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Bosch Blender – Buying Guide, Opinions and Analysis

Although many recognize Bosch as the great power tool company, the truth is that it also has a line of functional and high-performance appliances, including mixers. Of this equipment, Bosch has a wide catalog to respond to the demands of its users, in which models such as the Bosch SilentMixx MMB42G0B stand out, a traditional jug blender with 700W power and stainless steel blades for optimal grinding. Likewise, the Bosch MaxoMixx MS8CM6120 is a hand mixer with 1000 W of power and 12 speed levels that allow you to make the most of its ergonomic design for different types of preparations. 

The 8 Best Bosch Mixers – Opinions 2022

Bosch never ceases to surprise its customers with an ergonomic and high-power design in its appliances, mixers being one of its most demanded equipment today due to its extensive stock, with technology that more than supports investment and facilitates tasks in the kitchen. So we invite you to know the 8 best Bosch Mixers so you can choose the one you like the most.

Bosch jug blender

1. Bosch MMB42G0B SilentMixx Tabletop Blender

If the noise bothers you when making a smoothie or fruit juice, with this Bosch blender you will no longer have that problem, since its operation is very quiet, thanks to the noise reduction system, despite its high power of 700W.; quality that makes many users consider this product the best Bosch mixer of the moment.

The strength of this equipment can be adjusted in two levels thanks to the speed selector, whose rotary design is very practical. In addition, it incorporates the Pulse function to give your shakes that power boost.

With regard to the jar, it should be noted that this model incorporates a glass one with a capacity of 2.3 liters, of which 1.5 liters can be food. This element is heat resistant, so it is ideal for preparing hot soups or slush fruit smoothies. 

These are just some of the features of this model valued by many users as the best Bosch mixer. For this reason, we have summarized its pros and cons for more highlights of this product below.


Power: The motor is 700 W and has two speed levels, in addition to the Pulse option to give extra force to the grinding of food.

Operation: The extra thick glass of the carafe and the noise reduction system allow silent operation.

Capacity: The jug has a capacity of 2.3 liters and due to its Thermosafe design it can be used to prepare hot foods or frozen drinks.

Cleaning: The mixer can be disassembled so that the jar, its lid and the dispenser can be placed inside the dishwasher for a thorough cleaning.


Accessories: This model does not include the pusher or the fruit filter, but you can buy them directly from Bosch.

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Bosch hand mixer

2. Bosch MaxoMixx Hand Mixer 1000 W

More and more people are using food processors to simplify their cooking recipes. This is the function of the Bosch MaxoMixx hand mixer, a model with 1000W of power and an ergonomic stainless steel body.

Of this product we highlight the design of the QuattroBlade Pro blades, made of stainless steel, and its anti-suction technology that favor a very regular cut of food to grind it in a short time and achieve a homogeneous mixture. Due to this characteristic, this model is among the best Bosch mixers of 2022.

We should also mention that very useful accessories are included, such as a measuring cup with a lid and a universal chopper, to take advantage of all the power of this appliance. Said force can be adjusted in 12 speed levels, in addition to the Turbo level to improve the consistency of the mixtures.

Bosch is valued by many users as the best brand of mixers. So we invite you to read the positive and negative aspects of this product.


Design: The hand mixer has a robust but light body, with a functional design regarding assembly, which facilitates the exchange of accessories and cleaning.

Adjustment: The speed selector with 12 levels and the Turbo function allow you to make the most of the 1000 W of power for a homogeneous grinding.

Accessories: A universal chopper and a measuring cup with lid are included, the latter is suitable for preparing sauces and storing them in the same container.


Rod: A whisk rod is missing, since this is a necessary tool to prepare pastry recipes.

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Bosch mixer

3. Bosch ErgoMixx MFQ36460 450 W Pastry Mixer and Kneader

For those looking for the best Bosch mixer to make pastries at home, the ErgoMixx MFQ36460 model seems to be the most suitable option. First of all, we must talk about the compact design of this mixer, which is also ergonomic, allowing simple handling. 

Second, the inclusion of a bowl and the base to use this model as a kitchen helper offers greater autonomy for the preparation of various recipes, adding ingredients and much more, while the Bosch mixer mixer does the heavy lifting.

Regarding power, this model has 450 W adjustable in 5 speed levels plus the Turbo function, without being affected by noise, since it has been reduced compared to similar products. 

As for the accessories, the conventional kneading hooks and rods, these are easily changed through a single button, without complications. 

If you are just starting out in baking, you should review the pros and cons of this model before deciding which Bosch mixer to buy.


Grip: The blender has a SoftTouch handle that promotes a smooth and secure grip. 

Operation: With a single button you can change the accessories, while the speed selector allows you good control of the 450 W power, enough for home baking. 

Utility: You can use the mixer as a hand mixer or leave it fixed on the base to have greater autonomy in preparing the mixtures, since the bowl is rotating.


Strength: The mixer is made of plastic, but this aspect also favors its light weight and easy handling.

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Bosch 600W Blender

4. Bosch MSM2620B CleverMixx Hand Mixer with Accessories

Bosch is synonymous with quality and high performance in its products, which is why users associate this brand with high prices. However, this is not the case with the Bosch 600 W CleverMixx Blender, a hand processor that includes a universal chopper and a measuring cup with a lid that you can buy for less than 40 euros.

For this reason, some buyers have rated this model as the best value for money Bosch blender, since its operation is efficient to process food in a short time or make various preparations without fatigue, thanks to its ergonomic design and easy grip.

For its part, the design of the dome prevents splashes during the grinding of food, also supported by the QuattroBlade blades, made of stainless steel. We must mention that this part of the mixer can be disassembled for a good cleaning. 

This is one of the cheapest mixers in the Bosch catalog, so it is worth summarizing its characteristics, since it is a good option for tight budgets.


Power: This blender has 600W of power and is easy to operate, thanks to its ergonomic design and the position of the switch. 

Accessories: A measuring cup with lid and a universal chopper are included to expand the usefulness of the equipment.

Anti- splash: The design of the foot of the mixer and the stainless steel blades, combined with the dome, prevent splashes when grinding ingredients. 


Speeds: This model does not have a speed selector to regulate its power.

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Bosch ErgoMixx blender

5. Bosch MSM67170 ErgoMixx Hand Mixer 750W

If you are looking for a kitchen helper with different functions and uses, we have to talk about the Bosch ErgoMixx MSM67170 mixer, a model with a 12-speed selector for easy operation, as well as being one of the cheapest on our list. 

This product has a SoftTouch handle that favors your grip, as well as a spiral cable for greater freedom of movement during the grinding of food. The large buttons, meanwhile, make it easy to use the Bosch Ergomixx 750w mixer.

As for the included accessories, this is a very complete kit because it comes with a universal chopper with an ice pick blade, a measuring cup with a lid and a functional rod. 

Regarding the stainless steel foot, the special design of the dome and the strength of the QuattroBlade blades allow food to be processed efficiently without splashing. Also, these parts and accessories can be washed in the dishwasher.  

The most outstanding characteristics of this blender are summarized in the following section of pros and cons.


Versatility: The accessories included with the blender extend its functionality to almost any kitchen task for processing food, preparing desserts, crushing ice and much more.

Holding and handling: The ergonomic design of the mixer reduces fatigue during use, and its operation is simple thanks to the easy-to-reach buttons.

Settings and power: At the top there is a 12-speed selector to regulate the 750 W of power while maintaining stability during processing, and even giving a blow with the Turbo Plus function.


Noise: Increased noise may be perceived at maximum blender speeds, which may be uncomfortable for some users.

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Bosch chopper blender

6. Bosch MS61B6170 ErgoMixx Hand Mixer 1000 W

Within the ErgoMixx line, the 1000 W Style model stands out as an efficient Bosch chopper mixer thanks to its high power and the included universal chopper, which make it easier to cut food and ingredients to prepare quick and delicious meals. In addition, it includes the blender rod, the mixing glass with measurements and an ice crusher blade to use in the chopper. 

This mixer retains the same ergonomic and functional design as other ErgoMixx models, but with a red speed selector that stands out for its attractiveness.

Regarding the assembly of the accessories, this is easily done with a clip system that favors the exchange of parts and their subsequent cleaning. Due to all these characteristics, this model can be considered a “must” in the kitchen, because with the accessories and the strength of its motor, all recipes are easier to make. 

Now, in this model we have distinguished some positive and negative aspects that we detail below. 


Construction: The plastic attachments are BPA-free and the stainless steel blades won’t transfer food flavors, so it’s safe to use.

Comfort: The body of the mixer is designed for an easy and light grip, avoiding fatigue during continuous use. 

Cleaning and hygiene: The anti-splash dome prevents the kitchen from getting too dirty and all the accessories can be washed in the dishwasher.


Cable: A spiral cable is missing, since its design is smooth and does not allow it to get far from the plug. 

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Bosch Silent Mix Mixer

7. Bosch SilentMixx Pro Blender 2.3 L Continuous

The blender is one of the most used appliances in the kitchen due to its functionality in various recipes and the preparation of drinks, therefore a recommendation, if you need to buy one, is the Bosch Silentmixx Blender that has the design of an American glass with a capacity of 2.3 litres.

This model has an elegant design that combines the color black with a stainless steel panel on the electrical unit. For its part, the wide and robust jar is made of extra-thick glass with ThermoSafe treatment, so it is suitable for processing hot or frozen foods.

The Power-Mixer SilentMixx Pro blender has 900 W of power that supports automatic operating programs such as Smoothies and Slushies that allow you to make these drinks at the touch of a button. In addition, with the rotary selector you can use the other speeds or the Pulse function to achieve a better consistency in processed foods.

If you still have doubts, we recommend you review the list of pros and cons that we highlight in this model.


Noise reduction: The thickness of the jar glass and the motor system favor noise reduction in this blender, even at the highest speeds.

Functions: The automatic Smoothie and Granita programs are activated by pressing a button for each one, while the other speeds are selected with a rotary button.

Pusher: This model includes a food pusher that facilitates the grinding of ingredients safely.


Price: The cost of this product is high, but its functionality, design and the Bosch guarantee support your investment.

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Bosch 800w blender 

8. Bosch MSM88160 MaxoMixx Hand Mixer with Accessories

If you are a follower of MasterChef, surely you have seen in more than one episode how they use the Bosch 800W MaxoMixx blender to prepare different recipes, since this equipment is robust and has the necessary strength to process all kinds of food in a short time.

In this model we have distinguished a very elegant stainless steel body and an ergonomic SoftTouch handle for a good grip, as well as a functional layout of the buttons and the speed selector to make handling much easier.

On the other hand, the usefulness of this equipment increases with the included accessories: such as the XL size universal chopper, the graduated glass with lid and the blender rod. In addition to this, we must mention the spiral cable that takes up less space and allows greater freedom of movement, even far from the plug.

Now we invite you to read our summary of the main features that we find in this Bosch mixer. 


Handling: The mixer’s SoftTouch grip and the layout of its buttons make it easy to handle.

Dome: The professional design of the dome favors the grinding of food with the stainless blades, and at the same time prevents splashes.

Levels: With this blender you can regulate the power in 12 speed levels to adapt it to your recipes. 


Coupling: One aspect to improve is the coupling of the accessories, which is made of plastic.

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Shopping guide

Bosch is a reference brand in the power tools market, and now it is also in the household appliance sector, with mixers being one of the most popular products in its stock. These powerful pieces of equipment are designed to process hard, soft, cold or hot foods thanks to their various features, which we explain extensively in our guide to buying the best Bosch mixer. 

mixer type

Within a comparison of Bosch blenders, there is a very simple classification that will help you decide which appliance you need at home: the glass blender, the hand blender or the pastry blender.

The first is the most classic model and one of the essentials in any kitchen, due to its usefulness for preparing soups, smoothies, fruit juice, among other recipes that require food to be mashed.

Hand mixers, on the other hand, are compact, easy to use and versatile due to all the compatible accessories. On the other hand, pastry blenders, whether for domestic or professional use, are provided with beaters and kneading hooks, or other accessories depending on the model, suitable for pastry, bakery and pastry recipes. 


Once you have decided on the type of mixer you want to buy, there is another element to evaluate, before asking how much it costs, and this is the power. In the case of Bosch mixers, you will see that the lowest power is 450W, in some pastry models, while others with higher performance can range between 600W and 1000W of force.

This number is very important when it comes to measuring the performance of the equipment in grinding food into a nutmeal or slushy smoothie, and even processing hot vegetables into a creamy soup. 

The higher the power, the better the mixer’s performance and the less time it will take to process the ingredients to the desired consistency for your recipe, which will help you finish faster.

In this same sense, it is convenient that the equipment has a power regulator and from there derives the usefulness of the speed selector, which must have an accessible and manageable design that favors the use of the mixer. 

design and construction

In Bosch mixers, the ergonomic design stands out with a functional grip, determined by the SoftTouch, in the hand and pastry models, which allows a firm and secure grip, reducing fatigue thanks to the light weight of the equipment.

Regarding the materials, it is necessary to mention that all the plastic parts are free of BPA to prioritize the safety of its consumers. On the other hand, in many models of hand mixers we see the use of stainless steel in the foot, the blades and the dome to offer greater durability, optimize the grinding of food and maintain an elegant appearance in this tool. 

In the jug blenders we see the use of extra thick and reinforced glass, a robust electric unit and resistant accessories to perform well in the most demanding tasks of mixing and grinding.


Even if you are looking for a good and cheap blender, if it is from this brand, it will always have cutting-edge technology to expand your benefits. Such is the case of the noise reduction system in the most powerful engines or the programming of certain intelligent functions to process food with the push of a button.

In the case of hand mixers, the technology of the QuattroBlade blades and the anti-splash dome allows food to rotate within this space to be reached by the four stainless steel blades and be processed in less time and without a messy mess.. 

Accessories and cleaning

The accessories of these mixers are designed to extend their functionality. For example, some blenders include a food pusher that can be inserted through the lid to stir ingredients.

For their part, many hand mixers include a mixing glass with measures and a lid that facilitate the storage of the preparation. In the same way, there is a universal chopper with a standard blade for food and a more resistant blade for crushing ice, and how to forget the whisk, necessary to whip egg whites or cream in the preparation of delicious desserts. 

The best thing about all these elements is that they are easily assembled and disassembled through a clip system. In addition, they are dishwasher safe for easy maintenance.

Frequently asked questions

Q1: How to use a Bosch mixer?

As with any appliance, our recommendation is to carefully read the instruction manual for your Bosch mixer to learn how to use it correctly. However, in a generic way we can say that a Bosch mixer is an ideal kitchen helper because it saves time by processing food quickly and with optimal results. Depending on the model chosen, it can be used in the preparation of baby food, creamy soups, a delicious guacamole or homemade mayonnaise. You can also prepare shakes of your favorite fruits or some cold smoothies by adding your favorite frozen yogurt.

Q2: How to disassemble the Bosch Powermaxx mixer?

If the warranty time of your Powermaxx mixer has already passed and you need to make some repairs, you can disassemble the unit by prying on the upper part, where the cable enters, to release the three hooks it has. When it is released, the motor is free and accessible, and to assemble it again you must place two contacts between the tabs and join the parts. This tip is for those who have skills in appliance repair, and if that’s not your thing we recommend calling a professional technician. 

Q3: Where to buy accessories for the Bosch mixer?

On the main e-commerce platforms, such as Amazon, there are various accessories that are compatible with Bosch mixers. Also, they can be purchased directly from the manufacturer’s website at very competitive prices to replace the damaged parts of your mixer, if that is the case. 

Q4: Which mixer is better Braun or Bosch?

Both manufacturers share a great track record in the domestic mixer sector, also based on the trust of their consumers. In addition, the similarity in the designs and technology of their food processors allows them to be positioned among the best blenders on the market, so deciding which is the best of the two will depend, in large part, on the individual experience of the buyers.

Some users prefer Bosch hand blenders for small daily chopping tasks, while others prefer Braun pastry blenders for more demanding preparations and larger quantities of ingredients. 

In short, what we can say, based on user feedback, is that your investment will be backed by either of the two brands, since they have an efficient technical support team, warranty and a large stock of models and accessories for blenders.. 

Q5: How to fix a Bosch mixer?

To fix a mixer, you need notions of electronics to recognize each component and its function, thus determining what the fault is, having a multimeter to measure the voltage of all the elements and knowing how to disassemble its parts.

In the case of Bosch mixers, we recommend checking with technical support if your equipment is still under warranty, as they may be able to send you a new device without you having to pay anything. But, if it’s out of warranty and you don’t know much about appliance repair, our recommendation is to find a professional technician or a handyman friend who likes these things to tell you what’s wrong with your mixer. 

Q6: How to clean a Bosch mixer?

Before you start cleaning your blender, make sure it is unplugged. The removable elements such as the jugs, in the glass models, or the stainless steel feet and other accessories can be separated from the electric unit to wash them in the dishwasher without any difficulty. Also, they can be washed under the tap with a sponge and detergent, taking care in the area of ​​the blades to avoid accidents or cuts. 

In the case of electric units, where the motor is, it is recommended to clean them with a soft cloth if they are dirty, avoiding contact with water. 

Q7: What is the most complete Bosch mixer?

It is not easy to recommend a specific model from the Bosch range, as there are many mixers with excellent performance, high power and a wide variety of accessories to cover all the demands of an average family. In this sense, you should carefully evaluate the utility that you will give the blender or what you expect from it so that you choose a comprehensive model, which responds efficiently to grinding food, helping you to prepare delicious recipes. 

But, if we talk about one of the most complete models, we can mention the MaxoMixx 800W MSM881X2 blender that includes the universal chopper, the measuring cup with lid, the dessert rod and, its novelty, the food processor with four metal cutting inserts and grated. In addition to the mixer blades, ice crushers and kneading blades, it will be the dream kitchen assistant in any home.

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