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Meat Grinders – Buying Guide, Opinions and Analysis

If you have ever read the labels of what in large supermarkets they sell us as minced meat, surely you have gone hungry. To avoid these problems and adapt the mincing to each dish according to your preference, fortunately we have modern meat grinders. Products with an almost professional design that allow not only to mince meat, but also to prepare sausages and even make other preparations in a simple way. This is what you can do with the Aobosi 3 in 1 model, a mincer that allows you to chop 1 kilo of meat in a minute, it also has three practical nozzles that facilitate the preparation of various recipes and its stainless steel body gives you great resistance.. Another recommended model turns out to be the Kenwood MG450, which offers a power of 1400 watts together with a long-reach screw system with which it is easier to obtain better results.

The 6 Best Meat Grinders – Opinions 2022

In order to guarantee that the minced meat we use is of the quality we need or want, it is best to buy the whole piece of meat and then process it in the best meat grinder. Here is our proposal for the best meat grinders of 2022:

1. Aobosi Electric Meat Grinder 1200W Max 3 in 1

Main advantage:

Its multifunctional character is one of its main qualities, since it is a meat grinder with three versatile cutting plates; thanks to which you can process various foods with different thicknesses to prepare endless recipes.


Main disadvantage:

According to the manufacturer’s recommendations, this machine is not compatible with a dishwasher, so it must be cleaned manually and without using abrasive products.

Verdict: 9.9/10

Its excellent reputation on the net is due to the ease of use that this machine offers, its efficiency and also the security it provides.

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power and utility

This meat grinder could be your great ally in the kitchen, especially if you are looking to prepare healthy recipes maximizing their flavor, where the meat and other ingredients are free of chemical substances. Thanks to its power and functionality, it is now possible to chop meat easily, quickly and without having to make great efforts.

To do this, it has a motor made of highly resistant copper equipped with 1200 watts of power, which provides high performance in its functions; so it is capable of chopping up to 1 kilo of meat in a minute. Also, if a traffic jam occurs, you have the very useful reverse function.

You will be able to prepare endless healthy homemade recipes such as meat sauce for spaghetti, seasoned meat for hamburgers, sausages, meat pies, casseroles, baby food and you can even prepare delicious kubbe.


When it comes to a meat grinder, the issue of safety is something that you cannot ignore. In this sense, we have that this appliance, in addition to providing great efficiency, also offers you reliable handling; so your hands won’t be exposed to any accidental cuts.

Likewise, its structure integrates a dual safety switch that tells you the right moment to start the machine; you just have to wait for the switches to indicate the on state.

Similarly, thanks to the safety circuit breaker it has, the grinder offers automatic shutdown in the event of overheating. In addition, since it has a reinforced chassis and a trapezoidal design, you will have greater stability when grinding.

Functional design and accessories

It is a meat grinder that offers you a professional, elegant and resistant design, thanks to its stainless steel body. To contain the meat to be processed, it has a tray that connects by means of a tube to the 3-step spiral drill; here the meat is ground slowly in order to preserve its texture and flavor.

Likewise, this device is equipped with three nozzles made of stainless steel, designed with three different types of cut: fine, medium and thick. Because of this, you can use them to chop not only meat, but also garlic, pepper, fish and more. In addition, you will receive the necessary accessories to prepare chorizos and sausages.

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2. Kenwood MG450 Meat Grinder

We present you a powerful meat grinder, which is among the best valued by users on the Internet. It is one of the stars of the Kenwood brand, thanks to its superior versatility and power.

It has 3 chopping discs for fine, medium and thick cuts. Its great power of 1400W will allow you to chop a wide variety of meats, including fish, vegetables and fruits, with excellent results and in less time.

Its performance is 1.5 kg of meat per minute. It also has a rear switch with a reverse function to avoid jams and guarantee smooth chopping.

Like the previous model, it includes accessories for making sausages and croquettes, 3 types of grinding discs and a plastic protector.

The meat tray is spacious and easy to clean, as well as the completely removable blades and accessories, which allow them to be washed in the dishwasher without any problems.

It has elegant bright white and polished metal finishes, as well as a compact size and light weight of just 3 kg. Therefore, if you are looking for versatility, practicality and efficiency, this meat grinder is ideal for you.


Versatility: It incorporates three chopping discs of different thickness to chop in different sizes to suit the user, being able to choose between 3 millimeters, 4.5 millimeters and 8 millimeters.

Power: It has a power of 1400 W, which will allow you to process a wide variety of foods, not only meat but also fruits and vegetables.

Accessories: The product includes an adapter for sausages and cured meats, and for the preparation of kebabs, in addition to the 3 discs mentioned, so you can make various preparations to your liking.

Cleaning: Thanks to the fact that its parts are completely removable, its cleaning is made easier, and it is suitable for the dishwasher. So no more leftover meat and other food stuck in your mincer.

Size: It has dimensions of 21×26.5×33 cm, and a weight of 3.8 kilograms, which makes it stand out for being compact and light.


Noise: Some buyers have complained that the equipment can be noisy, which could be uncomfortable for prolonged work.

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3. Form Electric Grinder 2000W with 3 Grinding Plates

If what you are looking for is a machine with great power to efficiently chop various foods, this model is worth your consideration. It is a mincer equipped with a 2000-watt copper motor, which gives you high performance when it comes to cutting meat and vegetables. For this reason, it is a machine that has RoHS, LFGB and CE quality certificates.

You will be able to prepare kubbe, meatballs, hamburgers and various other recipes; all with healthy and toxic-free ingredients. To do this, this modern mincer has three cutting plates made of stainless steel, with which you can chop food with a fine, medium or large thickness.

You will receive a special accessory for preparing sausages and another for kubbe; Likewise, you will not have the risk of cutting your fingers, since it offers you a practical food pusher. In addition, to avoid accidents due to overheating of the device, it has an automatic shutdown mechanism.

It is a compact, powerful and efficient electric mincer that could meet your culinary needs. Next, we present a summary of its most outstanding aspects.


Stability and safety: It is a device that provides stability when grinding, since it has a suction base that prevents any overturning. In addition, it has an automatic shutdown function in case of overheating.

Versatility: Thanks to its three stainless steel cutting plates, you can chop food with different finishes, depending on the preparation you are going to do.

Ease of use: It offers great ease of use, so to turn it on you just have to press the “On” button; to go back in case of food jam, the “R” button and to turn off, “O”.



Grain chopping: If you need to chop grains, such as raw chickpeas, this machine might not be the most suitable. However, it does its job when it comes to meat.

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4. Clatronic Fw 3506 Meat Grinder

An excellent option among the best cheap meat grinders. Like the first option proposed, this grinder has several grinding discs of different thicknesses, an accessory for making biscuits, for stuffing sausages and for preparing Kebbe. For this price, you won’t find anything like it.

Another reason why it is considered a clear candidate to be the best quality-price mincer is its three blades to shred with different thicknesses: 7.5 and 3 mm. These will allow you to chop the meat more or less finely.

In addition, like other mincers, it includes an accessory for biscuits, sausages and Kebbe. You will be able to introduce the meat to the grinder in complete safety thanks to a tool that “pushes” it towards the blades. Its 1,200 W motor will make the work of mincing meat very simple and fast.

If you have not yet made a decision on which meat grinder to buy, then we invite you to take a look at the following pros and cons of the Clatronic 3506:


Accessories: The best thing about this model is that it includes three blades of different thicknesses, these being 3, 5 and 7mm, being able to choose the one that suits your tastes when preparing your meals. In addition, it includes accessories to prepare sausages such as sausages, and even Kebbes. As if that were not enough, you will find a piece to make cookies.

Power: It has a power of 1200w, with which users are able to chop all kinds of meat, since the power of the motor allows it.

Functionality: It has the reversible function thanks to which it is possible to solve the problems of jams or related inconveniences. In addition, it includes suction cups to prevent sudden movement of the machine.


Materials: Users allege that the machine is made of low-resistance plastic and aluminum, and therefore they recommend taking special care when purchasing this mincer.

Funnel: Another point against it is that it has a funnel with a diameter of 20mm, limiting the size of the sausages. However, these can easily be purchased separately.

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5. Zhiqli Stainless Steel Electric Meat Grinder

If you are one of those people who enjoys fast food, but prefers to go healthy and prepare sausages or hamburgers at home without chemical additives or preservatives, you need a meat grinder that does the work for you.

In this sense, this model offers you the possibility of making an endless number of toxic-free dishes, from meatballs, lasagna, meat pies, to kubbe; a traditional recipe of Lebanese cuisine.

It has a 2800-watt motor, which provides high performance when chopping large portions of meat. Likewise, it is an easy machine to use; thanks to its on and off switch.

On the other hand, if your kitchen is small, this mincer will not be a problem; since it has a compact design that does not take up much space. It is also equipped with 3 different cutting accessories for optimal results.

It is a device that is easy to use, highly efficient, powerful and versatile; qualities that you could consider in your comparison. Analyze its pros and cons below.


Reverse function: Thanks to this plus, you can easily unblock food. You will only have to press the ON/O/R switch and bring it to the R position; the mechanism will rotate in the opposite direction freeing the stuck piece.

Accessories: It is a mincer that includes a meat tray made of aluminum, 3 cutting discs, accessories for sausages and other sausages.

Power: It is equipped with a powerful 2800-watt motor, which gives you high performance, efficiency and performance when preparing ground meat.


Manual: It is missing that the user manual includes instructions for use in Spanish. However, it is an intuitive to use chopper that you can use with ease.

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6. Lacor 60340 Crank Meat Grinder

Another proposal as the best meat grinder is this crank option. It is small in size in addition to an accessible price for everyone. Operated manually, it will allow you to follow the chopping rhythm that you yourself want to give. Easy to clean and transport.

Made of plastic, it will not rust, and as it is removable you can put it in the dishwasher for cleaning. It is an economical option for those looking to mince meat occasionally and preferably in small quantities.

Those who opt for an option like this should be clear that they are neither as fast nor as powerful as an electric mincer, however, being manual, you can use it even in places where you do not have electricity or do not want to use it.

If you are interested in acquiring one of the cheapest meat grinders, such as the Lacor 60340, we recommend you review the pros and cons that we mention below, for a better understanding of the machine:


Crank: Contrary to the case with the Kitchen Craft #5 model, users are very happy with the crank mechanism of this meat grinder. They believe that it is simple, easy to use and that its use does not require great effort.

Dishwasher safe: Best of all, being designed mostly of plastic, the equipment is dishwasher safe when disassembled, making it very easy to clean.

Materials: Although the teams made of plastic are frowned upon, users say that the Lacor 60340 is a quality product.


Jam: The biggest problem with this meat grinder is that, according to netizens, it gets stuck very easily and it is necessary to disassemble it, clean it and continue working, so it is a point to take into account when purchasing it.

Dimensions: It has measurements of 23.4 x 18.4 x 13.4 cm, and weighs only 558 grams. Due to its small size, it is not ideal for professional use and since it does not weigh much, it moves too much, forcing you to apply more force to keep it in place when it is used.

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Buying Guide – What is the best meat grinder on the market?


Seeing the questionable quality of some minced meats that we find on the market, more and more users decide to mince their own meat with a mincer designed for this purpose. Products of all kinds, with which we can also choose the thickness of the meat or even prepare specific products such as sausages or cured meats, among others. If you also want to take control of your meat, follow the advice in our guide to buying the best meat grinder on the market, in which we discover everything you need to know when buying one of these products.

chopper type

When it comes to mincing meat, we can opt for a specific design product or use the accessories that certain appliances have for this purpose. The latter are an option that may be interesting for those who do not have great chopping needs, although it is true that the process is slower and that, since they are not specifically designed for this purpose, they can end up damaging the piece.

If we talk about specific products, any meat grinder comparison we see distinguishes between manual and electric meat grinders. The manual meat grinder is suitable for those who do not have to grind large amounts of meat or prefer to give precise control to the process. Products with a variable capacity and in which it is convenient to look for a good system that allows them to be fixed to the kitchen table to work with greater stability.

On the other hand, electric meat grinders are models specifically dedicated to this purpose and are suitable for those who grind meat on a regular basis or in large quantities. In this case there is a notable difference in how much the product costs, although on the other hand it is common for the product to have accessories that help us prepare sausages, sausages or make different meat preparations.

Power and operating capacity

Since we are talking about machines with a motor, human in the case of the manual ones and electric in the rest, these products have a certain power and product preparation capacity. Two parameters that, again, we must take into account when choosing the most convenient mincer according to our needs.

Leaving aside the manual models, due to their particularity, in the case of electric models, the power of the motor is what establishes these operating parameters. This power should start at 1,000 watts in the simplest models and increase as our need for minced meat is higher, or it requires finer minced meat.

This also brings us to the capacity part. In the lower power models, according to what has been mentioned, the meat treatment capacity is around 0.75 to 1 kilo approximately depending on the degree of mincing selected.

A capacity that can reach two kilos in models with 1500 watts of power or more. In any case, given the high capacity of these machines in general, the difference of a minute or so is not key when choosing either, although it is when it comes to the resistance of the product and its motor.

product cleaning

The last key in choosing a good and cheap meat grinder is the cleanliness of the product. A cleaning that should be simple, but above all efficient. After all, it is very important to remember that we are dealing with raw meat, which is highly dangerous if proper treatment and cleaning of the machines and other elements used for its processing are not carried out.

In order for the product to be cleaned easily, it is important that all the parts in contact with food are removable, so that they can be cleaned in the easiest way. Something that we must take into account, both in manual-type products and in electric models, since, after all, the danger of these models is the same.

It is also necessary that all the materials used are of quality, in order to facilitate the cleaning process of the product. In this case, the choice should be oriented towards products made of food-quality metal or plastic, which are the ones that preserve the least amount of remains and that make cleaning easier. We even have models that we can wash directly in the dishwasher without complications.

How to use a meat grinder

When we are assiduous in preparing dishes with minced meat, we always want to achieve a certain texture or amount of fat and the one we buy at the supermarket sometimes does not meet our expectations. For this reason, meat grinders are very useful to us, since in this way we ensure that we obtain true quality in the meat that we cook.

Choose the type of meat grinder

If you rarely use minced meat in your recipes, a manual meat grinder will be most suitable. Firstly because it is cheaper than electric ones and secondly because its mechanism for processing meat is quite simple. This machine incorporates a crank in its design that, when you turn it, moves a spiral shaft that pushes the meat towards the rotating blades, making the meat come out through its holes already minced through this process.

Electric meat grinders can process larger amounts of meat in minutes, so you can use them if you use meat in your recipes quite often. Its operation is somewhat similar to that of the manual mincer, but its big difference is that you do not have to generate the rotary movement, but rather it does it automatically when you start it up.

Always wash the chopper properly

When you use a meat grinder you are processing a protein whose remains can contain bacteria that seriously affect people’s health. For it is very important that the machine you use to process meat, whether manual or electric, can be easily cleaned.

After use, you must make sure to clean all its parts well. Preferably, its parts should be easily disassembled so that you can clean them individually. Even if you can put it in the dishwasher it would be fine. Use hot water when you go to clean the grinder.  

Keep safety in mind

Meat grinders use very sharp blades and discs to process, so care must be taken when using them. Electric mincers must have all their parts properly inserted so that their cover can protect you in the event of any inconvenience with the operation of the machine. The covers keep the discs and blades in place, so you want to make sure that they are properly inserted into the machine.

Do not force the meat grinder

Generally, these products can process a certain amount of meat. However, in order for our chopper to have a long service life, it should not be forced even if it is within its level. To do this, you must cut the meat you are going to mince into small pieces, either vegetables or any other food that the machine is capable of mincing.

Although the characteristics of the product indicate that it is designed for a certain amount of meat, try not to reach this limit in each use, much less exceed it. It’s also important that if the machine gets stuck, don’t force it to continue and make sure you thoroughly remove whatever has stopped it.

The most popular brands

More and more people prefer to bet on having a domestic meat grinder and knowing perfectly well the composition of the minced meat they consume. It is not surprising since prepared meats often do not have the proper quality and include external elements that are not very healthy. If you are also thinking of taking the leap, we offer you three top-level brands among which you can find your next mincer.

The French brand Moulinex has always been in an ocean of clouds and clears. Of course, for a long time they allowed it to be one of the benchmarks within the French appliance manufacturers.

And clouds that ended up being a harsh storm when the company had to cease operations and declare bankruptcy in 2001. During the almost 50 years of the company’s existence, it became the market leader in France and part of Europe, but the arrival of the asian competition

ica at low prices ended up taking the company ahead. However, the brand and a large part of its products are still for sale today thanks to the efforts of the SEB group. This group received the task of managing the brand once it was sold and is the one that currently markets its products, along with those of other brands such as Tefal or Rowenta.

Thanks to them we can continue to enjoy the company’s appliances and meat grinders, which offer traditional designs and more than enough power to prepare all kinds of products in a simple and compact format that hardly takes up any space in your kitchen.

If you are a fan of music equipment, especially high-end, you may be surprised to find Kenwood in this selection. But the truth is that this Japanese brand, which is indeed dedicated to audio products with lines of the highest quality that in no way envy the big names in the market, also has a really extensive line of kitchen appliances.

Best of all, the usual quality standards in its sound products have also been transferred to its electrical appliances, so we find products with high quality, studied and simple operation and that have first-class materials as befits the brand image.

And it is that this company maintains in its division of household appliances the same principles of quality and excellence that have made it a benchmark in the world of sound since its foundation back in 1946.

Therefore, it is not surprising that their meat grinders, despite being aimed at the domestic market, have the materials and designs of a professional product. And that their results have nothing to envy them. So if you are looking for a product with a guarantee, you already know where you can find it.

Within the wide range of products from this Dutch manufacturer there is a line of small home appliances that includes the same values ​​as the rest of its products: quality, safety and proper functioning. These principles are the same ones that were involved in the birth of the company at the end of the 19th century and were also the ones that allowed the company to get back on its feet after suffering the devastating effects of World War II.

During all these years the company has gone from manufacturing electronics and lighting products to expanding its operations to LED lighting, its latest innovation, image and sound products that have always been present, or small electrical appliances.

Among its meat grinders we have various models and proposals to choose from, ranging from the one included in the Daily Collection line, with an adjusted price and adequate functionality, to the most advanced and powerful models with the capacity to mince meat, ice and almost everything. what you need Just choose the model with the right power.

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Estos productos solían encontrarse entre los más recomendados, pero ahora ya no están disponibles

Philips HR2727/50 Picadora de carne

Ventaja principal:

Aunque es un producto pensado para el usuario doméstico por su calidad, capacidad y resistencia podría estar tranquilamente en cualquier carnicería abierta al público.

Desventaja principal:

El uso de la máquina requiere de cierto periodo de aprendizaje para obtener los grados de picado adecuado según tus preferencias, aunque el proceso es muy fácil e intuitivo.

Veredicto: 9.8/10

Si no quieres tener limitaciones a la hora de disponer de carne picada o preparar tus embutidos caseros, el modelo Philips HR2727/50 puede ser justo lo que necesitas. Un producto fabricado con materiales de alta calidad, de estilo profesional y con una capacidad de funcionamiento suficiente para que nunca te quedes a medias en tus preparaciones, para las que además cuentas con todos los accesorios necesarios.

Caracteristícas Principales Explicadas

Potencia y capacidad de picado

Para ofrecerte un funcionamiento continuo a la par que eficiente, este modelo cuenta con una potencia nominal de 1600 vatios en su motor. Esta potencia se traduce en una potencia en funcionamiento real de aproximadamente 600 vatios en funcionamiento. Una potencia que junto a su alta capacidad de alimentación permiten que esta máquina pueda picar en torno a los 2 kilos de carne por minuto, tanto en formato normal como en picado extrafino.

Esta capacidad de picado puede mantenerse fácilmente alimentada gracias a la tolva de carne, situada en la parte superior y que dispone de una buena capacidad para poder introducir toda la carne que necesites, incorporando un empujador que ayuda a aprovechar al máximo el funcionamiento de la máquina.

Para proteger el motor la máquina cuenta con un sistema de tornillo que se detiene en caso de atasco o sobrecalentamiento, de modo que tampoco tendrás que preocuparte por esta cuestión.

Opciones para el picado y accesorios

Puesto que no todas las preparaciones requieren del mismo grado de picado, el modelo  Philips HR2727/50 incorpora dos discos principales que te permiten elegir entre dos tipos de picado principal, más fino o más grueso.  El producto incorpora además los elementos necesarios para realizar diferentes preparaciones tales como embutidos, salchichas y otros formatos muy tradicionales.

Todos los accesorios están fabricados en el mismo material de alta calidad que preside el producto por lo que su uso es sencillo y su limpieza muy fácil.  Los discos se cambian con solo retirar la rueda de fijación quedando totalmente sujetos y pegados a la zona de corte, manera que no se introduzca carne entre ellos y los resultados sean siempre perfectos. Y como verás a continuación, cuando acabes de picar te resulta sencillo dejarlo todo perfecto.


Para fabricar este producto Philips ha tenido en cuenta la impo

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