes with a cutout in its countertop to install the pipes, which facilitates its assembly.

Storage: It has independent spaces inside the cabinet to store a wide variety of hygiene items and personal use.


Accessories: It does not include the faucet or the siphon, so its purchase must be foreseen to guarantee the operation of the sink.

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8. Abitti Bathroom sink cabinet with ceramic sink

When creating or renovating a bathroom, one of the first questions that needs to be resolved is determining which is the best washbasin with cabinet. In this sense, you should analyze the qualities of this interesting model offered by Abitti.

It is a washbasin whose furniture is distributed in two comfortable drawers with simple lines, in a Nordik oak colour, with a natural wood finish; a quality that adds modernity, originality and functionality to the toilet area. It is complemented by a mirror with a matching frame; useful element to look at yourself while you do your hair and makeup, in addition to creating an effect of spaciousness and projecting clarity to the environment.

A feature that notably differentiates this model in its category is the inclusion of a textile coating inside to provide extra care to lingerie and stored products. In addition, its dimensions and built-in legs increase comfort for the user.

The advantage of having complete furniture is that you have the sink and the dressing table in the same place. Therefore, he knows some additional qualities.


Soft closed system: Its drawers have cushioned closures that allow them to be closed in a controlled manner, avoiding deterioration when pushed hard.

Sink: It comes with a ceramic sink, which is precisely integrated into the cabinet, which prevents spills.

Mirror: It includes among its accessories a mirror to match the piece of furniture, which increases its functionality.


Handles: This model does not have handles, which could make it difficult to open the drawers.

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9. Pdm bathroom cabinet with sink and mirror

This cabinet with sink is an interesting alternative to give an elegant style to the home. In addition, given the versatility that it projects, it can be adapted to any corner or bathroom, since it offers a variety of sizes and formats.

If we focus on your furniture, it is conveniently distributed according to the design to store and organize any essential bathroom items. The manufacturing material is good quality melamine and it also has 4 ABS plastic legs for better support on the floor.

On the other hand, the sink is made of white ceramic, which gives a touch of glamor to the furniture. The set is complemented by a large mirror and a towel rail adapted to one side of the cabinet, useful for keeping towels close at hand. On the other hand, it is not necessary to assemble it, since the furniture is assembled at the time of delivery.

If you still have any doubts about which sink with furniture to buy, we invite you to read the pros and cons of this product.


Design: This model can come in two presentations, such as with or without a column, according to the user’s needs.

Color: It comes in different shades, including white, ash gray and brown, so you can choose the one that best suits your taste and decoration.

Size: It has an availability in its dimensions between 60 and 100 cm to adapt to any bathroom or place.


Plumbing: It may not contain the drainage pipes, which could generate an additional cost.

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Shopping guide


When buying bathroom furniture, beyond its own aesthetics, it is also necessary to consider other aspects that allow it not only to integrate into the space, but also guarantee its durability against the humidity to which it may be exposed. Reason why you should analyze the following guide to buy the best sink with furniture.


When looking for washbasins with cabinets, the alternatives offered by brands are varied to adapt to the requirements of users, in favor of their durability and resistance. However, it should be evaluated how much it costs, since regardless of the materials with which both furniture accessories are made, it will be a considerable investment for your budget. 

If we talk about furniture, most of these are usually made of solid wood or its derivatives (MDF or chipboard). Although wood undoubtedly provides a considerable useful life, the other options offer good qualities as they are reinforced by their finishes or products that protect their surface.

For its part, it is common to find ceramic or porcelain sinks, given the durability and hygiene of these materials. They are followed by natural alternatives such as stone and marble, although they tend to be more expensive, and thermoplastic material to a lesser extent due to its lightness and economy. However, it is recommended that the choice of both the furniture and the sink be based on the resistance of the materials, so that the whole is safe when assembled.



Undoubtedly, it could be said that this is the most important factor to consider in this type of product, since as they are washbasins with furniture ready to be assembled, they already have dimensions customized by the manufacturer. Therefore, it is convenient to have well identified the available measurements of the space where you want to place the furniture and based on them establish the search.

In this sense, in online stores you can find everything from mini models, 40 cm deep and 60 cm wide or less, to extra large models that are 50 cm or more deep by 200 cm wide; being the convenient dimensions for a standard bathroom 45 cm deep and 60 cm wide.

However, the height must also be taken into account to provide comfort and ergonomics at the time of use. Therefore, it is convenient that the sink can be positioned 85 cm from the floor. However, it is up to the user.


This aspect is responsible for making the sink fulfill the purpose for which it was made. In other words, take advantage of the space, keep everyday items well organized and serve as a decorative element in the bathroom. When making a comparison of sinks with furniture, it can be seen that there are models equipped with legs, for those who are looking for that classic touch; and the suspended ones that transform the decoration with a trend full of modernism.

Following the same order of ideas, in addition to classic and modern styles, the market offers somewhat more rustic alternatives that evoke the countryside and nature. However, for those who yearn for the old, they can lean towards retro or vintage furniture. Now, in terms of color, the availability of shades is wide, regardless of style, to satisfy those users who are looking for options other than wood or white.

On the other hand, you can also find furniture that, due to its dimensions, accommodates two sinks, a very convenient aspect for large families, which also allows you to store a greater number of accessories or distribute the space at the convenience of each member. Arguably a pretty interesting but limited option for homes with full-size bathrooms.


In general, a cheap washbasin with cabinet includes only the essentials, so purchasing the accessories separately could indirectly increase its cost. Therefore, if you are looking for economy, it is advisable when evaluating the purchase options to get advice on the number of elements that are included and check their individual cost. However, the advantage of purchasing them separately is that the user can customize the set to their liking.

In addition to the sink, cabinet and additional shelves that the furniture has, the taps, the drain valve and the handles are essential. Therefore, you should always be aware that it contains them. Likewise, there are models that include a mirror, which gives the set greater practicality.

Frequently asked questions


Q1: How to use a cabinet washbasin?

A vanity sink is used, first of all, for personal care; and secondly, for the storage of items for personal use, towels and hygiene products. To maximize its potential, it is possible to include more shelves inside, if the model allows it, or divide the drawers, in order to distribute the storage space and keep everything organized. On the other hand, place the basic hygiene elements in the sink area, but if you do not have space, you can help yourself with wall accessories or replace the mirror with one with a cabinet.

Q2: How to install a sink with cabinet?

The first thing is to verify that all the parts are there and have the essential tools at hand. Following the manufacturer’s instructions, proceed to assemble the furniture, if applicable, and place it in the place where it will go; mark the anchor points, drill and place the plates on the wall to mount the furniture. Then, with the help of a gun, apply silicone on the edge on which the sink will rest and, finally, it remains to install the taps, drain valve, stopcock and other elements contained in the plumbing kit.

Q3: How to clean a sink with furniture?

In the case of the sink, it should be cleaned more frequently, because when in contact with water and cleaning products, its residues tend to stain it easily. To do this, you can help yourself with a soft sponge and liquid detergent. If you require a deep cleaning, baking soda and lemon are very effective products. Once clean and dry you can polish it with baby oil to prevent scratches and new stains from adhering. In the case of furniture, passing a damp cloth may be enough to keep it in optimal condition.


Q4: How to restore a sink with furniture?

To bring a vanity sink to life, you can change its color and repair any damage it may have as a result of use and humidity. The first thing is to remove the hinges and handles to proceed to heal the damage and sand; this in order to give uniformity to the surface and for the new paint to adhere. Then clean, paint and let dry to apply the protector, which can be shiny, metallic or matte, depending on the style you want to give it and, finally, mount the new accessories and taps.


Q5: Which is better, washbasin with wall-mounted or normal furniture?

Both proposals are equally functional and can take center stage in the bathroom, the choice between one and the other will depend on personal preferences and the style that is sought to be established. However, the washbasin with suspended cabinet optimizes space, gives a feeling of spaciousness, as well as facilitating hygiene. For their part, the normal ones provide more storage space, since their point of support is distributed between the wall and the legs, not to mention their ease of installation.

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