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Bath Salts – Buying Guide, Opinions and Analysis in 2022

Bath salts are often used by many people to enjoy a relaxing bath. These same ones offer you very appropriate advantages to optimize your health, among which the improvement of circulation stands out, they also act as a detoxifier and moisturize the skin. In this way, if you want to know a little more about some of them, you could look at certain models that are available on the market such as NortemBio SEG_2K5, an Epsom salt that is free of additives, preservatives and dyes, and also comes from a concentrated source of magnesium and is supplied in convenient and safe packaging. For its part, the AROMATIKA natural eucalyptus modelIt is formulated with a sea salt that, in addition to qualifying as healing, is enriched with eucalyptus oil, useful for lifting a person’s spirits and improving their well-being.

Opinions on the best bath salts

Being able to include the use of special salts in some of your daily baths to provide benefits to your health would not be bad at all. That is why you could look at buying specialized bath salts to find a level of relaxation according to your needs. For this, we have decided to provide you with the appropriate information about different models that could well meet your needs, therefore, reading our list of recommendations could help you with your choice.

epsom salts for bath


NortemBio SEG_2K5

Among the best bath salts of 2022 is the SEG_2K5 model sponsored by the NortemBio brand, a concentrated source of magnesium made up of 100% natural epsom salts free of additives, dyes and preservatives, as well as synthetic fragrances and chemical elements that may be harmful to health.

For its part, this product is completely soluble, since the size of the salt crystals is small to achieve easy dissolution in water. In this way, you could enjoy some rich baths in flotation therapies as well as immersion.

As for its presentation, like many epsom bath salts, it is supplied with a 30-milliliter dispenser in a container made of very resistant polypropylene, accompanied by a practical lid to preserve the quality of the product in good condition for a long time. It is recyclable, free of contaminants and BPA.

If you are interested in knowing which bath salt to buy to meet your needs, you should look at each benefit that a specific model can offer you. In this way, see what NortemBio has for you.


Preparation: This product is made from 100% natural salts and free of components harmful to health.

Soluble: Thanks to the size of the crystals of this salt, it is completely soluble. Therefore, you can easily dissolve it in water.

Container: This product is supplied in a container made of polypropylene, which can help preserve the quality of the salt for a long time.



Supply: Some users comment that they received the salt a little solidified, so its use becomes uncomfortable when it comes to wanting to use exact measurements.

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Bleu & marine Bretania Soaking pleasure 

This time the Bleu & marine Bretania brand offers you one of the cheapest epsom bath salts on the market with really important benefits for your health.

In this sense, we want to emphasize that this salt is usually used during relaxation baths to relieve pain, reduce inflammation and swelling. Likewise, it serves as a great exfoliant for the skin, so that you can eliminate any amount of dirt, as well as toxins that are in your body.

For its part, it can provide you with an improvement in the quality of sleep and concentration, so that your days are more comfortable and pleasant, while lowering blood pressure, reducing stress and muscle pain will be possible with each bath you take. enjoy using it.

It should be noted that bath salts are absorbed by the body externally, therefore, enjoying a bath using them will not only be relaxing but also healthy.

The purchase of this bath salt does not imply great expenses for your pocket, since it is one of the cheapest models on the market.


Use: It should be noted that you could use this bath salt to enjoy rich relaxing baths without any inconvenience.

Benefits: This bath salt is considered special to exfoliate your skin, as well as to eliminate toxins from your body easily.

Healthy: This is a product that could keep you healthy by being absorbed by your body externally, helping you to eliminate ailments and swelling while reducing stress.


Food grade: It may be that those looking for a bath salt with the possibility of being ingestible have to look for another option, since it does not specify this type of use.

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relaxing bath salts


AROMATIKA Natural Eucalyptus

If you are in search of the best bath salt, you could look at the relaxing bath salts that the Aromatika brand has to offer you. In this sense, you could have at your disposal a total of 1300 grams of this product to take care of your health and beauty.

This model is made with quality ingredients, including different oils such as Juníperos Communis wood, Picea Abies leaf and Rosmarinus Officinalis flower. It also has sodium chloride, aroma and D-limonene, therefore, it is a product free of substances harmful to health.

On the other hand, before each use that you can give to bath salt, it could improve your health by also having eucalyptus essential oil, which in many people can be useful to help them improve their mood and contribute to your well-being, in addition to relieving stress and helping you fall asleep, which is essential to rest. 

Bath salts offer many important benefits for your health, which is why you should consider which ones are right for you and in order to meet your needs.



Ingredients: Among the ingredients that make up this bath salt are different types of special oils to provide you with good care of your skin and health.

Benefits: This salt offers healing benefits for your health. It could also improve your mood and give you well-being, as well as reduce stress levels.

Quantity: It should be noted that the salt is supplied in a total of 1300 grams especially so that you can take care of your skin and your health.



Aroma: Different users agree that the aroma given off by this bath salt is almost imperceptible. However, its benefits may be perceptible.

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AROMATIKA Lavender and sage

Among so many options available on the market, the lavender and sage model offered by the Aromatika brand also stands out, as it is a suitable product to provide beneficial properties and even capable of making you fall asleep, so that you can enjoy a good rest.. It could also be helpful in reducing stress.

This same is supplied in a total of 600 grams so that you can enjoy it for a considerable time as long as you are aware when adding the corresponding amount before each bath. Likewise, like other relaxing bath salts, this one helps you relax while at the same time influencing the preservation of softer and more delicate skin.

For its part, we could not fail to mention that this salt is rich in pure essential oils combined with authentic sea salt. In addition, it has components such as calcium, potassium and sodium ions.

If you want to choose a good product you must have the appropriate information before the purchase. In this way, we invite you to know the benefits that this bath salt offers you.


Benefits: For each use you decide to give this bath salt you can enjoy benefits such as stress reduction and achieving a good rest.

Components: It is made up of pure essential oils combined with authentic sea salt, potassium, calcium and sodium ions special for the care of your health and beauty.

Soft and delicate skin: This product greatly influences the conservation of your skin so that you can always keep it soft and delicate.


Quantity: This bath salt is supplied in a reduced quantity of only 600 grams, so you will have to use it sparingly.

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foam bath salts


Anself W8969

If you want to enjoy the benefits offered by foam bath salts, you cannot leave aside the Anself brand with its model W8969, characterized by offering you a total of 8 pumps of 60 grams each, which are supplied in a special box for a gift. birthday, anniversary or any special date.

Said balls are composed of organic coconut oils, vegetable oils, epsom salt, citric acid, natural dyes and sodium bicarbonate. Therefore, they are free of preservatives or sulfates, as well as other ingredients that may be harmful to health.

Likewise, its coloring is totally cosmetic and does not produce any type of stains in the tub for greater comfort. Likewise, these balls act as a special softener for the skin before each use, in this way, you would only have to submerge the ones you want in hot water and wait for them to melt to start enjoying a relaxing bath.

The choice of a good special bath salt to enjoy relaxing and special moments will depend largely on each of the components that make it up, as is the case with the Anself W8969 model.



Colorant: The colorant included in these balls is of a cosmetic type, therefore, it will not stain your tub.

Quantity: This product is supplied in a total of 8 special bath salt balls to provide you with relaxing and healthy baths.

Composition: These balls are composed of different oils, as well as natural dyes and some special ingredients for the care of your body.



Size: Many users agree that the size of the balls at the end is smaller than expected. But they can be enough for a comforting bath.

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LuckyFine Bath Bombs

Another model of foam bath salts that you could find available in the market is offered by the LuckyFine brand, it is a total of 6 balls with totally different fragrances and functions.

In this sense, you will have at your disposal a special pink ball to nourish your skin, a very useful mint ball to soften the cuticle, while the lavender ball will help relieve fatigue and the green tea ball will reduce itching in the body.. Likewise, the strawberry ball will serve as an aromatherapy deodorant and the orange ball will contribute to blood circulation.

It should be noted that it is a product composed of totally natural ingredients and free of artificial flavors or pigments. Therefore, you will be able to have slightly sparkling baths capable of hydrating and caring for your skin through aromatherapy. We cannot fail to mention that these bath salt balls are supplied in a special package to keep them fresh for longer.

Among so many options of special bath salts to enjoy relaxing and pleasant baths, you could take into account the LuckyFine brand, capable of offering you reliable and quality products.


Function: It should be noted that these balls have both fragrances and varied functions, so you could experiment to find your favorite.

Quantity: You can enjoy a total of 6 balls of bath salt to use every time you want a relaxing and healthy bath.

Package: The package where these balls are supplied is designed to keep them always fresh and well cared for.


Foam: Some users would like these balls to achieve a higher amount of foam in the bathtub, since they offer a light bubbling.

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Other products


Liberex Set of 6 Balls

Among other products, Liberex has for you the best value for money bath salt. Well, in addition to offering you a variety of benefits such as relaxing and sparkling baths, it is available in the market at an affordable price for your pocket.

It should be noted that there are 6 balls in total made with natural ingredients, including essential oils that provide a considerable level of relaxation, revitalization and renewal during each bath. Also, these do not produce uncomfortable stains in the tub, so your bathroom will always stay clean.

Also, this product offers a very special and pleasant aroma so you could even use it as an air freshener. On the other hand, if you use the balls for your relaxing baths, they could produce a lot of foam. In this sense, you would only have to carefully throw them into the water and expect them to disintegrate in a matter of seconds.

If you want to buy the best bath salt of the moment, you must take into account all the details it has to offer the option that most attracts your attention.


Quantity: It is a kit of 6 balls with a rich aroma, so you could enjoy 6 relaxing baths.

Use: It should be noted that the use of these bath salt balls does not produce any type of stains in the tub. So you don’t have to worry about cleaning up after your relaxing bath.

Air freshener: If you wish, you could also use this product as an air freshener for your bathroom thanks to the rich aroma it offers.


Hydration: After use, some users have commented that the level of hydration may be better compared to other products.

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HALOVIE 12 pieces

If you are wondering which is the best bath salt available on the market, HALOVIE could answer your question, since it has to offer you, among other products, a model made up of 12 balls made with natural plant extracts. Therefore, its use is suitable for the bathroom of women and children.

In this case, if you have dry skin, you could use this bath salt continuously just to improve both the texture and the degree of softness of the skin, it could even become more flexible and delicate.

For its part, you will have the opportunity to have 12 totally different types of aromas, among which you can find mint, strawberry, sweet orange, cotton candy, lavender, rosemary, vanilla, grapefruit, cinnamon, lemon, chocolate and chamomile.

Likewise, although they are very colorful balls, they will not cause any type of stain on the surface of your bathtub, as long as you rinse it after use.

HALOVIE could be considered the best brand of bath salts available on the market, thanks to each of the products it offers because they have been made with quality ingredients.


Kit: You can enjoy a kit of 12 balls of bath salt made with natural plant extracts that make this a quality product.

Aromas: Each ball of bath salt is characterized by having a special aroma, therefore, your baths, in addition to relaxing, will give you a rich smell.

Colorful: These are very colorful and striking balls to the naked eye, however they do not produce stains on the surface of the tub.


Price: To mention a possible drawback about this product, it should be noted that its cost is the highest on our list of recommendations.

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How to choose the best bath salt?

The use of some products during your daily baths can be beneficial for your health. In this sense, bath salts act as a muscle relaxant and reduce tension. They also improve circulation and help reduce muscle spasms, some of them even purify your skin, making it softer, more delicate and healthier. In this way, we have made a guide to buy the best bath salt where you can find the right information so that you can choose among all those available in the market the one that is capable of satisfying your needs.

Shopping guide


Carrying out a comparison of bath salts before choosing any of them would significantly help you to know a little more about the product that has caught your attention and if it meets your expectations. In this sense, the first thing you should check about a bath salt has to do with the components it has to offer improvements to your health.

It should be noted that depending on the brand, some bath salts have magnesium, this being a special component to improve stress and fatigue, which could generate a long day of work, likewise potassium is also a fundamental part of some salts by providing a better skin hydration, so you can enjoy the delicacy and softness you’ve always wanted. Sodium, on the other hand, is one more ally of these bath salts, since it helps maintain lymphatic balance, while calcium stands out for avoiding water retention and preventing osteoporosis. For its part, bromine improves muscle tension.

We cannot leave aside a great component of this product, such as epsom salts. These are inorganic and contain sulfur, oxygen and magnesium, although experts comment that it is not exactly a salt but a mineral that comes from a salt mine located in Surrey, England.

In this way, look at a bath salt that can offer you these and other additional components, it would not be bad to enjoy the best baths when you think it is necessary. 


Sometimes, the benefits that some sea salts can offer you greatly influence how much one of these costs. However, you can buy those that offer more contributions to your body and your health in general.

In this sense, depending on the type of bath salt that you are encouraged to buy, you could enjoy a deep cleaning of the skin as the salt is in contact with hot water, an action that facilitates the opening of the pores. Others provide benefits such as the reduction or elimination of toxins in the skin. There are also salts that reduce stress, this being a great benefit that many users consider. Similarly, there are others that lower blood pressure, improve insomnia problems and help with muscle tension.


In addition to looking at a good and cheap bath salt, make sure you buy one that has a good aroma, taking into account that there is the possibility of acquiring those models based on floral, herbal and even fruity perfumes.

It should be noted that it is not just about aroma, but also about the contributions that each salt supposes according to the type of perfume it has, since in the market there is a wide variety of models with the smell of roses, eucalyptus, orange, strawberry among others. others.


Some bath salts may be available in different colors. These will sometimes depend on the chemical composition of these salts, such as those from the Himalayas that are pink due to the high iron content they contain. However, other models usually simply have natural or synthetic dyes, so it is advisable to lean towards the use of those salts with the greatest amount of natural ingredients in order to obtain better results, since even artificial dyes could cause uncomfortable stains on the surface. your tub or bathtub that could take a while to clean later.

crystal size

Although it seems unimportant, you should consider the idea of ​​acquiring bath salts with an appropriate crystal size, to enjoy an easy and fast dissolution in water. Although everything will always depend on the use you want to give it, it should be noted that large crystal salts could be ideal for immersion baths in a bathtub. While the medium-sized crystals are more appropriate for soaking the feet and hands in a tub. For their part, the small crystals are very functional when it comes to wanting to exfoliate your skin, creating a mixture between bath salts and moisturizing oils.

Frequently asked questions

Q1: How to use bath salts?

If you have acquired some bath salts, and you want to use them properly, you will first have to choose the ones you want for your bath. Next you will have to fill the tub with water just halfway to add the salts you have chosen. In this sense, put the stopper on the bathtub to prevent the water from going down the drain and make sure it is hot, so that you can create a much stronger concentration than normal. Now, shake the water with your hands to dissolve the salts, then continue filling the tub with a little more water. In this way, you will be able to immerse yourself comfortably, so that your skin benefits from all the components that bath salts offer.

Q2: What are bath salts used for in aromatherapy?

The function of bath salts in aromatherapy is very useful, as it should be noted that these are usually applied directly in the company of the different oils used to provide your skin with relief, reducing anxiety and depression, guaranteeing a better quality of life. and stimulating your body to achieve a better sleep at night, comfortable and relaxed.


Q3: How to make bath salt balls?

Making balls of bath salts is very simple as long as you can count on the essential ingredients and utensils for such an action. In this sense, gather a little baking soda, citric acid, almond oil if you wish, water, coloring and bath salts, as well as a large bowl, a round kitchen mold to achieve the shape of a ball and a container small additionally.

Now, mix all the dry ingredients in the bowl and combine the liquid ingredients in the small container, make sure to move these very well, so that the coloring does not settle at the bottom of the container. Later, add the previously mixed liquid ingredients to the bowl and move everything constantly until you can achieve a uniform dough, in this way it will only be possible to place the final mixture in the mold and let it dry until it hardens completely and that’s it.


Q4: Where are bath salts extracted from?

Mainly the salt is extracted from large facilities called salt pans that are created with sea water, these same are shallow deposits that the sun and the wind dry little by little until the salt remains concentrated at the bottom. Even the water usually evaporates, leaving behind the salt, which is later collected and taken to the corresponding factories to continue with the production process until it is finally packaged.


Q5: How do bath salts that change the color of water work?

These salts work the same as common bath salts, the only difference is that they are usually prepared with special dyes to give the product a more striking touch, however they produce the same effects on the skin for your greater comfort. In this sense, you can benefit from a relaxing bath capable of improving your circulation while providing your skin with the magnesium it needs, being absorbed by each of your pores.


Q6: Are bath salts safe for the skin?

Yes, bath salts are safe for the skin as long as they are used in moderation, as they provide many considerable benefits. In this sense, you just have to be careful, since excessive use could cause skin irritation, as well as dryness and dehydration. In this way, some dermatologists recommend using sunscreen after a bath with salts or even the use of moisturizers for the skin at night. For its part, it is important to mention that there are those who say that the use of direct salts on the skin for aesthetic treatments is not highly recommended precisely to avoid irritation.


Q7: Do bath salts clog pipes?

Excessive use of this product could cause damage to the pipes, since the salt could settle in them, obstructing the passage of water. However, there are many special methods to avoid this type of problem or even to solve it. Well, unclogging a pipe is no longer a difficult task as long as you can follow some steps that are described on the internet.

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