The 9 Best Wall Clocks of 2022

Wall Clock – Buying Guide, Opinions and Analysis

Home decoration is made up of different elements. Among them, wall clocks can be functional and eye-catching pieces to beautify areas while allowing you to be aware of the time so as not to be late for any event. Among the available models, there are from classic to modern. One of these is the Jomparis Quartz, a watch made of plastic, with a glass cover, with a quartz movement, which works with battery and has a classic design. Another convenient model is the Tebery Tosnail, a delicate and elegant instrument, also with a quartz system, silent operation and large numbers.

The 9 Best Wall Clocks – Opinions 2022

Wall clocks are decorative elements for the home, office or commercial establishment, which allow you to keep track of the time and give a visual style to rooms and spaces. If you want one and are confused by the number of alternatives, then we will review the most notable features of the models that are positioned among the first places of preference. 

large wall clock

1. Jomparis Modern Wall Clock

Some users have suggested that this model is the best wall clock on the market, because it has attributes that denote quality in construction and practicality in its operation, which ensures better performance. 

The structure is built with robust materials, with a plastic frame and glass cover, as well as metal pointers. However, due to its silver finish, it looks more resistant and strong. Its dimensions are 30 cm in diameter by 5 in depth. Plus, this large wall clock is efficient in operation with a quartz movement, analog display, and large Arabic numerals that can be seen from a distance. 

Likewise, its shape is circular and it moves thanks to an AA battery, with an estimated duration of 1 year. In the same way, it does not emit annoying noises because it is silent, convenient for sleeping hours or concentration environments. Its installation is simple because it includes a hook.

This model may be the best wall clock of the moment, but you should still review its pros and cons. 


Design: It has a modern design with a large size and Arabic numerals that can be seen from a distance. 

Construction: It is resistant thanks to its plastic frame and robust glass cover.

Sound: During its operation it is silent and does not emit annoying noises that disturb sleep or concentration.

Assembly: It has a simple mounting to hang on the wall, because it includes a rear slot and a hook.


Vision: If you are very far away, it is likely that seeing the time will not be so easy, due to the light color of the structure.

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antique wall clock

2. Tebery Tosnail Retro Wall Clock

If you are looking for an old wall clock, this model may be favorable for this requirement, because it is a practical device, with a good design and a retro style, to give a vintage air to the decoration of your spaces. 

This model has been manufactured with strong materials, predominantly plastic, worked to look like wood, so its finishes are defined and stylized, while the hands are made of stainless steel. In addition, it has quartz movements and large numbers, which makes it easy to see from different perspectives, because it also has a glass lens. 

Likewise, its weight is light, only 599 grams, and its size is 30 x 4 cm, which favors its assembly. These attributes make it one of the best wall clocks of 2022. On the other hand, its operation is relatively quiet, so it is convenient to place in work environments or waiting places.

Tebery has products that stand out, which promotes it as the possible best wall clock brand and this model is proof of that. Here, its pros and cons.


Construction: Its construction involves a plastic frame with transparent glass that provides resistance. 

Operation: It works with a quartz mechanism and is silent, which favors precision and general use.

Finishes: Its finishes look like wood thanks to the paint job. 

Design: The numbers are large, with vintage-style stainless steel hands, which allow you to see the time clearly. 


Materials: Being plastic, it can be scratched, so care must be taken when handling it.

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adhesive wall clock

3. Soledi 3D Wall Clock 

Answering the question of which is the best wall clock on the market can be complex. However, we could recommend that you take a look at the attributes of this model, which is positioned as one of them, due to its modern design that allows its diameter to be adapted between 60 and 120 cm, recommended for waiting rooms, hotels and homes.

This Soledi adhesive wall clock serves to decorate the walls in a functional way because its numbers are large, which improves the peripheral vision of the time and its installation is not difficult. 

Being a sticker type, various elements and functions are added in a 3D style. In addition, during the movement of the needles it is silent, producing less than 25 decibels and requires an AA battery. Its general construction is robust, thanks to the fact that the numbers are made of EVA and waterproof. 

If you can’t decide which wall clock to buy, we can recommend that you review the pros and cons of this model to identify if it is the right one for you.


Construction: The numbers are made of EVA and the mirror is acrylic, waterproof, making it a durable product.

Style: Its design is original of adhesive, so it is suitable for corridors, hotels, restaurants and more.

Sound: It is silent during operation, as it produces less than 25 decibels and requires an AA battery.

Dimensions: It has a versatile size, since the diameter can be adapted between 60 and 120 cm, according to needs.


Hands: The hands are made of plastic so they are flimsy, especially if they suffer rough handling.

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digital wall clock

4. Hama pp-245 Digital Wall Clock 

If you are interested in a modern style, you could review the Hama manufacturer’s catalog which, among its proposals, presents this digital wall clock available in black with silver, so that it is elegant and sophisticated, as well as multifunctional.

This model has been equipped with different attributes such as digital calendar, automatic adjustment and home temperature mechanism. Thanks to its screen, the user can see the hour, minutes and seconds in a 12 or 24 hour format, depending on preference. In addition, it has a light, which favors viewing and can display the calendar for the day and month. 

Depending on the needs, it can be mounted on the wall or placed on a table. It requires an AA battery for its operation and is available in 6 languages: English, Italian, French, Dutch and Spanish. It also includes an instruction manual to facilitate its use. 

Reading the pros and cons of this model can help you determine if it is favorable for your intended use.


Construction: It is made of plastic, so it is resistant. It has a diameter of 24.5 cm and a weight of 420 grams, which makes it compact and adaptable.

Design: Its design is modern and digital, so that the time is shown on a screen with large numbers and light.

Format: It has a format in 12 or 24 hours to adapt to the preferences of each user.

Operation: It has a versatile operation, since it can display the calendar, the interior temperature and the moon phase.


Backlight: This model is not backlit, so external light is required to display the time in certain environments and situations.

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Ikea wall clock

5. Ikea 003.741.36 Stomma Wall Clock 

Efficiency at low cost is one of the benefits that this model presents and that outlines it as the best value for money wall clock, since it has an optimized design and a robust construction, but with cheap materials. 

This model has a practical operation with quartz movement, which ensures that the time is accurate. It is available in white, with black hands and a blue second hand. 

This Ikea wall clock has a weight of 181 grams, so it is light, which makes it easy to assemble, since, being low in weight, hanging it will not be an inconvenience. It is made of plastic and has a transparent upper screen, which protects the internal mechanism and allows you to see the time efficiently. Its diameter is 20 cm, which helps to easily locate it in various spaces. 

We have identified the benefits and disadvantages of this outstanding model among the cheapest, so that you can analyze them and make the best decision.


Movement: The operation is generated by a quartz mechanism, which gives it accuracy when showing the time.

Installation: The installation of this model is simple because its weight is light and it has a wall bracket. 

Size: Its size of 20 cm is appropriate to increase the decorative function of a wall. 

Noise: It does not generate annoying noises, so it is silent and suitable for nights.


Design: Although it is modern, being on a white background and having numbers of the same color, it could be difficult to read the time.

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modern wall clock

6. AmazonBasics Modern Wall Clock 

With a diameter of 30.5 cm, this AmazonBasics model is among the cheapest and most functional, since it is a modern wall clock, with a hand mechanism and an analog system to display the hour and minutes. 

This proposal is made of plastic, so it is light but also resistant to falls and shocks. Its minimalist style, available in black, makes it practical for the walls of kitchens, offices or other environments that require time monitoring. 

On the other hand, the watch has a precise operating system and, while the seconds and minutes pass, it does not generate any annoying noise, so it is not distracting. Likewise, its mechanism requires an AA battery and includes all the components that will guarantee the installation of the instrument, with their respective indications in Spanish.

This model is one of the most frequently recommended, so knowing its pros and cons will be favorable to determine if it suits you. 


Size and installation: It has a diameter of 30.5 cm, so it is spacious and includes all the elements for assembly.

Design: It has a minimalist design with a black frame and a white background, with large numbers and scripted hours.

Operation: Its mechanism uses an AA battery, which correctly generates the analog and precise movement of the hands.

Noise: It does not generate annoying noises during its operation, which makes it comfortable to use.


Background: It appears that the white background of the product does not exhibit the same level of finish texture as the rest of the structure. 

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vintage wall clock

7. Alicemall Vintage Decorative Wall Clock

The manufacturer Alicemall presents this vintage wall clock that is used to decorate the walls of offices, rooms or halls in a classic way, since its design is old and its dimensions are 30 by 30 cm. 

The model is made of strong materials, in a mixture of MDF wood and metal that increases its durability and resistance. In addition, it is silent during operation because it is equipped with non-ticking technology, so it does not make any disturbing noises and provides a quiet environment. 

To hang it on the wall, it is equipped with a slot that facilitates its installation. In relation to its design, it is Roman numerals with a script, to identify the minutes. The digits are wide, making them easy to see from different perspectives. For its operation, this model requires an AA battery and it is necessary to assemble the mechanism and the hands, a process that is quick and simple.

Those interested in this model will surely want to know more details, which we present in the form of pros and cons below. 


Design: It has a vintage-style design that gives an antique air to the decoration of the space where it is placed.

Manufacturing: This model is robust because it is made of MDF wood and metal with a durable appearance.

Assembly: Its assembly is simple on the wall because it has its respective slot and is light. 

Size: The clock has a diameter of 30 cm and weighs around 400 grams, which improves its handling and makes it adaptable to different spaces.


Noise: Although it has sound reduction technology, it may still seem a bit noisy to some people.

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wall clock with pendulum

8. Fox and Simpson Pendulum Wall Clock 

If you are interested in acquiring a wall clock with a pendulum, then this model from the manufacturer Fox and Simpson could be of interest to you because, in addition to having a vintage wall style, it is precise in operation.

This offering is big, with a quartz movement mechanism and large Roman numerals, as well as decorative hands that tell the exact time. Despite its vintage style, this model does not generate the annoying ticking noise, so it is quiet and can even be placed in a room. 

Within its details, this model has the phrase “Tempus Fugit” written on it, which increases its decorative visual load. Also, its dimensions are 66.5 cm high by 28.5 wide, so it is wide, while its weight is low, 3.63 kg. Similarly, it has programmable melodies in carillon, carillon and chimes, or only chimes. 

To have more details about this model, we invite you to know its favorable and negative aspects. 


Construction: It has a resistant construction, made of wood and metal, with defined and careful finishes.

Design: It has a classic and decorative pendulum-style design, composed of Roman numerals and the phrase “Tempus Fugit”.

Modes: The clock has sound in several selectable modes according to preferences, between chimes, chimes and more.

Quartz: Working with a quartz movement, this model offers a good level of accuracy when indicating the time.


Pendulum: The finishes of the pendulum of this clock mean that its appearance is not so neat compared to the main case.

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silent wall clock

9. Plumeet Large Retro Wall Clock 

If you are looking for a model that does not emit annoying noises during its operation, then this Plumeet proposal may be the one recommended, because it is a silent wall clock that does not emit the typical tick-tock, but it does tell the time precisely., so it is efficient for environments that require concentration such as work, classrooms and even bedrooms. 

In addition, it has an old design due to its frame and dial with an aged paper background, with a circular shape and large numbers, which allow you to see the time without problems. It is built with metal frame and HD glass lens, which improves visibility. 

Also, this model is of ample dimensions, with a diameter of 33 cm, which provides better visibility from a distance. Its installation is simple and it has a hook to attach it to the wall and guarantee suspension. To work, it requires an AA battery, easily available. 

To contribute to your search, we have identified the pros and cons of this model and present them below, so that you can analyze them. 


Design: It has an old-style design, with large numbers, which facilitate visibility from a distance.

Construction: It has a robust construction, made with plastic, metal, a glass lens and a quartz mechanical system.

Installation: Its installation is facilitated thanks to a hook on the back for hanging on the wall.

Sound: It does not emit annoying sounds, so it is suitable for environments that require stillness and calm.


Size : In case you are looking for a small model, you should know that this model has a large size.

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Shopping guide

Keeping track of the time, knowing how long it takes to finish a test, leave or arrive on time for an appointment is only possible with a clock and wall designs are efficient, as they also serve as decorative pieces. Each model has a style, weight, mode and other attributes that provide greater durability and practicality. For this reason, we have prepared a guide to buy the best wall clock on the market, with the main characteristics that should be considered. 

Modality and operation

If you are looking for a cheap wall clock, there are several parameters that you should check before making the purchase, since, although a good price seems an attractive attribute, it is also convenient to check the modality of the instrument in relation to the type of operation of its mechanics. and how to display the time to the user. 

In this sense, we can identify two modalities. In the first place is the analog one, through operation by hands with quartz movement. Similarly, the second modality is digital, which shows the time on a screen, without needles, hands or pointers. 

In fact, these latest watches can add other functions that diversify their use, with attributes such as calendar, moon phase, day, time selection in 12 or 24 format, as well as internal temperature. Some of these can even be equipped with a backlight to better visualize the data it provides. 

Similarly, the vast majority of alternatives, both digital and analog, require the use of one or two batteries of different types to be able to execute their movement. Also, some proposals are equipped with technology that reduces energy consumption, for greater battery life, as well as to extend the useful life of the instrument. Others have silent timing mechanisms, which are not distracting or disturbing.


There are several aspects that should be considered before making a purchase. For this reason, it is recommended to make a comparison of wall clocks in which both the design and the installation system of the object are analyzed, to determine if it is the most functional for the requirements of the moment. 

Regarding the design, these instruments that notify the time have different styles, from the classic circular ones, to the modern wall and table ones. Similarly, you can find vintage, retro, minimalist, peekaboo and pendulum designs. Each of them is adapted to a taste and style, which will serve to improve the visual aesthetics of the spaces where they are to be installed, in order to complement the decoration.

In addition, within the design it is also possible to select the type of numbers and their size, since you can find copies with Arabic, Roman or even written numbers, as well as a mixture of any of the previous options.

Selecting a number type can make it easier to read the time. Similarly, some models have a dashed minute scale, while many others only display 4 numbers on the background, corresponding to 12, 3, 6 and 9.


If you want to have an estimate of how much a wall clock costs, then it would be convenient if you could delve into the manufacture of the product and the materials that the manufacturer incorporated in its preparation, because this will be a way to identify its quality, as well as durability. 

In a watch, the internal and external elements are important. The internal ones are the ones that make up the mechanics and provide precision, to give the time without delays or advances, while the external ones suppose the robustness of the structure. In the latter case, you can find alternatives made of plastic, wood or metal. Some brands even present models that incorporate various materials. 

Similarly, some of them are waterproof and others have glass screens, which facilitates visibility, due to the magnification effect that is produced. Likewise, in relation to the construction, the manufacture of the pointers is important. Some can be simple and made of plastic, while others are old-fashioned and made of metal, so they are more resistant.  


On the other hand, it is necessary that the model that is selected has a simple mounting system and that it has the hooks and supports that help to hang it on the wall, as well as the instructions and measurements, in case it is a clock. with adhesive, to facilitate the installation of the instrument.

Frequently asked questions 

Q1: How to use a wall clock?

The battery or the power source that will provide the energy for the activation of the movement or the mechanism must be added. Once this is done, it is only necessary to set the time and use the brackets to hang it on the wall. They can be placed next to a piece of furniture in the living room, in front of the bed in the room or even in classrooms. It is important that no visual elements cover the clock so that it can be seen from different angles.

Q2: How to silence a wall clock?

There are some proposals that include a mute button or that are equipped with non- ticking technology. These alternatives are the most efficient, because they do not produce annoying noises. In the case of watches that do not have this system, silencing them is complex. There are those who suggest that a cotton be used or that the mechanism be lubricated periodically. Likewise, others advise that they be taken down at night, because trying to silence the sound produced by the movement of its mechanism would lead to modifying the precision of the watch. 

Q3: How to set the time on a digital wall clock?

These devices are technological and, in general, have a special button for configuring their functions in relation to time and date. The specific form varies according to the brand and model, so it will be necessary to review the instruction manual provided by the manufacturer. In general, a button must be held down until the digit begins to flash, and then the time and its format can be changed.

Q4: How to clean the wall clock machinery?

To clean the machinery of a wall clock, it is necessary to remove the battery and have specialized instruments, because this mechanism is small and somewhat complex. A duster should be used to remove impurities from the outside. 

Also, it is advisable that a little oil is used and added on the spring, the coils and some of the parts in the mechanism. This should only be done once a year and it is important to have previous knowledge, so as not to damage the operation. The mechanism part has many gears, so it is recommended that a watchmaker take care of this task, so as not to damage the device.

Q5: Where to put a wall clock?

It is common to see these clocks in kitchens, dining areas, in the living room of the house and even next to the bed, in the rooms. Similarly, wall clocks are suitable as decorative elements, even more so if they are of the adhesive type, so they will require more space on the wall. It is important that, when placing this element, it is raised to improve the viewing angle from different perspectives.  

Q6: How to level a pendulum wall clock?

If the pendulum clock has an unevenness, it can be solved with a piece of cardboard or flat wood under the case, which will allow the instrument to be calibrated. In these types of watches, the calibration is done sideways, but it may be necessary to move back and forth. 

Q7: How to repair an old wall clock?

In case it is a pendulum model, it must move freely. Otherwise, it will stop if there is no oscillation, which may be caused by unevenness, and to solve this, it is only necessary to calibrate.

Another common problem is cranks sticking. To solve it, it is necessary to move them subtly with your fingers, in order to confirm that there is contact between the pieces. If there is an obstacle, it must be removed.

Also, it is likely that there is a problem with the chain (cuckoo clocks), so the weight should be checked to certify that it falls in a straight line without obstacles. In addition, experts recommend regular cleaning of the mechanical part. In the latter case, it may be necessary to replace an element, but this must be done by a watchmaker.

Q8: How to make a wall clock?

Some models can be made by recycling a cardboard box, with a template on a sheet, in the desired shape, and then transfer it to cardboard and cut with the help of a cutter. When you have the mold, it is time to add the clock mechanics and pointers (these parts can be recycled from another clock or purchased at a craft store).

The machinery must go right in the center and, for this, you have to open a small hole, install the box from the back and then place the needles in the nut that protrudes forward. Once the battery is inserted, it will be up and running.

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