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American Refrigerator – Buying Guide, Opinions and Analysis


American refrigerators have as their main advantage how spacious they are, so they could be a good alternative to equip a family kitchen, since they offer everything necessary to increase comfort. Among some of the models that you could consider is the Samsung RS68N8242SL, an American refrigerator with a 617-liter capacity that has a discreet, modern design and good manufacturing finishes. Secondly, we recommend the Hisense RS670N4BC2, a 516 liter alternative with an attractive front control panel design, so you can configure the appliance in the most convenient way for you.

The 9 Best American Refrigerators – Opinions 2022


Having a spacious and comfortable refrigerator at home will help you to facilitate your tasks, in addition to maintaining order in the kitchen. Fortunately, many well-known brands offer their own models, and below you will be able to learn about some of the most striking offers that the market has for you.

American fridge A+++


1. Samsung RS68N8242SL Freestanding Side-by-Side Refrigerator

Samsung is a well-known brand for its well-performing products with elegant designs, so it is no wonder that it may have one of the best American refrigerators of 2022: the RS68N8242SL.

This model has an A+++ energy consumption category, thanks to the fact that its annual requirement is only 260 kWh. Its dimensions are 91.2 x 71.6 x 178 centimeters with a weight of 129 kilograms, so it offers a capacity of 617 liters where you can easily organize a wide variety of products. In addition, it has multiple trays, shelves and drawers.

On the other hand, the Samsung A+++ American refrigerator has a robust stainless steel construction, which guarantees a long useful life without the risk of oxidation, helping to maintain the aesthetics of the equipment for longer.

This Samsung equipment could be the best American refrigerator of the moment thanks to its design, performance and considering other advantages such as these:


Design: Its aesthetics are attractive and modern, with good manufacturing finishes that are also resistant to oxidation.

Dispensers: It offers dispensers to serve both water and ice cubes, preventing you from opening the refrigerator at all times.

Frozen: Its fast frozen function will be very useful when you arrive with supermarket purchases.

Consumption: Energy consumption is very low compared to other American refrigerators.



Weight: Being one of the models with the highest capacity, it is also one of the heaviest.

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American Hisense refrigerator


2. Hisense RS670N4BC2 Side By Side Refrigerator

The Hisense American refrigerator, which we will analyze on this occasion, offers many advantages over other models. Among them, it should be noted that it is one of the cheapest on the list. But don’t be fooled by its low price, as it is made with certified materials and technology that will help keep your food fresh.

For example, we can mention its Multi Air Flow system, which helps to keep the temperature constant and homogeneous throughout the interior, while, on the other hand, it also neutralizes odours. In addition, you can quickly control its functions on its touch front panel.

Similarly, it offers the Super Freeze function, to freeze food in less time and with less loss of quality, as well as an intelligent distribution, which allows you to make better use of each space and quickly access what you need to extract.

This could be the best American refrigerator, due to its good relationship between cost and benefits. Read more below.


Distribution: It has a shelf for bottles, egg cups and an organization that allows you to accommodate your purchases comfortably inside.

Comfort: The refrigerator does not generate much noise, which contributes to your comfort and that of the whole family.

Efficiency: Thanks to its Super Freeze system, food experiences less loss of its nutritional value.


Energy consumption: This model has only achieved an E on the energy efficiency scale, so it might not be the most economical in this regard.

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LG american refrigerator


3. LG GSL361ICEZ Freestanding Side-by-Side Refrigerator

If you are interested in purchasing an LG American refrigerator, we present the GSL361ICEZ model, a unit with a 591-litre capacity and an A++ energy consumption category.

The LG GSL361ICEZ is a practical American-style refrigerator for apartments and family homes thanks to the double-door design, which gives you more storage space. In each area you can make use of a wide variety of compartments to organize food and even fresh drawers for vegetables.

It is made of stainless steel with a matte finish that makes it resistant, durable and also attractive to the eye, making it comfortable to combine with various decoration styles. The door handles, meanwhile, are black, as is the touch control panel located above the water and ice dispenser for your drinks.

Considering that LG could be the best brand of American refrigerators, we advise you to thoroughly evaluate this option:


Finishes: The stainless steel finish on this American refrigerator is attractive to the eye, as well as durable and easy to clean.

Dispenser: It has a water dispenser and ice cubes to serve your drinks.

Conservation: It can maintain cold temperatures for up to 10 hours in case of power failure.

Vegetables: With the two compartments for vegetables, you can easily separate your vegetables from the fruits.


Connection: It does not have a connection port to directly install the water intake.

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American refrigerator Samsung


4. Samsung RS68A8522S9 EF Side-by-Side Refrigerator

If you feel confused when evaluating options and do not know which American refrigerator to buy, you can choose to analyze the proposals of brands with a long history in the market. In this sense, Samsung presents us with a high-tech refrigerator, which can maintain both the proper humidity and the nutritional qualities of food.

Another attractive feature is that it incorporates a temperature stabilizer system and different functions that help you optimize energy. Also, it offers independent control of freezer and fridge parameters, not to mention its ample 634-litre capacity, which may be enough for large families.

To the aforementioned attributes, this Samsung American refrigerator adds a water and ice dispenser, which does not require water intakes. You simply have to fill its 4.5 liter tank to enjoy this advantage, whenever you require it.

For those wondering which is the best American refrigerator, the Samsung brand can provide an interesting answer with this model.


Silent: This product only generates a sound level of 35 dB, which reduces noise pollution in your home.

Capacity: Its large capacity of 634 liters offers great possibilities to store your perishable foods and keep them fresh.

Independent control: Allows you to change the configuration of the storage spaces, so that you adapt them to your needs, and have two refrigerators, for example.


Water tank: In case of a high demand for cold water, its 4.5-liter tank may not be enough, so you will have to fill it frequently.

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Balay american fridge


5. Balay 3FAF494XE Freestanding No Frost American Refrigerator

It is an American Balay 2-door refrigerator, which offers 368 liters of capacity in the refrigerator and 165 liters in the freezer. It also has a water and crushed ice dispenser, capable of dispensing up to 112 cubes per day for greater performance.

In addition, you can make the most of the capacity of the equipment, since the refrigerator area has 5 trays, 2 Big Box drawers and 5 shelves on the door, while the freezer has the same number of trays, as well as 2 regular drawers and 3 shelves on the door, which allows you to correctly distribute the food inside the refrigerator.

On the other hand, it incorporates LED lights in the upper part of each area of ​​the equipment to offer a clear visualization of its respective contents. As if that were not enough, it includes an electronic touch screen that allows you to control the operation of the refrigerator more quickly and easily.

The best American refrigerator should give you good performance and several compartments to organize your food, as is the case with this model from the Balay company.


Drawers: It has 2 Big Box drawers in the refrigerator area to store a large number of fruits and vegetables.

Control: It incorporates an appropriate electronic control panel to configure the equipment easily.

Resistance: The trays, drawers and shelves are made of safety glass, which increases its resistance to weight and shock.


Dispenser: The internal structure of the dispenser could be more robust than expected, therefore it takes up some space in the freezer door.

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American refrigerator Bosch


6. Bosch KAN93VIFP Series 4 American side by side

Bosch is one of the manufacturers of household appliances that remains in the taste of users for the high quality of its products. For example, we have this refrigerator with super freezing and refrigeration functions, as well as a practical distribution.

The device has FreshSense technology, which keeps the climate in the most favorable conditions of humidity and cold for your food. In the same way, thanks to its constant flow of air, each space will have the correct temperature. In addition, you should know that it offers a storage space of 580 liters and a stainless steel finish, with anti-fingerprint treatment that maintains its appearance and makes it easy to clean.

To increase its versatility, you can remove its drawers and trays, to store large-volume foods. Likewise, you can comfortably visualize each space with its LED lighting.

If you think the Bosch KAN93VIFP American fridge might be the right model for you, take a look at our roundup of highlights.


Distribution: It allows to adapt the spaces according to the needs, changing or eliminating trays or divisions inside.

Design: It offers an attractive appearance, according to current trends in appliances, to give a sophisticated touch to your kitchen.

Functions: If you add recent purchases to the fridge or freezer, you can activate the super freezing and super cooling option, so that they reach the right temperature in a short time.


Noise level: Because the refrigerator generates a noise level of 42 dB, it is not one of the quietest, but it is considered within acceptable parameters.

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Beko american fridge


7. Beko American Refrigerator GNO4331XPN 

Getting a good American side by side Beko refrigerator does not have to cost you too much money. There are cheap models like the GNO4331XPN, which can efficiently meet your needs and allow you to organize your food well. In addition, you might be interested to know that it has a vacation mode, which keeps only the freezing area on, if you wish.

It has a size of 177 x 90.5 x 59 cm and a capacity of 442 liters, which is why it is considered within the medium-sized American refrigerators, appropriate for families of several members, who organize their food purchases well.

As for its qualities, it should be noted that its meat drawer has a lower temperature than the rest of the refrigerator, so it is better preserved. In addition, its components, such as the trays and drawers, are made of robust materials, to offer adequate use for a long time.

Among the models we have chosen, this is emerging as the best value for money American refrigerator. Analyze its main qualities, below.


Durability: Beko has taken special care to provide this model with sturdy shelves and other robust materials, to provide a long service life.

Functions: You can take advantage of the vacation option, to leave only the freezer section on and save electricity.

Comfort: It only generates a noise level of 39 decibels, so it is considered silent.


Ice: This model does not include ice buckets. Therefore, you will have to acquire them on your own.

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American 4-door refrigerator


8. Whirlpool WQ9 E1L Freestanding Fridge Freezer 

A 4-door American fridge is the best choice when you want to prevent the cold from escaping with each opening and removal of food. Thus, you avoid consuming more energy than necessary. 

In this sense, the Whirlpool model has this quality and allows you to store up to 591 liters of food, so it is considered an XXL device. However, despite its size, its noise generation remains at an adequate level of 37 dB.

In other highlights, it offers a very comfortable and discreet display panel in the handle section, where you can configure the device according to your preferences. On the other hand, it also has a fast freezing function, so you can preserve the properties of food in a better way, as well as maintain its proper humidity.

In case this type of distribution is what you need for your refrigerator, learn more about the Whirlpool model; It could be your best purchase option.


Amplitude: The internal distribution of the refrigerator allows you to store and extract everything comfortably.

Fast cooling: This system allows the temperature to be lowered automatically when storing new foods, to ensure freshness.

No frost: The formation of ice in the freezer area will not be a problem, thanks to the fact that your technology controls the level of humidity in this section.


Accessories: Ice buckets or bottle racks are not included, so if you need these accessories, you will have to purchase them on your own.

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Black american fridge


9. Haier Iconic HB26FSNAAA Inverter Freezer Drawers

A black American refrigerator like this Haier model could be the appliance that steals the spotlight in your kitchen; since it is a model that brings elegance to any decorative style. To do this, it has an exclusive design made of black steel with glass finishes on its front, which in addition to sophistication, also resists scratches and favors cleaning.

It is an appliance that gives you a large capacity, with a total of 685 liters distributed in 456 for the refrigerator and 229 for the freezer. Similarly, it is a free-to-install model and thanks to its dimensions of 190 x 100 cm, you can mount it where it best suits you.

On the other hand, it is equipped with a high performance inverter motor and has the A++ energy certification; which saves you 40% more energy than other similar models.

Capacity, efficiency and elegance are some of the qualities of this refrigerator. Find out more about this appliance below.


Storage: The freezer has 2 large drawers and the refrigerator has a large storage area.

Energy saving: It is cataloged with the A++ energy efficiency class, which saves up to 40% on your electricity bill.

Design: It offers an elegant design in black, which brings distinction to your kitchen.

Doors: Thanks to its two French doors, you will have better visibility of its interior.


Small kitchens: If your kitchen has a few square meters, this model may not be the most suitable for this space.

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Shopping guide


With a guide to buying the best American refrigerator you can save both time and effort when looking for your ideal model. In the following space, we will review some of the important features of this type of appliance, to help you find the most suitable one to meet your needs.

refrigerator design

Design plays an important role in an American fridge comparison, as it is crucial to purchasing a model that is both functional and aesthetically appealing. It is well known that the kitchen is one of the spaces in the house that is used the most and where many hours of the day are shared, for this reason some people put so much effort into organizing it properly.

In this sense, American refrigerators are imposing and striking due to their size. These usually have considerable dimensions, since their capacity is quite large. Therefore, it is necessary to take into account aspects such as size and weight, since they are crucial when deciding where to install it.

On the other hand, you will notice that most of them are made of stainless steel, since it is a highly durable and resistant material in the kitchen. However, you can choose models with different finishes, which will help you better personalize your kitchen.


Loading capacity

The load capacity of the American refrigerator is related to how much it costs, since its size is a very important factor in determining the fair selling price.

In many cases, by choosing a larger model, you will also have to pay more, so you should be careful if you want to find a model that is good and economical. Also, you should not neglect the fact that the capacity of the refrigerator should be adequate to meet the needs of the members of the family group.

In this category, it is normal to find refrigerators with a capacity of between 400, 500 and 600 liters, since, as mentioned, they are models of considerable size and designed for large families. These models have more than enough space to organize large purchases, helping to increase comfort at home by not having to go out to prepare a nice dinner.

Internal distribution

Being designed for food storage, another relevant aspect when reviewing the American refrigerators available on the market is their internal distribution. The better it is designed, the easier it will be for you to organize your food and keep everything in order.

Fortunately, something that American refrigerators enjoy is the wide internal distribution they have. These types of appliances come equipped with a series of shelves where you can place containers and groceries, as well as special drawers to organize vegetables and greens.

In addition, they cannot waste the space behind the doors, so it is common to also find shelves to put condiments, bottles, drinks and much more.


Featured Features

One of the most beneficial advantages of modern American refrigerators is the technology that they may have incorporated depending on their model. However, today we can already talk about basic functions, which are intended to facilitate the use, maintenance and care of the refrigerator.

Some of the most common to find for the use of an American refrigerator is the fast freezing system. This is responsible for increasing the power of the compressor for a certain time, in order to lower the temperature inside the equipment as much as possible. Thus, food can be frozen in a short time for storage.

Other common functions are the audible indicators. These are activated by sensors that detect anomalies such as an open door or a drastic drop in temperature, so that you can quickly attend to the inconvenience before it causes greater harm.

Energy consumption

For many buyers, energy consumption is one of the most important features to consider when looking for an American refrigerator. Due to the capacity and requirements of this type of appliance, it is advisable to review this detail to avoid purchasing one that is expensive in the long run.

However, it should be noted that one of the advantages offered by European Union appliances is that they must be governed by a consumption system that requires a certain level as a ceiling. This in order not to be excessively expensive to use normally; and to this also adjust the American refrigerators.

Therefore, it will be easy to find a model that has low energy consumption just by looking at its category specification, where A+++ is the most recommended level.

Frequently asked questions


Q1: How to use an American refrigerator?

To correctly install and use an American refrigerator, you must first have the space set aside in your kitchen to locate it, considering both its dimensions and the mobility of the doors.

Taking into account the standard size of this type of refrigerator, you will need the help of a friend to be able to fit it in the kitchen. Being new, the equipment is likely to give off a packaging smell, so it is recommended to ventilate until it has faded. Next, take the power cord and plug it into a nearby outlet, which should automatically turn on the fridge.

Check the status by checking the indicator lights or taking a look at your screen if you have one. Here you should be able to verify that it has turned on correctly, as well as set the temperature you want in both the fridge and freezer areas.

Proceed to remove all the security tapes that hold the trays and compartments, so you can start organizing your groceries and drinks. Try to respect the internal positioning, in order to enjoy order inside your refrigerator and find everything much more easily.

Q2: How to fit an American fridge in the kitchen?

One of the fundamental aspects that must be respected when moving a refrigerator is to keep it in an upright position, since if it is tilted too much, the refrigerant liquid would spill and the components could be damaged. Therefore, when you put the American refrigerator in the kitchen, you should try to respect its positioning at all times.

Considering the weight and dimensions of these refrigerators, we advise you to seek the help of one or more people, to handle it more easily, as well as the use of a rolling platform that allows you to move it around the room without much effort. It is also advisable to use ropes to secure the doors and prevent them from being opened by accident.


Q3: How to defrost an American fridge?

To defrost the refrigerator, one of the simplest methods is based on disconnecting it from the power source, and then removing all the products that you have stored in it. Keep the doors open so that the internal temperature levels out with the ambient temperature and wait until all the ice has disappeared.

It is recommended to defrost the refrigerator at least a couple of times a year, in order to prevent it from accumulating too much ice, as well as to clean it thoroughly.

Q4: How to organize an American fridge?

One of the most used methods to organize food inside the American refrigerator focuses on placing fresh products on the upper shelves, such as milk, yogurt, cheese, etc. to enjoy a longer conservation time, while the lower ones are ideal for vegetables, especially if it comes to Fresh drawers.

The door section, on the other hand, is designed for the location of dressings and canned drinks, since this way you have easy access to them when you are preparing a recipe and the lower part or the freezer should be used for the storage of meats and sausages.


Q5: How to install an American refrigerator?

To install an American refrigerator, you must check that the space is away from any source of heat, as well as offering the necessary ventilation for the equipment. In addition to this, the ground must be level in order to avoid affecting the performance of the compressor.

Once the refrigerator is located, wait several hours to allow the liquid refrigerant to settle before connecting it to the power supply. Once the term is over, connect the drinking water outlet next to the power adapter to turn it on, which will allow you to manipulate the thermostat and choose the desired temperature. Wait until it cools down completely and you can start organizing your groceries inside.

Q6: How many motors does an American refrigerator have?

American refrigerators usually have a single motor in charge of providing cold for the fridge and freezer, at the same time that it activates the fan that will prevent the formation of ice.

Q7: Why doesn’t ice come out of my American fridge?

If your American refrigerator has an ice-maker system, but it does not work, one of the most likely reasons is that the water supply is not connected. Check the status of the connection at the back of the refrigerator and adjust it if necessary, while making sure that the water passage is open.

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Infiniton Electronic Frigorífico Americano Crystal AMCB496BC

Infiniton Electronic tiene para ti un frigorífico americano negro con un diseño moderno, para combinar con el estilo de tu cocina que, además, llamará la atención gracias al exterior de cristal.

Este modelo presenta unas dimensiones de 185 x 86 x 68 centímetros con un peso de 102 kilogramos y una capacidad de 431 litros para tu comodidad; así como también divisiones internas para la organización, aparte de 4 puertas de distribución francesa con asas muy discretas.

Para su manejo, tienes a disposición un panel de control táctil con el que podrás cambiar la temperatura para así aprovechar mejor su administración energética, además de cambiar el modo de funcionamiento. 

Respecto a su consumo, tiene la categoría A++ con un consumo anual de 296 kWh, evitando que debas preocuparte por tener que mantenerlo encendido las 24 horas.

Considerando todo lo mencionado respecto a este frigorífico americano, probablemente te guste tener en cuenta la siguiente información:


Diseño: Este frigorífico de color negro y acabado pulido puede agregar un toque elegante en cualquier cocina donde lo instales.

Materiales: El exterior con revestimiento de cristal le da un tacto agradable a todas las puertas.

Consumo: El consumo energético del equipo apenas asciende a los 296 kWh anuales, siendo barato para tenerlo en casa.

Pantalla: Tiene una pantalla discreta y con sensores táctiles para facilitar su manipulación.



Dispensador: Una de sus desventajas es que no dispone de dispensadores para agua o hielo.

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