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Bath Screens – Buying Guide, Opinions and Analysis in 2022

Bath screens are designed to provide you with a comfortable and comforting moment when it comes to personal hygiene, since their main function is based on isolating the shower area from the rest of the available space in your bathroom, as well as avoiding water splash outside. We present some outstanding models available on the market such as the PROFILTEK EC_110_IM100CRD, which has a three millimeter thick glass as well as a bright chromed aluminum profile. For its part, the HNNHOME 6-millimeter glass model comes in a total of two folding pieces with a 180° pivoting panel.

Opinions on the best bathtub screens

If you want to redecorate your bathroom or you simply find yourself improving its appearance with the best accessories available on the market, you should consider a good bathtub screen, which offers you a special level of functionality for each use. In this sense, you would have to take into account details such as the material available in its panels, since they prevent water from splashing outwards, as well as the level of practicality and comfort that they can guarantee. 

Sliding bathtub screen


Among the best bathtub screens of 2022 you can find the EC_110_IM100CRD model sponsored by the PROFILTEK brand. It is a product available in different width sizes, being able to choose from 100 to 190 centimeters. Likewise, for greater comfort, it offers a high-quality magnetic closure system.

As for its manufacturing material, this sliding bathtub screen has a bright chromed aluminum profile and is made of 3-millimeter-thick transparent safety glass. Therefore, you will have at your disposal a resistant product with anti-limescale treatments in tekno clean. Likewise, it is composed of a fixed window and two sliding doors.

For its part, the sliding bathtub screen offers you a profile compensation of 30 millimeters on each side. In addition, according to the manufacturer of this model, it has a 3-year warranty and its design and structure are governed by European standards for greater safety.

If you want to acquire the best bathtub screen of the moment, you must take into account each of the characteristics of the model that most attracts your attention to determine its quality.


Sizes: It should be noted that this bathtub screen is available in different width sizes, choosing from 100 to 190 centimeters so that you can adjust it according to your needs.

Closure: The closure system available on this screen is magnetic for greater comfort and practicality.

Material: As for its manufacturing material, the partition has a 3-millimeter-thick glass and a resistant aluminum profile.


Price: To mention a drawback about this product, its price is somewhat high compared to other models.

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Folding bathtub screen

HNNHOME glass 6 millimeters

There are countless special accessories available on the market to beautify and equip your bathroom. In this sense, you could acquire the best bathtub screen, ideal to make your personal hygiene space the most comfortable and comforting with a great decorative view.

It should be noted that the HNNHOME brand on this occasion offers a quality partition, since in addition to being made of glass, it is 6 millimeters thick. This characteristic supposes a resistant and durable product.

Also, the folding bathtub screen can be adjusted to both the right and left side of your shower for greater comfort when mounting. In addition, it is composed of two folding pieces with included rain seals and a 180° pivoting panel.

Finally, it is important to mention that the measurements of the partition are 145 x 72 x 8 centimeters, while its weight is 28.2 kilograms. Therefore, it is a robust and compact model.

If you want to know which bathtub screen to buy, you should have the best information regarding the model of your choice so that you can verify if it really suits your needs or not.


Glass: The glass available in this bathtub screen offers you a thickness of 6 millimeters, so that you can enjoy the quality you deserve.

Assembly: At the time of assembly, you can comfortably place the screen towards the left or right side of your shower.

Composition: Regarding its composition, it is a product of two folding pieces with a 180° pivoting panel.


Security: Some users would prefer an extra screw to be included to fix the glass to the guide properly in order to enjoy a considerable level of security.

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Folding bathtub screen


When looking for the best value for money bathtub screen, you could take into account the model offered by the RL brand, since it is characterized by being a very practical and functional screen, as well as one of the cheapest on the market.

This folding bathtub screen has dimensions of 70 x 140 centimeters that could be reduced to 60 x 130 centimeters since it is an extensible model that is also made of PVC, a durable and robust recyclable manufacturing material based on polyvinyl chloride..

For its part, it has an ideal sliding system to avoid the accumulation of dirt in the screen guides. It also prevents water spillage, which is an appropriate level of functionality.

As for the assembly, this model is completely reversible, therefore, you can place it on the left or right side according to your preference. Also, it is available in white.

RL offers you one of the cheapest bathtub screens on our list of recommendations, therefore, its purchase would not be a great expense for your pocket.


Dimensions: The dimensions of this screen unfolded are 70 x 140 centimeters while folded are 60 x 130 centimeters which means practicality for each use.

Manufacturing: This model is made of resistant, durable, robust and recyclable PVC material based on polyvinyl chloride.

Assembly: its assembly could be done on both the right and left sides according to your needs. Likewise, its sliding system prevents the accumulation of dirt.


Instruction manual: The assembly of this partition could be a bit complex, since the instructions are described in Italian.

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cheap bathtub screen


For those who are wondering which is the best bathtub screen available on the market, this model could be the ideal one, since it offers you the ease and practicality of having a folding design, to make its use much more comfortable and simple.

In this sense, the model 1804 cheap bathtub screen has dimensions of 5 x 130 x 140 centimeters, as well as a weight of 16.7 kilograms that make it a robust and compact product. Likewise, it is available with chrome finishes that make it stand out very well at a decorative level.

For its part, we cannot ignore the fact that it is a glass partition with 3 sheets that are also silk-screened, therefore, they give your bathroom the decorative touch that you are looking for, to embellish it at the same time that you implement it with the best accessories.

Capaldo could be considered the best brand of bathtub screens, since it has a variety of products suitable to beautify your bathroom.


Folding: This bathroom screen has a folding system capable of offering you the convenience of opening and closing it without any inconvenience.

Dimensions: The dimensions of the partition are 5 x 130 x 140 centimeters, while its weight is 16.7 kilograms, therefore, it is considered a robust and compact product

Finishes: It should be noted that this partition offers you a good chrome finish, while the glass is silk-screened.


Fastening: Some users comment that it would be ideal if the screen had more fastening points to the wall, since it only has one and it does not seem enough due to the weight of the glass.

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Roll-up bathtub screen


Strategy Products sku00303

Strategy Products has for you a screen with a special roll-up system for bathrooms with small dimensions, since when it is opened it is rolled up in the left box that it includes in its structure.

Likewise, in terms of its design, the roll-up bathtub screen has a digitized image with a drop of water that makes it attractive to anyone, while its dimensions could cover a height of 150 centimeters and a width of 190 centimeters.

It should be noted that its assembly does not require much effort, therefore, it is an easy task to carry out. For its part, an advantage highly valued by many users about this model has to do with the self-cleaning system that comes into operation every time you roll up the screen in the box. Thus, you should not worry about having to clean it after each shower, as happens with some glass models.

Carrying out the choice of a good bathtub screen will depend largely on the details that the model of your preference has to offer you, therefore, consider each one before the purchase.


Rolling system: This partition differs from the rest as it has a rolling system for greater comfort.

Design: Regarding its design, this partition has a digitalized image with a drop of water. In addition, its dimensions are 150 x 190 centimeters.

Self-cleaning system: Thanks to the self-cleaning system that this screen includes, you will not have to worry about having to clean it frequently.


Image: You will not have the possibility to choose the one you prefer among several digitized images, since the screen is only available with the image of a drop of water.

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Fixed bathtub screen

Pradel pivoting shutter

Another bathtub screen that could not be missing is the pivoting shutter model with dimensions of 140 centimeters high and 80 centimeters wide. Likewise, its assembly process is very easy to carry out, thanks to the instructions included in the package. In addition, the product is supplied with a compensation wall profile.

And speaking of the profile, it is made with a chrome finish, while the screen is made of 6-millimeter-thick tempered glass, which represents a considerable level of quality and durability.

For its part, this glass is reversible and has an anti-limescale treatment on both sides, that is, you will have at your disposal a fixed bathtub screen with a high level of transparency and neutrality in terms of its appearance.

When choosing a good bathtub screen, take into account the design that it can offer you, as well as the dimensions and the assembly process that you must carry out.


Dimensions: The dimensions of this screen are 140 centimeters high and 80 centimeters wide. In this sense, it is considered an adaptable product for any type of bathroom.

Assembly: Its assembly is easy to carry out, since the corresponding instructions for such action are available in the package.

Profile: This screen is supplied with a wall compensation profile that is also manufactured with a quality chrome finish.


Model: It should be noted that this model is different from the rest available on our list of recommendations, since it has a partial closure, that is, it only covers part of the bathtub.

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How to choose the best bathtub screen?

Bathtub screens will always mean a product of great practicality and functionality in the bathroom, since in addition to offering a good decorative level, they are characterized by preventing water from splashing from the shower to the outside. There are countless models available on the market, so you must take into account certain details before deciding on one in particular. That is why we have created this guide to buy the best bathtub screen where you will find the most timely information.

Shopping guide

opening system

During the creation of a comparison of bathtub screens, you must take into account the opening system that the model of your choice can offer you, since there are different options for each type of bathroom, considering that the free space available around the bathtub determines in great part the choice of the correct model between one design and another.

In this sense, you could find roll-up screens, these by their style have a box where the screen is stored every time you open it, either to get in or out of the bathtub. Likewise, most of them have an adequate cleaning system to facilitate the task before each use. Without a doubt, they are very practical and also special for bathrooms with small dimensions.

On the other hand, there are sliding partitions, being the most common since they are easy to use. Well, the glass or plastic slides easily on a guide that is included with the purchase. Users often mention that this opening system is suitable for large spaces.

Likewise, there are partitions with a fixed panel characterized by taking up little space. Likewise, their assembly does not imply any complexity since they are generally attached to the wall through a hinge. On the other hand, they do not subtract light from the shower area, this being an aspect highly valued by those who enjoy maximum clarity in each space of their bathroom.

There are also the folding and folding screens, which due to their system stand out when it comes to having a good level of decoration and practicality in the bathroom, considering that it is easier to enter and exit the shower.



The dimensions available in a screen greatly influence how much a specific model costs, since the larger it is, the more expensive it will also be. However, it is important to be able to purchase a product that is capable of covering the entire area you want. In this sense, you should consider the fact that the screen of your choice may be taller than the person who is going to use the bathtub to prevent water from leaking out of the shower.


In addition to looking at a good and economical partition, you should consider the profiles that it includes for its assembly, since some have much more than others. Also, according to experts, this detail is capable of largely determining the level of durability that the product can offer you for a considerable time.

Another detail that has to do with the partition’s profiles has to do with the material with which it is made, since it must be resistant to humidity, therefore, if it is a model with aluminum profiles, it would have to be resistant to corrosion.

Panel manufacturing material

Today, there are many types of panels that make up a specific screen. All always designed to provide the user with the quality and comfort they prefer. In this sense, the most sought after are partitions with glass panels, since it is a glass that, in addition to being tempered, is supplied in different types of thicknesses to provide the level of security you want.

In this sense, because they are tempered, they are capable of withstanding some considerable impacts, and in case of breakage, very small and rounded pieces are generated, that is, without sharp parts that could cause injuries when they are harvested. There are those who recommend glass panels from 6 to 8 millimeters thick.

For their part, there are also PVC panels that stand out for the ease with which they can be cleaned whenever necessary. Also, if there are children at home, this could be a good option, always keeping in mind the safety of the little ones.

Frequently asked questions


Q1: How to use a bathtub screen?

Using a bathtub screen is very easy. Depending on the model you have purchased, you can open and close it by folding it or sliding it to a specific side. Whatever the case, the important thing will always be to maintain an appropriate level of delicacy to avoid breakdowns in the partition system.

Q2: How to make a bathtub screen?

If you want to make a screen for your bathtub, you must have at hand both the tools and the necessary materials for such an action. Also, you will have to decide what type of screen you want, since you could make it with sheets of glass or plastic. Our recommendation is that you take the corresponding measurements in your bathroom and then cut the glass or plastic and subsequently manufacture its ideal frame for a comfortable and quick assembly. Likewise, you must cut the profile that goes on the wall to hold said product, this is generally made of thin metal and you can get it at any hardware store. Remember to create the perforations in the profile so that you can later mount the screen properly and that’s it.


Q3: How to clean the bathtub screen?

Being able to keep the screen in good condition does not require much effort. In this sense, a comfortable, quick and easy way to clean it daily would be using a cloth to dry it every time you shower. In this way there would be no stains of water grooves, lime or drops on the surface. On the other hand, there are also other methods that are adapted to the type of screen that you have acquired.

In this sense, if it is made of plastic, we recommend preparing a mixture of ammonia, alcohol and water in a spray container, in this way you could spray the entire surface and wipe the screen with a damp cloth until it is clean. Now, if it is made of glass, you could use hot vinegar, therefore, you only have to spray the entire surface, let it act for a few minutes and then wipe with a damp cloth until you can see how the stains disappear.

Q4: How do you remove a bathtub screen?

To disassemble a bathtub screen you need to follow a few simple steps. Among them, first remove the silicone with which you sealed the screen to keep it immobile. This task could easily be done with a putty knife if you wish. Continue removing the doors, to do this, you will first have to verify what type of partition you have since there are different models, whether they are folding or even sliding. Now, we continue with the profiles taking into account that this step is very simple, since it is generally screwed to the tile, which means that you only have to locate a screwdriver and remove the corresponding screws. Finally, all that remains is to clean and disinfect the entire area, because once the partition is completely disassembled, you will be able to notice the dirt available in the space where it was mounted.

Q5: Which is better, bathtub screen or shower curtain?

It is clear that the bathtub screen is much more functional than a shower curtain, primarily because it brings lightness and style to your bathroom. In addition, being a transparent model, it could offer you a feeling of considerable spaciousness. For its part, this product is much more hygienic compared to curtains. It should be noted that even with the use of a screen you could prevent water from splashing outside and causing a bad appearance as well as different accidents, whether you slip and fall to the floor receiving a strong impact on your body.


Q6: Is a glass bathtub screen safe?

Of course, yes, although we are talking about a glass partition, it is important to highlight the fact that they are always made with dense glass, that is, from 3 and 6 millimeters onwards. Therefore, an excessively hard blow would suffice to cause the glass to break. As for its assembly, there are many precautionary measures that are taken into account, that is why an ideal user manual is included to ensure the partition in such a way that it remains totally immobile and far from being able to cause an accident.

Q7: Can I place a bathtub screen on a shower tray?

There are many types of screens on the market, including those that are special to mount together with a bathroom tray. In this sense, you would only have to follow three simple steps to achieve this action, being the same to carry out the assembly of the lateral profile of the partition followed by the fixing of the glass to then secure it completely.

Q8: How to unclog a collapsible bathtub screen?

If your bathtub screen is stuck, the first thing you should do is take a look at the entire folding system to find the problem. It could be that some element has caused it to get stuck, therefore, with great delicacy you could agree to remove it. Likewise, it could also be due to lack of cleanliness, in this way you would only have to clean the screen properly and to finish it would be ideal to add a little special lubricating oil for this type of product.

How to use a bathtub screen

As many of us know, bathtub screens provide the bathroom with a level of lightness and adequate decoration, as well as the ideal practicality to prevent water from splashing out of the shower. In this way, once you have acquired the model of your choice, you must carry out its assembly, so having the appropriate information will be important to complete this task correctly.

Check that everything is in order

Before starting with the assembly of the partition, you must carry out a small review to confirm that everything is in good condition. Likewise, you should verify that the product has been supplied with all the corresponding accessories and elements to carry out a successful assembly.

Read the instruction manual

Make sure you read the instruction manual properly until you determine each of the steps to follow to assemble the screen. Likewise, pay attention to the position of each piece, as well as profiles to hold the glass correctly.

Prepare the area where you are going to mount the screen

After preparing the area where you will place the partition, you must mark with the help of a pencil the essential holes to carry out the fixing of the profile of the same. In this way, we advise you to remove the enamel from the tile right where you will drill. To do this, you could use a punch or a hammer by tapping on a nail. Only then could the next step be made a little easier.

Drill holes in the wall

Once the points where you will make the holes have been marked, it will be time to use the drill with the use of an intermediate drill to drill the wall. Try not to put pressure on the work tool so that you can avoid any type of inconvenience, since you will be drilling on tiles.

Then insert the plugs into each hole with the help of a hammer until they are well embedded in the wall to achieve a screwing of the appropriate profile. Surely, the partition includes the ideal screws for such an action in the package, therefore, you should look for them in the box where it was supplied. In this way, you will have already placed the profile properly.

Place the screen

Now, let’s move on to the positioning of the partition, taking into account that it must be located at an ideal height so that the door can open and close comfortably and without difficulties. On the other hand, you will have to verify that the sealing rubber is slightly rubbing on the edge of the bathtub.


seal the screen

To seal the partition you must use a special silicone for this type of product. This being the case, you will have to add a little from the outer side, from the bottom and passing through the vertical part just where the screen profile is. It should be noted that we recommend using the silicone on the outside of the product, to avoid direct contact with water, since it could create the accumulation of mold that is unpleasant for anyone to see.

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