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Ash Vacuum Cleaner – Buying Guide, Opinions and Analysis

Cleaning your fireplace well is essential, both for safety and health. A dirty chimney increases the risk of an accident and also creates an unpleasant environment. Therefore, investing in a good ash vacuum cleaner, with which to clean the chimney and the flue, is always a good idea. A task in which we find models such as the Dicoal Di1200inox, with 1,200 watts of power and a 20-litre tank, being ideal for cleaning the largest chimneys. Simpler is the Vigor Aspir-EL 600 model, with 600 watts of power and which, due to its compact and simple format, facilitates the cleaning process.

The 6 Best Ash Vacuum Cleaners – Opinions 2022

When doing the cleaning and maintenance of the fireplace you probably thought of getting an ash vacuum for the next time. Check out these top models to learn about their amazing features and conveniently leverage your investment by making a smart purchase.

1. Dicoal Di1200inox 

Main advantage:

This product combines a compact design with a power of 1,200 watts in its motor, which makes it easy to remove large amounts of ash and dirt in a short time.


Main disadvantage:

This equipment is only suitable for cleaning cold ashes, so you must wait for the remains to lose their temperature before proceeding with the cleaning.

Verdict: 9.7/10

A powerful vacuum cleaner with adequate performance when cleaning all types of fireplaces, pellet stoves and other similar elements.

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vacuum cleaner power

Due to the sticky characteristics of the ash, it is necessary to have a good operating power when cleaning the chimney. Something that has been covered with solvency in this equipment, which offers you a nominal power of no less than 1,200 watts, one of the highest on the market.

This power helps to extract the residues that can stick, as well as those that hide in the different nooks and crannies of the stove, saving you time and hassle in the process. And in case you need it, not only will you be able to vacuum, but the model also incorporates a blower function, to separate the most complex remains that it may face.

tank and filter

Once the power of the product has been analyzed, it is time to see the tank and the filter. The dirt removed from the chimney is housed in its tank, made of high-quality stainless steel and with a 20-litre capacity. In addition, this element includes an easy emptying system, so that there is no ash everywhere when you empty it.

Its cartridge filter also collaborates in this cleaning process, capable of absorbing even the finest residues without any problem. A specific cover is added to this filter, which prevents its saturation and maintains the suction power for longer. Both elements are easy to assemble and clean, so you get back the vacuum’s suction power when needed.

comfort of use

All the elements of this product have been designed to offer you a pleasant comfort of use when cleaning. The equipment is equipped with a one meter long hose and is capable of working without problems with cold ashes, giving you good mobility. The nozzle, specially designed for this use, also helps, which absorbs more dirt in less time due to its dimensions.

As easy as moving the hose is moving the vacuum itself, which has compact dimensions and light weight. Specifically, the product measures 25 centimeters in diameter in a circular format and a height of 30 centimeters in its central unit, leaving the total weight of the vacuum cleaner at about 4.25 kilos. An easy weight to carry thanks to the included large handle.

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2. Vigor Aspir-EL 600 

Designed for those looking for a more economical solution when it comes to cleaning the chimney, the Vigor Aspir-EL 600 is a 600-watt device capable of cleaning any environment that is not too large. 

This product has a good size nozzle and a 1 meter long hose, connected to a 15 liter capacity metal tank. Inside there is a HEPA filter, capable of reducing the amount of dust and dirt that returns to the environment during the vacuuming process and that will be highly valued by allergy sufferers. 

The tank does not need bags, so the emptying process will also be easy. Almost as much as moving the vacuum around your fireplace, due to the compact size and light weight of this product.

Leaving your fireplace or pellet burner looking like new is easy thanks to this complete ash vacuum cleaner, which we analyze below.


HEPA filter: This filter retains even more dirt and prevents the sucked-in debris from returning to the environment.

Hose : The 1 meter long hose helps us move comfortably when cleaning.

Deposit : The deposit includes a capacity for 15 liters of waste, enough for most uses.

Weight: The equipment weighs just 3 kilos, being one of the lightest options on the market.


Power: This device reduces the power to 600 watts, which slightly increases the time we have to spend cleaning.

Noise : It’s also not one of the quietest options we’ve tested, generating a considerable noise level.

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3.Powerplus POWX300 

Cleaning your fireplace, barbecue or stove can be really annoying if you don’t have the right tool for it.

A good ash vacuum cleaner relieves you of much of the work, while helping to keep the environment clean of dust, especially if the vacuum cleaner has a HEPA filter, as is the case with the Powerplus POWX300 model.

This vacuum cleaner has a power of 1200 watts, which is more than enough to be able to clean the most remote and hidden areas of the chimney, as well as being able to absorb not only ashes but other larger debris.

With a simple and practical design, equipped with a large handle that facilitates its movement, it facilitates the task of cleaning your stove or fireplace, saving you time and effort, in a totally autonomous design that does not require an auxiliary vacuum cleaner to work.


Airtight tank: The 20-litre capacity tank is completely airtight, which prevents possible dirt leaks while the machine is in use.

Light: With a weight that barely reaches 4 kilos, this product can be moved comfortably to be able to reach the most complicated areas that require cleaning.

Hot ashes: With this product you do not need to wait for the ashes to cool down, being able to absorb remains that are up to 60 degrees in temperature.

Hepa Filter: The washable HEPA filter helps maintain adequate suction power while preventing dust and ash from returning to the environment during cleaning.


Accessories: This vacuum cleaner completely lacks accessories, so cleaning certain areas of the fireplace or stove can be more complicated, although its ample power compensates for this circumstance.

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4. Stayer 1200D 

It is a powerful 1200 W vacuum cleaner, suitable for cleaning fireplaces, pellet stoves, barbecues, among others. In addition, it is not only capable of vacuuming ashes, but also sawdust, leaves, dust and other types of dirt.

It has a 20 liter tank, so it does not need to be emptied too often during cleaning, which is more practical. Likewise, it is made up of a high-resistance metal structure, capable of withstanding falls, constant use and high temperatures. For this reason, many think that it is the best ash vacuum cleaner today.

As for the suction tube, it offers a flexible reinforced metal body and a 3.8 cm aluminum nozzle, suitable for effectively sucking large items. As if that were not enough, it has a structure of only 4.5 kg and has a carrying handle, which allows you to carry the device with ease.

If you want to get one of the best ash vacuum cleaners of 2022, it is recommended that you review the main features of this model in detail before selecting one.


Performance: It can reach a maximum power of 1200 W, which offers up to 19 kPa of suction force. Therefore, it provides good performance for cleaning chimneys, kitchens, barbecues, among others.

Tank: The tank has a capacity of 20 liters, to absorb a large amount of dirt before having to empty it, which favors practicality.

Materials: It has a metallic structure that offers thermal resistance, which helps protect the motor from overheating. Likewise, it can withstand impacts for added durability.


Nozzle: The nozzle of the suction tube has a diameter of 3.8 cm, so it could be too wide to insert it in some areas, such as the spaces between the sofa cushions.

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5. Einhell AFF 18 

The AFF 18 model of the Einhell brand is a good option among the best cheap ash vacuum cleaners since it has a good quality fine filter, specially designed for ashes from fireplaces, with the idea of ​​avoiding contamination of the additional vacuum cleaner that needs to work, and with a conventional system of metallic filters, all of which are perfectly washable with water.

The ash container tank has a volume of 18 liters capacity for 2.8 Kg of total weight of the unit. It is easily connectable to any domestic vacuum cleaner, as it has a practical universal connection.

It also has a light aluminum tube and a solid metal hose 36 mm in diameter and 1 meter long, which help to suck up cold ash or dry dirt in fireplaces, ovens, barbecues or grills, even if they are demanding jobs..

On the other hand, although the best brand of ash vacuum cleaner will depend on your tastes, you can take a look at the pros and cons of this model and decide if it is what you are looking for for your home:


Capacity: One of the points in favor of this model is that it has a tank capable of storing up to 18 liters of ashes, so that you can suck up everything you need before emptying it. In addition, said tank can be washed as you like, even using water.

Filter: This is the biggest advantage of this model and it is that it has a metal filter that is capable of filtering even the finest ashes, but best of all, it is fully washable, thereby extending the useful life of the product.

Weight: On the other hand, it is worth mentioning that it is very light compared to other models, since it weighs only 2.8 kilograms, being able to take it with you wherever you need, whether it is to your kitchen, to the living room or another room even outside of House.


Vacuum cleaner: It is important to mention that this model does not have a motor, so it is not a vacuum cleaner as such, but a filter that must be connected to a vacuum cleaner to work correctly. However, it can be a common vacuum cleaner, which will not be affected thanks to this filter.

Dimensions: Likewise, given that it has measurements of 37 x 32 x 31.6 centimeters, its use may be a bit tedious, even if this is only for a few minutes a day to collect the ashes that exist at home.

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6. Ribitech 5554 

The PRCEN006 model, code 5554, has been created by Ribitech to collect ashes, whether cold or hot up to 50ºC, produced in fireplaces, stoves and heaters that work with firewood, wood, coal, pellets or granular material and represents the best hot ash vacuum cleaner of our selection for its resistance to higher temperatures.

It works with an integrated 950 W electric motor, with an on/off switch on top of the tank, which has a capacity of 18 liters and is covered in lacquered steel. It has a handle and 4 wheels for easy movement.

It includes an interchangeable steel filter with protection against hot ashes up to 50ºC with a built-in cleaning device for safety and comfort.

It also includes a 1.10 meter long flexible metal hose and a 20 cm metal spike suction nozzle.

Finally, although it is not one of the cheapest ash vacuum cleaners, we also invite you to review the pros and cons that we list below about the equipment so that you can decide if it suits your needs:


Capacity: Like most of the models already described, this vacuum cleaner has the possibility of sucking up to 18 liters of ashes, being able to clean the areas you require without having to empty the tank.

Function: The best thing about this model is that it will not matter if the ashes or the area to be vacuumed is totally hot, since it is designed to absorb ashes with this type of temperature as long as the temperature does not reach 40 °C, being able to get more out of it when making fires at home. On the other hand, it has a “fan” function.

Wheels: To facilitate the transport of the equipment, it is designed with 4 wheels and also includes a handle so you can drag it wherever you like.


Dimensions: It has physical measurements of 43 x 36 x 35.4 centimeters, and a weight of 6 kilograms, so it is a more voluptuous model and whose size must be considered before acquiring it, since its receipt can be a problem. little cumbersome.

Power: Similarly, it is worth mentioning that it has a power of 950 watts, much less than previous models, so it may not be as efficient as the rest.

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Buying guide – What is the best ash vacuum cleaner on the market?

Having a fireplace is a very nice thing, except when it has to be cleaned. In these cases, having an ash vacuum cleaner nearby is the best help you can look for. So that you don’t get lost looking for that help, we offer you our guide to buying the best ash vacuum cleaner on the market, making the most of your investment and looking for just what you need, according to these criteria that we now present to you.


Whenever we talk about vacuum cleaners, power is one of the fundamental elements. And when it comes to talking about an ash vacuum cleaner, even more so. Not only because of the dusty nature of the product we are talking about, but also because of the intricacies, holes and nooks and crannies that normally exist in chimneys and their flues and that can lead dust to hide in the most difficult places. Only with a vacuum cleaner that has adequate power can we guarantee an effective result, in a short time and in a simple way.

Generally, the power of a good ash vacuum cleaner starts from 1000 watts and up, so this should be the reference you have to have before making your purchase. In any case, if your chimney has a long draft or if it has particularly rough corners or stones where the ash can adhere or hide, it is advisable to consider buying a higher power equipment.

certified for ashes

Although with an ash vacuum cleaner you can clean the floor if you consider it appropriate, the truth is that with a traditional vacuum cleaner you should not clean ashes. The explanation is simple: ash is not normal dirt such as household dust, but has particular characteristics that require specialized equipment specifically designed for such use.

Among the elements that distinguish a properly designed ash vacuum cleaner is the HEPA filter, which removes dust from the environment and must be specially designed for the granulometry of the ash.

On the other hand, the design of the device is much simpler than in traditional vacuum cleaner models, with a tank that is generally in the shape of a drum, with a large capacity and that guarantees its sealing so that the ash can be easily disposed of.

If you did it with a traditional vacuum cleaner, you would surely have problems of blockages in the filter, dust in the environment or emptying with the consequent inconvenience and dirt.


An important element when considering a comparison of ash vacuum cleaners are the included accessories. We have already mentioned that chimneys have holes, corners, nooks and crannies and other hard-to-reach spaces where dirt can accumulate and cause draft problems.

Therefore, it is important that before choosing an ash vacuum cleaner you check that the included accessories meet the characteristics you need. Among these accessories, the telescopic lance should not be missing, which allows you to work comfortably, nor the special brushes to remove ash stuck to floors and walls. Other interesting accessories are small brushes and nozzles with which to access the most hidden corners.

In any case, some of these ash vacuum cleaners also have accessories that you can buy later, but it is always better to do everything in one purchase, especially for the savings that this entails.

How to use an ash vacuum

Having a fireplace at home can be very convenient when temperatures frequently drop; this allows to maintain the pleasant atmosphere. But this brings with it a small inconvenience, its cleaning. Ash vacuums are designed to make this task simple and uncomplicated, helping you keep your home free of ash.

Know its components  

When you think about buying an ash vacuum cleaner, you may come across someone who tells you that these are the same as the traditional ones, but they are not. Certainly, their components are very similar, since they have a structure, a suction tube and nozzles, but in terms of their operation, they are very different.

Take the necessary precautions  

After using the fireplace to heat the environment of your home, you may see the remains of ash around it and feel the immediate need to clean it, but it is something that you should not do. Cleaning a fireplace is not the same as cleaning the rest of the house. To do this, you must take the precaution of waiting the necessary time to ensure that there are no pieces of embers still lit.

Remember that the ash vacuum cleaner is made of metal in most of its parts and, when it comes into contact with heat, it can heat up and, therefore, it is possible that it may cause damage to both the device and the person who handles it. Ideally, you should wait until enough time has passed for the embers to go out completely and cool down. This is when you can start cleaning the chimney.

How to vacuum  

Vacuuming the chimney is done in a similar way to cleaning the rest of the house with a traditional vacuum cleaner. However, it is recommended to start vacuuming where a greater amount of ashes have accumulated, so that they do not disperse when you move the suction tube around.

When you’re done with that, move on to the corners. Hold the tube in each one for several seconds to make sure it sucks up any debris in there. When moving to the nooks or inaccessible areas, change the nozzles according to their thickness, to obtain a more efficient cleaning of the chimney.

How to empty the ash

When cleaning is finished, the next thing is to empty the vacuum cleaner tank. This is a very simple task, but you must make sure that where you open this compartment there are no drafts that could spread the ashes. Open the deposit and carefully remove the internal container, put the ashes in a plastic bag and close it to prevent the remains from escaping from it.   

If you empty the tank in the garden, for example, you should not take so many precautions. Many people take advantage of the properties of ashes as a natural fertilizer for their plants, since they contain phosphorus and potassium; In addition, it helps to better absorb water.

Cleaning improves combustion  

You must clean the chimney periodically and properly, to improve combustion, so that the entrance of the grids is not obstructed and, therefore, oxygen enters in greater quantity.  

The most popular brands

To help you buy the best ash vacuum cleaner, we have reviewed the characteristics of some products and compared them with the opinions of users on the Internet. On this occasion, we put the magnifying glass on the most recognized brands, among which we have Powerplus, TecTake and Karcher.

This is one of the most important brands of the Varo company, one of the European leaders in the manufacture of power tools for various domestic and industrial uses. The company is headquartered in Belgium, and the subsidiary company in Spain is called Varo Ibérica Bricolage, from where the distribution of the Varo brands in the Iberian Peninsula is emphasized.

The Powerplus product range is very extensive, including hammer drills, bench drills, cordless drills, sanders, angle grinders, bench grinders, wall chasers, circular saws, miter saws, table saws, vacuum cleaners and many more tools.. The Powerplus ash vacuum cleaner has a good score on the Internet and users comment that it cleans the ashes correctly without letting the dust escape, since it uses a washable HEPA filter.

One of the characteristics of this brand is that it has very competitive prices, which is attractive to users, but it also manufactures high-quality tools that are durable. It currently has offices in Hong Kong and Shanghai, where many of the products sold around the world are designed and manufactured.

The company TecTake GmbH, was registered in Ulm, Germany, in 2011 and has become one of the most mentioned on the Internet, mainly for two reasons: firstly, because it has a virtual store with a very wide range of products different from each other in the branches of crafts, products for the home, for the car and for the care of babies and pets. And secondly, because it offers good prices to users from various European countries.

Among the home products offered by TecTake are furniture, chairs, desks, cabinets, doors, windows, as well as quilts, pillows, among many other solutions for the home and office, being an alternative for those who have reduced budgets.

The TecTake ash vacuum cleaner is not only economical, but it fully fulfills its function, it is robust, it has a container for approximately 20 liters and it includes a washable filter that facilitates its use and maintenance. Its 1200W motor is capable of absorbing the ashes from the fireplace in a very short time. This brand is definitely one of the best in terms of value for money.

This company was created by the engineer Alfred Kärcher and even today it continues to be a family business. Kärcher was an engineer who graduated from the Technical University of Stuttgart, Germany. The first operations of the company began in 1935. In the beginning, efforts were focused on creating solutions for industrial heating, but Kärcher is currently one of the most recognized companies in terms of manufacturing cleaning devices.

To this brand we owe the invention of the hot water hydrowashing machine, which worked with high pressure and was the first of its category. Since 1950 Kärcher has not stopped creating new and better cleaning devices. Its product catalog includes manual sweepers, electric brooms, portable window cleaners, steam cleaners, the increasingly efficient classic electric pressure washers, water pumps, and vacuum cleaners.

In Germany, as in other European countries, it is not uncommon to find large cleaning devices with the Kärcher seal on the streets, since many private and public institutions prefer this brand when they purchase professional cleaning devices. Some of the high-pressure washers, steam cleaners, suction tanks, street sweepers, among other devices used by city halls, are of this brand.

The Kärcher ash vacuum cleaner has an excellent score in the reviews that users have made on the Internet. They explain that it is very powerful, both the container and the hose are made of metal, it has two filters and it includes very useful accessories.

» Review information from previous years

These products used to be among the most recommended, but now they are no longer available

Einhell TH-VC 1820 S

Main advantage:

It has two tanks, one inside and the other outside, which allows the garbage to be collected separately from the ash. This means that we are going to optimize our domestic tasks when using it. At the same time we contribute to separate garbage waste for a less polluted environment.


Main disadvantage:

De acuerdo a las distintas opiniones que surgen en torno al producto, sus compradores sugieren una bolsa de aspiradora más duradera. Para evitarse el hecho de estar realizando un cambio constante para darle mantenimiento por ser una aspiradora tradicional. Es importante que tenga una bolsa que resista un cierto tiempo y responda a nuestra necesidad.

Veredicto: 9.9/10

Cuando buscamos aspiradores de cenizas, queremos el sello de eficiencia y efectividad. El hecho de adquirir la Einhell TH-VC 1820 S podría ser esa respuesta. Cuenta con un diseño profesional que nos permitirá limpiar, chimeneas, barbacoas, estufas, donde la ceniza desencanta los espacios. Con su sistema doble depósito, podrás limpiar tanto la ceniza así como residuos que estén en tu hogar.

Caracteristícas Principales Explicadas:

Doble depósito

Cuando buscamos aspiradores de cenizas en el mercado para que nos ayuden a agilizar las tareas de limpieza en casa, nos enfocamos en el producto que mayores ventajas tenga. El Einhell TH-VC 1820 S es un artefacto que nos facilitará esa tediosa tarea de limpiar los residuos que deja nuestra chimenea luego de usarla. Principalmente porque cuenta con doble depósito, uno para almacenar la ceniza y otro para almacenar residuos de polvo u otras partículas que afean los espacios de nuestro hogar.

Este doble depósito contribuye a que no se mezclen los residuos que se recogen, lo que se traduce en que no se tendrá una contaminación cruzada. Con uno de 20 litros de capacidad para almacenar basura de tipo tradicional y otro depósito de aluminio para cenizas el Einhell TH-VC 1820 S pues desplazarse sin inconveniente gracias a sus prácticas ruedas para nuestra comodidad.


Es necesario que los aspiradores de cenizas que hallemos, sirvan para la rápida limpieza de nuestra casa, el Einhell TH-VC 1820 S nos ayuda a realizar esa tarea más fácil. Principalmente por su potencia de 1250 vatios para agilizar las actividades domésticas en las que solemos apoyarnos en este tipo de productos.

No hay nada mejor que emprender una eficiente labor de limpiar, con un aspirador, los espacios que se llenan de polvo, basura o bien la ceniza que emana de nuestra chimenea luego de utilizarla para darnos calefacción.

Material de acero

Al momento de considerar la compra de los aspiradores de ceniza, chequeamos que su duración sea prolongada y ello va ligado a sus materiales. Este producto se nos muestra duradero ya que es de acero inoxidable, lo cual garantiza, con un buen cuidado, que tendremos un aspirador de ceniza para rato, ¿y el modelo?, el Einhell TH-VC 1820 S una opción ideal si queremos el producto por tiempo prolongado.

Igualmente, los componentes adicionales que forman su estructura son de materiales como papel, celulosa y aluminio, para dar un óptimo rendimiento. Gracias a su tubo flexible de 36 mm succiona los residuos que contaminan los espacios de nuestra vivienda. Tiene zonas cromadas que le dan un aspecto impecable y de confianza para la limpieza.

Kärcher AD 3200

Kärcher es una empresa alemana, que desde 1935 es reconocida por la excelente calidad de sus equipos y sus ingeniosas tecnologías, por ello, al buscar cuál es el mejor aspirador de cenizas Karcher hemos encontrado también el mejor aspirador de cenizas calidad precio del mercado.

Este compacto y versátil modelo AD 3200, es un excelente aspirador de suciedad seca que trabaja con

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