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Bathroom Scales – Buying Guide, Opinions and Analysis in 2022

Bathroom scales are measuring equipment that should not be missing in any home, since through them we can take care of our health knowing data of interest about our weight, percentage of fat, among others. Of course, everything will depend on the selected model and the type of technology applied to the device. Adoric CF390BLE is a digital scale that will not only measure your body weight, but also the percentage of fat, muscle mass and hydration, offering satisfactory results thanks to the high sensitivity BIA technology. Another much talked about bathroom scale is the Ikea Haelen, whose casing offers resistance, comfort and safety, thanks to the combination of robust polymer, tempered glass and non-slip rubber. 

Opinions on the best bathroom scales

With so many models on the market, selecting the best bathroom scale could be a more time-consuming task than you might expect, as to make a truly successful purchase, you’ll need to put aside hasty selections and check the specs. the most attractive models. In order to help you, we present what according to users are the best bathroom scales.

digital bathroom scale

Adoric CF390BLE

Adoric is a brand with a recognized track record in the world of health, whose premise is the manufacture and marketing of products capable of helping you enjoy a healthy life. 

This is the case of the Adoric CF390BLE model, which according to users could be the best bathroom scale. Its black structure is elegant and the digits projected on the upper part of the surface in red color offer a quick reading of the weight.

This digital bathroom scale incorporates the innovative BIA technology, a sensor system with bioelectrical impedance or conductive surface with a high level of sensitivity. Likewise, it has been equipped to measure body weight, volume of muscle mass, hydration, percentage of physical and visceral fat, allowing comprehensive monitoring.

Regarding its operation, it needs to be linked via bluetooth and GPS to the “Adoric Healt” application, which you must download to your Smartphone to review the measurements taken.

If you want to take with you the best bathroom scale of the moment, you will have to take note of the positive aspects of this model from the Adoric house.


Connectivity: You can link the scale to the “Adoric Hearth” app via bluetooth or GPS, receiving all the measurements on your Smartphone.

Design: The product offers an elegant, compact and easy-to-handle design.

Measurement: You will be able to measure indicators of great importance such as your body weight, the percentage of physical fat – visceral, the volume of muscle mass and hydration.

Technology: BIA detection technology using conductive sensors improves measurement accuracy.


Measurement: There may be some error in the measurement, but this does not affect the body assessment provided.

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Active Era BS–03W

This time Active Era presents us with an elegant digital bathroom scale in white with rounded corners, which soften the modern design line of the structure. The surface has a format of 30 x 30 centimeters and incorporates six millimeter thick tempered glass, being quite spacious, resistant and comfortable to the touch.

This ultra-thin measuring equipment has a system of sensors arranged to offer a calculation with a margin of error of 0.1 kilograms. On top of the deck is a convenient LCD display with large black digits and backlighting for quick readability at a glance. In addition, you can select between three units of measurement such as kilos, stones or pounds.

Finally, we have the automated on-off system, when you get on or off the platform, as well as the power supply method through a pair of AAA alkaline batteries, which are easily available.

With this scale you will enjoy accurate measurement and automated operation, as well as the other attributes listed below.


Power: The equipment requires a pair of AAA alkaline batteries, which suggest low power consumption.

On – off: You will not have to press any type of button to turn the device on or off, since it is activated when it detects the weight.

Weighing: You will not have limitations due to the weighing unit, since you can select between kilograms, pounds or stones.

Screen: Its LCD screen offers a quick reading due to its backlight and large digits.


Weight: The weight of the structure can be high for some people. However, it will depend on the taste of each user.

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Ikea bathroom scale

Ikea Haelen

Among the best bathroom scales of 2022, this model from the Ikea house stands out, made with robust and resistant raw material. In addition, the design has a series of well-cared finishes on the edges and joints of the case, offering a modern and elegant style.

In this sense, it is necessary to mention that this Ikea bathroom scale has a frame in acrylonitrile butadiene styrene, better known as ABS polymer, a synthetic material with highly resistant thermoplastic properties. For its part, the surface incorporates tempered glass and an LED screen with fast-reading digits, while the silicone rubber base gives it the necessary stability so you don’t have to worry about unexpected slips.

In addition, the structure has a compact format of 30 x 30 centimeters, for start-up it requires a pair of 1.5-watt LR03 batteries and its maximum load corresponds to 150 kilograms, being a high level of capacity.

Ikea is emerging as the best brand of bathroom scales thanks to the attributes present in this model, whose pros and cons you can learn about below.


Power: The pair of LR03 power batteries are easily purchased at any department store.

Format: The 30 x 30 centimeter structure is spacious for you to stand on it comfortably.

Screen: Its LED screen has large digits for a quick and easy reading of the weight.

Seguridad: Evitarás cualquier deslizamiento sobre la baldosa, gracias a su base de goma.


Manual de instrucciones: El manual de instrucciones es poco preciso con respecto a su funcionamiento, siendo necesario esclarecer las dudas a través de un tutorial.

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Báscula de baño analógica

Orbegozo PB 2010

No es de extrañar que Orbegozo figure en este listado de productos recomendados, ya que es una marca que nos tiene acostumbrados a liderar las listas de compra, debido a la calidad presente en cada uno de sus diseños. Por ello, en esta oportunidad su modelo PB 2010 ha sido considerado como la mejor báscula de baño de relación calidad precio y una de las más baratas.

The structure of this analog bathroom scale is 25.70 x 26.30 x 5 centimeters and its weight is 1.6 kilograms, being compact enough for you to handle it comfortably and store it without taking up too much space.

The surface has a non-slip texture, so you can stand on it safely, highlighting a small screen with silver edges and a glossy finish in the upper area. In addition, on one side you will find a mechanical dial for the correct adjustment of the scale.

With this bathroom scale you will not have to invest in batteries, since it is an analog equipment. In addition, it has an intuitive operation and attractive design, being one of the cheapest.


Adjustment: On one of the sides you will find a quick-turn dial, ready for the configuration of the analog screen.

Dimensions: Its structure is quite compact and light, offering practical handling.

Surface: The surface of the scale has a ribbed texture that prevents feet from slipping without causing discomfort.

Screen: Its analog screen with a silver border is easy to see.


Configuration: After each use you will need to adjust the scale to “0” by means of the built-in side dial, since it is easily misconfigured.

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Other products

Xiaomi Mi LPN4013GL

Directly from China comes this model from the Xiaomi house, which could answer your question about which is the best bathroom scale. It is a device that you can link to the “Mifit” app installed on your Smartphone, being able to monitor all the measurement information and even create records so that you can control your progress. Of course, for this you must have a mobile with bluetooth 4.0.

The structure has a suitable format of 34.3 x 35.9 x 4.7 centimeters and its weight corresponds to 2.1 kilograms, so we can say that it is a light and compact device that you can handle or store without inconvenience.. 

The casing has been made of stainless steel with a tempered glass surface, suitable for a maximum load of 150 kilograms. In addition, it incorporates a total of four measurement electrodes with a precision of 100 grams, making the calculation correctly.

This model may be the answer to which bathroom scale to buy, as it offers an intuitive, safe design and cutting-edge technology.


Surface: The tempered glass of the surface provides resistance and stability to stand on it.

Load: The equipment has a maximum load of 150 kilograms, so you will not have limitations to use it.

Format: Its 34.3 x 35.9 x 4.7 centimeter format will allow you to easily manipulate it and place it in any space without bothering you.

Compatibility: The range of compatibility options is wide, being suitable for Android 4.0 or iPhone 4S, 5C and 6 Plus.


Casing: Its white casing gets dirty easily, since it is a device that must be on the ground.

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Deik BG3031

If you want to buy a bathroom scale with an elegant design, intuitive operation and great precision in each measurement of body weight, you will have to review this model from the Deik house. Its compact structure of 30 x 30 x 2.1 centimeters has a surface in tempered glass with a thickness of eight millimeters, which gives strength to the design. 

Plus, the rounded tips of this clear scale, along with the detailed finishes on the housing, create a modern aesthetic that will blend into any bathroom.

Among other aspects, we have the front LCD screen of 7.3 x 3.8 centimeters with automated backlighting, designed to improve reading. Likewise, we have the two pairs of sensors that are activated upon contact with the foot, offering a maximum measurement of 180 kilograms. 

We cannot fail to mention the power supply method using easily obtained AAA alkaline batteries and the incorporation of a tape measure as a gift, which complements the task of measuring.

This bathroom scale has a transparent, compact and precise measurement design, which you will not be able to let go unnoticed.


Power: Thanks to the fact that this equipment is powered by alkaline batteries, you will not have to worry about having to invest a lot of money in spare parts.

Accessories: A tape measure is incorporated that will help you measure your trunk, waist and other extremities.

Screen: Its spacious screen with backlight allows you to observe the measurement with just a glance.

Sensors: Four built-in sensors offer automated foot contact on-off operation.


Batteries: The useful life of the batteries can be very short, which suggests a constant investment when acquiring them.

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Tristar WG 2428

Tristar presents us with possibly the best vintage-style bathroom scale, which apart from giving you an accurate measurement of your body weight, will also add a distinctive and elegant touch to the bathroom, which will definitely not go unnoticed.

This is an analog-type scale that does not require batteries or any other power supply, thus offering a basic and intuitive measurement operation, through the incorporation of high-sensitivity Step-On technology. In this sense, you will only have to stand on the scale for the measurement to start and when you go down the needle will instantly return to “0”. It is of interest to comment that the maximum measurement of the equipment is 136 kilograms, a weight that must be respected to avoid deterioration of the device. 

In addition, the structure integrates a front chrome ring in which the screen with its respective handle is located, making it easy to see. Likewise, it has a non-slip base for greater safety and stability.

Tristar WG 2428 is a bathroom scale with analog operation that will capture your attention from the first moment, due to its attractive features that we will review here.


Base: The base of the structure incorporates a non-slip coating for greater stability on the ground.

Screen: Its screen shows the easy measurement in an analog way by means of a hand.

Design: Its design evokes the vintage style, which will give the room a distinctive and elegant touch at the same time.

Measurement: The scale is suitable for people up to 136 kilograms, so it can fit most users without limitations.


Configuration: The scale is usually unconfigured after each use. Therefore, you will have to bring your needle to “0” before weighing yourself, although this is not complicated.

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Youngdo 832080133

For many, this could be the best Youngdo bathroom scale, designed to perform an average of 23 measurements, in aspects such as body weight, visceral fat level, hydration, basal metabolism, muscle weight, water level, protein, fat, among others.

To do this, it has an intelligent operation subject to sensors, whose measurements are stored directly in the cloud provided by Amazon. Of course, if you wish, you can download other software compatible with the iOS or Android operating system, such as Google health, Fitbit or Apple health, to your Smartphone. In this way, you will be able to receive all the daily, weekly or monthly information of your history.

On the other hand, we have the power supply of the scale through three AAA alkaline batteries, as well as the information storage capacity stipulated for 999 different profiles, so the whole family can use it without problems.

With this scale you will measure data of great importance in your body, which will allow you to easily take care of your health. Here are its pros and cons.


Power: You will need three AAA batteries for power, which are easy to purchase and affordable.

Data storage: You can create up to 999 different profiles, so it is possible for the whole family to use the equipment.

Compatibility: The device is compatible with the iOS and Android operating systems, so it can be linked to a wide variety of Smartphones.

Measurement: You can measure your body weight, hydration, visceral fat, among other data of interest for your health care.


Cleaning: The surface gets dirty easily, being necessary to clean it constantly.

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How to choose the best bathroom scale?

Selecting a bathroom scale requires a prior review of products, in order to find a model that suits your needs for use. Through this guide to buying the best bathroom scale, you will learn the main quality indicators to evaluate prior to purchase.

Shopping guide


Among the aspects to be evaluated in the comparison of bathroom scales, we cannot let the issue of the screen go unnoticed, since through it we can know our body weight. Therefore, this is a fundamental part in any analog or digital bathroom scale.

If we review the models with the highest positioning on the market, we will see that they have been provided with a superior front screen that allows us easy reading. For example, the screens of digital scales are LED type, have backlighting and large digits in black, blue or white. In this way, you can read the weight with just a glance.

For their part, analog scales have a generally chromed ring with a tempered glass surface and inside it a hand that moves to mark the weight as you get on the surface. In this sense, you must verify that the numbers marked inside said area are black and that the background is white so that when creating contrast they are read correctly, since these models do not have lighting.

power supply

If the model you plan to purchase is digital, you should know that bathroom scales require a certain level of electrical power. To do this, the structure incorporates a special compartment with easy access for placing the batteries. 

In this sense, you should pay attention, since the scales use different types of batteries depending on the energy required for their start-up. Thus, there will be scales that need LR03 batteries, better known as AAA alkaline. Its shape is cylindrical with length – diameter of 4.4 x 1.0 centimeters, voltage of 1.5 watts and 24 amps. Also, other equipment requires LR6 or alkaline AA batteries, whose size is 5 x 1.4 centimeters and voltage of 1.5 watts.

The important thing is that you review the instruction manual and verify what type of battery the scale uses, so that you do not have problems when placing the replacement, as well as verify what its average useful life is. Likewise, these devices throw the error message “Lo” when the battery is running low, alerting you that it is time to replace them.

Measurements and compatibility

The type of measurement offered by the scale is an aspect that will definitely influence how much the product costs. Let us remember that there are different models of bathroom scales, being the case of analog equipment, which works internally with springs, and digital equipment, which provides us with an express measurement of body weight, through detection sensors. 

Likewise, there are digital scales that incorporate much more innovative technology through their sensor system, measuring the level of visceral fat, hydration, basal metabolism, and body fat. Likewise, they will provide us with both muscle weight and that corresponding to water, protein, fat, among others.

The important thing is that you select a model that has the measurements that really adapt to your needs of use, being also necessary that you keep an eye on the compatibility of the software application of the scale with respect to the operating system of your mobile. 

Generally, these are usually suitable for iOS or Android, via Bluetooth, but you should check the version and compatibility with your Smartphone model. In this way, you will be able to have all the information on the screen of your mobile and even create a history of the different measurements, storing them in the respective app or downloading them to the mobile’s storage space.

Design and security

When selecting a bathroom scale it is important that it is good and economical, but in addition to this, you will need its design to offer an attractive aesthetic that easily adapts to the existing decoration in the bathroom. In this sense, we will find vintage-type designs, others with an elegant, modern and even minimalist cut. In addition, it is important that you make sure that the finishes present in the cutting lines and joints are well elaborated, which will highlight the manufacturing quality of the product.

Regarding the issue of safety, check that the base of the structure incorporates non-slip rubber. Thus, you will avoid any type of unexpected movement when you stand on the scale. Likewise, it would be prudent for the purchased product to have a protection system against overheating, which extends its useful life.

Frequently asked questions

Q1: How to use a bathroom scale?

The use of the bathroom scale can vary a little depending on the model you have purchased. Therefore, if your device is analog, you will only have to verify that the hand on the screen is at “0” in order to get on the surface, obtaining the measurement of your body weight.

For its part, the digital equipment will need the placement of the respective energy supply batteries and, according to the incorporated technology, you will have to link it with your Smartphone via Bluetooth, to make use of the operation and storage app. In this way, you will get a reading of your body beyond the traditional weight. Whatever the case, remember to place the scale on a flat, uncarpeted spot for the most accurate reading.

Q2: How to calibrate a digital bathroom scale?

To calibrate your scale you must first turn on the scale and identify the calibration button built into the structure, which you must then hold down until 0, 000 or CAL appears on the screen. Next, you’ll need to place a test weight on it for about five seconds. In this way, you will have to press and hold the calibration button again until you see the word CAL or FIN on the screen. It ends by turning off the device for no less than a minute to proceed to turn it on and start using it with confidence.

Q3: How to reset a bathroom scale?

The method to reset your bathroom scale will depend on the model selected. For example, if it is a digital device, you will only have to turn it off and on again, since each time this happens the equipment automatically restarts to “0”. But if the scale is an analog type, you will have to identify the dial that is usually on the side. In this way, you will be able to turn it until the clock hand is at “0”.

Q4: What does a bathroom scale measure?

The main function of a bathroom scale is the measurement of body weight, which will be projected on the digital or analog screen that is located in the front area of ​​the structure. However, other models incorporate much more advanced technology, which connects the sensors with an app via Bluetooth so that you can enjoy measurements such as the level of visceral fat, basal metabolism, hydration, body fat, muscle mass. Likewise, the weight in indicators such as water, protein, fat and muscle, among others. All this, seen through your Smartphone and stored in a cloud or specific software.

Q5: Which brand of bathroom scale is better, Laica or Orbegozo?

Both the Laica house and Orbegozo are brands that have made a remarkable trajectory in the market over the years, offering their followers quality products.

The Italian company Laica is specifically dedicated to the manufacture of bathroom scales and equipment for the health sector, so its equipment is usually much more technological in terms of the different measurements made on the body.

However, the Spanish company Orbegozo is not far behind, since its bathroom scales also have quite an outstanding performance, thanks to its group of developers, despite dedicating itself to the creation of small household appliances. 

For this reason, saying that a Laica bathroom scale is better than an Orbegozo or vice versa would be unfair, since both lines of equipment have technologies adapted to satisfy the needs of buyers, improving their lives.

Q6: What is a talking bathroom scale for?

Some smart scales incorporate a practical voice assistant, programmable in different languages. Its purpose is to allow you to listen to the measurements taken, being a very convenient way of working for those who suffer from some type of disability at the level of their eyes or elderly people with poor vision.

Q7: What does Lo mean on a bathroom scale?

If the word “Lo” has appeared on the screen of your bathroom scale, you should not be scared, since it is a fairly common error message and easy to solve, which is directly related to the battery. This alert will appear every time the battery power is depleted and it is necessary to replace them with new ones.

Q8: How to fix a bathroom scale?

In the event of a breakdown or any type of failure in the bathroom scale, the ideal would be to consult an expert on the subject, who is in charge of giving a diagnosis and a solution to the problem. We could try calibrating the device or reviewing the configuration, but if we are not sure what is happening, we could make it worse.

How to use a bathroom scale

Bathroom scales are devices with a varied operation, capable of offering from a simple measurement of our body weight to much more complex ones such as the amount of visceral fat, hydration, water weight, among many others. Although these teams have an intuitive operation, it is also true that there are certain steps to manipulate them that we must follow. Here’s how to use a bathroom scale.

remove the packaging

When acquiring the scale and removing it from the purchase package, you will need to carefully remove all the packaging paper that covers the structure, being necessary to verify that both the casing and the screen of the scale are in good condition. Make sure that these areas do not have scratches or any signs of deterioration. Likewise, it confirms that the instruction manual and power batteries have been included, in the case of digital equipment.

Read the instruction manual

Many people think that, since it is a piece of intuitive operation, it is not necessary to read the instruction manual, but they are wrong. Let us remember that it is a device with which we are not familiar, so it is vital to know what the manufacturer recommends for its care, power supply, configuration, cleaning, among many other aspects. In this way, we enhance its useful life by avoiding handling it incorrectly.

Likewise, we clarify any concerns about the method of linking with the Smartphone and installation of the control app. Of course, if the purchased model incorporates this type of technology.

Put the batteries

If the model you selected requires the incorporation of batteries for its electrical supply, you will need to identify the area where they are to be placed and then release the safety cover. Thus, you can proceed to incorporate the batteries, being careful to place the polarities correctly so that the respective contact is exerted for the transmission of energy. Finally, secure the lid again.

Adjust the dial

For those of you who have purchased an analog bathroom scale, you will need to adjust the dial, usually on one of its sides. The procedure is quite simple, you just have to turn the part gently until the hand on the front screen is at the number “0”. In this way, it will be ready to be used.

Link the scale with your Smartphone

If your digital scale incorporates the programming option through your Smartphone, you will have to start by installing the app on it and then link it via Bluetooth with the scale. Of course, you will have to verify that the mobile operating system is compatible with the measurement equipment.

Carry out the corresponding weighing

Once you have carried out the previous steps, you will have to carry out the corresponding weighing. To do this, you will need to place the scale on a flat surface without carpet. Next, stand on it, but remember that you must do it without socks, so that the sensors can be in contact with your skin. Immediately, you will see your body weight on the screen and, depending on the model, all the information from the other measurements will begin to load on your mobil

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