The best ally of the pastry the hand blender with rods

Confectionery lovers know the importance of mixing the ingredients correctly to obtain the best preparation in all their recipes, since the secret of a good cake or cupcakes is in the dough. For this reason, a hand blender is the ideal tool for home baking, as well as for the preparation of various sauces.

The market for hand mixers has evolved rapidly, so today there is a wide range of models and designs that range from the simplest and simplest to the most modern and complex. Each one offers great benefits according to its own characteristics, which adapt to our demands and our culinary needs.

These devices have become an inevitable household appliance. However, when it comes to the preparation of sauces and dough, there is a specific category of hand blender , which, due to its particular accessories, turns out to be the most recommended for mixing the ingredients of this type of recipe; These are hand mixers with rods.

Among the most notable functions of these blenders is kneading, emulsifying, beating and even some models can grind ingredients. To do this, they come equipped with multiple accessories, such as beater rods (single or double, depending on the model), a grinder arm, kneading hooks and there are even models that have a chopper container and a measuring cup.

In addition, the best brands have taken pains to manufacture these appliances with the user’s comfort in mind; so they have added a plus of ergonomics by creating blenders that provide a comfortable grip and light weight and also offer easy cleaning. Here are some of the best hand mixers with rods of the moment.

cuisinart 9 speed

This mixer of French origin stands out among other similar products for offering 9 speeds, which allow you to adjust the power according to the recipe you are preparing; As a plus, three of its speeds have a soft start that gradually increases and the one that prevents splashes. It also incorporates its versatility, a case that closes under pressure and in which all its accessories are stored; It also includes a very useful recipe book for daily use. Its included accessories are: rods, dough hooks, a spatula and a kitchen mixer. In addition, it offers a 3-year warranty.

9 speed digital kitchenaid

This hand mixer is ideal for those looking for a versatile and manageable product; for which, it has a design that favors its portability. It has 9 speeds that allow you to prepare various ingredients, from dense masses with slow movements, to liquids with faster movements, so you can prepare any type of recipe. It is also equipped with the Soft Start function that starts its powerful motor gradually, in order to avoid splashes or spills. Plus, with the push of a button, you can release and change accessories.

Breville Handy Mix Scraper

This model captures the attention of users, as it has a sophisticated design and cutting-edge technology. It has details that make it one of the best options, such as the incorporation of light to easily view the ingredients, even in dimly lit kitchens. It also has a smart interface that allows you to detect the accessory you are using, in order to automatically adjust the speed for a perfect mix. Another of its qualities is its powerful 240 W motor, relatively silent; so you can prepare your favorite recipes when everyone rests. In addition, it has two integrated spatulas that favor mixing without making annoying noises.

Hamilton Beach 6 speed

If you are a beginner in the culinary field, you need a mixer that is easy to handle, so this proposal from Hamilton could be a good option. For this, it is a product that has focused its design on ergonomics and versatility. It has a handle made with a comfortable grip in mind, so its handling does not represent any effort. Likewise, it offers you six accessories: rods, a whisk, kneading hooks and a special accessory for grinding; all in order to be able to prepare various recipes. There’s also a handy snap-on storage case where you can store your accessories and cable. In addition, accessories can be easily ejected at the touch of a button.

Black Decker Lightweight 5 speed

Economical and reliable, this hand mixer offers you up to five speed increases, which allow you to easily regulate the power of its 175 W motor; In addition, for greater power it has the Turbo function. For this, you can prepare any recipe that includes sauces, batters or dough. Its light weight and its ergonomic handle allow you a comfortable and safe grip, while its stable base favors being able to stand vertically on the counter or rest on the container where you work, without any problem. Likewise, it has highly durable rods that are easily disassembled and all its parts can be washed in the dishwasher.

Get to know some of the recipes that you can prepare with these blenders

These appliances allow you to prepare easy recipes in a few minutes, with which you can please your family and friends. Among the most popular recipes that are made with these mixers we have tomato sauce, which you can use to prepare lasagna or pizza. There is also the whipped cream, a delight to complement your favorite desserts; Hollandaise sauce is another option that you can prepare and is used to season the food.

Likewise, you can mix and beat the ingredients to prepare a nutritious soup, using cauliflower or pumpkin, since these foods have a smooth consistency. On the other hand, it is also very easy to prepare pesto; a traditional sauce that goes perfectly with vegetables and pasta and can even accompany cooked rice, a pizza or you can eat it with a sandwich. In addition to these recipes, rod mixers also allow the preparation of various cakes and biscuits.

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