The best bathroom scales that every athlete should have

The key to choosing the best smart scale is to analyze which are the features in which it stands out the most and how it benefits you according to your lifestyle and your needs. These state-of-the-art gadgets are capable of not only keeping your weight under control, but also provide you with a wireless connection to know various body metrics.


The bathroom scale has evolved considerably throughout its history, going from rudimentary models that measured weight by means of springs and a needle, to modern digital models equipped with sensors; passing through the bioimpedance scales that inform us about the body composition of a person, until reaching those that we know today as intelligent scales.

In this sense, bioimpedance scales have evolved into smart scales that are setting trends in the world of sports and fitness. These gadgets are equipped with the latest technology, so they are capable of offering data that would have seemed unthinkable before to be able to obtain in such a comfortable and easy way.

The most remarkable thing about these scales is not the diversity of metrics that they offer about our physical state, but thanks to the fact that they are equipped with Bluetooth or Wi-Fi technology, we can have first-hand a wide variety of parameters from the comfort of our Smartphone..

Another of the great advantages offered by these smart scales is that we will not have to manually record each measurement, since these devices can send the data automatically to the cloud or to your Smartphone and even to monitoring bracelets or smart watches. Likewise, all the monitoring of our progress can be monitored from the computer.

Meet the best smart scales of the moment

When it comes to losing weight, maintaining fitness, and tracking progress with diet and exercise, smart scales could be a great ally; In addition, they are essential in sports, since they help us control the water-fat-muscle body composition. In this sense, below we present some of the best scales that the market offers us.

Cozzine FG830LB

Considered by many to be one of the best bathroom scales of 2022, this device is widely accepted among users, as it offers great features and high performance at a competitive price. It is a scale that offers up to 20 functions that measure important body parameters to maintain optimal physical condition.

Among the metrics it offers we have: body weight, fat index, visceral fat, muscle mass, bone weight, protein content, BMI, body water, obesity index, BMR metabolism, biological age, standard weight, muscle frequency, percentage of fat, weight control, subcutaneous fat, protein rate and more. Everything within reach of your smartphone, as it supports connection via Bluetooth 4.0.

It offers wireless storage and a sophisticated, modern design with an ultra-thin curved tempered glass platform that is just 6.15mm thick. In addition, it supports up to 180 kilos.


Kamtron TZC-B

With an excellent reputation on the web, this smart scale is one of the best sellers. It is a device that has improved Bioelectrical Impedance Analysis technology, thanks to which you can accurately obtain up to 11 body metrics such as body weight, percentage of muscle mass, body fat, visceral fat, metabolic age, bone mass, weight of water and more.

Just by downloading the Feelfit application you will have access to monitoring all the data, since your metrics are stored in an unlimited way in the App, which can be installed on various devices. On the other hand, it is a scale that offers a 6 mm thick tempered glass plate and 4 electrode plates with high-precision sensors. In addition, it does not require switches or buttons, you just have to step on its platform with bare feet to obtain reliable results.

Poweradd PD-BH100WE-ES

This smart scale gives you up to 8 metrics that keep you informed about your physical condition: body weight, hydration level, muscle mass, body fat, visceral fat, bone weight, BMR and BMI. To do this, it is equipped with BIA technology that gives you accurate results. In addition, it is a scale that has a Bluetooth connection and is compatible with Android 5.0 or higher and also IOS 8.0.

The App can store the data of up to 10 people, you just need to create several profiles, so everyone at home can easily use it. In addition, thanks to the fact that it has a surface made of highly resistant glass, it is capable of supporting a weight of up to 180 kilos, which favors many users. Likewise, it has great conductivity, which is why it provides you with real data of your metrics and with a minimum margin of error.

Withings Body Cardio

With this smart scale you will have relevant information about your body composition at your fingertips while you do your training every day. You will be able to obtain data on your cardiovascular health, which is essential during any exercise. To do this, it has the function that measures the heart rate through a pulse wave.

It also gives you several metrics of your body composition, such as percentages of muscle mass, bone mass, water level, percentage of fat, weight evolution and also body weight, represented in kilos or pounds. Likewise, it can be synchronized through the Wi-Fi connection with the free Health mate application, capable of independently monitoring up to 8 people.

It is a scale that offers great precision and its performance is not altered by the type of floor, since you can put it on either thick carpets or hard floors. In addition, it is easy to use and very useful during pregnancy, since it efficiently controls the weight gain of the mother and the baby.

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