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Braziers – Buying Guide and Comparison in 2022

The winter season is a favorable time to acquire an air conditioning system, which helps us keep warm with our family. There should be no reason to miss a pleasant meeting on the terrace or in the garden, so using one of the new and versatile braziers is the solution to continue sharing. Currently, new models of these products have been developed, among which the Iglesias Mave BN stands out, which has 4 powers, appropriate to achieve a temperature adjusted to your liking, in addition, it has a 2.5 connection cable meters to connect it to the current with greater comfort. If instead, you are looking for a model that integrates a security system, then the Cala DomacoIt will seem interesting to you, as it includes a CO2 sensor in its design, which has the objective of stopping the flow of gas in case it reaches dangerous levels, in order to avoid an accident.

Opinions about the best braziers

Having the best electric or gas brazier that we can install on a stretcher table, either inside or outside our house, is a great advantage when we go through the winter month, so we want to help you choose one of the best braziers of 2022, making a comparison between the positive and negative characteristics of each model selected in this list.

electric brazier

Iglesias Mave BN

It is an electric brazier with 4 power levels; 250, 500, 700 and 900 W, to regulate the temperature depending on needs and tastes. In the same way, the resistance has been double shielded to offer better performance and a long useful life.

It is made with high-quality materials that provide resistance and durability, in addition, this allows for optimal calorific performance and low resource consumption, since it maintains heat better. On the other hand, the power cord is 2.5m long, so you can move it around the room more freely.

It is available in different colors, such as lilac, red and brown, which allows you to choose the one you like the most and that is more in line with the decoration of the space. As far as safety is concerned, it has black handles on the outside to hold it more comfortably.

If you need an electrically operated brazier that you can use in any room without taking up too much space, then you need to learn more about this model.


Power: It offers 4 power options, 250, 500, 700 and 900 W, which increases versatility.

Resistance: The resistance is double shielded, which favors optimal performance and guarantees durability.

Handle: It incorporates handles to offer a safer and easier hold, in this way, you can move the brazier without fear of burns.


Design: Compared to other similar models, this brazier offers an unattractive structure.

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MAVE Black Heat

A product that competes to be part of the best options that can be purchased on the market is the one presented by the MAVE brand, because it includes in its design and manufacture a technology called black heat, which reduces energy consumption Energy. Additionally, it can provide the advantage of regulating the intensity through its 4 power levels. Thus, you can adapt it to your needs and avoid excessive consumption.

As far as its safety is concerned, thanks to the fact that it includes a double shielded resistance, this electric brazier can be more durable compared to others. But also, we can qualify it as intuitive, since through its two switches and their settings, you will be able to access the type of use necessary in each situation. On the other hand, if you are concerned about its appearance or want to make it blend in with the surroundings, it is available in various colors, which adds an additional aesthetic advantage.

After knowing the summary of features of this model, you may be able to determine with greater certainty which is the best brazier for you.


Black Heat: By including this option, you can reduce power consumption.

Power: By providing up to 4 power levels, it can be adapted to your needs.

Cable: Its cable has a length of 2.5 m, which may be enough to reach a nearby outlet.

Temperature: Because it manages to reach a maximum power of 900W, it may help you stay warm even though the temperature is very low.


Switch: The device itself does not include an off switch, so if you decide to do without its heat, you will have to resort to disconnecting it from the electrical current.

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gas brazier

Cala Domaco

This versatile brazier model has a built-in atmosphere analyzer, which automatically stops the gas flow if it detects excess CO2 in the environment. In addition, it has an adjustable power of two levels, the minimum of 500W and the maximum of 1,100W, appropriate for a stretcher table. While on the other hand, it is quite versatile to be able to choose whether to use a 28-mbar butane gas cylinder or a 37-mbar propane gas cylinder.

The safety aspects are also notable in the model, since it cuts off the gas outlet in case the flame goes out, to avoid any accident. And if we talk about its comfort, we can say that it maintains a pleasant environment in terms of temperature and smell, since it does not emit any unpleasant aroma or smoke. It has a simple and practical ignition, thanks to its built-in piezoelectric ignition button. In addition, it has dimensions of 30 x 16 centimeters and a weight of 2.68 kilograms.

Before purchasing your first gas brazier, we recommend that you find out which is the best brand of brazier on the market and which are the cheapest models. It is also important to know its main features in detail, such as the possibility of using butane or propane gas, as is the case with this model.


Gas : This versatile brazier model allows you to use both 28 mb butane gas and 37 mb propane gas.

Power : This model has a variable heating power of two levels: a minimum of 500W and a maximum of 1,100W, allowing you to adjust it according to your taste.

Safety : As a protection, this model stops the flow of gas in case the flame goes out.

Analyzer : As a second protection system, this model has an atmosphere analyzer, which stops the gas flow if there is an excess of CO2.


Hose : A user lets us know that this product does not include the gas hose, so it must be purchased separately, being inconvenient if you do not have it.

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Dobar 35442e

One of the materials that provides good heat insulation is magnesium, which is why the model presented by the Dobar brand includes it in its gas brazier design. On the other hand, it has another quality that makes it practical, and that is that despite its dimensions of 60 x 60 x 30 cm, it is light, weighing approximately 14 kg, so you can transport it to the place where it is most convenient. In addition, it includes practical perforations that can be used to hold the brazier comfortably.

In the same way, its minimalist and modern design stands out, which because it is made with an appearance in shades of gray, can be easy to combine in your home in a harmonious way.

On the other hand, among the accessories included, a protective polyester cover is sent, as well as lava stones that contribute to an attractive appearance and conserve heat for longer.

Now we are going to learn a little more about this model in the summary of outstanding features and possible aspects to improve.


Appearance: Due to its size and modern design, it can be a gas fire pit that helps you keep your home warm and looks good.

Auto Shut-Off: Due to this safety feature, fuel is not wasted.

Robust: Thanks to the fact that it is made of resistant materials, it can be the one indicated for outdoor spaces.

Adjustable: By including a rotary button to regulate the passage of gas, it is configured according to needs.


Battery: It is necessary to insert an AAA battery to get the device to turn on automatically. But this is easily achieved, so it is not a major problem.

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Low consumption electric brazier

Orbegozo BR50

The new Orbegozo BR50 electric model has two power levels to easily select, which is why we can consider it as a low-consumption electric brazier, since it adapts from 400W to 900W, thanks to the small selector on the side, being able to set the desired temperature for greater comfort.

In addition, it integrates a 1.60-meter-long power cable and to make it safer and prevent it from staying on when you don’t want it, you must unplug the power cable from the power outlet.

On the other hand, this attractive and very safe model is specially designed to be installed on a stretcher table for a brazier, thanks to its 38-centimeter diameter, or directly on a wooden floor, due to its three metal supports. It measures 38 x 38.5 x 10 centimeters and weighs approximately 1.84 kilograms.

If you are wondering which is the best brazier that is currently on the market, we suggest you pay attention to its most outstanding characteristics, such as the quality of the resistances that it incorporates.


Resistance : This model integrates two armored resistances, which improve their performance and their quality.

Power : The power generated by this practical model is adjustable on two levels, the minimum of 400W and the maximum of 900W.

Support : This model integrates a casing with three metal supports that allow this brazier to be placed directly on the wooden floor.

Temperature : This product stands out for generating a high level of heat when the two resistances are turned on simultaneously.


Power off : A user states that the only drawback that he can comment on this model is the need to unplug it from the power outlet to turn it off completely.

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Picón brazier

Wolfpack 22030116

If you don’t want to complicate yourself and are looking to produce heat without the need for gas or electricity, you can always resort to a practical brazier made of picón, which can keep the vegetable fuel that is added to it at a warm temperature for several hours. On this occasion, the Wolfpack brand presents us with a 44 cm diameter version, with side handles for greater comfort, which make it easy to transport it to the place where you need it to provide heat. In addition, when empty it weighs less than a kilogram, so it is an option that can be classified as portable because it is light.

One aspect to consider as an advantage in its design is that it is made from resistant materials, so with due care, it could be of great use to you for a long time. It could surely be the solution for those looking to stay warm in an outdoor space, for example on a picnic or on the terrace.

Below we show you more information about this brazier, so you can decide if it is what you are looking for.


Dimensions: Due to its size of 44 cm in diameter, it may not be too big.

Capacity: By providing a center hole deep enough to add fuel, you can keep it warm for many hours.

Resistant: Users mention that even outdoors, it can be kept in good condition over time.

Practical: Its charcoal-based operation prevents you from having to use electricity or gas.


Depth: Some consider that the approximate 8 cm of depth could be few. But depending on the quality of the fuel, it will also depend on whether it is hot for long enough.

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outdoor fire pit

Deuba 101097

It is an outdoor brazier that is used to create a source of heat and light outdoors, either at evenings with your partner or at meetings with family and friends. It is possible to use it with logs, firewood or coals for greater versatility, in the same way, it can be lit at any time of the year.

To ensure safety, it has a protective grille that covers the entire structure and protects against sparks and oil splashes. In addition, it includes a poker with a wooden handle to safely remove the grate and remove the fire.

The bowl to place the fire has a round structure of 75 cm in diameter, which can provide a distinctive touch in the space where you decide to place it. As if that were not enough, it is made of stainless steel and has been powder-coated in black, which favors durability.

If you need a brazier to place in the garden and heat the environment during outdoor evenings, it is advisable to analyze this model in detail.


Diameter: It has a diameter of 75 cm, so it is wide enough to offer a large source of heat.

Accessories: Includes a poker to remove the flame and a safety grille that protects you from contact with sparks.

Design: It has a sleek design, made of stainless steel and powder coated in black, which provides a better look.


Instructions: The instructions to assemble it come in German, however, it is an intuitive installation product.

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Electric brazier with thermostat

HJM 105

This model is probably the best price-quality brazier that we present in this list, while operating very efficiently. This product has a heating power of up to 600W, suitable for spending winter evenings with friends.

This model sports a traditional and old red design, fully adapted to current standards for operation according to needs. This radiator-type brazier is specially designed to be placed on the floor and measures approximately 39 x 10 x 40 centimeters.

Thanks to its built-in thermostat, you can keep the room temperature regulated, since it turns off the resistance when it increases enough and turns it on when it drops. Likewise, the HJM 105 brazier uses a convection heating system, which produces a very pleasant atmosphere.

If we are still in doubt about which brazier to buy, then it is important to continue paying attention to the positive and negative characteristics of each model. This practical electric brazier with thermostat helps to maintain the desired temperature regulated.


Thermostat : It integrates a practical and useful thermostat that helps regulate the temperature of the environment, helping you to better save on electricity consumption.

Power : This practical model works with a heating power of 600W, ideal for achieving a comfortable temperature.

Traditional : This is a model that has a traditional appearance, but fully adapted to current electrical and safety standards.

Safety : You won’t have to worry if you leave this brazier on, as the thermostat also acts as a safety element by controlling the temperature at a reasonable level.


Materials : A user of this electric brazier comments that the manufacturing materials have a weak aspect, but it is an aspect of perception.

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Butane gas brazier

Warm air Multifunction

If you need an additional fire pit for special occasions, this model of butane gas fire pit could offer a versatile solution. It is a compact model with a diameter of 27 cm and a height of 31 cm, which probably does not imply too many inconveniences for you to find a place for it in your home and have it at hand. Likewise, its practical design with a top handle makes it easy to take it wherever you need it.

On the other hand, if you are concerned about the heat capacity of the device, we inform you that it is a brazier that can reach 3000W, which could help you cook or heat the space you want.

In addition, it provides easy use, through its turnable button. But it also adapts to the needs of what you want to prepare, being possible to place the saucepan closer to or farther from the fire as you prefer.

Let’s see the most significant features of this model, so that you take them into account when evaluating whether to include it among your purchase options.


Portable: Being a compact device, it is easy to transport it in case you have to cook in a place other than your kitchen.

Versatile: By having two different heights for the brazier, it adapts to the needs of the food you want to prepare.

Resistant: Its manufacturing materials can tolerate normal use without problems.

Adjustable: It is possible to choose the amount of heat that it should produce, thanks to the fact that it is adjustable.


Color: Some people may not select orange among their favorites. But perhaps the practicality of the device allows it to be a good option.

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garden brazier

FoBuy Multifunctional BBQ

This garden brazier is a multifunctional model, as it can serve as an outdoor fire pit on cold nights and can also be used as a barbecue. In addition, it is capable of offering a cozy light, appropriate to illuminate the space on romantic evenings.

It has a practical square design that simulates a low table. It is 81 cm wide and 45 cm high, so it can be placed anywhere without taking up too much space. It also includes an outer cover to protect from rain and protect the structure from dust, as well as a poker to remove the inside of the brazier.

On the other hand, it has a pyramid-shaped lid that favors the attractiveness of the brazier and has a dark gray surface, which simulates the appearance of stone structures. To top it off, it can prevent rust for added durability.

If you are looking for a model with which you can give a touch of originality to the patio of your house, then we invite you to discover this brazier.


Accessories: Includes grid to place food, poker, splash cover and a cover to protect the equipment against moisture.

Multifunctional: It allows you to create a fire to heat the garden or cook food as in a barbecue, which favors versatility.

Design: It has a square design and the surface simulates stone, so it provides a colorful appearance.


Height: It has a height of 45 cm, so it can be very low to cook comfortably.

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Guide to buying a brazier

Sometimes when we think about acquiring a brazier, we are not very clear about what qualities it must have to meet our expectations. To help you clarify some ideas, we present the following guide to buying the best brazier, where we will talk about the features that could be considered basic when choosing one.

Shopping guide


To start ruling out some options from your comparison of braziers that do not meet your expectations, an important aspect could be determining what type of fuel you want to use, since it could be a butane gas, charcoal or wood brazier, but it could also be be one that connects to an electrical power grid.

For example, if it is a fire pit for the hearth, probably any type of fuel will work. But if you’re going to be using it outside, plugging it in may not always be a feasible option.

If you are concerned that the quality of the air is not affected by smoke, most likely the best option is an electric type. Well, through its resistances and other mechanisms it can radiate heat and thus raise the temperature around it, so that you are more comfortable.


Due to the fact that the braziers can raise their temperature considerably, we cannot stop thinking about the features that have been included in their design, in order to minimize the risk of accidental burns or fires. As for this, you will find a good and cheap one that can turn off automatically when it detects, for example, that there is an excessive amount of CO2 in the environment, cutting off the gas supply to the brazier.

Others include covers that are intended to prevent you from coming into contact with the incandescent material that is placed on them, etc. Evaluate these characteristics to determine if it is the safe brazier you are looking for, to use with peace of mind in the situations you have planned.


So that you do not have the surprise of acquiring a brazier that is too small or, on the contrary, so large that you cannot find a place to place it in your home, it is best to check its dimensions beforehand. If it is a fire pit with a table, measure in advance the place where you plan to place it. Also, this can be especially important if it is a fire pit designed to complement a stretcher fire pit table. In this case, carefully check the diameter of the device and that of the stretcher table, to make sure that both measurements are compatible.

On the other hand, it is very likely that the size of the brazier has a direct relationship with how much the model costs, those with larger dimensions being higher costs, due to the amount of material required to manufacture them or the degree of difficulty involved. But probably if it meets your expectations, you consider that it is worth investing your money to acquire it.


If you are concerned that the brazier looks good in the place where you place it, then we invite you not to overlook the aesthetics of the models that you analyze for your comparison. You can first determine if you are looking for a rustic, modern or classic style brazier option; Fortunately, many types of braziers can be found online, which could offer appropriate design and appearance qualities to enhance that specific place you want to heat.


Because some braziers involve a use that can vary from one model to another, you may be interested in knowing if it is an intuitive model or if, on the contrary, you should analyze its instruction manual in detail, in order to take advantage of all its advantages. Check in this aspect also what could be the maintenance that you should provide to the brazier, so that it continues to be useful for a longer time. Evaluate how complex it could be and if you can do it yourself.

Durability and versatility

So that in the short term, you do not see yourself in the need to acquire a spare part for the brazier, you should analyze that it is made of robust materials to tolerate the use for which it is intended without major inconveniences. In general, it should be made of heat-resistant metals such as steel, iron or magnesium, for example, but also the accessories that it includes in its design, such as buttons or switches, must be made of durable materials.

If what you want is a versatile brazier, which not only provides you with one type of use, you can check if it is possible to adapt it to other circumstances. Some manufacturers add accessories that will allow you to even cook on it.

Frequently asked questions

Q1: What uses more a brazier or an oil radiator?

Probably compared to an electric brazier, we could find that on many occasions a lower energy consumption by the oil radiator is perceptible. It also provides the advantage that it remains hot for a longer period of time after it has been turned off. However, this will depend on related factors such as the power that each one can achieve. Still, however, some people may prefer to choose an electric one, considering it a clean system, because they heat up quickly, are compact and easy to use.

Q2: What is a black heat brazier?

The term black heat is associated with those devices that can produce heat, but this does not mean that any part is incandescent. Devices that have this type of technology are considered low consumption, so as far as heating is concerned, they are used as an aid for a main heating system. They are probably not very powerful when used in this capacity, but they are an attempt to achieve safe and affordable heat generation.

Q3: How to clean a copper brazier?

Most of the techniques to clean copper effectively consist of mixing an ingredient that by nature has a high degree of acidity, this is mixed in turn with another ingredient that, in contrast, is alkaline and the reaction between both ingredients will cause the copper cleaning. For example, you could mix a little salt with vinegar and apply this mixture with a cloth or sponge.

Other effective mixtures can be baking soda with vinegar or even lemon juice with baking soda. In all cases, you have to rub and remove the mixture several times, until you get rid of the dirt and rinse the copper later with water, to finally finish drying the brazier very well.

Q4: How to light a picón brazier?

There may be several techniques to achieve this, but one that could be effective so that it does not take too long to do it is to have a little alcohol on hand, the charcoal to light in the picón that you must pour into the special space and an air pump, such as those used to inflate mattresses. You can start by pouring a little alcohol into the center of the picón and setting it on fire.

Once the alcohol is consumed, there will be some embers that will help the heat to spread. Now, what you should do is blow air into them so that they reach a higher temperature. Once achieved, cover these with more charcoal. Once you have managed to get enough embers, distribute them all over the picón and if you have some remaining ashes from another occasion, you can place a little of them on top.

Q5: How to fix the resistance of an electric brazier?

Getting an electric brazier repaired can be a simple task if you have a replacement for the damaged part. It will suffice to replace this part, taking care to do it according to the instructions in the device manual. In the event that you have doubts, perhaps it is best to turn to a professional who performs this task.

Q6: Why does my electric fire pit turn off by itself?

Sometimes braziers have a safety system against overheating. If this happens due to a problem in the electrical network or in the brazier itself, then it is probably the reason why the device has started to turn off. Another reason could be an automatic shutdown function when it detects that the desired temperature has already been reached.

Q7: How to remove rust from a brazier?

Rust is the result of a chemical process that often occurs in braziers that have been exposed for a long time to inclement weather, but unfortunately it reduces their aesthetics. To remove it, you can disassemble the pieces and submerge them in a mixture of water with vinegar and baking soda. If you don’t have vinegar, you could use concentrated lemon juice. Allow the piece to remain in this mixture for at least one day and proceed to rinse and brush.

Q8: How to clean a gas brazier?

You can start this procedure by disassembling the top cover and the protection grid, this in case they are separate pieces. Otherwise, one step

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