The best bioethanol fireplaces

Bioethanol fireplaces – Buying Guide and Comparison in 2022

Bioethanol fireplaces are the best option for those who want an ecological type of heating in their homes, since their fuel is completely organic and does not produce smoke or ash. For those who are not familiar with this technology, but want to purchase such a product, you need to know that there are many models with distinctive specifications. If you want a fireplace with an elegant, robust, resistant and spacious design, then DF-shopping Celin Deluxe is an option that you cannot ignore, since it also has a high level of adjustable power. In this way, you can adapt its operation according to your needs. Likewise, you can bet on a model with sustainable combustion such as the Klarstein GDW24-90400-hant, whose heating power per load lasts for two hours. In addition, it has a resistant and safe structure, built in stainless steel with a double glass screen.



Opinions on the best bioethanol fireplaces

Acquiring a bioethanol fireplace requires prior verification of the existing models on the current market. Remember that each of them has a different format, functions and aesthetics, and it is recommended that these specifications be adapted to the environment where you plan to mount them. In order to guide you, we have selected five products that lead the shopping lists. In the following section you will find detailed information about each one.

DF-shopping Celin Deluxe

On this occasion, DF-shopping presents us with a heating equipment that, due to its outstanding performance, resistant casing and elegant design, could easily be the best bioethanol fireplace.

This is a wall model that weighs 10 kilograms and has a rectangular format of 110 x 40 x 15 centimeters, thus referring to its width, height and depth. The structure has a metal powder coating and the pair of burners it incorporates are made of stainless steel.

On the other hand, we have that its nominal working power generates an electrical consumption of 3.5 kilowatts, which you can regulate according to your needs of use. It is also important to refer to the incorporation of gel and ethanol in the purchase package. It is a fuel of organic origin necessary for the operation of this type of equipment. So you can start enjoying the heater from the first day.

There are many heating equipment on the market, but not all of them combine resistance, lightness and adequate power like this model, which is also considered the best bioethanol fireplace of the moment.


Dimensions: This model of bioethanol fireplaces has a rectangular format that is easy to place, with width, height and depth measurements of 110 x 40 x 15 centimeters.

Weight: The structure has a weight of 10 kilograms, being suitable to be hung on any vertical surface with total comfort.

Power: The maximum work force acquired by the device requires an electrical consumption of 3.5 kilowatts, thus offering adequate power that you can regulate.

Resistance: The manufacturer used stainless metal to make the product, so it is a resistant, durable fireplace with great stability when assembled.


Burners: One of the buyers has had complications when turning off the burners, since the mechanism is a bit difficult to manipulate.

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Klarstein GDW24-90400-hant

With the purchase of this fireplace you will not only calm the cold, but you will incorporate a decorative element into any of the rooms of your home that everyone will notice when entering. In addition, thanks to its colorful flame, you will create a cozy atmosphere to enjoy alone or accompanied.

The structure has been made of stainless steel, which resists the high temperatures generated after the fireplace starts up, while the double front glass prevents direct contact with the generated flame. Regarding its size, it has a width, height, and depth format of 63 x 52 x 22 centimeters, which allows easy handling when mounting the equipment on the wall.

On the other hand, the tank with a capacity for eight liters of bioethanol stands out, which is the fuel of natural origin used in this model, whose use results in an emission of water vapour, harmless to humans.

Next, know the pros and cons of this fireplace with a sustainable burning system.


Poker: You can put out the fire without fear of skin burns, due to the built-in poker.

Fuel: The combustion process does not generate emissions, since it uses bioethanol, which is an alcohol of natural origin.

Manufacturing: You will enjoy a durable and resistant structure, thanks to its stainless steel construction.

Funnel: By incorporating a funnel, it is possible to pour the bioethanol directly into the tank, without fear of wasting a single drop.


Instruction manual: An instruction manual in Spanish is missing, to clarify any doubts about the equipment.

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InterWorld24 111119

This is a bioethanol fireplace with a rectangular design and defined finishes, whose structure has been built in robust stainless steel and treated with a special powder coating, which gives the surface a higher level of resistance to both impacts and high temperatures. Also, this special coating prevents color loss and maintains the shine on the surface.

On the other hand, we have the issue of assembly, which is a simple task, because you will only have to place the spacers included in the package on the back. In this way, it is possible to proceed to hang the fireplace on any wall.

In addition, this 3.5-kilowatt power unit uses bioethanol, a natural-type fuel that does not generate toxic emissions or ash. For this reason, its use is recommended for closed spaces, since it does not threaten the respiratory health of people.

This is a fireplace with positive details and other less flattering ones, which you will be able to know right away.


Powder Coating: The applied coating protects the surface from impact and heat damage.

Assembly: To facilitate the assembly process, a set of spacers is included for fixing the fireplace to the wall.

Fuel: You will not have to immediately invest in fuel, because six cans are incorporated.

Fire: The fire in the fireplace does not produce emissions or ashes, so you can use it in any room.


Front panel: Although the front panel can be changed, you should know that no spare parts are included in this package.

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Dekafire Riviera

The bioethanol fireplaces designed, developed and marketed by Dekafire are very popular among users, who comment positively on the different purchase portals on the high quality standards applied to each of the products.

This is a wall or floor model that combines elegance, simplicity and strength. Its stainless steel casing has dimensions width, height, depth of 60 x 42 x 21 centimeters and weighs seven kilograms.

In addition, taking into account its constant exposure to high temperatures, the manufacturer incorporated a layer of metal powder paint on the structure. Its method of operation is instinctive, being necessary only to recharge the bioethanol fuel and light its three flames.

Additionally, you will find in the purchase package some mounting screws, a fire extinguisher and an instruction manual with detailed information, so that you can clarify any questions you may have.

Riviera is a model of bioethanol fireplaces with the Dekafire quality seal, which offers you a design with elegant aesthetics, a compact structure and an instinctive assembly.


Design: The elegance of its black structure and quality finishes provide a distinctive touch to the spaces in your home.

Dimensions: The format of the structure is compact and robust, thus having width, height, and depth measurements of 60 x 42 x 21 centimeters.

Weight: This is a bioethanol fireplace that, despite being made of steel, has a light weight of seven kilograms, which you can easily manipulate.

Accessories: With the purchase of the fireplace you will receive bioethanol fuel, some assembly tools and a flame damper.


Safety: According to one of the buyers, it would be nice to have a protection screen in the flame area.

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This model patented by PURLINE could be one of the main options on your shopping list, since it is the best value for money bioethanol fireplace, as well as one of the cheapest.

High-end materials were used for this product, such as stainless steel for its body and tempered glass for the central cylinder, thus guaranteeing an adequate level of resistance to high temperatures and humidity.

The format is 22 x 22 x 19.5 centimeters and the weight does not exceed two kilograms. It is then a compact, lightweight heating equipment capable of offering a long service life. In addition, it has a minimalist style table design, which adapts to any space both inside and outside your home.

It is important to mention that the manufacturer included a metal flame damper and an instruction manual with all the steps for the assembly, operation and care of the device.

With this bioethanol fireplace you will have at your disposal a product made with high-end raw materials and easy to handle. But in addition, you will be taking home one of the cheapest on the market.


Resistance: For the elaboration of this model, stainless steel and tempered glass were used, thus being two highly resistant materials.

Weight: It is one of the lightest bioethanol fireplaces that you will find in this list, which with only two kilograms of weight you can move comfortably.

Dimensions: The structure of this model has been made in a format of 22 x 19.5 x 22 centimeters. These are compact measures that will allow you to place it on any surface.

Accessories: The manufacturer included a practical and safe metallic flame damper in the purchase package.


Glass: More than a complaint, it is a clarification by a user, who commented that the glass of the fireplace does not have a replacement available on the market.

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Guide to buying a bioethanol fireplace

Among the different domestic and even commercial heating options that exist, bioethanol fireplaces are being increasingly sought after by users for a simple reason: they are more respectful of the environment and save money by making better use of fuel. If you want to buy one, here we present various features to consider when choosing, grouped in a guide to buying the best bioethanol fireplace.

Shopping guide

Dimensions and weight

In any comparison of bioethanol fireplaces, you will notice that the dimensions and weight of the fireplace are always taken into consideration. This is greatly influenced by the space where you will place it, which you should previously identify in order to make a correspondence with the model that interests you.

Thus, there are no specific recommended dimensions, since the needs vary. Sometimes, the objective when purchasing the fireplace is also to use it as a decorative element, so that some are interested in having a considerable size, while in other cases, a more discreet but well-functioning fireplace is desirable.

Also, you should know that a large fireplace does not necessarily mean that it will heat a larger space or that it will have a higher power. As for the weight, the general recommendation is that it be as light as possible, as this facilitates the handling of the equipment in general.

electrical consumption

Some models of bioethanol fireplaces have an electric mechanism that complements their operation or that simply helps in the lighting process. In any case, it is convenient that you verify what is the level of electrical consumption that it makes, so that you know how expensive the electrical service can be once you start using the fireplace. We cannot say a specific range of estimated consumption, but try to choose the model that makes less use, especially if it belongs to an energy classification such as A, A +, A ++ or even A +++.

Structure Materials

Being a device that generates heat, it must have a structure that is as resistant as possible to carry out proper operation. In this sense, the materials of the structure are what will determine this factor, in addition to how much a certain fireplace costs. He prefers models that have a stainless steel structure or another similar metal, knowing that the important thing is that it is a robust raw material. Sometimes, some designs have a transparent body and its structure is made of tempered glass, so the design also influences the use of one or another material.


The aspect of the fireplace is another feature that you cannot leave out. Generally, the designs are elegant, with polished finishes, very realistic flame screens, neutral colors such as black or otherwise transparent in appearance. In any of the cases, the choice should be made not only according to your favorite colors, but also according to the decoration of the place where the equipment will be installed.

Installation method and instructions

The foregoing leads us to consider another factor as fundamental as the installation mode. A bioethanol fireplace can be good and cheap but if it does not have a practical installation mechanism it can leave a bad experience. Therefore, look at how the installation process of that model that interests you is carried out and proceed to assess it based on it.

Additionally, if the manufacturer adds a detailed instruction manual with the steps to follow to assemble the fireplace, this will be another plus point. Also, beyond the ease of the process, there are models that can be placed on a table, on a wall or on the floor, so inquire about this to find out if the model you are interested in can be installed in the way you expect.


Related to the above, there are manufacturers that add various accessories to the purchase to improve the user experience. Among them is a certain amount of fuel, in order to start using the fireplace as soon as you receive it. In other cases, components such as screws and nuts are added to complete the installation, as well as some stones and other decorative objects.


You cannot fail to evaluate if the model you are interested in allows temperature regulation. This is of great importance, since it greatly influences the degree of air conditioning that you can have in a certain space. Remember that you don’t always want the same heating level, so your fireplace should allow you to choose the most favorable temperature for each day or time.

Frequently asked questions

Q1: What does a bioethanol fireplace consume?

Bioethanol fireplaces consume bioalcohol burners, unlike traditional fireplaces that work with coal or wood. These fireplaces are made of steel and do not store heat, so your combustion system cools as soon as the burner is turned off.

Ethanol or alcohol is obtained from the fermentation of sugars in large amounts of vegetables, which allows its application as fuel. Sugary or starchy substances are obtained from sugar cane, beets, grapes, molasses or potatoes.

Q2: Are bioethanol fireplaces safe?

Bioethanol fireplaces require some ventilation and certain safety precautions because bioethanol is a highly flammable product and can be dangerous if not stored properly in a closed and ventilated space, since it can ignite if a surface is hot.

Bioethanol fireplaces can only be filled again when the flame is extinguished and everything has cooled down. Unlike gas fireplaces whose installation requires an authorized specialist, bioethanol fireplaces do not present any type of danger in their installation.

Q3: Which is better, a bioethanol or electric fireplace?

The alternatives for customers who are looking for heating in their homes and who are also aware of caring for the environment are bioethanol and electric fireplaces. Knowing the characteristics of these two models will allow you to know which one is better for your home. The bioethanol ones do not pollute when burned, they do not need smoke outlet and their fuel is cleaner than firewood, in addition it does not produce soot or dirt.

However, electric ones are safer than bioethanol ones because they do not need fuel, whose storage becomes very risky because it is highly flammable. The electric ones also do not need ventilation and the energy consumption is lower, therefore the costs are lower. But the most recommended is to opt for the fireplace that best suits what you are looking for.

Q4: What is the benefit of the double sided bio ethanol fireplace?

The double-sided fireplaces are designed to be built into the walls, they have a combustion chamber and protective glass. The benefit of this model is that it serves to separate spaces and have fire on both sides. They are perfect equipment as a decorative element to separate environments, because they allow the fire to be viewed from two different areas of the house. These double-sided fireplaces have been widely accepted in the market due to their dual functionality.

Q5: Does the bioethanol fireplace heat?

Bioethanol fireplaces only heat the space in which they are located, such as living rooms or bedrooms. Bioethanol has a high calorific value inside the room where it is in operation, so it is not lost anywhere and is preferred by customers because it optimizes fuel to the maximum.

The main advantage of bioethanol fireplaces compared to traditional wood-burning fireplaces is that they allow spaces to be heated without the need for smoke outlets and their size is small compared to traditional fireplaces. So if you have a small house, it is recommended that you choose a bioethanol fireplace.

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So that you can acquire a heating equipment of good quality, pleasant aesthetics and instinctive operation, you only have to base your selection on the best bioethanol fireplaces of 2022. An example of this is this wall model belonging to the GLOBMETAL house.

Its structure has dimensions of 58 x 12 x 49 centimeters and weighs only eight kilograms, which you can handle with total comfort. In addition, due to its rectangular format and robust casing, you can vary its installation by using it as a floor heater. Of course, this will depend on your taste when decorating and the space you have available for the assembly.

Another specification of interest is its adjustable power to a maximum of 2.5 kilowatts, capable of heating a room no larger than 25 square meters. We cannot fail to mention the extra elements incorporated, such as a liter of bioethanol fuel, funnel, adjustment handle, decorative type stones and aromatherapy set.

For those who want to acquire the best brand of bioethanol fireplaces, they should review this model made by the Polish company GLOBMETAL. Its compact format offers great lightness, so you can move it comfortably. In addition, its mounting on the wall is fast and safe.


Dimensions: The format of this product adapts to any space, since its dimensions are 58 x 12 x 49 centimeters.

Weight: The fireplace has a weight of eight kilograms, being a light structure that you can mobilize with great ease and comfort.

Accessories: The manufacturer incorporated several accessories for the combustion, manipulation and decoration of the fireplace.

Power: With this model of fireplaces you can enjoy a maximum power of 2.5 kilowatts, recommended for spaces of up to 25 square meters.


Strength: According to one of the customers, the structure of the fireplace has a flimsy appearance. However, this may be a variable perception.

oneConcept Phantasma Curve

If you want to know which is the best bioethanol fireplace, all you have to do is check the oneConcept home sales catalogue. This manufacturer has a long history, to which is added a solid reputation due to the high quality standards used in each of its designs.

The Phantasma Curve model, which is being introduced to the market this time, has a black stainless steel structure, a 70 x 48 x 14 centimeter format, a weight of 8.2 kilograms, a glass protection screen and an elegant aesthetic that It adapts to any space in your home.

In the purchase package you will find some tools to help you make the assembly quickly and easily, such as a set of stainless screws, support and metal grip hooks. With the help of these accessories, you can use the structure as a wall or floor fireplace, depending on your taste.

The oneConcept Phantasma Curve model has arrived on the market to answer your questions about which bioethanol fireplace to buy. If you want to know more about its design, you just have to review its pros and cons below.


Dimensions: The fireplace has a compact structure with dimensions width, height, depth of 70 x 48 x 14 centimeters.

Weight: Its weight of 8.2 kilograms will not represent a problem when moving the structure to install it.

Resistance: Due to its robust stainless steel construction, you will enjoy a fireplace with a high level of stability, resistance and durability.

Accessories: The manufacturer incorporated some parts such as a set of screws, support and grab hooks, thus facilitating the assembly of the fireplace.


Instruction manual: The instruction manual has been printed in German and translated into English. However, users miss a Spanish version.

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