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Although in many homes the bread boxes have come to occupy space in the storage rooms, the truth is that the good care that these complements of our daily bread make is more than interesting. A good bread bin allows the bread to breathe, keeps it away from external aggressions and extends its good point of consumption throughout the day, so that it is not such a bad idea to recover its use again. Among what the market offers us, we find the Brabantia 173325 bread bin, the favorite of users. This bread bin is made of high-quality stainless steel, offering a traditional design that gives the bread the ventilation it needs to avoid spoiling, as well as being very elegant in any kitchen. A short distance away we find the Lekue Brown panerathat offers a double function with which we can store the bread, but we can also prepare it, offering a food silicone manufacturing that withstands high temperatures without problems.

The 5 Best Bread Pans – Opinions 2022

A bread bin helps you keep your bread fresh without refrigerating it and can be an interesting addition to your kitchen. If you are interested in acquiring one, here we recommend 5 of the best bread bins with the idea that you get the most out of your investment by buying a quality product.

1. Brabantia Top Bread Bin Panera Flip Lid

Main advantage:

This bread bin model allows you to install it directly on the wall as it includes two small holes inside for this use. Thanks to this it will not occupy any space on your countertop saving space.

Main disadvantage:

Some users comment that fingerprints are easily marked, although they also say that with a wipe they disappear.

Verdict: 9.3/10

If you like to make your own bread at home and want to keep it fresh or simply want to keep your daily bread for longer, this is one of the bread bins that will give you the best results thanks to its materials. The Brabantia bread bin will allow you to keep your bread or pastries fresh while taking up little space and decorating your kitchen.

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Materials and dimensions

If you want to keep your homemade bread or your favorite from the bakery for a while, even several days, this bread bin will help you in that task thanks to its white lacquered stainless steel construction that will allow you to keep your bakery products perfect, fresh and with all its properties intact.

Its dimensions of 44 cm long, 17 cm high and 26 cm deep will allow you to store bread loaves and buns inside without any problem, even those made in a bread maker that usually take up a little more space.

In addition, it weighs only 1.8 kilos, making it very easy to transport. The white lacquered exterior gives it not only beauty and a modern design that will fit in any kitchen, but also allows you to clean it easily using just a damp cloth on its surface. The brand advises never to use chemical products, especially when it comes to an accessory for storing food products directly on its surface.

Closing and ventilation system

If there is something important in bread boxes, it is that they close correctly to keep the bread for longer and you can open and close it without difficulty. This model of Brabantia bread bin offers you a curved sliding closure with which you only have to slide the lid up to take the bread you need and then you only have to lower it into place, leaving it perfectly closed. In addition, its upper surface is flat so you can use it to place other things on it, such as jars or spices.

As for ventilation, another important issue so that the bread stays fresh for longer without getting damp or moldy, this bread bin has an interior surface with thick ridges to maintain proper ventilation of the bread, since if If it were smooth, the bread would not breathe through its lower part.


Despite being a bread bin in which we traditionally keep bread, this bread bin can also be used to keep not only bread but also all kinds of bakery products and even pastries, such as milk breads, brioches, biscuits, muffins, oil breads and all fresh products of this nature that you want to keep fresh for longer.

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2. Lékué Bread Pan

This bread bin allows you to prepare homemade bread, both in the oven or microwave, and also use it to serve it at the table and keep it always fresh.

It’s made of 100% platinum silicon with 4 layers of PFOA-free silicone nonstick coating for maximum strength and reliability.

Handle and handle are riveted with the soft-touch style, which gives you a firm smoothness. Its measurements are 28 x 16 x 18 cm for a capacity of 600 ml.

It allows you from measuring the ingredients to cooking, when due to its partially closed shape, it allows steam to circulate inside, providing moisture to the preparation, preventing the bread from drying out and giving it a crunchy texture.

It includes an easy recipe book so you can enjoy the exquisite sensation of traditional homemade bread made with the best quality-price bread bin.

Likewise, if you are interested in knowing a little more about the best bread bin of the moment, such as the brown Lékué, then we invite you to take a look at its pros and cons below:


Multipurpose: It is not an ordinary bread bin, because it allows you to use it to make homemade bread in the oven and even in the microwave.

Material: Since this bread bin is made of platinum silicon with 4 layers of PFOA-free non-stick silicone coating, it makes it not only sturdy but also healthier by being PFOA-free and best of all, it will serve very well as a bread bin, both for mixing, kneading and proofing, as well as for baking.

Utility: Likewise, with this bread bin you won’t need any more kitchen tools as it can weigh the ingredients, knead the mixture and also use it as a container for the bread to rise. As if that were not enough, you can also bake bread without problems inside this product, which is why it could easily be considered the best bread bin for 30 euros.

Design: Its design allows the bread to be toasted and not dry, since it has openings on the sides that allow steam to circulate freely inside the bread box, and in this way, moisture is added to the mixture, preventing the bread from being dry. Plus, it includes a handle!

Temperature: Best of all, this bread bin is capable of withstanding high temperatures, reaching more than 220 degrees.


Recipe book: Even when it comes with a recipe book, users claim that it is very limited in terms of options, and the instructions are not clear enough.

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3. Kesper Brotbox Bread Box

The best Kesper bread bin is made of high-quality melamine and allows you to store and preserve homemade bread and cut it on its bamboo lid as a support surface with total comfort. It measures 34 x 18 x 13 cm, suitable dimensions for homemade breads that are made with a 26 cm mold.

It has two small holes in the melamine that allow the bread to “breathe” which keeps it longer compared to the traditional method of wrapping it in a cloth.

At mealtime, the lid can also serve as a base to put the bread on the table and cover it with the melamine part, for greater comfort when cutting and serving the bread. It is a very practical and easy to clean utensil, in addition to combining aesthetically in any kitchen.

On the other hand, before deciding which bread basket to buy, we suggest you review multiple options in order to choose the one that best suits your needs. In this case, below you will find the pros and cons of the Kesper Brotbox bread bin, for more information:


Material: It is made with quality melamine, so it will be a durable bread bin as it is mainly made of wood. In addition, it has holes through which the air will circulate, keeping the bread preserved. Best of all, its structure, except for the lid, is dishwasher safe.

Multipurpose: It has a bamboo lid, so it can be used to place bread on the table and even be able to cut bread on its surface, that is, it not only protects it, but you can also use the board to slice bread.

Capacity: It measures 34 x 18 x 13 cm, so it is just the right size to accommodate 26 cm homemade loaves, as well as small baguettes or other types of bread.


Accessories: In addition to its bamboo lid, this bread bin does not include any other accessories.

Use: Like the previous model, it is not a bread bin with which you can knead or bake bread.

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4. Kitchen Craft Transparent Bread Box

Kitchen Craft offers, among the best cheap bread bins, this innovative plastic model that includes a cutting guide to easily cut homemade bread.

It measures 15 cm wide, 25 cm long and expands to 28 cm in length, the cutting accessory measures 14 cm and has a very compact design, which gives you an ideal size in this useful complement to your kitchen because it takes up little space.

The cutter is perfectly designed to make homogeneous and precise cuts, especially in the case of homemade gluten-free bread since it is a product that hardens very quickly.

It is durable and very practical and gives you a perfect and long-lasting preservation of bread. It has small ventilation holes that allow enough air inside to keep the bread like the first day.

So, if you are interested in the Kitchen Craft B because it is one of the cheap bread bins on the market today, then we suggest you review the following pros and cons that we list for you, referring to the mentioned model:


Comfortable: This bread bin is very practical to use since it has a very simple design. In addition, you can take it wherever you want and the bread will remain intact. Best of all, it weighs just 939 grams, so you’ll hardly notice it.

Use: Its structure includes small holes that allow the bread inside to be ventilated, so it will always feel fresh and will not mold.

Modality: It is an expandable bread box, which when extended can reach 28 cm. It should be noted that its dimensions are normally 18.2 x 18 x 16.2 cm and thanks to this it is suitable for both small and larger loaves.

Accessories: Includes a cutting guide with which you can make precise cuts in the bread in a homogeneous and equitable way, since it indicates where you should cut the slices.


Material: As a drawback, it should be mentioned that it is made of plastic, so it must be treated with proper care or its useful life will not be as long as desired.

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5. Wmf Gourmet Bread Box with Cutting Board

Excellent for preserving bread, rolls and other baked goods. The container is made of high-quality bamboo wood and polished 18/10 Cromargan® stainless steel, a registered trademark of WMF’s new material, which is unbreakable, easy to maintain and highly durable.

The lid is made up of a metal plate and a bamboo tray which can be used as a base for cutting bread because the bamboo wood does not damage the sharpness of the knives.

The tray fits snugly on the plate, collecting breadcrumbs as you cut, helping you keep it clean. It measures 43 cm long, 25 cm wide and 15 cm high and its interior gives you the perfect climate to keep bread fresh for longer and always enjoy its freshly bought taste.

Last but not least, you will find the pros and cons of the WMF 634466040 bread bin below, with which information you will be able to make the decision on which bread bin will best suit your lifestyle:


Material: This model is designed based on bamboo and stainless steel. It should be said that its structure is designed entirely in bamboo, and includes a stainless steel tray that serves as a lid. Thanks to this, it is a bread bin with great resistance and style.

Capacity: With dimensions of 43 x 25 x 15 cm, it is correct to say that it has enough space to store one or another bread, rolls or other baked goods.

Lid: Its lid has a grid-shaped design, and is supported on a stainless steel tray, which is why it is possible to use them as a board to slice bread and collect crumbs, avoiding disasters.


Ventilation: According to users, this model should have more ventilation holes since it does not keep the bread fresh enough, causing mold to appear.

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Brabantia Top Bread Bin Bread Bin Flip Lid

A better classic style sliding lid bread bin, made of white stainless steel, ideal for storing and preserving all types of bread.

The top is flat, giving you an extra usable surface to place things on it. It has a perfect and compact design and does not need additional space to open.

The bread basket door slides smoothly and noiselessly thanks to a plastic stopper inside to mitigate sound.

It has a base with a rough surface to provide adequate ventilation, which ensures the proper conservation of the freshness and flavor of the bread.

It measures 44 cm long, 17 cm high and 26 cm deep, giving you enough space to hold and store medium-sized buns or small baguettes.

In the same way, although Brabantia is not known as the best brand of bread bins, it can enter the competition with its model 173325, and if you are interested, we invite you to review the pros and cons that you will find below and that belong to said product..


Material: It is made of stainless steel, so it will be super durable. Best of all, you can install the model on the wall, through small holes found inside the equipment, being able to take the bread directly from the wall, without taking up space on a table.

Spacious: Its measurements are 44 cm long, 17 cm high and 26 cm deep, making it quite spacious. Another point in favor is that it weighs only 1.8 kilograms, and it will be possible for you to store bread rolls, small baguettes or the bread of your choice.

Model: It is a sliding type bread bin, that is, it has a sliding lid which you simply have to lift to take the bread and then drop it. Likewise, having a flat top, it will allow you to place things on it to take advantage of all the space.


Flimsy: Some users claim that it may seem a bit flimsy, so they recommend being careful when using it.

Use: Similarly, it should be noted that it is not useful for baking bread in its structure.

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Buying guide – What is the best bread box on the market?

If you are a lover of good bread, bought or prepared by yourself, you know that sometimes keeping it in optimal conditions is difficult due to temperature and humidity conditions. In these cases, having a good bread bin can be very useful, which is why we have prepared this guide to buy the best bread bin.

Reasons to buy a pan

Whether you buy the bread in an office or prepare it yourself, having a bread bin allows you to keep it in good condition, even for several days. For example, if you buy a loaf of dried fruit bread because you feel like it or a piece of gluten-free bread because you need it, you may not use it up in the same day. In these cases, the best way to preserve bread is to use a bread basket..


Although it may seem that the design does not affect the effectiveness of a bread box, in reality it can have an influence. The first thing is to consider if the design of the bread bin goes well with the decoration of your kitchen, for example, if you have a modern kitchen, there are bread bins with even avant-garde designs, non-traditional materials and special colors.

There are also bread boxes with a traditional appearance made of wood or with a simple design made of stainless steel. In addition to looking for a bread bin with a design according to the decoration of your kitchen, it is important to especially consider the lid or door of the bread bin.

In the event that it is the type that has a lid, make sure that it closes well and that it is made of a resistant material. If, on the contrary, if it is one of the bread boxes that close with a door, the most comfortable are those that have a roll-up door rather than a folding one. This allows you to open the bread box, take out the bread or store it without having to hold the door.


How much bread should you keep? What size loaves or bars do you usually buy or prepare? These are questions that you should answer before choosing a bread box, because there must be enough space for the bread to “breathe” inside the bread box.

Also, take into account the space you have in the kitchen to place the bread bin.


The choice of bread box material is more of a matter of taste. The most common is to find them made of wood, enameled metal, tin, stainless steel or plastic. It is also true that many times the interior is made of a different material than the exterior. Many bread bins have a metal interior that protects the bread very well, keeping it at an appropriate level of humidity.

The wooden interior could trap a lot of humidity which could prevent the correct conservation of the bread, or the bread would absorb a wood flavor. In very hot places, you have to be careful with metal bread baskets because when heated they could favor the creation of mold.

The material will largely determine how much a bread bin costs, wooden and stainless steel ones are popular, some for having a more traditional kitchen look and stainless steel ones for their ease of cleaning and because there are more and more kitchens with appliances made of this material, so the bread bin then combines with the oven, refrigerators, microwaves, etc.


Although some people consider that the best thing about a bread bin is that it is airtight so that dust and insects do not enter, in reality it is important that the bread bin has some type of ventilation so that excess moisture can escape and mold does not form in the interior. bread.

This is especially important when they are breads made by ourselves or when it comes to places where there is a lot of humidity.

Ease of cleaning

It is clear that if the bread bin is going to contain food, we would be interested in it always being clean, so it is important when choosing to consider the ease of cleaning. If for some reason mold has developed, the bread bin should be thoroughly cleaned so that no trace remains and bread can be stored there again.

Try not to have many grooves or many decorations that ultimately can add detail to the design but can also facilitate the accumulation of dirt and germs. Choose well so that the bread bin actually works for you to preserve bread better and longer, and not just to have the bread out of sight.

How to use a pan

Bread baskets are very useful kitchen items, as they keep bread close at hand, but conserving it and keeping it out of the reach of external aggression. Additionally, they serve as decoration for the table or kitchen. To put them to good use, you can take into account some considerations that you will find below in this article.

Don’t hesitate to use it

To keep bread in good condition and have it available to everyone in the house, a bread bin is, without a doubt, the best option. That is why it is recommended to use a bread bin if you have one. You will see that with it the bread will always be in its place and will be preserved for much longer.

close it properly

In order not to hinder the work of the bread bin, you should avoid leaving it open. Whatever the model of the bread bin, it must be closed correctly as many times as necessary. Otherwise, it’s like leaving the bread out in the open on any counter or cabinet.

keep it clean

Perhaps, when taking out or putting in the bread, crumbs remain in the bread basket. That is why the maintenance must be constant, so that the crumbs are collected and there is no way that remains of old bread damage the new bread. On the other hand, if you live in a country house, food scraps tend to attract animals to the bread basket, so if this happens your bread will no longer be safe.


The materials with which the bread box is made speak of its functionality, durability or resistance, because the better the quality of the materials, the longer the bread box will last. Some materials tend to conserve more or less heat; if it is possible to take this into account depending on the area where you live or the time of year, much better.   


Currently, technology has reached all areas of daily life and bread boxes are no exception. Some bread boxes can be used not only to store the bread, but also to bake it in the microwave or conventional oven. They can even be used to measure the ingredients of the bread recipe. As you can see, a bread bin today is much more than just a place to store bread.

Locate it according to its characteristics

Sometimes, some bread boxes are quite resistant, so they can be installed on a wall. If this is the case, make sure you place it in the right place. The place must be easily accessible, where it is not directly exposed to the sun, as this raises the temperature inside the bread bin and affects the conservation and duration of the bread.  

Do not obstruct the ventilation

For the bread bin to work properly, you have to allow the bread to breathe. Therefore, you must be very careful not to obstruct or cover the ventilation that the bread bin has. If the bread is stored in its bag, or there is a certain amount of bread inside it, it must be placed in such a way that the ventilation is not covered.

The most popular brands

Although it seemed like a kitchen accessory doomed to disappear due to the lack of space in modern kitchens, the truth is that there is nothing like a good bread bin to store your bread and keep it always crisp and fresh. If you decide to have this article again, we present three top-level manufacturers that not only offer quality but also an elegant design for your kitchens.  

The Kitchen Craft brand was founded in 1850 and since then it has specialized in the manufacture of all kinds of iron and steel kitchenware products. However, in its beginnings, the brand was called Thomas Plant, taking the current name in 1996. As market demands changed and the company’s product range was adapted according to the new ones, incorporating new products for service of table, to cook and for everything that its clients demanded.

However, what did not change was the approach of quality and closeness that the brand had since its origins. Currently the company has a wide range of brands and products that range from specific designs for confectionery to products intended for the garden, including freezer containers, tableware and much more.

Among these products we obviously also find bread boxes, which maintain the elegant traditional English design with modern materials that help you keep your bread perfect for longer.

In 1919 a small group of Dutch people from the city of Aalst decided to create a small family business to manufacture cooking products such as milk jugs and strainers. The company would diversify its activities in 1930 by making covers for Philips radio cassettes and during the war it continued to diversify by using powdered milk cans to make cups.

Fortunately, the situation would improve if the company would begin to launch innovations such as its first solid pedal bin in 1955 or its Patrice design in 1970, which would mark a before and after in the company. A range of advances that would also be present in his corkscrew, his first automated garbage cans or the application of solar energy in his designs.

Today the company offers several ranges of products ranging from bathroom accessories to kitchen accessories, to clothes care or garbage storage. As for its bread boxes, Brabantia’s designs mark an elegant and practical line, so that it will give an additional touch of elegance to your kitchen while taking care of your bread.

Founded in Germany in 1902 by Anton Kesper, this company has been working mainly with wood for more than a hundred years to offer excellent quality home products. A wood that currently does not harm the environment thanks to the signing of agreements corresponding to the need to maintain sustainable production that allows the survival of our environment.

In addition to these wooden products, such as cutting boards or trolleys, other materials such as synthetic bamboo, glass or melamine are added, offering products of excellent quality but always respectful of the environment. A commitment to environmental sustainability that has also led the company to sign various agreements in defense of fair wages and improving the working conditions of its employees.

Therefore Kesper products are not only of quality but also highly sustainable. This happens with its bread boxes, made mainly of this duly treated raw wood, totally free of contaminants but also protected against dirt and bacteria. And all this respectful with the environment.

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