The best brunch of Barcelona

Between lunch and dinner there are several hours in which it could be very good to enjoy a delicious “Brunch”, which helps to recover the strength to continue with a day of work. For those who live in or visit Barcelona, ​​the possibilities are varied and should be kept in mind for when the occasion arises.

If you are looking for places to enjoy a delicious brunch in Barcelona, ​​you can go through some of these places, where you will be spoiled with countless dishes, a pleasant atmosphere and, above all, with good service.

1.The Benedict

If you are in the Gothic Quarter, visiting The Benedict could become an experience that you will most likely want to repeat. Here, you can not only order eggs Benedict prepared with bacon, spinach, smoked salmon and more, but also other specialties such as grilled ribs or truly exotic cocktails.

The place offers a space full of details, with an old style , but cozy, and its attention is something that customers frequently highlight in their opinions.

2. Juice Bar & Healthy Food

The fresh concept of Juice Bar mixes sweet and savory foods, so you can treat yourself to whatever your palate most desires. You can enjoy a Red Hook smoothie with banana, beetroot, pineapple, avocado and apple, or their delicious Tropical Punch with pineapple, orange, ginger, banana and spinach, to name a few.

Another specialty of the place are the sandwiches, where they mix ingredients such as mozzarella cheese, pesto sauce, tuna, jalapeños, turkey and salmon. The prices they offer are quite reasonable and the atmosphere is very nice.

3. Carmelina

This brunch restaurant is located on Nova Icaria beach and may be the most suitable place to have a brunch on the terrace in Barcelona. Its decoration is inspired by the Cuba of the 1950s, which is why it offers a very peculiar appeal. His cooking, on the other hand, has been highly valued due to the care that Ali Achour puts into each dish he prepares.

When visiting La Carmelina, you can choose to sit on the terrace, with a view of the outside, or stay inside, enjoying the Latin rhythms and dances that set the scene, while you select one of its Mediterranean, Spanish or specialty dishes. Also, you can make special orders if your diet requires it.

4. Nolite

With a menu adapted to any special need, Nolita manages to pamper the palates of those who meet at this interesting place for brunch. Among its advantages, we can mention the outdoor terrace, for a refreshing moment and the possibility of entering with your dog.

The opinions highlight the quality of its preparations and its ingredients, in addition to the careful attention offered by all the staff, so that you can enjoy a pleasant experience that makes you think of Nolita every time you are in Poblenou.

5. Miss Simona Cafe Gastro Bar

For a tasty brunch, in which the flavors of Italy and Spanish gastronomy wonderfully merge, you have to visit Miss Simona Café. Its service is characterized by being fast , friendly and its options include all kinds of food, from pastries to vegetarian preparations, gluten-free and vegan options.

Here you can eat the classic potato omelette and other specialties such as bresaola carpaccio and Italian artichokes with Iberian ham. In addition, their desserts are the temptation of anyone who dares to see them.

6. Billy Brunch

Billy Brunch offers a wide variety of options to satisfy the palate and is defined as one of the most welcoming Brunch places with the best view in Barcelona. Although it can be a bit crowded some days of the week, you will be served in a short time, since the staff is characterized by its efficiency and speed. 

The presentation of the dishes is wonderful, the taste is exquisite and, if you are looking for a healthy dish to keep you on a diet, you can also find it at any of its addresses.

7. Eixample Brunch Cafe & Bar

If you want fun and colorful dishes, where international flavors merge with great creativity, you can visit Eixampleling. In addition, it can also be a place to go if you are looking for food prepared with high quality ingredients.

The place stands out for its picturesque decoration , where bright tones combine to create an atmosphere that will charge you with energy. In addition, the amount of food that they will serve you here will allow you to continue your day forgetting the scourges of hunger for many hours.

8. Ciudad Condal

If your passion is tapas, you cannot miss the opportunity to visit Ciudad Condal. In addition, you will have the opportunity to try a wide variety of seafood dishes. 

On the other hand, this place not only adapts perfectly to enjoy a delicious quick snack, since its service is efficient and in a few minutes you will have the dish you have ordered on the table. The decoration of the place is also something worth mentioning and its prices are according to the standards of the area, so you will not have to pay too much to enjoy the flavor and peculiar touch of this place.

9. Mensana

Creative cuisine is perhaps what best defines Menssana, but also its interest in offering dishes that are healthy and delicious. Its menu is constantly adapted to the ingredients of the season, hence you can always enjoy a fresh taste, when it comes to choosing the best brunch in Barcelona.

As far as the atmosphere of the place is concerned, you can feel comfortable on its country-style benches and enjoy the sun on its outdoor terrace. The presentation of the dishes is also very attractive , capable of inviting those who resist to eat.

10. Brunch & Cake Sagrada Familia

Chosen as one of the best brunches in Barcelona, ​​Brunch & Cake Sagrada Familia is an establishment that pays special attention to offering food prepared with ingredients obtained from nearby places, to guarantee the freshness and flavor that have distinguished it for several years. In addition, they prepare the dishes at the moment and with great care.

The place is cozy and you can feel comfortable within its facilities due to the attention that all the staff puts to make the experience memorable.

On other topics, if you don’t have time to visit any of these places, that doesn’t mean you should give up the possibility of drinking a delicious coffee. For this, we invite you to review our special selection of espresso machines.

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