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Automatic coffee machine – Buying Guide, Opinions and Analysis

Automatic coffee machines are equipment designed to facilitate the preparation of different types of coffee, either through capsules or directly using ground coffee beans. The designs of these devices are usually varied and some of them incorporate advanced technology, to make their operation as intuitive as possible. For example, with the De’Longhi Dolce Gusto Genio Plus automatic coffee machine you can prepare 30 different hot drinks. In addition, the structure adapts to various formats of cups and the non-slip bases provide stability against tipping over. Another good option is the De’Longhi ECAM 23.420.SB automatic coffee machine, provided with two dispensers with simultaneous operation and a cappuccino system.

The 9 Best Automatic Coffee Machines – Opinions 2022

The models of automatic coffee machines are usually varied, which could make the selection a messy task. For this reason, after surveying the main purchase portals, we have chosen nine automatic coffee machines, recommended to obtain the title of the best automatic coffee machine this year. Here are the details, pros and cons.

Automatic Dolce Gusto coffee machine

1. De’Longhi Gusto Genio Plus Line EDG315.B Automatic coffee machine

This product could be the best value for money automatic coffee machine, as its ergonomic and compact design allows for intuitive handling, to prepare a wide variety of coffees, chocolate drinks and teas.

In addition, this automatic Dolce Gusto coffee machine has been provided with the well-known Thermoblock heating system, which allows a constant temperature to be maintained in each of the preparations, while, thanks to the 15 bar pressure, it is possible to enjoy drinks with a quality professional type.

It is important to comment on the tank with a capacity for 0.8 liters of water, available at the rear of the structure. This tank can be easily filled and you can even remove it to wash its interior and prevent the proliferation of bacteria, mold and bad odours.

Likewise, we have the lower drip tray, which offers the possibility of being adjusted to three different heights. In this way, you will not have limitations regarding the size of the cup.

This model stands out among the cheapest automatic coffee machine options. Next, know its main pros and cons.


Pressure: The pressure is automatically adjusted according to the type of drink.

Tray: It is possible to adjust the height of the tray to avoid problems with the different formats of cups.

Control panel: Its intuitive front panel control allows quick programming.

Bases: You won’t have to worry about unexpected slippage as rubber bases are attached.


Tank: The water tank incorporated into the structure could be a bit small, when you want to prepare several cups of coffee.

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2. Nescafe Dolce Gusto De’Longhi Espresso Machine

This Dolce Gusto automatic coffee machine has an elegant design line in white and a compact format, which adapts to any type of kitchen without taking up too much space. In this way, it is possible to avoid the deterioration of the electrical system due to high and low voltage. 

Likewise, the structure integrates some rubber bases in the lower part, arranged to provide greater stability on the support surface, and thus avoid unexpected overturning. In addition, it is a safe device, since it has been provided with an auto-off system after one minute of inactivity.

Among other aspects of interest about the product, we have its tank with a capacity of 0.8 liters, which can be washed without problems, thanks to the fact that it can be quickly removed and adjusted. Likewise, it is worth commenting on the preparation method offered for the coffee capsules, which allows you to select between a hot or cold drink.

Next, you will be able to know the advantages and disadvantages of acquiring this automatic coffee machine with 15 pressure bars.


Preparations: With this equipment you will not have limitations, since it is suitable for preparing hot or cold drinks.

Auto-off: After one minute of inactivity, the equipment turns off automatically, allowing you to take care of the coffee maker and save energy.

Tray: You can adjust the position of the drip tray, to adapt the space according to the size of the cup.

Deposit: Its deposit can be easily removed to be washed and maintain hygiene in each preparation.


Case: The white color of the case may not be to everyone’s liking, although it is easy to combine in different decorative environments.

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Delonghi automatic coffee machine

3. De’longhi ECAM 23.420.SB Super-automatic Espresso and Cappuccino coffee machine

With this Delonghi automatic coffee maker, preparing coffee, infusions and teas will be a simple task, since the device has been provided with an intuitive control panel, made up of seven duly identified digital buttons. Also, you will have an LCD screen with backlight, which provides a quick reading at all times.

In addition, the device has an automatic cappuccino system and a couple of integrated dispensers, so you can prepare two drinks simultaneously. 

For its part, the 1.8-liter storage tank is removable, which makes it easy to fill and wash, while the anti-drip tray is height-adjustable, avoiding any type of problem regarding the format of the cups. All these are reasons why this could be one of the preferred options, since its modern and compact design adapts to different spaces.

This is a product recommended as the best automatic coffee machine of the moment, whose positive and other less favorable aspects are detailed below.


Dispenser: Thanks to the pair of built-in dispensers, you can prepare two drinks simultaneously.

Tank: You will not have problems filling the tank, since it can be extracted from the front.

Display: The backlit display offers a quick reading of the type of beverage prepared.

Controls: The control panel is properly identified, for an intuitive handling just by pressing each button.


Meter: The coffee maker does not check if the amount of water is sufficient for the preparation of the cup of coffee.

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4. Dolce Gusto Delonghi Mini Me EDG305.WR Capsule Coffee Machine

This is one of the cheapest Delonghi automatic coffee machines, whose compact format corresponds to 16.1 x 30.5 x 24.1 centimeters, being dimensions that do not take up much space on the side table or kitchen counter. In addition, its weight of 2.5 kilograms is light, allowing practical handling of the device when transporting it from one space to another.

Also, it is worth mentioning that the coffee maker incorporates a tank with a volume of 0.8 liters, which you can quickly extract in order to fill it when necessary or wash it and thus avoid the proliferation of bacteria, mold or bad odors.

On the other hand, there are the 15 bars of automatically adjustable pressure, according to the needs of each drink, which will allow any type of coffee to be made with the highest professional quality. Likewise, there is its anti-drip tray with a height adjustment mechanism, whose purpose is to facilitate the placement of various cup formats.

These are other relevant data of this automatic coffee machine, characterized by its compact format and intuitive operation.


Tank: The water tank can be easily refilled, due to its practical opening mechanism.

Cleaning: You can clean the coffee maker just by rubbing a soft cloth, since its casing is plastic.

Pressure: Thanks to the 15 bar pressure offered, you will obtain professional quality drinks.

Disconnection: You will not have to worry about turning off the coffee maker after each preparation, since it has an automatic disconnection system.


Noise: The device could seem a bit noisy, but everything will depend on the appreciation of each person.

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Automatic espresso coffee machine

5. Ikohs Create Thera Stylance Pro Automatic Espresso Maker

Recognized among the best automatic coffee machines of 2022, you can find this model designed by Ikohs. It is a device made of stainless steel and polymer, which are high quality materials and easy to clean. Likewise, there are the detailed finishes in the structure, which give the product an elegant touch.

This automatic espresso machine has a tank with a capacity of 1.5 liters, which will allow you to make several coffees with the same water refill. In addition, the equipment offers a pair of dispensers, so you can prepare two drinks simultaneously and thus save time; while with the frothing arm, you can gently touch the coffee and decorate it.

On the other hand, the pressure force of this coffee maker stands out, corresponding to 20 bars, so it is possible to extract the maximum flavor and aroma from the coffee, in order to enjoy a drink equal to that made by a professional.

Ikohs is considered the best brand of automatic coffee machines and, below, you can review more details of one of its models.


Dispenser: By incorporating a double dispenser, it will not be an inconvenience to prepare two drinks simultaneously.

Pressure: Its high-end pressure allows a complete extraction of the flavor and aroma of the ground grains.

Frother: Thanks to the built-in frother, you can prepare coffee with a professional finish.

Control panel: You will have a digital control panel to program the operation easily.


Bases: The incorporation of non-slip bases is missing, which prevents the structure from tipping over.

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Automatic coffee machine with grinder

6. Melitta Barista TS Smart 860-100 automatic coffee machine with grinder

This is an automatic coffee machine with a grinder, made with a combination of stainless steel and polymer, which give the design strength and durability. In addition, these are two materials that are light in weight, soft to the touch and easy to clean.

This product could be the answer to which is the best automatic coffee machine, due to its operation, which turns out to be completely intuitive. For this, a convenient digital control panel is incorporated in the front part, in which each of the duly identified work functions stand out. In this way, it will only be enough to press the button to prepare the coffee, heat the water or froth the milk, as you wish.

With this coffee maker you will not only be able to grind the beans, since it is also possible to use previously ground commercial coffee. In addition, you will have a bluetooth connection to link the device with your smartphone and thus program the preparation remotely.

If you don’t know which automatic coffee machine to buy, you might be interested in the advantages and disadvantages of this model.


Grinder: You can directly grind the coffee beans, thanks to the integrated grinder.

Deposits: Its independent tanks for water and milk facilitate the preparation of various types of coffee.

Cleaning: Due to its stainless steel construction, you can easily clean the equipment by rubbing a soft cloth.

Control panel: Its digital control panel offers intuitive handling, since each function is clearly identified.


Bluetooth: It may take time for the wireless connection to be established, so it may be necessary to pair the coffee maker with your smartphone several times.

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Philips automatic coffee machine

7. Philips Fully automatic Espresso machines EP5310/20

Philips is an iconic brand in the market, whose products are characterized by being functional and offering the highest quality standards, with the purpose of improving people’s user experience and helping them to facilitate daily tasks.

A good example of this is the Philips automatic coffee machine, whose structure made of stainless steel provides high resistance and a pleasant aesthetic, thanks to its modern design line and well-made finishes in each of its parts.

The equipment is characterized by having a tank with a capacity of 1.8 liters, corresponding to an average of 15 cups of coffee, that is, you will not have to constantly refill the tank.

In addition, the device incorporates an intuitive control panel, made up of six duly identified buttons. Thus, you will only have to identify the working mode and press to start the desired preparation.

This is an automatic coffee machine with some positive aspects and others not so flattering, which you will be able to verify immediately.


Memory: You can save the personalized programming for the next coffee preparations.

Tank: You will not have to constantly fill the tank, since it has a capacity for up to 15 cups of coffee.

Levels: It is possible to select between five levels of volume, intensity and texture for each preparation, which provides versatility.

Foamer: Thanks to its foaming arm, it is possible to decorate drinks with a creamy foam.


Instruction manual: The instructions in the manual may not be very clear for those who use the equipment for the first time.

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Automatic Krups coffee machine

8. Krups EA810570 Automatic coffee maker 15 bar pressure

The automatic Krups coffee maker that we are analyzing this time has an intuitive operation, through some duly identified buttons and accompanied by an LED indicator, for quick monitoring of the preparation. 

In the upper part, it incorporates a grinder for coffee beans, while in the front area there are a couple of dispensers, designed so that you can prepare two drinks simultaneously. There is also the steam nozzle, to heat water or milk, as desired, and thus make various types of coffee, chocolate drinks and teas.

Among other specifications of this coffee maker, we have the selection mode for the amount of drink poured into the cup, adjustable between 20 and 220 milliliters.

For its part, the thermoblock system generates a volume of homogeneous and immediate heat, which allows you to enjoy a temperature in each cup of coffee. Likewise, this technology helps to reduce the limescale accumulated in the internal ducts and in the tank.

This is an automatic coffee machine that could be of interest to you. Learn about its main advantages and disadvantages below.


Grinder: The intensity of the grinder can be adjusted to three levels, to grind the coffee according to the needs of each preparation.

Steam nozzle: Heating milk or water will not be a problem, due to the attached steam nozzle.

Indicators: Some LED indicators are incorporated, which allow you to be aware of the adjustment of the temperature, intensity and texture of the coffee.

Dispensers: You can prepare two drinks simultaneously, thanks to the integrated dual dispenser.


Vibration: The vibration generated by the coffee maker could eventually cause the cup to slide off the tray.

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Saeco automatic coffee machine

9. Saeco PicoBaristo Deluxe SM5573/10 Automatic Espresso Machine

By incorporating this Saeco automatic coffee machine into your home or office, you will enjoy an espresso, cappuccino, latte macchiato or café au lait, with the simple press of a button on the control panel. You also have the option to manually adjust the intensity of the flavor, as well as its texture and the volume of the foam, for other preparations such as chocolate drinks, hot water and infusions.

The equipment has a filter with aquaclean technology that, together with the self-cleaning mode, keeps the internal ducts decalcified. In addition, the lower tray helps keep the cup warm, while the external tank is designed to heat the milk independently. 

On the other hand, we have the grinder with a capacity to store 250 grams of coffee, arranged in the upper part of the structure and with an adjustment mechanism, to obtain various thicknesses when grinding.

If you are looking for a coffee maker with an elegant design and capable of preparing professional drinks, then you could review the pros and cons of this model.


Pressure: Its pressure of 15 bars allows you to extract the best flavor and aroma from the coffee.

Grinder: You will be able to enjoy truly fresh drinks, because the grinder processes the beans before preparation.

Filter: Thanks to the filter with aquaclean technology, you will keep the equipment decalcified.

Control panel: Due to the intuitive control panel, you will have no problem preparing your favorite drink in no time.


Coffee reservoir: The coffee reservoir could be a bit small, requiring constant refilling.

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Shopping guide

In order to acquire a durable and functional automatic coffee machine, you will have to leave the hasty selections in the past and, instead, dedicate time to the process of evaluating the indicators of quality of the product. To do this, a good option is to review the following guide to buying the best automatic coffee maker, in which we explain some of the main features that the device must have.


The designs of automatic coffee machines are usually varied, which allows the person to select a model that really suits their needs for use at home or in the office. In this sense, we can find some coffee makers with a compact and light format in the home appliance market, while other models are larger.

In the case of the first coffee machines mentioned, they incorporate a tank with a capacity for at least three large cups of coffee and have a single dispenser. For its part, the most robust equipment generally has a double dispenser, to make two drinks simultaneously, and the volume of the tank is greater than one liter.

In addition, if it is a high-end coffee machine, it would not be surprising if the structure integrates a frothing arm for milk and a special system for cappuccino, manufactured to provide the exact pressure bars and make the coffee creamy.

Control Panel

Every coffee maker requires a button panel or control panel in its structure, which allows the user to start the operation of the equipment and, in turn, stop the input of electrical current, turning off the device when necessary. For this reason, the design of the product’s control panel has turned out to be a feature that few users exclude when making a comparison of automatic coffee machines.

Ideally, the control system integrated into the device should be as intuitive as possible. This means that the buttons must be properly identified, allowing the person to find them quickly to prepare the drink. In addition, some models have a backlit LCD screen, on which it is possible to read the type of coffee to be made.


Safety in electrical appliances and, on this occasion, in automatic coffee machines, is usually an issue that does not lose its validity, since the durability of the equipment and the well-being of those who use it depend on it.

In this sense, we can refer to an unexpected short circuit that, in the worst case, could cause a fire, especially if you are one of those people who forgets to unplug the device after having used it. Therefore, if the appliance to be purchased does not have high verifiable safety standards, then it will not matter if it is a good and cheap automatic coffee machine.

Ideally, the product should have an automatic shutdown system, which detects the device’s inactivity, after at least five minutes have elapsed since the last preparation. In fact, this mechanism has been implemented by the majority of manufacturers in their coffee machines, as it prevents the internal circuits from heating up, lengthens the useful life of the motor and avoids the accidents initially mentioned. In addition, the auto disconnection helps save energy, which is good for your monthly electricity bill and for the environment.


There are several aspects that can determine how much an automatic coffee maker costs, one of them being the design of the water tank, as well as the number of tanks incorporated into the structure.

For example, if we take a look at the catalogs of automatic coffee machines, we can realize that the tank is a piece that varies in terms of its storage volume. In this sense, it is possible to find deposits with a range between 0.8 and 1.5 liters of water.

Similarly, this piece can be fixed and incorporate a quick-release lid, so that the person can refill the interior of the reservoir as many times as they wish, while other models have a removable tank, to offer greater practicality and facilitate handling. cleaning process.

Also worth mentioning is the incorporation of the well-known external tanks, usually used to heat and froth milk. These complementary parts can be connected to the device from time to time, to later be removed and stored. In this way, the coffee maker will not take up much space on the counter or side table.

Frequently asked questions

Q1: What coffee to buy for an automatic coffee machine ?

The selection of coffee for your automatic coffee maker will depend on the model of said equipment. Remember that some work with capsules, while others require ground coffee. There are also coffee machines that incorporate a grinder to directly process the coffee beans.

Whatever the case, experts recommend that the coffee be as fine as possible for successful flavor and aroma extraction. Otherwise, the coffee used will not be used to its full potential.

Q2: How to use the automatic Dolce Gusto coffee maker ?

Using the Dolce Gusto automatic coffee machine is a simple task. You just have to connect the power supply cable to the respective power source, to proceed to release the water tank and fill it to the maximum extent.

Then, carefully open the area provided for the coffee capsule, place said cartridge and fit the lid. In this way, you can press the power button and program the pressure level, as required by the type of coffee you want to prepare. Of course, this step will depend on the working modes available in the device.

You will have to previously place the cup on the front tray, just below the dispenser. Thus, the preparation will be poured directly. Remember to adjust the height of the structure according to the format of the glass.

Q3: How does an automatic coffee maker work ?

If you are wondering how an automatic coffee machine works, you should know that this type of equipment incorporates a motor that, by means of an electrical impulse, activates a steam system, capable of infusing the ground coffee previously placed in the indicated compartment, depending on the model. of coffee maker used. In this way, the hot liquid with all the aroma and flavor of the coffee will come out through the dispenser, directly into the cup.

Q4: How to descale an automatic Dolce Gusto coffee machine?

To descale your automatic Dolce Gusto coffee machine, the first thing you should do is check that there are no capsules in the dispenser and that the tank is empty. In this way, you will be able to connect the power supply cable to the closest power source and, in turn, place a large-format container in the collection tray, that is, under the dispenser.

Previously, you must have dissolved an envelope of descaling powder in approximately one liter of water, which you must pour into the tank. Thus, all that remains is to start up the equipment and activate the water outlet manually, so that the solution runs through each of the ducts of the coffee machine, eliminating the accumulated lime.

When all the solution has come out, you will have to repeat the process at least a couple of times, but this time you will use clean water, to get rid of any residue from the descaler. Let us remember that this is a mixture not recommended for consumption, which if ingested by carelessness could cause us severe intoxication.

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