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Bleach – Buying Guide, Opinions and Analysis

Keeping the areas we frequent aseptic is as important as disinfecting food. And we can achieve this with the proper use of bleach. A chemical compound that does not affect the environment, since after its use it quickly degrades. In this sense, Blue Bleach Rabbit could be the one to disinfect both your home and food, eliminate allergens and combat bad odors, thanks to its 3D action. Another recommended product is Estrella 2586478.0, a two-in-one cleaner that also deodorizes and has a fresh lemon scent.

The 9 Best Bleach – Opinions 2022

One of our concerns is knowing if we really eliminate viruses, fungi and bacteria from our home with the cleaning products we use. A recommendation from the World Health Organization is the use of products with sodium hypochlorite, bleach being the most common with this component. That’s why we present these nine options for your consideration.

Bleach Rabbit


1. Blue Bleach Rabbit

This Rabbit bleach offers the disinfection of floors, surfaces, fruits, vegetables, even drinking water. Also, whiten and deodorize the areas of your home, office or business. Another benefit is that it fights viruses, fungi and bacteria, in addition to eliminating non-visible allergens. It is for all these benefits that it is among the best bleaches of 2022.

Its composition of less than 5% chlorinated bleaches (sodium hypochlorite) allows its direct use or by diluting half a glass in five liters of water. And, for floors and surfaces, dilute a glass in a bucket, applying it with the help of a mop or the usual cloth.

With its four-liter presentation you have product for a long period of time, and in a durable container, easy to grab and pour. To have more clarity and security about the correct use of this product, it is recommended to read the information provided by the manufacturer.

If you are looking for the best brand of bleach, we offer you some points of interest that will help you in your assessment.


Versatility: Its formula has been developed to disinfect all types of surfaces, including fruits, vegetables and drinking water. As well as to eliminate viruses, fungi, bacteria and non-visible allergens.

Deodorizer: Useful for eliminating bad odors or strong aromas, thanks to its deodorizing action.

Yielding: Its practical presentation of 4 liters allows its use for a long period of time. An investment that favors your economy.


Toxic: Do not allow contact with aquatic organisms, as it has serious harmful effects on them.

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2. Rabbit Bleach Floral Freshness

This presentation of Rabbit bleach, in addition to its benefits in cleaning the home, incorporates a pleasant perfume that complements its disinfectant work against viruses, fungi and bacteria. 

Because it is offered in a convenient, affordable and easy to use two liter bottle, it can be considered the best value for money bleach. In addition, like other bleaches of the same brand, it is synonymous with cleaning and disinfection. You can use it in your home on different surfaces, to disinfect and whiten the bathroom, in tile joints.

On the other hand, it is an alternative for washing your white clothes compatible with this substance, because in addition to contributing to the recovery of its original whiteness, it gives it a pleasant aroma. 

Being a bleach that is among the cheapest, it is appropriate to mention the following important points.


Aroma: To its cleaning and disinfection functions, the pleasant perfume that it leaves where it is applied is added.

Packaging: Its presentation in a practical and durable two-liter container is convenient for use at home or in your workplace.

Versatile: It can be used on almost all types of surfaces, such as bathrooms, household items and to recover the white of clothing.



Corrosive: Use on metal surfaces should be avoided so as not to deteriorate its aesthetics.

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Bleach Star


3. Estrella Hogar Cleaner with Bleach and Lemon Detergent

To achieve complete disinfection, Estrella bleach contains, in addition to sodium hypochlorite, anionic surfactants that reduce the tension in the water. Which allow the product to spread easily and evenly, thus penetrating the pores. Effect that translates into better cleaning.

It has a double function; the bleach disinfects, while the detergent cleans and the set deodorizes leaving a fresh fragrance. Its formula offers three aroma options to choose from that you can use in the kitchen, bathrooms, patio and the places your pets prefer to alleviate their needs.

Due to its disinfectant capacity, it destroys germs and allergens. Thus, useful for sanitizing kitchen implements, keeping rooms and play areas clean. However, it should be kept out of the reach of children and pets, as well as avoiding refilling bottles to prevent accidents.

In addition to the above, it is important to highlight points of this product for a better understanding.


Utility: You can use it on almost all types of surfaces, in bedrooms, bathrooms, kitchens, outdoor areas, food, in short, it is considered a versatile product.

Formula: Due to the anionic surfactants that it includes among its ingredients, it offers a deep cleaning in the areas where it is used.

Fragrance: In its different presentations, each one with a different fragrance, it eliminates bad odors leaving a pleasant aroma.


Management: The label lacks indications to be used in the proper proportion. However, its low concentration of chlorinated bleaches exert a good action.

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Neutrex Bleach


4. Neutrex White Bleach Household Cleaner

It is a product aimed at the care of textiles. In this sense, Neutrex bleach offers several benefits for your clothing. Firstly, it maintains whiteness, preventing garments from turning yellow or deteriorating, thanks to the fiber protectors used in its formula. On the other hand, it contains agents that remove stains.

However, despite being a product for the care of textiles, this does not prevent its use in cleaning and disinfecting the home, taking all possible precautions. Plus, it comes in a handy easy-grip 1.8-litre presentation, so you can not only use the right amount on your clothes, but it’s also handy to handle.

On the other hand, you can also use it to clean the washing machine, preventing dirt from accumulating and thus obtaining a better wash. To do this, you put a normal washing cycle with hot water and bleach.

Here are some timely features and details to help you decide which bleach to buy.


Protection: With the inclusion of fibroprotectors in its formula, it helps your garments last longer, preventing them from turning yellow.

Removes stains: Its formula also acts against stains, maintaining the original whiteness.

Duality: Despite all the benefits that its ingredients provide to your clothes, that does not prevent you from using it in the care and cleaning of your home.


Caution: Although it is a product for washing and caring for your clothes, you should always check the label of each garment before washing with bleach.

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Bleach with detergent


5. Star home cleaner with bleach and blue detergent

It is now up to us to analyze this lye with detergent. It is a product that contains within its ingredients anionic surfactants. Fact that allows deep cleaning, as it facilitates its absorption on surfaces, attacking viruses, fungi and bacteria more efficiently. Thus improving its disinfectant quality.

If you are wondering what the best bleach is, users of this product might recommend it due to its pleasant perfume, which, added to its detergent ingredient, makes it a good cleaning product. You must always keep in mind to dilute the exact amount you need, since using more bleach does not mean better cleaning and disinfection, on the contrary, it can be harmful.

Even though you are using a recommended product, keep in mind the instructions for use of each brand and presentation. In this context, we can mention that with this bleach you could achieve a deep cleaning and disinfection of your home, protecting the whole family.

For you to find out more interesting details of this product we offer you the following information.


Perfume: Among its ingredients stands out the pleasant perfume that leaves a fresh aroma and a feeling of cleanliness.

Protection: Thanks to the anionic surfactants it contains, it offers a deep cleaning and consequently greater protection against viruses, fungi and bacteria.

Presentation: Its practical 1.5-liter presentation promotes performance in an easy-to-grip bottle that allows you to dispense the exact amount of product.


Compatibility: This product should not be mixed with other chemicals, it can produce vapors that are toxic; especially in closed environments.

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bleach ace


6. Ace Bleach 5 pack

Now we will talk about this well-known brand product, Ace bleach. Which is recommended for washing clothes. This is because the components included in its formula attack and remove stains. In addition, they protect your clothes during washing, since they wrap the fibers of the fabrics so that they do not deteriorate and last longer.

Regarding its presentation, we can highlight the fact that it is offered in a practical plastic container with a handle. Quality that makes it simple to manipulate. Likewise, its two-liter capacity provides enough product for use over a long period or to sanitize large spaces.

On the other hand, it has a legible label in which you will not only find technical aspects of the product, but also some recommendations so that the results in cleaning your clothes and home are satisfactory.

Without a doubt, when considering what is the best bleach of the moment this one fits the bill. Know a summary of its characteristics.


Yield: Its two-liter container allows its use for a long time, because small portions are used each time.

Uses: It is aimed at washing and caring for your clothes, but it can also be used to clean and disinfect your home.

Efficacy: Thanks to the fact that it is very useful in eliminating viruses, fungi, bacteria, non-visible allergens, mold and other contaminating agents, you protect everyone’s health.


Selection: Select the clothes well before washing, there are garments that do not resist being washed with bleach.

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Other products


7. El Galgo Bleach Box of 15 bottles

This bleach, with a content of 40 grams of chlorine per liter, can be used in the city and in agricultural activity, as well as in public places where disinfection is a priority. The small doses that are used added to the fact that the presentation is fifteen bottles, make it one of the cheapest bleaches, a quality that favors your economy.

Due to its high bactericidal, virucidal and fungicidal power, it can be used in the disinfection of hospitals, hospices, community centers and the home. Its effectiveness is not only there, it also removes stains and bad odours; as well as whitening the surfaces of bathrooms, sinks and bathtubs without scratching or dulling them.

As a complement, it can be used in laundry, it removes stains from white clothes and solid colors, by oxidizing the dirt, causing its molecules to break and come off the clothes.

For all its benefits, you will be interested in knowing other relevant information about this product.


Economy: Due to its presentation of fifteen one-liter bottles, it is a high-performance product.

Versatility: It can be used in agricultural work, in general household hygiene and disinfection of both hospitals and public places.

Removes stains: Bleach is the most effective stain remover on white clothes. In addition, it reinforces the cleaning power of detergents.


Dosage: Always use the indicated dose for each case. Excessive use does not improve its efficiency. In fact, it can cause various irritating reactions in the body.

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8. Lizard Blue Bleach with Detergent Pack of 8

Lagarto azul offers this bleach with detergent, especially for cleaning and disinfecting all types of surfaces, floors, household items, plastics, etc. Its use extends to the home, office, field, facilities and public places, as it is effective in eliminating fungi, bacteria, viruses and other contaminating microorganisms; therefore, it may well be considered the best bleach.

Its detergent ingredient makes it efficient in washing clothes, in addition to protecting and removing stains. Let’s not forget to mention that it is also scented. Therefore, it leaves a pleasant aroma in your home and on your clothes.

Regarding its presentation, the design of its container not only facilitates its handling, but also its storage. And the fact that it is offered in a pack of 8 containers of 1500 ml each, makes it an attractive product for the public due to its performance.

Thanks to the exposed data it will be easier to make the decision when buying. If you are interested in knowing more, we present other aspects.


Versatility: In addition to keeping your clothes clean, it protects them against deterioration, prevents yellowing and fights stains.

Disinfection: Disinfects all types of surfaces and places, eliminating fungi, bacteria, viruses and pathogens.

Safe: As it is a chemical compound that degrades quickly after use, it is safe for the environment and health.



Caution: Although its benefits are many, you should keep it away from children as it can be toxic.

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9. Che Garrafa multi-purpose bleach

It is a widely used disinfectant, in a five-liter bottle presentation, which is economical and efficient. As for its field of action, it can be used in the home, business, agricultural activities, clothing washing, in hospitals and other public places where disinfection is a priority.

Another application of this El Che brand bleach is in the hygiene of food, fruits, vegetables and the purification of water, and even for the conservation of water for flowers. To do this, the manufacturer includes in its presentation a legible label that allows you to appreciate both the instructions for safe use and the care to be taken and other technical specifications for this type of product. And, if we focus on the container, it has an ergonomic handle that facilitates its portability and handling when pouring it.

You will be pleased to know other relevant information about this product, which will help you when choosing.


Water purification: The manufacturer refers to the fact that it is a suitable bleach for the purification of water, adding the proportion indicated on its label.

Field of application: Disinfects all types of surfaces and places, eliminating fungi, bacteria, viruses and pathogens.

Volume: The container has a volume of 5 liters, providing enough product for prolonged use.


Handling: As it is a bottle, it is prudent to have a small container to take the exact measure to be used.

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Shopping guide

It is essential to maintain cleaning and disinfection in a general and efficient way. To do this, we have a commonly used and easily accessible product known in our homes through generations: bleach. For this reason, we present this guide to buying the best bleach, with the main characteristics to consider in this disinfectant.


Knowing that its main use is disinfection and cleaning, you can also take advantage of bleach to keep practically everything you want impeccable. And, although its most common function is to sanitize surfaces and floors such as those in bathrooms, sinks, bathtubs, electrical appliances and kitchen utensils, nowadays emphasis is being placed on doorknobs and any object or surface that have greater possibility of contact with our hands. 

In addition to the above, it comes in presentations with other components apart from hypochlorite, such as anionic surfactants and detergents. Which contribute to improving their qualities, in order to achieve a deeper cleaning, since they penetrate more efficiently into the pores of the surfaces, regardless of their nature. Likewise, it is also a useful product for washing and caring for your clothes, achieving better results.

Likewise, by having a positive effect against the elimination of bacteria, fungi and viruses, bleach can also be used in the disinfection of food and the purification of water. For this reason, it is one of the most versatile cleaning products on the market. In this sense, you can opt for the formulation that offers the possibility of covering all the aforementioned aspects.


One of the main concerns when using bleach is the aroma that remains in the environment. But, it is good to clarify that this aroma takes a few minutes to disappear, since its active component, sodium hypochlorite, and the gases it gives off decompose quickly.

However, many brands have launched presentations that have flavoring and detergent ingredients, so that wherever you use it (clothes, floors, furniture, bathrooms, among others) it leaves a pleasant sensation of freshness.

Reason why, the fragrance is also part of the qualities to consider when purchasing a product of this type, because depending on the use you will give it, you can opt for the pleasant citrus and floral aromas. Extra quality that, although it could influence how much bleach costs, does not affect too much, since it is still an easily accessible disinfectant for users in general.

Of course, you must be clear that regardless of the type of bleach you use, you must always take into account the recommendations and precautions for use left by the manufacturer on its label, since as it is a substance with an irritating component, you should not exceed the recommended dose.


One of the advantages that bleach offers is that we can get it everywhere, in various presentations, always good and cheap. In addition, depending on our needs, we can choose between powder or liquid versions, whether concentrated, diluted or for food use. 

Most brands present us with practical containers that can range from a 1-liter bottle to a four or five-liter carafe. As well as comfortable packs of several units with which they encourage us not only to achieve long-term economic savings but also to use bleach on a day-to-day basis. In order to maintain disinfection and general cleaning.

In addition to the above, it also highlights the fact that a small portion or dose is used in each use. Hence, a carafe or multi-bottle package will last a long period of time, thus helping to maintain overall health.

Likewise, the fact that the container has an ergonomic handle is an addition that provides comfort when loading and pouring the bleach. Above all, when it comes to presentations with volumes greater than two liters. However, they must always have a format that allows them to be handled and stored safely.

On the other hand, as it is a liquid product, manufacturers usually accompany its container with a lid provided with a design that allows the convenient dose to be used in each use. This makes it even easier to handle.

For this reason, when making a comparison of bleaches, we must think about how much or how often it will be used, so that based on these aspects, the most convenient presentation is chosen.

Frequently asked questions


Q1: What disinfects more, bleach or ammonia?

To disinfect the indicated product is bleach, ammonia acts more as a degreaser. However, the choice will depend on the surface or object to be treated. For example, in the areas or household items where contact is most frequent, disinfection is essential to avoid contamination or the spread of any virus, and in these cases bleach can be used. While, in metallic, chromed or ceramic-coated parts, ammonia is used. Of course, they should never be mixed, since it produces a toxic substance called chloramine.

Q2: How to disinfect with bleach?

In household bleach, the concentration or formula ranges from 30 to 40 grams of sodium hypochlorite per liter of water. From this, we are going to calculate the proportion of bleach and water to disinfect. First let’s talk about the surfaces, to obtain a 0.1% solution we dissolve two tablespoons (2 x 15 ml) of bleach in a liter of cold water. To disinfect fruits and vegetables we need a 0.005% solution, in this case we dissolve a tablespoon of dessert (4.5 ml) in three liters of cold water, yes, bleach that does not have perfume or surfactants because they go inside the foods.

Q3: What to do when mixing bleach and ammonia?

When these two products are mixed, a chemical reaction occurs that gives rise to highly toxic chloramine, which, when in contact with our mucous membranes, creates hydrochloric acid and free radicals, causing irritation, burns and even cell destruction. If by accident it happens to you, the first thing is to get away from the place where the mixture occurred and look for fresh air, ventilate the area as much as possible. If it has been ingested, do not induce vomiting, in any case, call the emergency room and if the exposure has been serious, seek urgent medical attention.

Q4: How to clean with bleach?

Bleach is not really a cleaning product, it is a disinfectant. To take advantage of that disinfectant power, it is best to clean first with another product and then use the bleach, taking into consideration some points: Use a sufficient proportion, not too many, to take advantage of its effectiveness.. Always use cold water to dilute it. Prepare the mixture just when you are going to use it, because in a few hours it loses effectiveness. Wear gloves. Do not mix it with other products. Take into account the type of surface where you apply it. Ventilate the area where you are disinfecting. Let it act for at least a minute and be careful with splashes.

Q5: What happens if you drink bleach?

Being a toxic product, you must keep it well labeled away from food and, if possible, under lock and key. If you accidentally drink it, do not provoke vomiting or consume food, as it can cause suffocation. Also, avoid taking medications, it can interact with the ingested product. The recommendation is to seek medical assistance, there will be a stomach lavage to eliminate the toxin, castor oil to decrease absorption, if necessary remedies for seizures, in order to maintain a stable heart rate and oxygen mask or other respiratory aid.

Q6: How to remove bleach stains?

After you accidentally stain something with bleach, the most important thing is how quickly you react. If at the moment you manage to spray the affected area with alcohol, you can stop its action and, therefore, save the garment. If it is too late, all that remains is to bleach the garment completely with bleach. To do this, dilute a liter of bleach in four liters of water, submerge the garment and leave it to act for an hour, and then rinse with plenty of water. This way it will be ready to dye it the color you want and give it a new life. You can also hide the stain with an appliqué, embroidery, or print.

Q7: How to remove bleach smell from hands?

The first thing you should do is avoid that smell by wearing gloves. If you forgot to put them on, you can eliminate the smell by rubbing your hands with a little vinegar and washing with soap afterwards. You can do the same procedure with a piece of lemon, ground coffee or the eraser that remains after straining it. These perform a good function eliminates odors.

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