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Blanket – Opinions, Analysis and Buying Guide in 2022

On cold days or for trips, it is necessary to have a blanket that serves to warm up and protect the limbs from low temperatures, keep warm and have a good rest. There are many blanket models, but to make an adequate selection it is necessary to look for quality attributes that are present in some alternatives. For example, the Medisana HDW 60227 is an electric blanket that is equipped with four temperature levels, which can be selected via a control. Another of these models is the Original Gift 170 x 130, a blanket that stands out for being comfortable, soft and functional to protect from the cold thanks to its materials.

Opinions on the best blankets on the market

With a blanket you can enjoy an afternoon on the sofa, being a suitable insulator to protect from the cold. It is also an alternative to wrap up at night and some options may even be convenient to relieve muscle pain. Next, we will review the properties and attributes of the models that are usually recommended by the user community for being of quality.

electric blanket

Medisana HDW 60227

There are many models, but few are considered the best blanket on the market, this Medisana alternative being one of them. It is an electric blanket that is equipped with four temperature levels that are controlled through a remote control, with an LED light indicator.

In addition, it has a safety mechanism that prevents overheating and accidents from occurring, so after three hours of continuous use it turns off automatically. It has a fast heating system because it works with 120 volts.

As for its materials, it is made with soft fabrics, specifically Oeko fabric, which stands out for being comfortable and breathable. On the other hand, this model is an alternative that can be machine washed up to 30Cº, because it has a removable switch. It is available in brown and its dimensions are 180 cm by 130 cm, while its weight is a light 1.8 kilos.

Some models are good, but this one is considered by many users as the best blanket of the moment. Learn more about its attributes.


Dimensions: This blanket is wide, it has dimensions of 180 cm long, by 130 cm wide.

Function: It is more than just a traditional blanket because it has a thermal function with four heat levels.

Materials: It is made with quality materials in Oeko fabric, which is resistant and soft.

Safety: To prevent accidents, this electric blanket has an automatic shutdown.


Temperature: According to the opinion of some users, the temperature is only felt in the center of the structure.

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personalized blanket

Original Gift 170 x 130 cm

Gift Original markets one of the models that is frequently included in all lists of the best blankets of 2022, for having high-end attributes that improve the warm experience, protecting the body from the cold.

The model is spacious, suitable for a double bed or for two people, because its dimensions are 170 cm long by 130 cm wide. It is made with high-grade quality and resistance materials, with a soft and comfortable fabric that is pleasant on contact with the skin, giving an immediate sensation of warmth.

In addition, it is a personalized blanket, so according to the preferences of each user, a name, a photograph or an animated figure can be stamped on the blanket, so it is versatile and serves as a detail or special gift. The details and seams are carefully worked, just like the photo.

With the number of manufacturers in the market, it is necessary to select the ones with experience, with Original Gift being a strong competitor to be the best brand of blankets. Here the details of your model.


Materials: The blanket is made with quality and resistant materials, being comfortable and suitable for warmth.

Size: It is large, since it has dimensions of 170 cm long, by 130 cm wide.

Personalized: Unlike conventional models, it can be personalized with a photo.

Details: Each one of the details, as well as the seams and finishes have been worked with delicacy.


Softness: For some users the blanket is not so soft because it is not made of fleece fabric.

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sofa blanket

Reversible Bedsure

This model with reversible qualities could meet your expectations if you need a blanket to be used comfortably on both sides.

In this sense, it has microfiber polyester with a velvety touch of great softness on its upper face and fluffy sherpa plush of great warmth on its inner side; allowing you to bundle up comfortably on winter days.

Thanks to its lightness and comfort you can give it different uses, such as easily taking it on a trip; either by plane or on the road. You can also use it as a sofa blanket to snuggle up to watch TV or read a book, to dress your bed with elegance. Or, if you have pets at home, you could provide them with extra heat.

On the other hand, given the quality of its materials, it is a blanket resistant to discoloration and stains. In addition, it offers first-class finishes in its seams.

It is a versatile blanket that provides maximum comfort and warmth. We invite you to know its most outstanding aspects.


Finishes: Its construction offers you excellent finishes on both sides, so you will have a blanket with a long useful life.

Sizes and colors: It is available in two sizes, 150 x 200 cm and 220 x 240 cm. Likewise, you have a wide range of colors to choose from.

Versatility: The useful to dress your bed, cover a sofa, take on a trip, keep your pet warm and use it in winter.


Storage: The inclusion of a zippered bag for storage and transport would be appreciated.

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fleece blanket

Beautissu XXL

For those who are in search of the best value for money blanket, they should consider this Beautissu alternative among their options, which is among the cheapest, because it has a competitive cost. This fleece blanket is made of microfiber, with fleece lining, with polyester and is available in various colors. Its properties are light, so it is portable.

Meanwhile, its dimensions are 150 cm wide by 200 cm long, its material is moldable and soft, so that it can be folded to be carried comfortably to protect from the cold anywhere, and its weight makes it more portable when be less than a kilo.

In addition, it can be machine washed up to 30°C. In relation to its quality, the blanket has an ecological seal of Oeko-Tex Standard 100 fabrics that guarantees its durability. Due to its dimensions it is suitable for the bed, sofa or travel.

Some options are competitively priced, with this model being one of the cheapest alternatives on the market. Know its pros and cons.


Size: It is a large blanket, 150 cm wide by 200 cm long.

Portability: Because it is light and manageable, it can be taken from one place to another, even on plane or bus trips.

Manufacturing: It is made of soft and resistant materials, such as polyester fleece, with a delicate feel.

Maintenance: Due to its materials, it is suitable for machine washing and it dries quickly.


Color: Some users have expressed their disagreement with the color, assuring that it is not the same as the one promoted.

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crochet blanket

IHC Wool

Recommended for those looking for dynamism, versatility and color, this may be the right alternative because it is not a black blanket but quite the opposite, as it is a crochet or hand-woven blanket with high quality standards and careful details.

The entire surface of this blanket has been made by hand, with delicate fabrics and reinforced at the seams, being a functional craft to protect from the cold in low temperatures. It has an eye-catching flower stitch design.

In addition, it is made with high quality materials and resistance in cotton and dense wool. Due to its dimensions, it is considered an individual blanket, since its size is 110 cm long by 110 cm wide, being an alternative to use on the sofa, bed and to take on a trip, because it is light. Also, it serves as a decorative piece for the home, to place on tables and furniture.

To select a suitable alternative, it is wise to know its positive and negative details. Check what this model offers.


Size: It has dimensions of 110 cm long by 110 cm wide, so it is compact.

Functionality: It can be used as a decorative element on the sofa, furniture or to cover from the cold, as well as to take on trips.

Materials: Its surface is made with materials of a high degree of quality and resistance, in genuine wool.

Manufacturing: It has been manufactured by hand with a flower stitch design, which represents a good level of quality.


Heat: Some users consider that it can produce a high thermal sensation, giving extreme heat.

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crochet blanket


This crochet blanket from the manufacturer Miguor is frequently considered among the best on the market for being made with high-quality and resistant materials, as well as careful and detailed preparation.

It is a blanket of cotton threads that has been woven by hand in a country style, being a functional craft to protect from the cold and decorate the spaces of the house, either on the sofa, as a quilt on the bed, or on a piece of furniture..

It has dimensions of 150 cm long by 99 cm wide, making it small and compact. Its fabric is soft and due to its properties it should only be washed by hand so that the embroidery does not get damaged. Similarly, when not in use, it should be stored in a bag to prevent dust accumulation. Its design is a mix of colors with a daisy pattern.

MIGUOR wool is a considered quality blanket alternative that is worth getting to know in depth. Here its pros and cons.


Design: The model has a colorful design, with a cream-tone background and blue, yellow and orange colors, with a daisy pattern.

Size: It has a compact and small size, 150 cm long by 100 cm wide.

Materials: The blanket is made of resistant materials, with cashmere wool threads.

Preparation: Its preparation is careful and detailed, handmade with high quality standards.


Washing: Some users have had problems with embroidery after washing.

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robe blanket

ZOLLNER Microfiber

If you are looking for a blanket robe, then you have come to the right alternative, because the manufacturer Zollner presents one of the most versatile blanket models on the market, which is as warm as a blanket, but looks like a robe. Its dimensions are 200 cm long by 170 cm wide, so it is a universal size and can be used to wrap the body in warm temperatures.

It has an elegant design and is available in several neutral colors such as cyan blue, beige, burgundy red, lavender, among others. It includes a pocket to store the TV remote control, mobile phone, tablet or any other item you want to have close at hand.

This model is made with resistant and soft materials, using 100% microfiber coral with a texture that is pleasant to the touch. It can be machine washed and tumble dried without compromising its structure.

Before making a purchase decision, it is recommended to learn a little more about the models of interest, such as this option in the form of a gown.


Colors: It is available in various colors such as beige, burgundy red, cyan blue, platinum gray and lavender.

Dimensions: It is a universal size, with dimensions of 170 cm wide, by 200 cm long.

Manufacturing: It is made with high quality materials, with soft microfiber fabrics.

Design: It has a robe-style design and includes a pocket on the front to store controls, keys, among others.


Long: Some users consider that the gown is very long and can be dangerous when walking.

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Ikea blanket

ikea gurli

With a light weight of only 621 grams, this Ikea blanket model is one of the frequent recommendations for those looking for quality at a good price. This is a single bed blanket that is available in a wide variety of colors including black and white.

It has a practical and minimalist style, being a decorative piece for the sofa or bed with properties that warm the body on cold days. It is made of high quality and resistant materials, 70% polyacrylic and the remaining 30% polyester, so it is soft to the touch.

Its dimensions are 180 cm long by 120 cm wide, being an individual blanket. Plus, it can be machine washed on a delicate cycle. Similarly, its materials are suitable for being introduced to the heat of the drying machine.

Before buying in a hurry, you need to know the pros and cons of this model marketed by Ikea.


Washing: Due to its robust construction, it can be machine washed on a delicate cycle and dried in the dryer.

Size: It is individual size, with dimensions of 120 cm wide by 180 cm long.

Materials: It is made with raw materials such as polyacrylic and polyester, being resistant.

Design: It has a simple and practical design for bed or sofa that is available in various colors.


Texture: Some people claim that the fabrics of this blanket are not soft to the touch.

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Wool blanket

Alpenwolle 135 x 200 cm

A wool blanket is a suitable alternative to protect yourself from the cold on winter days and this Alpenwolle model is one of the favorites of the user community, so you should consider it among your options. This bed blanket is made with quality raw materials, with 20% genuine alpaca wool and 80% merino wool and bamboo, making it a 100% natural alternative.

The German-made model has a standard surface of 135 cm wide by 200 cm long and is available in brown. For its manufacture, no dyes have been used and it is recommended for people with pathologies such as rheumatism and allergies.

Because of its lightweight properties, it can be carried from one place to another and is suitable for machine washing. In addition, it is efficient in conserving heat and has a soft touch feeling.

Some models stand out from the rest for being made with quality materials. Learn more about this alternative.


Size: It has a standard size for a single bed of 135 cm wide, by 200 cm long.

Design: It has a simple and conventional design that is available in brown, free of dyes.

Manufacturing: It is made with natural materials, including genuine alpaca wool and merino wool.

Function: It emits a pleasant thermal sensation of warmth, being appropriate for cold days.


Smell: Being made of natural wool, it gives off a particular smell that makes some people uncomfortable.

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How to choose the best blankets?

Blankets are suitable elements to keep warm on cold days and nights, maintaining the body’s warm temperature. According to different factors, they can be more or less adequate due to their portability and thermal quality, hence it is prudent to analyze their attributes so that the purchase is efficient. For this reason, we present a guide to buying the best blanket on the market, where we explain the characteristics that you should look for in these blankets.

Shopping guide

Raw material

If before making a decision you want to know how much a blanket costs, then it is recommended to do an analysis of the raw material that the manufacturer incorporated to make the piece, since this will be an indication of its value. There are all kinds of blanket materials on the market. However, it is recommended to select models that are made with fabrics with thermal properties and a high degree of quality and resistance.

In this way, not only will a blanket be acquired that covers and protects from the cold, but it will also be comfortable and soft to the touch, for a more pleasant sensation, which in the end will be an advantage for rest time. Among the manufacturing materials, the most common are fleece fabric, microfiber, wool, polyester and even alpaca wool. The latter has important thermal properties, so it is recommended to maintain body heat in very low temperatures. According to the selected material, the quality and the thermal function are usually predicted.


There are different sizes of blankets: from the small ones, which have been designed to meet the warmth needs of a single person, to the larger ones, which are a kind of quilt that covers the entire bed. According to the needs, a size should be selected.

On the one hand, there are the compact blankets with dimensions that do not exceed 140 cm wide, by approximately 170 cm long, being a sufficient amount of fabric to wrap yourself in it. On the other hand, there are the blankets known as XL or large, which have been manufactured to meet the shelter needs of two people, and can be used in double beds. These blankets usually have larger dimensions having a width of about 160 cm, by about 200 cm long.


When making a comparison of blankets, we observe that there are many designs, being prudent that an analysis of this property can be made, based on the individual tastes and needs of each user. In this way, you can get some simple and minimalist models that have neutral colors.

On the other hand, there are more avant-garde models that have prints or a play on colors, as well as embroidery. Likewise, there are some alternatives that have reversible designs, so they have one color on one side and another tone on the reverse, both parts fulfilling their function of providing warmth and shelter from the cold.

Similarly, there are other designs that are more versatile and instead of being simple blankets, they are a kind of robe that can be worn to keep warm while at home.


A blanket that is good and inexpensive will be a convenient choice. However, beyond these two properties, it would be prudent to also analyze their manufacture. In essence, there are two types of blanket making. On the one hand, there are those of mass production and on the other, the handmade blankets.

In either case, it is important that the piece is manufactured with high quality standards and that details are taken care of, so that it looks aesthetically attractive. In general, handmade blankets tend to be more expensive, but they have a level of attention to detail and their embroidery is very striking.

Similarly, for both methods it is necessary that they have strong and reinforced seams, to guarantee that the fabric supports and is durable.


Many people enjoy and feel more comfortable carrying their blanket around. Whether for a vacation to a country house, a trip by car, plane or bus, having a blanket is a way to shelter from the cold.

Therefore, if you are from this group of people, it is advisable to look for models that are light and malleable, that regardless of their size, can be folded and take up little space. Therefore, it is appropriate to select models with weights between 600 grams and 1.4 kilograms.

Frequently asked questions

Q1: How to use a blanket?

To use a new blanket, it is best to first wash it to remove any impurities or debris it may have. If it is a used blanket, then what should be done is to unfold it, spreading its entire surface with both hands. Next, if you are standing, you should pass the blanket around your body. If you are lying down, on the sofa or on the bed, it is enough to cover the body with the piece, leaving only the head outside to breathe comfortably.

Q2: How to wash a blanket?

Washing a blanket will depend on the type of material and the construction of the piece. In the vast majority of cases, it is recommended to wash in a machine, on a delicate cycle, at a temperature not exceeding 30ºC. It is important that you try to wash the piece alone, due to the weight it will have when wet. On the other hand, there are some alternatives that cannot be machine washed, not even on a delicate cycle, because they have embroidery that can be damaged; these are usually the hand woven blankets. In both cases, non-aggressive liquids should be used and it can be dried in the sun or in the dryer, but this will depend on the blanket model.

Q3: How to remove cat hair from a blanket?

Cat and dog hair are a constant in these types of pieces, especially if the pet is allowed to climb on the duvet. In many cases, washing machines remove most of these hairs, which get caught in the filters. Later, when going to the dryer, many impurities are also captured. There are those who, to remove any remaining hair, pass a brush over the surface of the blanket. Also, it’s wise to use lint rollers, gloves, and even duct tape.

Q4: How to make plaid wool blanket?

To make a wool blanket it is necessary to use wool-based fabrics and have knowledge of weaving to know how to use the techniques. One of the most common ways to make a plaid blanket is by using scraps from other clothes, cutting them into squares and sewing each one together until you get a large square blanket. Quilted padding can then be added for added warmth, as well as edge details to reinforce seams and prevent fabrics from fraying when washing or frequent use of the blanket.

Q5: How to make a knitted sofa blanket?

The sofa blankets have small sizes. Generally, they should be 125 cm wide by 150 cm high. Knowledge of weaving is required. The first thing is to make several squares woven in wool with different colors for greater color versatility. To do this, what is necessary is to make the fabric with two 7 and 8 mm needles. Scissors, wool needle and 5 mm hook are required. You must make the edge stitch figures and start weaving until you get the shape through chain stitches, double crochets and slip stitches.

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