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Broom closet – Opinions, Analysis and Comparison in 2022

So that you don’t have buckets, brooms and other cleaning products scattered around your office, there is nothing better than a good broom closet. An organized product with the necessary space to store everything, so that you remove these products from sight and have them at hand when you need them. In this task, you will only have to take a look at the market and choose the model that suits you best, depending on the space available and what you need. Models like the Habitdesign 007142O broom cupboard, which has been made of high quality wood with a height of 180 centimeters and space for both cleaning products and brooms and mops. Plus, its two-door design offers even more options for better organization. If you prefer a compact model, you can use the HabitMobel Blanco broom cupboard. This product is only 37 centimeters wide by 38 centimeters deep, but still offers enough space to store your cleaning supplies comfortably.

The best broom cabinets on the market

Although it is not a product that is usually visible, the truth is that a good broom closet offers us the necessary space to store all our cleaning products and that they do not get in the way of our daily activity. A task in which it is convenient to know which is the best broom closet that we can find, given that the existing offer is wide and the available proposals are many. And if you don’t believe it, all you have to do is take a look at our selection of the best broom closets of 2022, where you will have a suitable reference to know what you can find.

Habitdesign 007142O

If for you the best broom closet is made of melamine, the Habitdesign 0071420 model is one of your candidates. A model that could well be the best broom closet of the moment, with details such as complete manufacturing in this material, while measuring 180 centimeters high by 73 wide and 37 deep.

This space is divided into a broom area on the right with three half shelves on the left and a second full width shelf on top. An already common design that makes it easy to organize everything you need comfortably. An equipment that is delivered following the usual kit furniture design, so that assembly is easy for you.

And so that you can fit it into your environment, this wooden model comes in white or natural, depending on what you like best.

Let’s see more information about this model, manufactured by which some users stand out as the best brand of broom closets currently on sale.


Space : Thanks to its measurements, 180 centimeters high by 73 wide, you will have enough space to store what you want.

Shelves : The cabinet includes three half shelves and one full width, to better organize all your things.

Material : This product has been made of high-quality melamine, to adequately withstand even the most intensive use.

Assembly : The wardrobe has a kit furniture system, which makes the process of assembling it even easier without spending too much time.

Colors : You can buy this model in white or in a natural finish, similar to a light brown color.


Handles : Although its design is nice, the truth is that the handles have somewhat fairer measurements than expected, which makes it difficult to open.

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HabitMobel White

The HabitMobel Blanco broom cupboard is a very interesting wild card and with which you can enjoy additional space to store cleaning tools comfortably. We are talking about a wardrobe with measurements of 180 centimeters high by 37 centimeters wide and another 38 centimeters deep. A compact space but well used. As much as to have four shelves in total inside, where you can place everything you need and easily organize cleaning supplies. 

On the other hand, the product also has a support for brooms and the like on the door, as well as a shelf design that does not reach the end, thus making it easier to place the broom or mop inside without colliding with the shelves. 

To top it off, the cabinet has a beautiful white finish, which fits perfectly in any room and is easy to clean.

It has never been so easy to turn a small corner into a storage space as with this cabinet.


Shelves: The cabinet has four shelves, where you can comfortably place all the cleaning products in your office.

Measurements : The measurements of the product make it very easy to place this cabinet anywhere.

Supports : On the door you will have two supports to hold brooms and other cleaning tools with a stick.


Tightening: It is important to properly tighten all the screws, in order to avoid looseness and other inconveniences during use.

Assembly : The assembly of the cabinet is somewhat complex, although nothing that cannot be solved with patience and good tools.

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Plastiken Space Saver

This broom cabinet has dimensions of 70 cm wide, 184 cm high and 45 cm deep. In this sense, it offers a wide internal distribution that includes 3 short shelves and a long shelf, suitable for storing cleaning products, it also has a tall space with a tube at the top to hang brooms.

It is made of highly resistant and quality beige plastic, with an exterior drawing that imitates Beech wood to give it a fresher appearance. In addition, it has 4 fixed legs and two folding doors to access its interior with greater comfort.

On the other hand, it is not only suitable for indoor use but also outdoors, since it has protection against UV rays, so it can be installed on the terrace, pool or garden. It also includes holes to place a security padlock.

When it comes to saving space and organizing the tools in the laundry room, a good option is to buy a broom closet. In this sense, it is advisable to analyze the salient aspects of this model:


Dimensions: Its dimensions are 70 cm x 184 cm x 45 cm, which allow the storage of all cleaning products and implements.

Distribution: It has a high area with a tube to hang brooms, 1 long shelf at the top and 3 small shelves on one side.

Use: It can be used equally indoors and outdoors, because it has protection against UV rays.


Resistance: A user thinks that its design may not provide a robust appearance, so it is necessary to give it proper use to extend its useful life.

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Keter M293186

Compared to the indoor models that usually dominate this segment, the Keter M293186 model is an outdoor toilet closet with which it is possible to take advantage of the space on the balcony or terrace of your office. Obviously, the product can also be used indoors, should you need it.

This product has quality details, such as a manufacture that includes rattan, to give the product more presence and resistance compared to other models that we have valued. It also has a good space inside, with the usual design of four shelves and five spaces in a cabinet 177 centimeters high by 65 wide and 45 deep.

So you will not lack space to store what you need and properly organize your cleaning products or what you want to store inside.

If you are looking for a broom closet for your terrace, your balcony or any outdoor space in your office, this is the most suitable model.


Materials : The product has a construction that combines plastic and rattan, making the product more elegant and facilitating its use outdoors.

Light : The wardrobe has a weight of 24 kilos, being much lighter than other similar models that we have analyzed.

For outdoors: Thanks to its construction, the model is very suitable for use outdoors, although it is also suitable for mounting indoors.


Finishes : Some users comment on the existence of certain flaws in terms of shipping, making it necessary to review the product in depth just in case.

Edges : It is convenient to take a look at the interior edges, as some of them may not be as well finished as they should be.

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Macfrin 1301

In our selection, there is also room for metal cabinets, quality and good size. Products like the Macfrin 1301 model, which has ample space to put whatever you want. Specifically, the wardrobe has measures of 170 centimeters high by 60 deep and 60 wide, where you can store everything you want without complications.

Something in which you will not have problems with resistance, since the stainless steel construction of this cabinet allows you to store everything you want, give it the blows it may receive and not worry about its structure. All this without losing additional functions, such as the height-adjustable shelves or the magnetic closure of the door, which make it easier to use the wardrobe and customize it however you like.

If you need a quality metal broom closet, this model offers you everything you need in a spacious and quality product.


Metallic structure: The metallic structure of this model gives you all the necessary resistance to use the cabinet in any environment.

Resistance : It is the most resistant cabinet that we have found, so that it supports intensive use without risk of breakage or deterioration.

Measurements : The product measures 170 centimeters high by 60 wide and another 60 deep, giving you more interior space to place what you need.


Price : Even though it is a metal and quality model, it is true that this product has a fairly high cost compared to what a conventional cabinet is worth.

Assembly : Due to its weight and characteristics, this product has a somewhat more complex assembly than the cabinets that we have generally valued.

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Within the cheap broom cabinets, we find the SIK KIS Jolly model. A resin broom cupboard with measurements of 166 centimeters high by 68 wide and 39 deep, offering a good space to store what you need. Inside, we have an area designed for brooms and another area distributed with three shelves and four holes, so you can place what you need.

With this proposal of space, it is not strange that we talk about the best value for money broom cupboard of those that we have analyzed. And you don’t have to worry about assembly either, since this resin cabinet is somewhat narrower than other larger models and has a system that makes it easy to fit the pieces together almost without tools, and you can also adjust the shelves to the height that suits you best..

If you are not sure which broom closet to buy, learn more about this product and its characteristics.


Materials : Compared to the wooden models, this product has been made of resin, which lightens the weight and simplifies assembly.

Size : Since the product is somewhat narrower than other models, the product fits in almost any space.

Adjustable : This model is adjustable in the height of the shelves, which makes the process of adjusting the interior space to what you need easier.

Assembly : The assembly process is extremely simple and it will only take you 15 minutes to have the cabinet ready for use.


Resistance: Some users comment that the materials must be treated with care, because the resistance of some pieces can be improved.

Rear panel: The rear panel is not a piece of plastic, like the rest of the walls, but rather has a piece of cardboard that is quite thin and not very resistant.

TOOMAX Wood Line L

Although at first glance the TOOMAX Wood Line L model may seem like a wooden wardrobe, the truth is that the product has been made entirely of resin, with a decoration that “hits” its appearance. A model that has an interior space of 180 centimeters high by 77 wide and 46 deep, being one of the largest models that we have analyzed.

A model that, due to the quality of its materials, also has the possibility of being used both indoors and outdoors, finishing with a padlock closure, if you prefer. A model that, although it is not among the cheapest broom cabinets that we have analyzed, is an interesting piece to gain storage space in your office for your cleaning products.

So that you can make better use of the space on your balcony or terrace, this broom cupboard can be mounted both indoors and outdoors, depending on what suits you best.


Space : It is one of the largest broom closets that we have analyzed.

Decoration : Thanks to its wood-style finish, the product looks very elegant when placed.

Adjustable : You can place its 4 shelves as you see fit, as they are easily adjustable in height.

Dual installation: This product is suitable for both indoor and outdoor installation.


Humidity : Although the product can be placed outdoors, it should not be placed in an area that is within reach of the rain, as its interior hermeticism could be improved.

Resistance : Although the product has a resistance of about 40 kilos per shelf, some users comment that it could be improved.

Buyqualia Multipurpose

It is a multipurpose broom cabinet with a practical internal distribution, which allows the storage of various implements and cleaning products. In this sense, it offers a specific space for brooms, another for the vacuum cleaner and bucket and 3 shelves for towels, sponges and soaps.

Its design includes a hinged door that can be installed to the right or left depending on space and convenience. In addition, thanks to its dimensions of 188.5 cm x 44.5 cm x 39.5 cm, it can be installed in any corner, thanks to the fact that it occupies little space.

Its structure is made of white melamine, to combine with all the decorations, it also has 4 wheels, thus making it easy to move around the room even when loaded. Likewise, the cabinet is presented as an assembly kit, which includes instructions and screws to facilitate its installation.

If you want to keep your cleaning supplies organized in one place, then you should consider the pros and cons of this broom cabinet in more detail:


Dimensions: It has dimensions of 188.50 cm x 44.50 cm x 39.50 cm, which allows it to be placed in any corner.

Door: Its door offers the possibility of installation to the right or left, so you can adapt it to your convenience.

Distribution: The internal distribution allows you to comfortably store all the implements and cleaning products, such as a broom, bucket and vacuum cleaner.


Brake: A user considers that the wheels should include a brake to prevent accidental movement.

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