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Briefcase – Opinions, Analysis and Comparison in 2022

When leaving our office for a commercial visit, doing business or carrying out any other task outside our office, it is always a good idea to have a good briefcase with us. A space where you can move documents, carry catalogs and have everything you need at hand when working away from your desk. All this without forgetting that the product must be light and have the necessary comfort to move and carry it. Something that helps us with ample space and a touch of style the PAUL MARIUS LA SACOCHE model. A shoulder bag made of leather, with that usual finish and ample interior space. If you prefer a more compact design, where everything has its space, the Sysmarts Padfolio modelit’s just what you need. Suitable to take it wherever you need it and have everything you need always at hand.

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The briefcase is still a common tool in any office today, no matter what you do. So it is worth spending a few minutes to find out which is the best briefcase that we can find, adapted at least to our tastes and preferences. And it doesn’t matter if you need a leather briefcase for men in a conventional format or a briefcase for women, because the offer is so wide that you will surely have a choice. At least that is what our selection of the best briefcases of 2022 shows us, which we present to you below.


There are not a few users for whom the best briefcase of the moment is one that has good material and a traditional design. If you are one of them, you will surely like the PAUL MARIUS LA SACOCHE model. This briefcase in shoulder strap format has a large interior space where you can carry large quantities of documents from your computer without complications.

A product made of leather with an elegant natural finish, which is finished off with details such as silver fittings and the stippling of the pieces. A nice briefcase that also has a lined interior, which protects your documents and everything you decide to take, as well as some compartments in which it is easy to better organize your things. As befits the one that is the best briefcase for men according to many comments from its users.

Although it is not clear which is the best brand of briefcases at the moment, this PAUL MARIUS model earns its manufacturer a lot of money.


Materials : Its manufacture in leather gives an adequate resistance to this briefcase.

Space : The large capacity of this product is combined with its entrance, so you can easily put what you want.

Adjustable : You can adjust the shoulder strap as you like, so that the weight does not bother you when carrying the bag hanging.

Finish : Its beautiful natural leather finish gives the bag an elegant vintage look.

Compartments : The briefcase also has compartments, in which to store the smallest objects.


Handle : We miss having the handle, to carry the briefcase directly in your hand without having to hang it on your shoulder.

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Sysmarts Padfolio

The Sysmarts Padfolio Briefcase According to some comments, it is advisable to treat the zipper with care to avoid premature deterioration. It is a model that changes the conventional design of these products. A very interesting model for those who want to have everything they need at hand, since the model has an interior compartment where each element has its place.

Thus, in this interior we find a space for the calculator, another for credit or business cards, space for the pen and also for the notepad. A complete proposal that stays in a tight size and light weight, so it is very suitable for professionals who spend a lot of time on the street.

Something that is also noticeable in its design, which in addition to being elegant is finished off with a black leather exterior that is very long-suffering when it comes to use.

Let’s know some more details of this efficient briefcase, with a first level compartmentalization.


Calculator: The briefcase has a calculator, in which it will be easy for you to do the accounts you need without resorting to your mobile.

Business card holder : The business card holder makes it easy to keep your business cards and other accreditations and the like close at hand.

Compact : The case has a compact design, so you will not have much trouble taking it anywhere.

Finish : The leather finish is elegant and gives a very elegant touch to the product.


Interior space: The interior space is very compartmentalized, so if you want to use it to get documents in a certain volume, it may not be the best for you.

Zipper : According to some comments, it is advisable to treat the zipper with care to avoid premature deterioration.

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Alassio 92434

The Alassio 92434 model responds to the traditional document bag. This translates into a large interior space, so you can store everything you want inside. For this you have two main compartments, an interior pocket with a zipper and another exterior also with a zipper.

All of them are easily accessible thanks to the wide closure, which includes a key to give you extra security. A model that also gives you greater comfort, so that you can carry it in your hand or over the shoulder, for which it includes both the manual handle and the padded strap to carry it over the shoulder.

And to make transportation even easier for you, the case has an adjusted weight, which you will surely appreciate after a long day at work.

If you are not sure which briefcase to buy and you prefer a traditional model, this briefcase may be just what you need to carry everything you need during your day.


Design : The product has the conventional design of lifelong briefcases, so if you need a lot of space, you will find it here.

Spaces : The product has interior and exterior pockets as well as ample space so you can store everything you want well organized.

Dual use : You can carry it hanging on a shoulder strap or carry it by hand using the included handle, depending on what interests you at all times.


Closure : Some user comments that the weight has a tendency to open when the briefcase is overloaded. In these cases it is advisable to close it with the key.

Resistance : Some users indicate that the resistance of the case can be improved, taking care that it is not rubbed to avoid deterioration.

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Bags & Purses Miss Lulu

If we look into the world of women’s briefcases, we find the Bags & Purses Miss Lulu model. A beautiful product that stands out both for its design and its comfort. Starting with the design, its finish in white polka dots on a red background gives the product a nice look.

A background color that you can choose from its five different options. Regarding its comfort, the large lid makes it easy to access the interior, where we find some pockets that allow you to separate those small objects that you want to have close at hand.

In addition, you have a second outside pocket, to better organize your things. A complete product that is finished off with the shoulder strap, so that you can carry this hanging bag comfortably and without discomfort. This strap is adjustable, so you can carry the briefcase at the height that suits you.

Let’s go into the details of this model in depth, in case you are not sure what it can offer you.


Space : The ample interior space helps you store everything you need inside, even if you have to include a laptop or a small tablet.

Compartments : The briefcase includes two small interior pockets as well as a large exterior pocket between which it is easier to organize your things.

Finish : The briefcase has a nice white polka dot finish as well as different backgrounds in five different colours.


Handle : As with other briefcases, this model can only be used in shoulder strap mode since it does not include a handle.

Weight : The total weight of is 1.25 kilos. It is not especially heavy but it does not stand out precisely for its lightness.

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Artcare 15223310

If we search among the cheapest briefcases we find the Artcare 15223310 model. This briefcase has an A3 format design where it is easy to carry what you need, although it is true that its thickness is not very high, about 3 centimeters, so that this aspect should be taken into account.

This briefcase is made of synthetic material, which has the advantage of repelling water and preventing the contents from getting wet. It also includes a shoulder strap and handles, so you can carry it with you in the way you like best.

A complete set at a cheap price, as much as to be the best value for money briefcase that we have valued. So that carrying your documents is not a problem, neither for convenience nor for its cost.

Let’s see some more information about this model, located among the cheapest in our selection of briefcases.


Plastic exterior: The exterior of the case is made of plastic, so it effectively repels water and prevents what you carry inside from getting wet.

Weight : The weight of the briefcase is 472 grams so you will not have to worry about having to carry it when taking it with you wherever you want.

Colors : It is possible to choose the briefcase in colors other than black, depending on what you like best.


Product thickness : Although the product has a good size, its thickness is tight, so there is no space to carry a laptop or very thick things inside.

Handles : The handles have considerable rigidity, which can be somewhat annoying when handling them.

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