The actual consumption of an electric furnace and the best way to save energy

There is a belief that electric ovens are one of the appliances that generate the highest electricity consumption. However, many of them allow efficient use of energy, such as BOJ brand ovens, which save money on the monthly bill. In addition, they offer other features and benefits that are useful in the kitchen of any home to prepare all kinds of recipes.

According to the results of numerous studies, electric ovens are among the appliances that consume the least electricity in homes, generating only about 8.3% of monthly consumption. Which is a fairly low figure when compared to the 12% consumed by a television and the 30% consumed by a refrigerator. In this way, it is verified that in addition to the benefits they bring to health through healthy food, they also represent a lower cost of electricity and money, especially in those that are identified with class A energy efficiency, such as in the case of BOJ electric ovens.

Benefits of BOJ electric ovens

BOJ is a company recognized in the world of electrical appliances for presenting attractive, practical and functional options that make your work in the kitchen easier. In this case, its line of household appliances has 3 electric ovens, 2 of them with energy class A and another with energy class A++.

Efficiency is reflected in any of the 3 models, since they incorporate up to 15 programmable functions that will allow you to prepare healthy and nutritious recipes using only the specific temperature and time to make good use of resources. In this sense, you should only choose the product that you can best adapt to your possibilities and lifestyle.

Advantages of using a BOJ electric oven

One of the main advantages of cooking with a BOJ electric oven is that the food cooking process is healthier, this is due to the fact that it takes advantage of the natural fat of each food, preserves the nutrients and enhances the flavours. In this way, it is able to cook them with their own juices, avoiding the excessive use of additives that alter their natural flavor and texture.

Another great advantage is saving time and effort, since the BOJ multifunction and programmable ovens offer the possibility of customizing cooking times and preselecting recipes, so that you can dedicate yourself to other activities while the appliance does the work for you, for what are considered by many users as one of the best electric ovens of 2022.

4 tips to optimize the performance of an electric oven

Just as it is of great importance to acquire a good quality and energy efficient electric oven, it is also necessary to make good use of the appliance to avoid wasting energy, so we will give you some ideas that will allow you to optimize its use, performance and increase its efficiency., that way you can take advantage of its full potential.

1. Pay attention to the specifications of the oven

When choosing an electric oven for your home, you must consider and compare all the information contained on the label, such as manufacturer, brand, model, energy consumption, heating function, net volume, technologies, noise, among others; In this way, you make sure you acquire the equipment that suits your needs and offers you the best benefits. In the same way, you can be respectful of the environment and reduce the cost of your electricity bill.

The energy efficiency label is usually found in a visible place on the equipment, since the legal regulations oblige manufacturers, distributors and sellers to provide the buyer with information regarding the electrical consumption of the device. Said label must place the electric oven of your choice within a value scale that indicates its efficiency, which goes from the letter A for the most efficient equipment, to the letter G for the products that consume the most.

On the other hand, the size is very important during the choice, so it is necessary to acquire an oven that you can adapt to the number and type of recipes you plan to prepare, since cooking for two people is not the same as cooking for six. In this sense, if you use a large oven to cook for a few people, you would be generating more consumption than necessary, in addition to taking up more space in the kitchen.

2. Make the most of warm-up minutes

Follow the directions in the recipes and preheat the oven only when necessary, since those unnecessary minutes of preheating also increase energy consumption, therefore, the amount of the monthly bill.

Another good way to save energy is by taking advantage of residual heat to finish cooking food. In other words, if you turn off the oven 5 or 10 minutes earlier than the recipe indicates and leave the food inside, you would take advantage of that heat to finish cooking, but without consuming more energy than necessary.

3. Avoid opening it constantly during its operation

Refraining from opening the oven door also favors energy savings, since every time you open the door the concentrated heat escapes, for this reason, the oven needs to reach the same heat power to continue with the cooking process, delaying the preparation and increasing the time of use.

4. Select the correct power for the recipe you make

Equally important is using the appropriate degrees of heat and power for each recipe, so it is always necessary to follow the instructions, which are generally quite specific for each type of food. It is important to remember that the higher the power, the higher the power consumption.

However, you should avoid using the oven to thaw food, as this is unnecessary consumption time that you could avoid if you remove the food from the freezer the night before. Also, you can use a microwave, which has a specific function for it and consumes less energy in the process.

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