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Bidets – Buying Guide, Opinions and Analysis in 2022

Bidets are a very practical product thanks to the task they perform. It should be noted that it is a container similar to a toilet but it includes a water current, as well as a drain and is designed to wash the perineal area when necessary. We present below some models, among which the Roca Debba A355994000 stands out, characterized by its measurements, which are suitable for a regular-sized bathroom. Likewise, we are talking about a robust product thanks to its weight of 3 kilograms. For its part, the Roca Victoria A355394170 model is made of porcelain and is available in pergamon.

Opinions on the best bidets

On this occasion we will talk about a product that fulfills a function similar to that of toilet paper. Well, it is a container generally made of porcelain that makes it easier for you to wash your private parts after using the toilet. It should be noted that in the market you can find a variety of models available so that you can acquire the one that best suits your needs. 

Rock Bidet

Roca Debba A355994000

If you want to know which is the best bidet available on the market, you should look at every detail of its structure. In this way, you could verify if the model that manages to attract your attention would be able to satisfy all your needs.

Next, we present the Debba A355994000 model sponsored by the Roca brand, which offers you a square format design, ideal for you to enjoy all the possible comfort when using it.

Likewise, its dimensions are 35.5 centimeters long, 54 centimeters wide and 40 centimeters high, therefore, we are talking about a compact model that also has a maximum weight of 36 kilograms, which is a robust rock bidet.

As for other additional dimensions, it should be noted that the height of the water intake is 18 centimeters, while the distance between the water intakes is 15 centimeters. Likewise, it has a special hole for the faucet.

If you want to know which bidet to buy, you should consider each of the details that a specific model can offer you to confirm if it really is the model you need for your bathroom. 


Design: The design available in this model has a square format that will provide you with comfort at all times.

Dimensions: The dimensions of the bidet are 40 centimeters high, 35.5 centimeters long and 54 centimeters wide. Therefore, it is able to adapt to standard bathrooms.

Robust: It is a robust bidet made with quality materials that make it resistant to each use.


Faucets: To mention a downside about this product, it is important that you know that the faucet is not included with your purchase, so you must purchase it separately.

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Victoria Rock Bidet

Victoria Rock A355394170

During the search for those special accessories to furnish your bathroom, you will surely be wondering which is the best bidet available on the market. To find out, you simply have to look at the most relevant characteristics of each model that catches your attention.

For its part, we present the Roca Victoria A355394170, a bidet that offers quality, thanks to its manufacturing material. Well, it should be noted that it is made with resistant and durable porcelain, capable of giving you a long useful life.

As for the size of this victoria rock bidet, it has dimensions of 54 x 42 x 37 centimeters, while its weight is only 8 kilograms. Best of all, you can carry out an easy and simple assembly process. Also, speaking of its design, it is available in a pergamon color and its shape is semi-oval, ideal for adapting to the decoration of your bathroom and providing you with a much more comfortable way of using it.

If you want to buy the best bidet of the moment, you must have the necessary information to choose among all the ones that are capable of satisfying your needs.


Dimensions: As for the size of this bidet, its dimensions are 54 x 42 x 37 centimeters. That is, they could be compatible with those in your bathroom.

Manufacturing: This bidet could offer you a long useful life thanks to its manufacturing material, which is resistant and durable porcelain.

Design: If you wish, you could put a lid on this bidet, giving your bathroom a much more hygienic appearance.


Cost: According to the models available in our list of recommendations, this bidet is one of the most expensive.

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Bide The Gap

Roca The Gap A357477000

Bidets have become a special accessory to place in the bathroom, because in this way you could have better control of your personal hygiene, since it is designed for you to wash your private parts properly. In this sense, among the best bidets of 2022 is the The Gap A357477000 model characterized by each of the details it offers.

Let’s start first by mentioning its design, because this The Gap bidet has a completely square shape, while its structure is completely white. Likewise, we are talking about an easy-to-assemble product considering that it is attached to the wall.

For its part, in terms of dimensions, these are 40 centimeters high, 35 centimeters long and 54 centimeters wide. Therefore, you can even easily manipulate it at the time of assembly. Also, it is important to mention that it has a hole for the tap.

Roca could be considered the best bidet brand. In this way, let’s see a summary of what your The Gap A357477000 model can offer you.


Dimensions: According to its manufacturer, the dimensions of this bidet are 54 x 40 x 35 centimeters, which could provide comfort.

Design: Its design is available in white and has a completely square structure. This style of bidet can go very well in bathrooms with a minimalist decoration.

Assembly: Regarding the assembly of this bidet, it should be noted that it is attached to the wall, therefore, it will not take you long to replace it or assemble it for the first time.


Lid: It should be noted that this bidet lacks the presence of a special lid to keep it completely closed while it is not being used.

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Bidet Gala

gala elia

When looking for toilets for your bathroom, you should consider those that are capable of offering you functionality and practicality at all times. In this way, we present you the best value for money bidet. It is the Gala brand with its imposing Elia model.

Among its main characteristics, the fact that it is a product with a classic design stands out, which, in addition to being functional, could guarantee the comfort you want with each use. Thus, you could wash your private parts without any inconvenience.

It is also available in white with an oval format that could easily match your bathroom environment, while its dimensions could easily fit a medium-sized bathroom.

As for its weight, it is 36 kilograms, which is a robust model. It should be noted that this gala bidet provides you with an easy assembly system so that you can put it into operation as soon as possible.

If you want to buy a quality, comfortable and resistant bidet, this model could be what you need. Now we will present a list of advantages and possible drawbacks that will help you to know it in detail.


Design: The design available in this Gap bidet is totally classic and attractive to anyone’s eyes.

Structure: It should be noted that the Gala brand has an oval-shaped bidet for you, while the structure is very resistant and of quality.

Practical: This bidet offers you the practicality you need to comfortably wash your intimate parts after using the toilet.


Accessories: When buying this model, consider the fact that this bidet is supplied without any special accessories.

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bathroom bidet

Corysan 905005

Among the cheap bidets available on the market you will find the 905005 model of the Corysan brand, it is a portable product, therefore, you can take it with you wherever you go, being able to maintain a good cleanliness of your private parts at all times.

For its part, this bathroom bidet is made of quality plastic, which means resistance and quality at all times, likewise, its use is very simple and practical, in addition to not allowing water to splash, the plug included in its design holds the water and then lets it go straight into the toilet. In this sense, you can always keep your bathroom clean.

As for its size, the measurements of this bidet are 38 x 41.5 x 14 centimeters. In addition, the manufacturer of this model comments that it is designed for the use of people who have a bathroom with tight dimensions.

This bidet is considered one of the cheapest models available on the market. However, it is a very practical and quality product.


Durability: On this occasion the Corysan brand offers you a bidet made of resistant and high-quality plastic.

Use: It should be noted that the use of this bidet is very easy to carry out, thanks to the cap that it includes. This prevents water from splashing, retains it and then expels it directly into the toilet.

Portable: For some users, the fact that this bidet is portable is very functional, since they can take it wherever they go.


Finish: The finishes of this bidet could be improved, according to the comments of some users. However, it is a product that could be efficient.

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Bidet Accessories

Bidet faucet

Hapilife XC0G

This single-lever bidet faucet is made of anti-corrosive cast brass, so we are talking about a high-quality product. Also available in a beautiful bright polished chrome color giving it a striking appearance that complements your bidet for a sleek aesthetic. For its part, it has a nozzle in all directions, therefore it is rotating and with a mobile joint.

It should be noted that this tap offers you a ceramic cartridge with ceramic discs included. These have been tested 500,000 times under a pressure of 1.6 Mpa, all in order to provide you with a resistant and quality product, which also avoids sudden dripping of water after a considerable time of use.

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Siphon for bidet

OMP 519225592

Among the different accessories that your bidet may need are siphons. In this sense, the OMP brand offers you a model characterized by its dimensions of 30 x 13 x 4.5 centimeters. Likewise, the tube is 250 millimeters long and can be adjusted in height for greater comfort.

It should be noted that, unlike other models, this bidet siphon is suitable for all types of bidets, which means practicality and functionality. In addition, it has a 6.5-centimeter rosette and is made of 100% brass. Best of all, you can purchase the siphon in a beautiful bronze color that will give your bidet a different touch.

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How to choose the best bidet?

The use of a bidet today is not so common, however there are still people who bet on it, being this a very important toilet to maintain a good cleanliness of your private parts after using the toilet. It should be noted that many models are available on the market with different characteristics that make them very special, as they are designed to meet different types of needs. That is why, when buying, you should choose the one that is capable of offering everything you need, taking into account every available detail in its structure and operation.

Shopping guide



When buying a good bidet for your bathroom, the type of material included during its manufacture greatly influences how much a specific model costs. However, it should be noted that the more durable the bidet, the better to be able to enjoy it for a long time without having to incur additional expenses in the future.

In the case of a special toilet for your bathroom, it is generally made of earthenware or porcelain, since it is a material capable of guaranteeing the duration that a product of this type should have.

There are even plastic bidets, which are models capable of being attached to your toilet easily. These also offer you the necessary durability to avoid unnecessary expenses in the future.

For their part, the elements that complement a bidet, such as the faucet and drain hoses, must also be designed to withstand the water pressure that could be generated by use. Therefore, it must be taken into account that these are robust.


For housewives or even those people who are very demanding with the type of decoration available in every corner of their home, the color of the sanitaryware in their bathroom will always be a very important feature.

If this is your case, you should look for a model that is capable of combining with the rest of the toilets available in your bathroom. However, the most common color is usually white as it conveys a considerable level of neatness and cleanliness. Although the demand for colors in the market is broader than you imagine, there is each model for each type of person according to their color preferences. Thus, do not let this feature go unnoticed.



During the realization of a guide to buy the best bidet, some details must be taken into account before the purchase. However, some are more important than others. In this sense, the size of the bidet will play a fundamental role at the time of its assembly. Well, you should consider the dimensions of your bathroom to be able to decide on a specific model that fits perfectly in the place you prefer.

In the market there are from the smallest and simplest models to the largest and most sophisticated. Therefore, you will have to choose yours according to your requirements and based on the size of the bathroom.

It should be noted that this product generally does not seek to occupy much space in the area where you decide to position it. On the contrary, always try to give your bathroom a much more functional aspect, being able to carry out a proper cleaning of your private parts in the most comfortable way possible.

On the other hand, you must take into account that bidets are generally small, so if you are remodeling your home and looking to expand each available area in it, some models are sold that are designed to match the toilet to combine harmonious way.

types of bidet

As you make a comparison of bidets available on the market, you should also take into account what type you need for your bathroom, taking into account that there are varieties, including those that go directly to the floor and those that are attached to the wall..

In this sense, floor bidets have their water connections fully visible, because there is a proportional space between the wall and said product. Likewise, the siphon is also just behind the bidet.

On the other hand, the suspended bidets, that is, those that are attached to the wall, have water inlet connections as well as drainage that go right inside the body of the bidet. This type even supposes a much more comfortable and adequate level of cleaning when it is necessary to carry out the corresponding maintenance in the bathroom. Our recommendation is that you seek to acquire a model that is economical, but practical and functional at the same time.

Frequently asked questions

Q1: How to remove a bidet?

To disassemble the bidet present in your bathroom, you must first close the general water faucet available in your home, after that, proceed to open a faucet to release the pressure available in the pipes. Now, continue removing the hoses that hold the tap and then cover the pipes with two female brass caps with measurements appropriate to the size of the holes. It’s not long now, because it will be time to unscrew the drain valve using a special wrench for such an action. In this way, you will be able to comfortably disassemble the bidet and then place the corresponding PVC cap on the pipe.

Q2: How to change bidet faucet?

If you want to change the faucet of your bidet, you must start by screwing the hose into the female thread that comes right at the base of the faucet. Then screw the stem and then place the ideal rubber gasket to avoid the use of silicone in said tap. Now, it will be time to pass the hoses through the hole and place the tap on the surface of the bidet. To be able to fix it, place the rubber gasket that surely includes the product in the shape of a horseshoe together with the metal washer that has the same shape. In this way, all that remains is to place the clamping nut on the screw to prevent the tap from moving and then tighten it. Only after you have finished, you can open the stopcock to check that everything is in perfect condition.

Q3: How to unclog a bidet?

If your bidet is clogged you will have to carry out some very simple steps to end the problem. First you will have to make the level of water available in it disappear. Then, when the drain is dry, proceed to pour half a glass of baking soda accompanied by a glass of vinegar. Now, let this effervescent mixture rest for at least 20 minutes, so that it takes effect. Once the 20 minutes have passed, add several liters of hot water mixed with salt, always ensuring that it falls just below the toilet bowl and that’s it. Now you can enjoy your bidet again. In case the problem persists, you can try this method several times until you achieve your goal.

Q4: Where to throw a bidet?

This is a question that many people often ask themselves after disassembling the available bidet in their bathroom. The most advisable thing is to take it to a recycling center available in your city, although you could also choose to leave the bidet in the street so that the garbage service picks it up, however, some people comment that this act is not very civil and you could risk being fined. Another option could also be the fact of paying for a home service, where experts on the subject can visit your home, disassemble the bidet and then take it to the appropriate place without causing you any inconvenience.

Q5: How to repair the enamel of the bidet?

With the passage of time, the available toilets lose both their color and the enamel that makes them shiny and in perfect condition. If your bidet requires an enamel touch-up, you must first clean its entire surface, managing to remove any type of dirt available on it. Then, with the help of a brush, a small brush or some similar instrument, you will have to apply a thin layer of ceramic restorer just on the damaged area. Now, let the restorer act for at least 10 minutes and that’s it. It will already look like a fully glazed bidet that could enhance the look of your bathroom.

Q6: How to change a bidet?

The first thing you will have to do is remove the old bidet, but not before closing the stopcock to avoid an uncontrollable water leak. Then present the new bidet in the space where you are going to mount it and with new screws and dowels, proceed to fix it on the floor. Now, just replace the drain hoses and all those accessories included in the bidet you purchased and that’s it. You can now begin to use it comfortably and appropriately.

Q7: Can the toilet be used as a bidet?

Of course you could use the toilet as a bidet, as it should be noted that there are some special models on the market to adapt them to the toilet, so that you can carry out the hygiene of your private parts whenever you want comfortably.

Q8: What is the bidet for?

The bidet is a container that includes running water and drainage, which is specially designed so that you can maintain excellent personal hygiene, specifically, we must say that with this type of device you can wash your private parts after using the toilet or on any occasion that you think necessary.

How to use a bidet

The bidet has always been very practical for those who enjoy keeping their private parts clean after using the toilet. However, today people prefer to use the shower or bathtub available in their bathroom. In this case, if you have chosen to buy a bidet for your home, you must use it properly to avoid inconveniences. Therefore, we invite you below to read our recommendations to use this product in the most correct and appropriate way possible.

Sit properly on the bidet

There are two ways to sit on the bidet properly, everything will depend on the area you want to wash. In this sense, you could sit facing the faucet, in this way you would have total control of the water that you will need to clean your private parts. You could even enjoy a considerable level of comfort, since it would be easy for you to control the output of hot and cold water.

You could also sit in the opposite direction, that is, just as you sit on the toilet. Likewise, everything is a matter of taste and how you can feel more comfortable.

Clean your private parts

After you are properly accommodated in the bidet, proceed to wash your intimate parts, but not before regulating both the temperature and the force of the water outlet. To do this, with the help of the tap, start turning the hot water handle and the cold water handle at the same time until you achieve a suitable and pleasant temperature for the liquid so that it does not cause you any discomfort.

Try to be very careful when making way for the water to come out, since sometimes it tends to come out with too much force and if it is water at a very hot temperature it could cause burns, not forgetting to mention that you will experience a unpleasant moment.

It should be noted that before using the bidet you could choose to use toilet paper to facilitate the washing task, then with the help of your hands you could continue using soap and water until the entire area you need is completely clean.

Rinse the bidet after each use

After having used the bidet, it will be time to rinse it and leave it clean for its next use. You can open the faucet allowing water to come out with little pressure for a couple of seconds, all in order to carry out the total rinsing of the cup. To finish, make sure to turn off the water well, so that the vital liquid is not wasted due to carelessness.

Wash your hands before leaving the bathroom

Finally, it would be appropriate that you can wash your hands just before leaving the bathroom, because considering that you have used them to clean your private parts, it would be best to rinse them with plenty of soap and water to avoid germs and the different diseases that you could contract. because of these. Finally, dry them and voila.

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