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Boilers – Buying Guide and Comparison in 2022

If you live in a cold city, you will know very well how important it is to have a boiler in your home that helps keep your family warm and comfortable. For this reason, we recommend that you follow our recommendations so that you can choose the most suitable one for you. Among the most outstanding boilers is the Haverland EPE-02A, a pellet stove that has 8 kW of power, ideal for surfaces of up to 115 square meters. On the other hand, if you are looking for a versatile model, which provides a radiator and water heater function, we recommend the Junkers CerapurComfort.

Opinions about the best boilers

To choose the best boiler on the market, it is important to take into account mainly what use you will give the device, so that you can choose the model that best suits your needs. Below, we have prepared a comparative list of the different types and models of boilers currently available.

pellet boiler

Haverland EPE-02A

This model of pellet boiler is considered by many users as the best boiler, since it offers the possibility of programming by remote control, which facilitates its manipulation from any part of the room, being a device indicated for rooms from 70 to 115 meters. square meters thanks to its power of up to 8 kW.

This model has an electrical consumption of 47 to 180 watts per hour, so it will allow you to keep your electricity bill under control while providing the user with a pleasant and comfortable thermal sensation.

This device stands out for having a nominal efficiency of 98% and a low power consumption of only 3.5 kW, reaching an efficiency of 85%, making it a highly efficient model. On the other hand, it has a load capacity of 13 kilograms, generating a maximum pellet consumption of 1.8 kilograms per hour and a minimum of 0.7 kilograms per hour.

It is important to know the exact measurements of the boiler, so that you can know where in your house you are going to install it. This model has an approximate weight of 107 kilograms and a double door system that increases user safety.

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This model is among the best boilers of 2022, since it offers a high heat output of up to 16.4 kW. It has a heated volume of 360 cubic meters and reaches a radiant floor of 120 square meters, so you can enjoy a pleasant atmosphere throughout your home.

This pellet boiler has a double chamber system that improves the combustion of the chimney and has a practical clean glass system that allows you to easily see the inside of the boiler. On the other hand, it has a deposit with a capacity of 21 kilograms, which provides a prolonged autonomy of up to 19 hours.

This robust pellet boiler is made with a metal interior and cast-iron burner, so it can weigh up to 135 kilograms. You will have good ventilation of the gases thanks to its 80 mm diameter smoke exhaust and 40 mm air intake. It manages to reach a water pressure of 1.5 bar up to 2.4 bar.

You can control it remotely and from the comfort of your sofa thanks to its practical remote, allowing you to adjust the power, on and off. It incorporates a safety thermostat, vacuum gauge and pressure switch that will help keep the system protected.

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Junkers Boiler

Junkers Cerapur Comfort

If you are wondering which is the best boiler, we recommend you look at this practical and versatile Junkers CerapurComfort boiler, which incorporates a complete gas evacuation kit, offering great operating efficiency due to its optimal design.

This versatile model has a heating power of 24 kW and 30 kW of hot water, so you can enjoy a comfortable temperature in your home at all times. In addition, it offers easy navigation through the menu, allowing for optimal adjustment and better operation thanks to the large icons and texts, represented by its display. Also, a mounting template is incorporated along with a frame that facilitates installation.

This practical model has an A energy classification that, with the use of Junkers controllers, can achieve an A+ classification. This product is compatible with different solar energy systems, so you can use it with efficient and completely renewable energy without generating extra energy consumption.

It is manufactured with Bosch technology, which guarantees quality and durability. It has compact dimensions of 71 x 40 x 33 cm, so you can install it comfortably in small spaces.

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Junkers Cerapur Excellence

If you want to know which is the best boiler at the moment, we recommend you take this model into account, which offers micro-accumulation and a practical QuickTap system for hot water, which significantly reduces waiting time. On the other hand, this device uses the best boiler technology on the market, standing out for its compact and versatile size, as well as its great power of up to 36 kW.

This Junkers boiler has a state-of-the-art technology called Heatronic 4, which gives it up to 94% efficiency, which allows it to achieve an A+ energy classification, when used in combination with Junkers controllers.

Thanks to its compact size of 69 centimeters in height, you can comfortably install this device in almost any kitchen cabinet. In the same way, it incorporates a trim, which hides any connection tube, achieving greater aesthetics wherever you install it.

This robust model is manufactured with quality and resistant parts in each of its components, so great durability and long life are guaranteed. It measures approximately 69 x 39 x 28 cm, so the installation must be done in a vertical position.

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Boiler Vaillant

Vaillant Ecotec Plus

Vaillant is considered by many users as the best brand of boilers, since it offers the user a complete selection of features in highly efficient and ecological devices. This mixed heating boiler and water heater has a gas evacuation kit and a vSMART smart WiFi thermostat that make this a very complete product.

It has a power of 20 kW for heating and 24 kW for hot water, variable for both services, so the user will enjoy maximum comfort and greater savings at the same time.

This Vaillant boiler incorporates an electronic combustion system, which allows a better adjustment to the gas pipe, achieving more efficient consumption and reducing gas consumption. It also includes a high-efficiency pump that generates lower power consumption, even when in standby mode.

You will be able to know the state of the boiler at all times thanks to its large display, which shows the texts clearly. Among its functions, it allows prior programming so that you have hot water when you get home.

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Vaillant Ecotec Pure

If you still don’t know which boiler to buy, we recommend you look at this Vaillant boiler, which offers mixed operation and great features, being able to both heat water for the shower, and use it as a space heater, being ideal for homes of 110 square meters..

Thanks to its power of up to 24 kW for hot water and 18.5 kW for the heater function, you can efficiently heat the room, while keeping your electricity bill under control, since it offers an A+ class energy rating. With the water heater function, this model achieves a minimum flow of 1.7 liters per minute.

Vaillant boilers combine German engineering with the latest boiler technologies, optimally meeting the heating needs of your home and reducing your gas bill by 30%. Ecotec technology has been fully tested, meeting all ecodesign standards, making it a very easy-to-use boiler thanks to its simple and intuitive control panel.

Thanks to its small dimensions, you can easily install it in compact spaces such as kitchen cabinets, since it has approximate dimensions of 72 x 44 x 33.5 cm and weighs about 30.8 kg.

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condensing boiler

Ariston MLN3301021

In the category of condensing boilers, this product stands out among the other options for the good quality of its manufacturing materials. The MLN3301021 presented by Ariston comes in an elegant rectangular design with dimensions of 40 x 31.5 x 74.5 centimeters, so it will allow you to save space in the place where you are going to install it.

Additionally, it works with methane and has a class A+ energy efficiency range, which positions it as an extremely practical product to be able to save energy and, also, you will have the possibility of combining it with a solar energy system so that you avoid high amounts in your utility bill.

On the other hand, this condensing boiler has a panel with several buttons and an LCD screen that will allow you to view and manage the temperature settings at which you can also assign an automatic function so that you do not have to be manipulating the equipment every time you you need to take a bath.

For this reason, this product is ideal so that you always have hot water available for you and your family without having to intervene in the operation of the equipment. Likewise, it also includes a smoke outlet kit to avoid contamination due to the combustion of gases.

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Hermann Saunier Duval 0010016104

On this occasion, Hermann Saunier Duval presents its model 0010016104 condensing boiler, which comes in a sophisticated rectangular white design, which will allow you to combine it with the decoration of the other equipment installed in the area. That is, you can go unnoticed in the sight of others. Also, this model has dimensions of 74 x 41.8 x 30 centimeters, allowing you to install it comfortably in any space.

On the other hand, this product from the Semiatek 4 range has a small screen which will indicate the temperature it is at. In addition, around it is the power button and to raise and lower the temperature, so it is a basic handling equipment that you can manipulate even if you do not have any experience.

In addition to this, the 0010016104 has a power of 25 kW and is capable of providing 17 liters of water per minute, which will allow you to enjoy enough to supply all the bathrooms in your home. Additionally, you can wirelessly manipulate the boiler from a Smartphone and manage its temperature and other functions in a very practical way.

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gas boiler

Cointra Superlative Condens 25cn

This practical Cointra brand gas boiler works as a water heater with a power of 27 kW and has a tank of 18.3 liters, while offering a heating function with 25 kW of power, obtaining an energy classification A.

This model stands out for offering an exceptionally high performance of 108.8% when used at 30% of its maximum power, so you will obtain greater energy savings. Among the most important features of this device are its effective work response and its pump with high operating efficiency.

This model has approximate dimensions of 42 x 70 x 25 cm and weighs about 30 kilograms. Also, it has an IP X5D degree of protection, protecting both the user and the system. On the other hand, it offers a maximum pressure of 9 bar of water in its function as heater, reaching in turn 53 bar of maximum pressure in function of heating.

It incorporates a control panel with easy access and a practical screen that allows you to observe the boiler programming thanks to its large icons and texts. It includes very specific instructions so that the installation can be carried out without any problem by a professional.

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Baxi Neodens Plus Eco

This Baxi brand mixed boiler works as a water heater and heating system simultaneously with three different powers, so it offers a comprehensive solution to those two thermal needs that your home presents, especially on cold winter days. This model is completely compatible with natural gas and propane gas, so you can use either with this gas boiler.

Thanks to its micro-accumulation system, it obtains a faster response, generating hot water for the shower and providing greater comfort to the user. Due to its reduced dimensions, its assembly in compact spaces such as kitchen furniture is facilitated, so that you have comfortable and safe access to the boiler.

This device incorporates a digital control panel with a backlit screen, which facilitates its use by clearly displaying all the information on the status of the boiler, distributed in an intuitive manner, facilitating the understanding of the selected programs and functions. This practical boiler includes a useful inverter gas technology, which has a modulation ratio of 1:7, thus offering a very efficient operation.

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Ferroli boiler

Ferroli 0CBF4YWA

This Ferroli boiler is presented in an elegant design and with dimensions of 40 x 70 x 33 centimeters, being a medium-sized product that will not take up much space and can be adapted to the decoration of the place where you install it.

Additionally, the 0CBF4YWA model has a power of 24 kW, so it will be able to heat the water very easily, as well as having the possibility of keeping your electricity bill consumption low, since it has an energy efficiency rating of range A. Likewise, the boiler turns off automatically as it does not register any type of activity in its system for the next 24 hours, so you can not worry if you leave unexpectedly and forget to turn off the heating system.

On the other hand, this product has a small screen and a variety of buttons that will allow you to view and manage the thermostat, as well as the other functions of the device in a very easy way, since its system is basic, but intuitive. Being a condensing boiler that will not require you to read complicated manuals to understand its operation. Therefore, you will be able to enjoy hot water in your enclosure without many problems.

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electric boiler

Saturn Kedler

This Saturno model electric boiler provides efficient operation as central heating for your home, offering up to 4 kW of power, requiring, on the other hand, a 230V or 400V current for its correct operation. Also, it has an anti-stop system that will allow you to enjoy a pleasant temperature in your home for much longer.

It incorporates a permanent programming memory system, which helps you maintain the preferred temperature setting every time you turn on the boiler, so that the user has more free time to carry out other activities. Thanks to its practical integrated LED screen, you can easily view different values ​​such as temperature and programming due to its location and large and clear size.

On the other hand, it incorporates an intuitive and easy-to-use control panel, with which you can turn the device on and off, as well as select the desired temperature among other functions. This product is made of resistant materials, passing the most rigorous quality controls. The water tank is perfectly isolated from the rest of the circuits, guaranteeing correct operation and durability.

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natural gas boiler

Ferroli BlueHelix

This practical Ferroli brand natural gas boiler stands out for offering a double service of domestic hot water or DHW and heating for the home, as well as for its XL size load profile. It is an ecological model that has 80% less NOx emissions compared to traditional boilers.

On the other hand, it generates a sound level below 50 dB, providing maximum comfort when you rest. This device includes a pump that offers high energy efficiency and works with a useful power of 27kW, offering great performance and savings.

This condensing boiler uses natural gas or propane, so you can choose whichever is cheaper for you. On the other hand, it includes a complete gas evacuation kit that will help keep the interior of your home protected from toxic gases, as well as a kit of connection fittings for heating and hot water, so you will not have any difficulties installing this device..

Thanks to its reduced size bottom of up to 25 centimeters, you can comfortably mount the boiler in any space.

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Ariston boiler

Ariston MLN3300759

With this Ariston boiler, you will be able to keep your family warm and heat the water in the shower, since it works as a heater and a water heater, offering a class A energy classification in both functions, making it a highly energy-efficient model..

This is a boiler with a compact size and silent operation, perfectly compatible with solar energy production systems in case you are looking for a very ecological and environmentally friendly model.

The boiler integrates an easy-to-access control panel with an intuitive design, which makes it easy to turn it on and off, as well as the selection and adjustment of functions. In the same way, it incorporates an LCD digital screen, with which you can have a clear visualization of the selected temperature at all times.

It has approximate dimensions of 40 x 31.5 x 74.5 cm and a weight of about 30 kg. Being a condensing boiler, this model needs water drainage to the outside, so you must take into account the place where you will install it.

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Guide to buying a boiler

The well-being of your family is always a priority, so choosing the best boiler is an important task that requires your full attention and a prior analysis of the advantages offered by each model, especially if the cold days are coming soon. Mainly, it is very important to make a comparison of boilers, so that you know the pros and cons of the models most used by users and you can choose the most economical and functional one. To make your selection work easier, we have prepared a guide to buying the best boiler on the market.

Shopping guide

Energy consumption

One of the most important characteristics that you must take into account is the consumption generated by the device, so that you can average the extra energy expenditure and thus know if you will be able to pay the electricity bill.

Regarding this point, it is highly recommended that the boiler that you are going to acquire be modulating, which facilitates starting when working with very low powers, thus significantly reducing the number of switching on and off that the device undergoes, resulting in greater savings in electricity consumption. The modulation range is expressed in different levels, being 1:10 the value that represents the highest work efficiency.

On the other hand, the modulating thermostats that are usually integrated into the boiler take into account the outside temperature and help regulate the temperature of the boiler, thus adjusting it more precisely to your desired level of heat. Thanks to this, the thermostat also affects the degree of energy saving.

On the other hand, it allows the boiler to work consuming the least amount of energy possible to achieve the greatest comfort for the user, making maximum use of the features offered by the boiler.


In any guide to buying a boiler, you will find that power is one of the most important characteristics that you must take into account when choosing your model, since it directly affects the power and performance of the electrical device, as well as the level of consumption. it generates, so as the power increases, the electricity bill increases considerably.

These systems guarantee greater comfort in unfavorable situations, such as when another tap is opened while you are taking a shower or if the water is very cold in winter. It should also be considered that at higher power, the boiler is capable of generating a greater flow of water.

Before choosing the boiler model that you like the most, it is advisable to calculate the measurements of your house, so that you can know the indicated power for those dimensions. In other words, you must choose a suitable boiler for the size of your home, so that there is no energy waste.

It must be taken into account that when the power is positioned above the needs, the house will overheat, so more energy will be consumed. For a domestic installation, the power usually varies between 12 and 70 kW, depending on the exact square meters. For this reason, if you are wondering how much a boiler costs, it is important to know the power.


Another of the most important features that you should take into account when choosing your new boiler is its ease of control. These devices usually have a control panel that is easy to access and simple and intuitive to use for all users, with which you can program the basic functions and adjust the desired temperature for heating and hot water. Control panels usually incorporate an LCD or LED screen that helps to know the program and temperature selected by the user.

In addition, it must be taken into account that manufacturers have now taken the initiative to incorporate communication technology used by mobile phones into the most current models, so that you can control the boiler remotely from anywhere that has internet access., providing a greater degree of comfort to the user, allowing him to turn the boiler on and off, as well as to program special functions such as mode or timer, if applicable.

Frequent questions

Q1: Why does the boiler leak?

Normally, when a boiler loses water it is due to a problem with the internal pressure of the device, so you must relieve the pressure using the safety valve that these devices traditionally incorporate. Logically, an optimal installation of the internal components that allows reaching high pressures is very necessary to minimize the risk of valve misadjustment.

If the boiler starts to release water, mainly check its nanometer, where the needle should mark between 1.5 and 5 kg per square centimeter, which is the recommended pressure that a well-functioning boiler should have. If the pressure gauge indicates a higher value than recommended, you will have to empty the bath. To check if the pressure drops, with a small emptying, one of the two radiators must be purged.

Q2: Which boiler is better, Junkers or Saunier Duval?

When we talk about the Junkers or Sauriel Duval brand, we are talking about two leading brands in the manufacture of high-quality boilers, offering great features and very reliable products, which are oriented so that the user achieves the greatest comfort at home. Both brands focus on the manufacture of condensing boilers with large modulation ranges, with the aim of obtaining greater performance using lower consumption, as well as offering maximum performance.

In the same way, they manufacture boilers that adapt to the temperatures required by the user. In this sense, the Junkers boilers differ from the Sauriel Duval models by being more compact and quiet, which require easier maintenance. On the other hand, the Sauriel Duval models stand out for their ease of use, being very intuitive and with a complete control panel for each function.

Q3: When should the gas boiler be checked?

It is very important and mandatory to carry out a review of domestic gas boilers, especially if they work with a power of less than 70 kW, with which you can verify the energy efficiency of the boiler, as well as check that the gas emissions are correct..

These reviews are of vital importance for the correct operation of gas boilers, which is why the regulations for thermal installations in buildings indicate that users must review them every two years and, in the case of water heaters, it must be carried out every five years.

Q4: What to do when a boiler loses pressure?

First of all, it is important to know that if your boiler suffers a fault due to low pressure, it is normal for the appliance to make a noise every time the water passes through the circuits. In this way you will know that you must pay attention to the pressure, which, if it drops below 0.5 bar, will stop the operation of the boiler, so as to avoid damaging the system.

To increase the pressure of the boiler again, it is necessary, first of all, to slowly open the heating filler valve in a counterclockwise direction. When the pressure reaches a range between 1 and 1.5 bar, proceed to close the filling valve. Finally, check again that the boiler is working properly.

Q5: What interests me, boiler or stove?

Mainly, it is important to know your personal needs and the use that you are going to give the device, so that you can choose between a boiler or a stove, keeping in mind that they do not offer the same operation. The boilers work to heat hot water while serving as a heater and come in gasoline, gas or electric models, allowing them to be installed in your kitchen cabinets thanks to their compact size.

Therefore, the main difference between a boiler and a stove is that the boilers offer a service of water heater for the shower and space heater, while the stoves are designed t

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