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Cloth – Buying Guide, Opinions and Analysis

Cloths are textile pieces with a pleasant soft touch and a high level of absorption. These are made to be used in the kitchen or as part of the cleaning elements, either to remove dust, clean surfaces or dry moisture, after the completion of the cleaning process of any object. In this sense, a product that will capture your attention is the Mr.Siga SJ21580, which offers a high absorption capacity and has been manufactured with non-toxic materials for greater safety. But, if you want a pack of eight units in assorted colors, with a soft touch and good absorption, given by the microfiber, the Vileda 148394 model is a good option.

The 9 Best Cloths – Opinions 2022

There are many models of cloths on the market, so getting a design that suits your specific needs will not be a problem. Of course, you should check several options. Next, we present nine cloths valued among the best of this year.

microfiber cloth

1. Mr.siga Microfiber Cleaning Cloth

This can be a good option if you are looking for the best cloth. It is a set of 24 cloths, which are very useful for cleaning different surfaces at home, in the car or in the office. In this sense, they have been manufactured with microfiber, which has proven to be more effective than cotton when it comes to absorbing liquids.

They help remove dirt, but at the same time have a smooth texture, so they are non-abrasive to protect delicate surfaces. They are also lint free, reusable and machine washable for added convenience. 

They have a square shape measuring 32 x 32 cm, so they are compact and easy to carry from one place to another. Also, if you need a safe microfiber cloth for the kitchen, you may be especially interested in this product, since it does not have toxic materials. 

To acquire the best cloth of the moment, you have to thoroughly review the most relevant characteristics of each model. Let’s see the pros and cons of this product. 


Set: It is a set that includes 24 cloths of different colors to clean different surfaces inside and outside the home.

Material: The cloths are made of microfiber, a highly absorbent, soft and non-toxic material.

Resistance: They can be machine washed and resist a maximum temperature of 40°C. 


Size: They measure 32 x 32 cm, so they are a little smaller compared to others in this selection.

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Cloth Vileda

2. Vileda Set of 8 Microfiber cloths

Among the best cloths of 2022, this pack of eight units manufactured by the Vileda brand and made with the highest quality microfiber has managed to stand out. In this way, you will enjoy a product of great absorption; suitable for use in the kitchen, bathroom, glass, mirrors, tile, metal and wood structures.

On the other hand, it is worth mentioning that, after rubbing a Vileda cloth on a certain surface, you will obtain a shiny and lint-free finish, regardless of whether you have used it wet or dry. In fact, with the ultra-fine grammage of the fibers you can get rid of up to 99% of the germs and bacteria lodged on these surfaces. All this, without using products with a chemical cleaning composition.

We should also mention that the mats have a spacious long-width format corresponding to 30 x 30 centimeters and can be machine washed, without fear of the cycle causing deterioration.

Vileda could well be the best cloth brand and this pack is proof of that. Here, other details.


Absorption: You will achieve a maximum level of absorption thanks to the microfiber used for its manufacture.

Washing: The cleaning of the cloths will not be a messy task, because they can be incorporated into the washing machine.

Colors: Due to the assorted colors of the cloths you can designate one for each cleaning task.

Cleaning: You will be able to easily eliminate the bacteria present on the surfaces thanks to the thin microfibers of the cloth.


Drying: Perhaps the drying time of the textile in the open air is a bit long for some users.

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ecological cloth

3. Superscandi Eco-Friendly Swedish Reusable Cleaning Cloths 

The use of paper or cloths is very convenient to improve cleaning and drying processes, both in the kitchen and in the home in general. However, disposing of both products has a negative impact on the environment, so you could question your purchase.

As a solution to this situation, Superscandi took on the task of developing and marketing a high-quality ecological cloth, which you can reuse several times and obtain good performance with each use. In addition, this set of six units is biodegradable, that is, it will not produce contamination.

This product has clarified the doubts of many buyers about which is the best cloth. For its preparation, natural cotton was used, which guarantees absorption and, as it does not leave any type of residue, it is suitable for cleaning the kitchen, bathroom or any other surface.

Those who do not know which cloth to buy might be interested in this product made with reusable and biodegradable material.


Environmental care: With this product you avoid environmental contamination, since the fabric is biodegradable.

Use: You can use the cloths to clean or dry any surface, because they do not leave residues.

Presentation: You will save money with this presentation, because it incorporates six cloths in assorted colors.

Fabric: Its natural cotton fabric is not abrasive with the surface and offers a good level of absorption.


Size: The size of these cloths could be a little reduced to suit the taste of some people.

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window cleaning cloth

4. 10xTen Special Crystals eco-clean cloth 

If you want to clean the windows of your home, the chrome surface of any appliance or the bathroom faucet, you will be interested in knowing a little about the manufacture and benefits obtained after the use of this ecological reusable cloth.

To make this product, the brand used high-end microfiber, capable of providing a long useful life of up to 100 uses. The best thing is that, despite the handling time of the textile, the level of quality in the absorption process of this window cleaning cloth does not drastically decrease.

In addition, it is important to mention that the mats have a spacious format, a discreet aesthetic, due to the gray color of the fabric, and can be washed manually or incorporated in the machine. Of course, you should avoid the use of detergents. Otherwise, it could start to lint and leave traces on the surfaces to be cleaned or dried.

This is a cloth with positive and negative aspects that could be favorable for the maintenance of the crystals.


Absorption: Thanks to the fabric used, you will enjoy maximum water absorption when cleaning.

Reusable: These cloths can be used up to 100 times, which is the average of their useful life.

Use: This is a cloth that you can rub on any type of glass and chrome surface.

Format: Its design is spacious, for maximum surface coverage when cleaning.


Washing: The use of detergent on the textile could cause it to deteriorate, so it is advisable to wash it only with water.

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kitchen cloth

5. Brabantia Assorted Microfiber Cloths Set of 3 Polyester

This kitchen cloth is another of the cheapest options included in our list. The pieces are made of microfiber with a pleasant soft touch, a fabric with an appropriate level of absorption, corresponding to up to seven times the weight of each mat.

The set incorporates a total of three 16 x 22 centimeter cloths, which is a spacious format for drying glasses, pots and other objects. Likewise, they can be used as mats on the countertop, to place cutlery or any utensil, while the excess water drains off.

Regarding the cleaning and care to be taken with the product, the fiber can be incorporated in the washing machine, programmed in a gentle cycle with a temperature not higher than 60°C. In this way, you will be able to eliminate the bacteria lodged in the cloths. In addition, you should avoid the use of bleach.

These cloths will help you improve your washing and drying experience in the kitchen. Next, the good and the bad of the product.


Set: Thanks to the three built-in pieces, you won’t have to constantly invest in new cloths.

Absorption: The fabric retains seven times its weight in water, so they are quite absorbent.

Washing: You will not have to manually wash the cloth, since they can be incorporated into the machine without deteriorating. 

Touch: Its soft and fluffy touch is pleasant when handling it.


Size: The size of these cloths might be a little small for some people.

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baize ballerina

6. Ballerina The Original 3 Multi-Purpose Cloths

Ballerina is a brand with a notable position in the market, recognized and valued positively due to the quality of the fabric used to make its cloths. This is a reusable and, therefore, durable product, which according to its thousands of followers could be the best value for money cloth.

The convenient set of three units has a practical format, which allows you to cover large spaces when cleaning. Each yellow cloth offers rapid absorption, thanks to the thickness of the microfiber, and provides a pleasant soft non-abrasive touch with the surface to be rubbed; so they are suitable for washing or drying the car, floors, bathrooms, the kitchen counter, dishes, pots, glasses or other utensils.

It is important to mention that this Ballerina cloth can be incorporated into the washing machine to clean and disinfect it completely, thanks to the water temperature of the selected cycle, which should not exceed 60°C.

This is one of the cheapest cloths, whose characteristics we present below.


Set: You will not have to constantly buy cloths, since this product incorporates three units in the set.

Format: Its spacious format will allow you to cover larger areas when cleaning or drying.

Washing: Due to the resistance of the fabric, you can incorporate it into the washing machine to disinfect it.

Use: This cloth can be used to carry out any cleaning task in the kitchen or in the home in general.


Thickness: Its thickness may seem a little thin, but this does not detract from its absorption.

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Spontex Cloth

7.  Spontex Mosaik Pack of 6 Microfiber Cloths

If you are looking for a Spontex cloth with a functional design that not only helps you clean and dry different surfaces, but also has a colorful and pleasant aesthetic, you will be interested in this pack made up of six units.

For the preparation of the product, thin microfiber was used with a series of special contact points, which are responsible for trapping existing bacteria on the surfaces to be cleaned. The best thing is that you will not have to apply any type of professional disinfection product and, also, you can get rid of up to 99% of germs with just one pass.

On the other hand, the format of the cloths, which corresponds to 40 x 30 centimeters, will allow you to cover moderately sized spaces when cleaning or drying various surfaces such as the bathroom, kitchen, car, floor, among others. Thus, you will achieve significant time savings in each task.

Here, the details of a set of colorful multipurpose cloths, recommended among the favorite options of buyers.


Set: The manufacturer incorporated six cloths to the set so that you can enjoy greater economy.

Design: Its colorful design is nice for the kitchen area by hanging it or placing it as a pad on the counter.

Reusable: You can reuse the cloths several times, since their fabric is washable.

Fabric: You will eliminate bacteria from surfaces without using professional products, since the cloth has a series of special contact points.


Thickness: There are those who comment that, compared to other brands, these cloths could be somewhat thin.

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Dish drainer cloth

8. Ulable Dish Drying Mat Microfiber Dish Drainer

This is a 51 x 38 centimeter rectangular dish drainer cloth, made with a dark gray microfiber exterior that, aesthetically, is a discreet and even elegant tone, to be used in the kitchen. In addition, this mat incorporates an interior polyurethane padding, resulting in a thickness of 0.5 centimeters and a high level of absorption.

In this sense, it is a suitable product for you to place the cutlery, plates, pots and utensils that you have washed on it to drain; It is also an excellent protection surface on the worktop, so you can put any object that could damage said area.

Also, you will be interested to know that these mats have been put on sale in a convenient pack of two units, so you will have a spare in case the cloth you have in use deteriorates or you need an extra one.

Here are the details of a pack of two large cloths with an elegant and discreet design for your kitchen.


Non-deformable: No matter how much you fold, wash or wring the cloth, its structure will return to its original shape because it is non-deformable.

Washing: You can add the cloths to the washing machine and save time cleaning them. 

Absorption: The combination of polyester and polyurethane, inside the cloth, provides a high level of absorption. 

Pack: By incorporating a set of two cloths you can have a spare.


Color: If you are looking for a colorful cloth, you will be interested to know that this model is only available in a dark gray tone.

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Dust cloth

9. Hv Chamois Dust Trap 48 Units Made in Spain

This dust-catcher cloth is a product with a Spanish quality seal, which has managed to positively capture the attention of buyers; because it can be used to clean any surface. In fact, thanks to the technology incorporated into its microfiber fabric, you will obtain a shiny finish, without traces or residues when rubbing it on glass, electrical appliances, chrome areas, bathroom taps, the car, among others.

Also, this cleaning cloth has a width – length corresponding to 35 x 40 centimeters. Thus, it is a spacious textile piece, which you can fold or extend completely to slide it over the surface to be cleaned. 

In addition, given its format, you could use it as a replacement for your mop to clean the floor easily. Finally, the set of cloths incorporates a total of 48 units, which could accompany you in various cleaning tasks at home.

If you want to make a successful purchase, you should review the advantages and disadvantages of this pack of cloths.


Format: The length – width of the cloth will help you clean a larger space with one pass.

Presentation: Thanks to the 48 built-in units, you won’t have to worry about buying a new package quickly.

Finish: Rubbing the cloth will not only remove dirt, but also give the surface a shiny finish.

Multipurpose: With this cloth you will not have limitations when cleaning, since it is suitable for any surface.


Thickness: If you plan to use these cloths for your steam mop, they might be a bit thin, but you can double them.

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Shopping guide

In order to acquire a functional, long-lasting and even sustainable cloth, you will need to avoid rush purchases and instead check the main indicators of product quality. Therefore, we present the following guide to buy the best cloth.

fabric type

The fabric is one of the main aspects incorporated in any cloth comparison; since it determines the level of quality of the product that we are acquiring. In this sense, we will have to be careful in the selection and keep an eye on the benefits offered by said textile.

For example, when reviewing the proposals of the different brands, we find that microfiber is one of the favorite materials of manufacturers, because it has a high level of resistance to deterioration caused by constant use, as well as exposure to water, detergents and other cleaning products. Likewise, polyester stands out, either for the surface of the cloth or incorporated as part of the padding in quilted designs.

On the other hand, we have cloths made of cotton with biodegradable cellulose technology, which is totally convenient for the environment. These are ecological products and, therefore, sustainable.

Remember that whether they are natural or synthetic fiber cloths, these fabrics must offer an absorption level of between 8 and 10 times their own weight, allowing you to enjoy greater efficiency of use. Also, check that the surface of the fabric is smooth enough not to cause abrasion when used.


The presentations of cloths are usually varied, so we can find designs in solid shades of great color or in a more discreet range of colors such as gray and black. Also, some manufacturers offer you cloths stamped with geometric lines of great attractiveness. In this way, you will not only take with you a product capable of helping you in the cleaning and drying process, but also with a pleasant aesthetic.

On the other hand, there is the number of cloths offered, since this type of product is generally put up for sale in a convenient pack, which, depending on the selected brand, could include from 3 to more than 40 units. This measure is applied by manufacturers to help you save time and money, by not having to make individual purchases and, therefore, you will leave in the past any type of concern about how much the cloth costs.


When purchasing a cloth, it is important that it is good and cheap, but this is not all for the purchase to be truly successful. It is also necessary for said textile to be capable of offering a quick and simple cleaning method that does not take too much time and does not end up damaging the product either.

Therefore, before deciding on a specific cloth model, you will have to confirm that it is a suitable fabric to be incorporated into the washing machine and, at the same time, that it can be cleaned manually. Also, document yourself about the types of detergent that can be applied and the correct way of disinfection, to avoid the proliferation of bacteria.

Manufacturers generally recommend not applying fabric softener to cloths and not exposing cloths to heat from ironing or machine drying. However, they are usually pieces suitable for withstanding temperatures of up to 60° in the wash cycle water. In fact, this temperature allows to kill mites and germs effectively.


Cloths are that type of cleaning fabric that we can define as functional, since their use is suitable for use on any surface. In this sense, we refer to tiles, floors, glass, windows, mirrors, wooden furniture, metal structures, appliances, among others.

There are mat-type padded cloths, which can be used to rub pots, plates or other objects, while others are suitable to be placed on the kitchen counter and put any utensil on them after washing it, so that the water drains correctly.

For their part, other cloth designs are convenient to be used wet or dry, removing dust, dirt, fingerprints and stains. In addition, according to the technology applied to the fabric of the purchased cloth, you can get rid of up to 99% of bacteria, without having to use any detergent or cleaning product.

Frequently asked questions

Q1: How to use a cloth?

Cloths are textiles that are easy to handle, so you will only need to purchase a model whose dimensions and fabric adapt to your cleaning needs. In this sense, remember to check the manufacturing label to corroborate the information related to the textile about its cleaning and drying method. In this way, you will avoid deteriorating it quickly.

Then, it only remains to start using the cloth to dry excess water on the kitchen, surface or object that requires it. You can also use the textile piece to polish or clean, as you wish.

Q2: How to clean a cloth?

Being a medium-sized textile, the cloths are quick and easy to clean. In fact, you can wash them in the machine or manually, depending on your preference. Of course, you will have to be careful about the products applied, such as bleach, as well as the temperature of the water during the wash cycle. In this sense, the ideal is to review the manufacturing label to avoid mishaps.

Similarly, the drying method can be in a machine or in the open air, but you must protect the cloth from extreme exposure to sunlight, to avoid discoloration of the textile. Once again, everything will depend on the type of fabric or microfiber with which the product has been made.

Q3: How to disinfect a cloth?

To disinfect a cloth you have several options. One of them is to submerge the textile for at least 15 minutes in a soapy solution and you can add a few drops of lemon, alcohol or bleach. In this way, you will enhance the elimination of bacteria adhered to the fibers.

Then, rub the cloth and wash it under the tap of water. Likewise, you can make use of a special cleaning cycle in the machine, in which the water temperature is around 60°. Thus, you get rid of germs effectively.

Q4: How to wring out a cloth?

After using the cloth, you will surely need to wring it out, as well as when you finish washing it. This task is completely intuitive and you will need less than five minutes for it. You just have to take the textile horizontally with respect to our hands. Next, you will have to begin to press vigorously on the cloth as if you were twisting it, which will allow you to release all the accumulated water. Afterwards, shake it vigorously to spread the textile and hang it outdoors.

Q5: Which is better, chamois or microfiber cloth?

When reviewing the cloth proposals that the market has for you, you will find that among the main fabrics used for their preparation, suede and microfiber stand out.

Both textiles are characterized by being soft to the touch and highly resistant to constant use and washing. However, when it comes to evaluating the level of absorption, you will be interested to know that that of suede is a little lower than that offered by microfiber. In any case, they are a quality pair of fibers that are well worth the investment.

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