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Bosch Vacuum Cleaner – Buying Guide, Opinions and Analysis


Having a vacuum cleaner handy at home could come in handy when you want to clean large areas like carpeted floors or mattresses, for example, and the Bosch brand is an alternative that many buyers find valuable. If you want to know what it has for you, first of all, we present the Bosch BBH218LTD equipment that stands out for being multifunctional and not requiring cables to work, allowing you to move with greater freedom. Secondly, you could consider the Bosch BBH22041, a model with a striking design, good manufacturing finishes and ergonomic handling for domestic use that, like the first, is also multifunctional.

The 8 Best Bosch Vacuum Cleaners – Opinions 2022


Bosch vacuum cleaners can help you save time and effort when cleaning your home and even your car if you purchase the appropriate model. In the following list you will find some alternatives that could be of interest to you in Bosch vacuum cleaners:

Bosch broom vacuum cleaner


1. Bosch BBH218LTD Readyy’y 2 in 1 Cordless Handheld Vacuum Cleaner


A model that could be considered the best Bosch vacuum cleaner is the BBH218LTD. This kit consists of 3 main components: the vacuum cleaner, a handle and an articulated brush, as together they can offer a more satisfying cleaning experience with less effort.

In addition, this Bosch broom vacuum cleaner is considered a 2 in 1 thanks precisely to this detail, because you can use it as a cordless or handheld vacuum cleaner.

Evaluating its design, it has a size of 16.5 x 26.5 x 116 centimeters and its weight is 2.5 kilograms, so you can handle it with confidence and firmness. This version is chocolate colored, but you could also purchase the equipment in blue, gray or red depending on your preference.

As for the performance of the vacuum cleaner, it works with a lithium ion battery capable of providing 40 minutes of autonomy for wireless use. In addition, it has a 240V power and a 0.4-liter tank for vacuuming and storage of debris.

If you are interested in knowing if this model could become the best Bosch vacuum cleaner of the moment, here are its most relevant aspects:


Design: It is an ergonomic and pleasant to use vacuum cleaner, either to vacuum the floor or your car, as needed.

Multifunctional: By being able to remove the articulated brush and the handle, the vacuum becomes handheld for use in small spaces.

Lightweight: It weighs just 2.5 kilograms, making it comfortable to handle and carry.

Motorized brush: A High Power motorized brush is included that can reach a maximum of 4,600 RPM for cleaning your floors.


Power: Compared to others, it does not have much power, but it is enough for daily cleaning.

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Bosch cordless vacuum cleaner


2. Bosch BBH22041 Readyy’y Broom and Handheld Vacuum Cleaner


If you are looking for a Bosch cordless vacuum cleaner, the BBH22041 model has a striking design and useful functions for cleaning. In addition, it is one of the cheapest on the list, so it could be the best value for money Bosch vacuum cleaner.

This equipment comes in a vibrant blue color with a metallic finish, but its design also highlights its practical dimensions of 26.5 x 13.5 x 116 centimeters with an approximate weight of 3.1 kilograms, offering comfortable maneuverability for cleaning the home. In addition, both the handle and the articulated brush can be removed from the vacuum to be used as a hand piece of equipment.

On the other hand, you should bear in mind that its tank is 0.3 liters and it has a lithium-ion battery that gives it 240V power for vacuuming, so it is a product designed for domestic use or cleaning. regular car.

As it is one of the cheapest options on the list, it would be convenient for you to know its pros and cons:


Multifunctional: It is a 2-in-1 vacuum cleaner, since it can be used both handheld and as a floor vacuum cleaner.

Design: The metallic finish gives it a modern and resistant look that you can also buy in fuchsia or chocolate.

Autonomy: The rechargeable battery has a range of 44 minutes in which you can vacuum a wide area.

Turbo brush: The purchase includes a special brush to clean hard floors such as marble, wood, tile, etc.


Charge: Keep in mind that a full charge of your battery requires several hours and even overnight.

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Bosch bagless vacuum cleaner


3. Bosch BGC05AAA2 GS05 Cleann’n Bagless Vacuum Cleaner


Another piece of equipment that is among the best Bosch vacuum cleaners of 2022 is the BGC05AAA2 model, which is also among the cheapest in the selection.

This vacuum cleaner is a drum model, but without a bag, since it has a built-in 1.5-liter capacity tank to store all the dirt collected from your floors and furniture.

It has a modern style design with a size of 31.4 x 26.8 x 38.1 centimeters and a weight of 4.4 kilograms, as well as a pair of wide wheels with which you can move the vacuum cleaner without much effort.

On the other hand, with this Bosch bagless vacuum cleaner you can not worry about allergens thanks to the fact that it has a HEPA H12 filtering system that, in addition, is washable, allowing its extended use. This makes the use of the equipment safer by not producing contaminated residual air.

Bosch could easily be the best vacuum cleaner brand for some, so we invite you to learn more about this option:


Motor: The motor of this vacuum cleaner is 700 watts, so it is more powerful than other equipment mentioned in this list.

Regulator: It has a built-in power regulator with which you can change the suction force.

Tank: Its tank is quite large, reaching 1.5 liters of capacity to avoid constant emptying.

Filter: It has a washable HEPA H12 filter, which will be in charge of purifying the air that is being sucked in by the vacuum cleaner, contributing to a more efficient cleaning.


Compartments: It does not have compartments to store your accessories, so you must be careful not to lose them.

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Bosch Athlet vacuum cleaner


4. Bosch BBH625W60 Athlet Broom Vacuum


Bosch Athlet vacuum cleaner is as the BBH625W60 model is normally known, a piece of equipment that offers the advantages of modern technology together with practicality and ergonomics.

This Bosch vacuum cleaner has a quite striking and modern design with good quality finishes that are pleasant to the touch. Its size when assembled is 73.5 x 24.5 x 24.5 centimeters and weighs 3 kilograms, maintaining a good level of maneuverability.

It can be purchased in white or, if you prefer, you could also choose it in beige, gray or red according to your taste, a detail that makes some consider that it could be the answer to which is the best Bosch vacuum cleaner.

Regarding its performance, it has a 25.2V battery capable of offering a power of 1,500V for cleaning carpets, curtains, furniture and upholstery. In addition, its tank has a 0.9 liter capacity, avoiding constant emptying during use.

If at any time you do not know which Bosch vacuum cleaner to buy, you can consider what this particular equipment offers you:


Design: It offers an attractive design and good finishes that provide ergonomics to increase comfort when using it.

Sensors: It has integrated sensors to enjoy powerful performance with minimal equipment maintenance.

Autonomy: The battery of this vacuum cleaner can last up to 60 minutes depending on the power of use.

Brush: Its articulated brush will allow you to easily access under furniture, beds and tables.


Accessories: In addition to the articulated brush, no other accessory is included with the vacuum cleaner and in case you are interested in any of them, they must be purchased separately.

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Bosch handheld vacuum


5. Bosch BHN2140L Move Lithium Handheld Vacuum


In case you need a Bosch handheld vacuum to clean your car or sofa from time to time, you should probably take a look at the BHN2140L.

Here we are faced with a vacuum cleaner that has a compact size with dimensions of 38 x 11 x 13.5 centimeters and a weight of just 1.1 kilograms, offering great maneuverability when cleaning.

Its maximum power is 65V powered by a 21.6V rechargeable battery that also offers an autonomy of around 45 minutes, more than enough to clean the upholstery of the car or the sofa, for example.

For vacuuming, the Bosch team uses High Air Flow technology which is responsible for separating the dust and making use of a 3-stage filtering system with which residual air is produced with a lower percentage of contaminants, being safe for Use around people sensitive to allergens.

To find a good alternative in Bosch vacuum cleaners, you must take into account all the important aspects:


Compact: The most striking thing about this Bosch vacuum cleaner is its compact and lightweight design that makes it comfortable to carry in the car.

Tank: It has a 1-liter capacity tank, so you can vacuum all the upholstery without having to constantly empty it.

Autonomy: Its battery has an autonomy of approximately 45 minutes of use, which may be enough for regular cleaning.

Filter: The integrated filter can be removed for washing separately to keep it free from dust accumulation.


Accessories: No accessories are included for use other than a simple nozzle.

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Bosch 2 in 1 broom vacuum cleaner


6. Bosch BBH32551 Flexxo Series 4 Cordless Handheld Vacuum Cleaner


Bosch is a brand that offers variety and practicality in its equipment to satisfy all tastes and, on this occasion, the brand has for you a white Bosch 2-in-1 broom vacuum cleaner with an impeccable appearance.

Its design is quite attractive and manageable, since it has dimensions of 26.5 x 18 x 115 centimeters and a weight of approximately 3.5 kilograms, depending on the integrated cleaning accessory.

Its handle has a handle that manages to increase safety when holding the vacuum cleaner, providing more firmness and its tank has a capacity of 0.41 liters.

On the other hand, it should be noted that it offers autonomy of up to 55 minutes with its lithium-ion battery, which also reaches a power of 25.2V for vacuuming the equipment and includes a series of accessories that you can exchange depending on the place you are. you want to clean

Equally evaluating the pros and cons of a Bosch vacuum cleaner can help you make a better purchase decision:


Design: This Bosch vacuum cleaner has a modern design with good quality finishes that are also ergonomic.

Autonomy: The integrated battery can offer up to 55 minutes of autonomy for wireless use of the equipment.

Accessories: A turbo brush, a lance nozzle, a bristle brush and the lower broom are included so you can clean all kinds of spaces.

Compatibility: Thanks to the variety of accessories, you can use this vacuum cleaner to clean practically any surface.


Deposit: Do not overlook the capacity of your deposit, which is small for some applications.

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Bosch Unlimited Vacuum Cleaner


7. Bosch ProAnimal Unlimited Series 8 BBS1ZOO


Perhaps, for some buyers, the BBS1ZOO model could be the best Bosch vacuum cleaner if you have pets at home, since it is specially designed to help you get rid of hair.

Taking into account the aforementioned, it should be noted that the vacuum cleaner includes several accessories for this, among which are two motorized brushes, a furniture brush and two nozzles: one for upholstery and the other for joints.

Thanks to this, using the vacuum cleaner at home to remove your dog or cat’s hair from the furniture will be a relatively simple task, which you can carry out quickly.

On the other hand, the Bosch Unlimited vacuum cleaner has been designed for practical cordless use and has a built-in battery that allows you to use it for up to 60 minutes at a time before having to recharge it. During this time it will be possible for you to clean the floor, the curtains or the upholstery of your furniture.

In case this Bosch product has caught your attention, below, you will find more information about it:


Design: The vacuum cleaner has a striking design in black and red, in addition to a structure with an ergonomic handle.

Indicators: It has LED indicators that will let you know if it is on or not, as well as the power activated.

Capacity: Since it is a bagless model, it has a 0.4-liter capacity tank for waste storage.

Brushes: The motorized brushes have a design specially designed to collect animal hair, being effective in this function.


Weight: The weight of this vacuum cleaner is 3.5 kilograms, a bit excessive to be a cordless device.

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Bosch vacuum cleaner with bag


8. Bosch GL20 BGN2CHAMP 2,400W Vacuum Cleaner


In case you are looking for a slightly more classic type of vacuum cleaner, you are probably interested in knowing the advantages that the Bosch BGN2CHAMP model has for you.

It is a drum and bagged vacuum cleaner that has a size of 37 x 26 x 29.5 centimeters, while its weight is 4.2 kilograms. To move it you can make use of its mechanical wheel system or also choose to carry it with its handle.

In addition to this, the Bosch vacuum cleaner with a bag has a cleaning accessory that gives it a range of up to 7 meters so that you can have greater mobility when using it. This complement, it should be noted, is special for fabrics, being useful in furniture, beds, carpets, etc.

On the other hand, its power is 2,400W, far exceeding some of the models mentioned, so if you are looking for a powerful vacuum cleaner, this could be for you.

Knowing the advantages of a Bosch bagged vacuum cleaner could help you when deciding which model to buy:


Power: It is the most powerful vacuum cleaner on the list, reaching 2,400W, so its usefulness at home is increased.

Filtering: It has a Pure Air filtering system to reduce the presence of dust in the air.

Tank: Its tank has a 3.5-liter capacity, which will allow you to vacuum very large areas without problems.

Nozzle: As an accessory, a lance nozzle is included with which you can access difficult corners.


Cable: Its power cable is only 4 meters long, which somewhat limits the mobility of the equipment when cleaning.

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Bosch vacuum cleaner accessories


Bosch vacuum cleaner spare parts


Bosch BBZ41FGALL PowerProtect Bags


A good option if you need to buy spare parts for a Bosch vacuum cleaner, as, in some cases, would be the bags, we recommend you evaluate this product from the same brand.

This is a package that includes a total of 4 replacement bags for Bosch vacuum cleaners.

Its design gives it high compatibility with different models and even power variations, in order to adapt to the compartments of each vacuum cleaner.

On the other hand, each bag has a capacity of 5 liters and a filtering system with which it can retain up to 99.9% of dust particles to prevent them from escaping into the residual air.

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Bosch vacuum cleaner filter


Snow 2 Pcs. Bosch Vacuum Cleaner Filter


If you are looking for a Bosch vacuum cleaner filter, the Aieve brand has a product for you that could be of interest to you as it is made up of a set of two pieces, each with its respective foam complement.

These components can be installed in Bosch vacuum cleaners of different models and have the function of permanently filtering dust, to prevent it from accumulating inside the machine, as it could damage it.

Another striking feature of this set of filters is that they are washable, so you can keep one installed while you wash the other to extend the life of both.

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Shopping guide


With a guide to buying the best Bosch vacuum cleaner, you will be able to more easily recognize the characteristics that a good model offers. In the following space we will go through some of the most important aspects to help you make a successful purchase decision, when choosing among the many alternatives offered by the brand.

Bosch vacuum cleaner design

When you come across a comparison of Bosch vacuum cleaners on the internet, you will probably notice that design is one of the main characteristics analyzed by buyers, since, after all, it is an appliance that you will have to handle directly.

In the case of vacuum cleaners, many seek and recommend a model that has an ergonomic and practical design. That is, it must be easy to handle and comfortable to use to access certain spaces.

In this sense, considering the Bosch vacuum cleaners designed for regular domestic cleaning, it is advisable to evaluate models that offer, in addition to ergonomics, a light weight to handle them easily and also mobility of their parts, which allows them to clean under the sofa or bed., to mention a few examples.

Likewise, it would not hurt to also take into account the materials and manufacturing finishes of the vacuum cleaner to choose a robust model that can last you a long time.

Engine power

The power that the motor of the Bosch vacuum cleaner of your interest can reach will be one of the most determining factors in terms of capacity. The higher the power, the more suction power, so the equipment will be more effective. However, for domestic use there is greater flexibility in terms of power, mainly depending on the use that you want to give the vacuum cleaner.

In most cases, a vacuum cleaner that offers at least 500W of power is usually more than enough to clean the floor mat or the curtains, but if you are looking for a model for car care or sofa vacuuming, for example, you have greater freedom in terms of power, since the upholstery does not require as much suction.


Available features

The features available on a Bosch vacuum cleaner can be one of the most influential aspects in defining how much a particular model costs. However, before choosing one just because it is the cheapest, first consider how practical it will be for you, whether to use it at home or in the car.

Some of the features most sought after by vacuum cleaner buyers are the power adjustment and its versatility to allow the interchangeability of accessories, as these are the main qualities that can increase the practicality of a vacuum cleaner.

On the other hand, depending on your model, it might also be useful to consider whether it has a comfortable and easy-to-handle transport mechanism for regular use of the vacuum cleaner.

Tank capacity

Some vacuum cleaner options work with bags in their tank, which are responsible for storing dust and other residues that have been sucked up by the device, while others have rigid tanks that must be emptied once full, just like the bags.

However, the importance of this feature lies in the capacity that these components offer based on the type of Bosch vacuum cleaner. Keep in mind that it’s a good idea to choose a model that has the level of performance you want to meet your specific cleaning needs.

For example, if you are going to buy a vacuum cleaner to clean your home, a large capacity option would be recommended, especially if there is a lot of people traffic or you have pets. However, this is not important if you want a car care model, since you could use a simple handheld vacuum to keep it free of dust and dirt.

Energy consumption and maintenance

Technology has made it possible to use many devices wirelessly, and Bosch vacuum cleaners are no exception. There are models that offer autonomy through batteries, while others require an electrical connection. Each one has its own advantages and disadvantages, so that should be studied before choosing which one to buy.

Likewise, the maintenance required by the Bosch vacuum cleaner to continue working properly must be evaluated with the intention of avoiding investing in a complicated model to handle.

Taking into account the energy consumption, here you must consider the autonomy of a model with batteries, since it will be the approximate time that you will be able to use the vacuum cleaner without having to connect it to the mains. In the case of maintenance, we recommend that you focus on the aspect of emptying the tank, as it can become a breeding ground for germs if not cared for properly.

Frequently asked questions


Q1: How to use a Bosch vacuum cleaner?

Home models generally consist of three parts: the handle, the vacuum cleaner, and the cleaning attachment. Start by inserting the handle into the vacuum cleaner until you hear the characteristic clicking sound. Then choose the most suitable accessory for cleaning your floors, for example, if you are going to vacuum a carpet, insert the brush, but if you want to clean your countertop, you can use a nozzle. Again, fit them into the vacuum cleaner from the bottom until you hear the click.

When you have it already assembled, you only have to charge its battery for the time recommended by the manufacturer and that’s it, you can start vacuuming your floors with your new Bosch vacuum cleaner.

Q2: How to disassemble a Bosch vacuum cleaner? 

Disassembling a Bosch vacuum cleaner can be simple or complicated depending on its model, but if you have purchased a broom-type equipment, you will have to start by removing the cleaning accessory, whether it is a nozzle or a brush.

This can be achieved by unlocking the safety tab on the back of the vacuum, which should be located near the junction of both pieces. After removing it, you will have to remove the handle by performing the same procedure and you will already have your Bosch vacuum cleaner disassembled.

 Q3: How to change the bag of a Bosch vacuum cleaner? 

If the bag of your Bosch vacuum cleaner has already served its usefulness, you can replace it very easily by simply pressing the safety tab to remove it and insert the new one. However, the broom vacuum models usually work with a rigid tank that you will have to empty following the same procedure.

Q4: Where to buy Bosch vacuum cleaner bags? 

Replacement bags for Bosch vacuum cleaners can be found in all kinds of hardware stores around the world that offer branded products, as well as online stores.

One of the most recommended to find offers could be Amazon.es, so if you are looking for this product, we invite you to take a look at its options, among which you can find the right model for your vacuum cleaner, as well as sets for that you should not make several purchases in a row. 

Q5: How to repair a Bosch vacuum cleaner? 

Some of the more common issues that can occur when using a Bosch vacuum are loss of suction, rollers malfunctioning, and problems with the electrical connection.

In the case of loss of suction, you should check that the hose does not have any opening through which the suction power could be lost. If so, you will need to replace it.

As for the rollers, if they don’t spin, you can try cleaning them by removing the bottom plate to remove any tangled hair or accumulated dust. You can use a scissors to cut them and finishing with a brush to dust without risks.

If it doesn’t turn on, it’s probably a problem with the electrical connection, so you can change the connector to see if it’s fixed. If this is not the case, it is best to take it to a technical service, since the problem may be in the motor of the vacuum cleaner.

Q6: How to charge a cordless Bosch vacuum cleaner? 

To properly charge a Bosch cordless vacuum cleaner, you must first install its battery. On most models, this is a standard design that can be inserted into a special compartment or holder and is latched with a safety tab.

Once you have it installed, you can connect the power adapter to the rear port of the vacuum and then plug it into an outlet. Wait the reasonable time recommended by the manufacturer based on the capacity of the battery and after the period you can disconnect it to use it without cable.


Q7: Which is better, a Bosch bagless or bagged vacuum cleaner? 

Both bagged and bagless Bosch vacuum cleaners have their own advantages and disadvantages.

In the case of models with a bag, these usually have a greater capacity in their deposit for the storage of waste, while those without a bag do not usually exceed approximately 3 liters.

On the other hand, those without a bag use the cyclonic suction system, with which the vacuum is deposited in the internal bucket, while others make use of porous bags that can let the dust escape through the residual air.

Evaluating the maintenance, some consider that the models with a bag are more hygienic, since it can be thrown away without further ado while the tanks must be emptied and many times there are accumulated remains in the corners that will have to be washed or removed by hand.

As you can see, everything depends on your needs when choosing a vacuum cleaner, since each one offers functions and capabilities according to its design and purpose of use.

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