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Broom – Buying Guide, Opinions and Analysis

Keeping up to date with the advances of all the products on the market can be exhausting, however, it is worth learning about the most modern brooms, as they are designed to make cleaning your home an easier and faster process. A cordless model like the Vileda 153037 broom, for example, offers you efficient performance with low power consumption, so you catch all the dirt and get rid of it using the included dustbin. On the other hand, Dyson V7 Motorhead offers the qualities of a vacuum cleaner and a broom simultaneously. Choosing one option or another is up to you, however, regardless of which one, it will give you great benefits.

The 8 Best Brooms – Opinions 2022

Among so many brands and models it is possible to get lost, but knowing the pros and cons of the best alternatives on the market, your purchase decision will be much simpler and more informed.

Vileda electric broom

1. Vileda Quick & Clean Cordless electric broom

A Vileda electric broom is usually one of the most sought after options on the market, due to the good reputation that the company has. In this case, this model stands out for its versatility and how practical it is to use it.

Just by moving it across the floor, on top of the dirt, its rotating roller system will pick up everything that is there and deposit it in the removable tray. The best thing is that this can be done on any surface.

With dimensions of 16.9 x 17 x 11.3 cm and a weight of 481 grams, you can be quite comfortable when sweeping. Also, its 70 dB noise will be bearable. Being a cordless broom, you will not be interrupted by annoying cables and, with a single charge, you can sweep for up to 40 minutes.

Finally, its dirt container is 160 ml, so you can use the device several times before having to throw the garbage away. Due to its fame, Vileda could be considered the best broom brand, as it offers quality products like this model.


Electricity: This is a broom with low electrical consumption.

Tank: The waste tank has a capacity of 160 ml, suitable for constant use.

Comfort: By having a light weight you will be very comfortable when sweeping and you will be able to do it without any difficulty.

Wireless: You will not have to worry about tripping over the cable when sweeping, as it is a wireless broom.


Charging time: In order to enjoy the 40 minutes, it will be necessary to charge the broom for approximately 3.5 hours.

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Dyson broom

2. Dyson V7 Motorhead Vacuum Cleaner

Despite not being one of the cheapest, this Dyson broom stands out for giving you the best of two products in one. The model combines the qualities of brooms with those of vacuum cleaners, giving you a better result.

That way you can sweep the floor effectively, but also detach the handle from the bottom to vacuum hard-to-reach corners with 100W power.

Regarding its autonomy, this product provides 30 minutes of operation before it is necessary to recharge the battery. On the other hand, the artifact has a structure with dimensions of 21 x 25 x 124.3 cm; these measures make its use comfortable. Another convenient aspect is its weight of 2.47 kg, so you will not have to make much effort to use the broom and it will be easy to clean your home.

If you value versatility, this is one of the right gadgets for you. In addition, its power and ease of use will make the cleaning process more efficient.


Dual: This model offers the qualities of a broom and a vacuum cleaner in a single structure, to provide you with practicality and ease of use.

Power: The 100 W of power of this device will make the use of the vacuum cleaner much more efficient.

Scope: With the extendable handle you can reach difficult corners, to have a complete cleaning.


Price: This is one of the most expensive brooms on the market, so it might not be the right option for those looking to save.

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broom vacuum cleaner

3. Dibea cordless broom vacuum cleaner

Dibea’s vacuum broom gives a lot to talk about, since its qualities are quite striking. This product, to give you a better cleaning, has two power levels to take care of elements such as dust and even food scraps and animal hair.

Because the broom is removable from the vacuum cleaner, the latter can be used with up to three different heads that will adapt to the use you want to give it. On the other hand, the battery will provide a range of 45 minutes with normal operation and 25 minutes with maximum power.

As for the brush, it is motorized and comes with two rollers to take care of any surface and store dirt. Also, by having a 270° rotation angle, the brush will adapt to your movements so you can clean smoothly and without stopping. Also, due to its lightness and compact design, it will not be difficult to maneuver this broom. 

In case you don’t know which broom to buy, this model could give you the best qualities of two products simultaneously and, therefore, it is a good alternative.


Heads: The interchangeable heads of the vacuum cleaner will allow the device to be more adapted to the use you want to give it.

Comfort: Both the rotating brush and the lightness of the vacuum cleaner as it is separated will give you the comfort you need.

Power: The two power levels will facilitate the use of the product to achieve a more complete and effective cleaning.


Autonomy: The 25 minutes of maximum power may not be enough for certain large rooms, however, this does not detract from the quality of the product.

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Broom and dustpan

4. Jekayla Broom and Dustpan

Many people, more than modernity, simply need a broom and dustpan; For that reason, for them, this could be one of the best brooms of 2022, as it is a simple product that provides efficiency and ease of use.

This set, made of ABS, has been manufactured with your comfort in mind; for that reason, it comes with an extendable handle that reaches 137 cm in length, to offer you greater reach. On the other hand, because its weight is less than 1.47 kg, you will be able to sweep effortlessly and it will also be possible to move the product throughout the house.

As for dirt, the bristles come with a self-cleaning system that will leave them spotless while trapping debris inside the dustpan; This is possible because the dustpan has teeth that clean the bristles when sweeping. To save space, the broom can be stored inside the dustpan and placed upright, without tilting.

Quality does not require great technology and this model proves it, as it provides good results with little effort.


Simplicity: The operation of this product is simple and you will not need to read any manual to use the set.

Cleaning: The self-cleaning system is a novel quality, since you can forget about the dirt that is usually trapped in the bristles of the brush.

Comfort: Its lightness and how easy it is to store the product make it much more comfortable to use.


Colour: This set is white, therefore constant handling could cause it to get dirty easily.

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Rowenta electric broom

5. Rowenta RH8929WO Air Force Extreme Silence

Those who are looking for the most modern models will be able to find a suitable option when purchasing a Rowenta electric broom. This model is an efficient device that provides quiet and quality operation.

To begin with, when you load the product to the maximum, for example, you can enjoy up to 55 minutes of continuous use to clean your surfaces and its tank has a maximum capacity of 0.5 litres.

As for its structure, this product has a rather peculiar design, since the brush has a triangular shape, a quality that allows you to take care of corners that are difficult to access. This, together with its motorized delta suction system, will allow you to clean more garbage in less time.

It should be noted that its use is wireless, so you will be comfortable at all times. Last but not least, this broom is easy to store due to the fact that it can be kept upright.

Quality goes hand in hand with modernity with this product, therefore, it may be the best broom of the moment for you.


Autonomy: Unlike models that can only work for half an hour, this one can be used for up to 55 minutes.

Shape: Its triangular-shaped brush will facilitate cleaning, as it will reach the corners without complications.

Wireless: This broom does not need cables to work, therefore, it is a comfortable and easy-to-use option.


Tank: The waste tank has a capacity of 0.5 L and, although this does not affect its quality, it could easily be filled before 55 minutes of operation.

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Vileda Broom

6. Vileda DuActiva Broom

The best value for money broom does not need technology to stand out, for that reason, this Vileda broom catches the attention of many, despite its simplicity.

With measurements of 15.2 x 5.1 x 30.5 cm, the qualities of this product begin with its versatility, as its size will allow it to adapt to different handles and its lightness will allow cleaning to be simple and fast. As for the design, this model stands out for the brightness of the red bristles it has.

Despite its common appearance and low price, this broom has a detail that distinguishes it; This aspect is the addition of a sponge at the back that prevents you from raising too much dust when sweeping and also prevents hair from getting tangled in the bristles. This accessory is removable, therefore, you can use it only when you want.

This product shows that to stand out it is not necessary to cost a lot of money, because the model offers quality for a low price.


Dust: The rear sponge will prevent a lot of dust from being raised when sweeping, this detail will provide a more comfortable use, especially if you are allergic.

Price: This broom has one of the lowest prices on the market, so you will not spend a lot of money.

Removable: When you do not want to use the sponge or no longer need it, you can remove the accessory.


Stick: Not having a stick, it is necessary to make an additional purchase to be able to acquire it and attach it to the broom.

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Bosch electric broom

7. Bosch BBH32551 Flexxo Series

Seeing a Bosch electric broom that is cordless and has great power, it is inevitable that for some it will be the best broom. This model earns its reputation because it is quite practical and also provides long and easy use.

At maximum charge, this device can run for up to 55 minutes and will maintain its turbo power from start to finish. That way, the 4,600 rpm of its HighPower system will give you the best cleaning in no time.

To give you more reach when cleaning, this broom is flexible and can be used on any type of surface. Its comfortable handle will give you better control over the product, so your movements will not require effort and will be fluid.

In addition to this, the device comes with a detachable vacuum cleaner to complement cleaning, which can also be used to leave the car spotless.

Bosch values ​​versatility and, for that reason, brings this product that adapts easily to the use you need to give it.


Vacuum cleaner: Its detachable handheld vacuum cleaner will help you clean the most difficult areas; In addition, it will also let you vacuum your car.

Autonomy: The broom gives you an autonomy of 55 minutes, after a maximum charge, so you can clean with peace of mind.

Power: The 4,600 rpm of the brush and its great power will make it easy to clean any surface, in no time.


Charging: It is necessary to charge the product for 5 hours to be able to use it to the fullest. This could be tedious for some people.

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rubber broom

8. Tyroler Bright Tools Rubber Broom with Dustpan

A rubber broom is the middle ground between a common model and a modern one, as it maintains a traditional appearance but offers better cleaning than traditional brooms. Because of this, if you are wondering, what is the best broom, this could be the right choice.

In this case, this product is made with 100% natural rubber bristles, not only to be easier to clean, but also to pick up hair and other types of dirt without it all getting tangled up in the bristles. As it works on any surface and can also be used with water, it is a suitable model for interior and exterior cleaning.

For better durability, this broom has been built to industrial strength standards and for that reason, it won’t warp with constant use. In addition, in terms of its structure, the product measures 75 x 33 x 7 cm and has a light weight of 699 grams.

In case you are looking among the cheapest options on the market, this product may be the right alternative to save money and gain practicality.


Bristles: The bristles are made of natural rubber and will take care of picking up pet fur with ease.

Surfaces: The best thing about this product is that it can take care of various surfaces, even if they have water.

Comfort: The lightness and its measurements make it comfortable to use this broom to sweep or clean your home.


Handle: The stick is made of steel, so it could rust if left in the rain or in very humid places.

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Shopping guide

Even to buy brooms it is necessary to take time to think and make the best choice. Because of this, check what features to consider and get ready to buy the best broom for you.

broom types

For a home to be kept clean, regardless of its size, a very important accessory is a broom. Everyone, at some point in their lives, has swept something, and because of this, there is no one who is not familiar with the concept of these products. However, technological progress has also positively affected brooms and, for that reason, it is necessary to know how these items have changed in order to choose the best alternative.

When the purpose is to find a good and cheap broom to save money, then the traditional models with synthetic bristles are the most suitable option. Being the usual brooms, these are usually affordable and provide good cleaning results. The variations of this type of broom are minimal, since only the material used in the handle and the bristles changes.

If you want something more efficient, but also don’t want to invest too much, it’s time to consider rubber brooms. These models provide the same cleanliness as a common broom, with the difference that they can be used on wet surfaces and collect hair more easily, preventing it from getting tangled in the bristles.

Finally, an option that is becoming more and more famous is the electric broom. This product is not for those who are worried about how much it costs, however, it provides one of the most thorough cleans; This is due to the inclusion of roller systems, vacuum cleaners and flexible structures to reach hard-to-reach places. In addition to this, electric brooms also have trash cans to prevent you from having to come into contact with it. 


When making a purchase, not only when it comes to brooms, it is advisable to look for those offers that, in addition to the main product, come with accessories included that complement the functionality of the device you want. In this case, this recommendation also applies.

When comparing brooms, you will surely notice the notable differences between some models and others. For that reason, take some time to evaluate each of the options and give value to those that offer you that “extra” that you need to obtain a better cleaning.

A simple feature, for example, is to buy those brooms that come with a handle already included in the purchase. Otherwise, it will be necessary to invest more money to acquire a handle that suits the broom.

On the other hand, it is also preferable that you look for the brooms that already come with your dustpan. This can vary, depending on the manufacturer, however, the most important thing is that you can pick up all the dirt quickly and easily. There are some models that close to prevent trash from escaping, while others serve as bases to keep the broom upright and upright when stored.

In the case of the electric broom, the accessories are becoming more useful and sophisticated. Therefore, it pays to stay vigilant in order to acquire the best offer. In this case, purchase those models that come with a vacuum cleaner included and that can be removed from the broom structure. If this is possible, then you can use this device separately to clean more effectively and have greater freedom of use.


Last but not least, it is necessary to talk about comfort. Although most do not stop to think about this, it is recommended that this aspect be part of your guide to buying the best broom.

Common models do not usually give many problems, as they have light structures and are of adequate size. However, when considering electric brooms, then it’s a good idea to check certain aspects and make sure everything is adequate by your standards.

It is advisable to acquire an electric broom that does not depend on cables to work. Cordless models give you the opportunity to clean wherever you want, without having to have a plug nearby. To this we must add autonomy, because a broom that lasts for a short time is not very practical. 

In addition to this, it is recommended that the broom be light and flexible; otherwise, it will be difficult to manipulate it and get it to move smoothly. This is complemented by the dimensions, because if it is very large it will not be very comfortable to move or store it.

Frequently asked questions

Q1: How to use a broom?

Although some people think that the broom can only be used in one way, depending on the model and its functionality, you could use the product in different ways.

To use the common broom, which we all know, it is necessary to have a dustpan. Making sure that the broom is dry, you should take it and hold it diagonally with the bristles on the ground.

Gently moving the broom horizontally, drag the dirt into the dustpan. Taking the latter firmly with the other hand, make sure that the garbage remains on the surface of the shovel and that’s it. Continue the process to sweep the entire place.

On the other hand, electric brooms do not work this way. To use this model, it will be necessary to turn on the appliance and pass it vertically or horizontally over the dirt, since this type of broom acts like a vacuum cleaner.

Q2: Who invented the broom?

The history of the broom is one of the oldest, dating back to the 1st century when slaves used these items to clean the houses of the wealthiest. These were made with branches and, sometimes, were tied to sticks or reeds.

Due to its age, it is difficult to know exactly who its inventor was; however, the current common broom had its beginnings in the early nineteenth century by the group known as Shakers.

This group, considered a sect, had as its full name the United Society of Believers in the Second Appearance of Christ; they are credited with the invention of the broom.

Q3: How to clean the broom?

Depending on the model you have at home, cleaning will be different. The easiest brooms to clean are those that have rubber on the bottom, because with a little bleach and dish soap you can disinfect the product.

Fill a bucket with water and add the previously mentioned elements. After that, remove the stick and dip the broom into the mixture. To finish, you just have to let the product dry.

If it is a common broom with synthetic or plastic bristles, then it will be necessary to dedicate yourself to removing all the hair and dirt adhering to the bristles.

After removing everything, pour a little water on the floor and rub firmly to try to remove the rest of the dirt that may have been trapped. At the end, repeat the procedure previously explained with the bucket of water, the bleach and the soap. 

As for electric brooms, their cleaning depends on the manufacturer’s instructions.

Q4: What is the rubber broom for?

The rubber broom is used to clean your home, with the outstanding quality that it can be used on dry and wet surfaces; even on carpets. In turn, the rubber manages to catch the hair of pets and people; plus, these will be easy to remove because they don’t get tangled up with the bristles.

Q5: Where to store the broom and mop?

There are no rules to this, really, and many people go by custom, most of the time.

There are those who keep them in the laundry rooms, while others take advantage of the closet space to do so. It all depends on how practical the place is for you.

Q6: How to empty an electric broom?

The electric brooms have deposits that are easily removed to be able to throw the dirt in a garbage can without complications. The user manuals indicate the best way to carry out this process.

Q7: What is a broom made of?

Common brooms use as main materials a wooden or plastic handle, plastic, synthetic or straw bristles, and also wire. For their part, the rubber ones have a plastic handle and rubber to make the bristles.

Q8: How to charge an electric broom without cable?

It should be noted that, when talking about a cordless electric broom, reference is made to those models that can work without being connected to an electricity outlet. However, most of these need to be plugged in in order to recharge their battery.

Some brooms, however, make it possible to remove the battery for external charging. In this way, the recharging process is much more comfortable and practical.

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