The best butane gas kitchens

Butane Gas Cooker – Buying Guide, Opinions and Analysis

Butane gas stoves are very useful in those places where you do not have access to natural gas. This is because butane gas is sold in cylinders and its installation is not very complex. One of the recommended kitchens is the SolThermic F9L50G2-N, which has 5 burners to prepare your recipes more comfortably. It also has a large oven to prepare delicious cakes, meats, bread, etc. Another option that could help you is the Cata L 705 Ci, which is a 5-burner cooktop also with an electric lighter, so you don’t have to use matches or lighters.

The 8 Best Butane Gas Stoves – Opinions 2022

This time we present you a comparative list with the best butane gas stoves of 2022. If you want to choose a good product, do not forget to review each technical detail and compare it with your needs or preferences. For example, aspects such as size or whether it is a built-in kitchen or not, all this information will be very important in your purchase.


Butane gas stove with oven

1. SolThermic Kitchen F9L50G2-N Panoramic

It is a butane gas stove with a large oven to prepare meat, pizza, bread or other recipes. In addition, it has 5 fires, including a large one in the center, for large pots or pans. The oven, for its part, has a grill function, so you can gratin various foods in it.

In the same way, we mention that it has an elegant black design with a golden handle to open the oven. Also, the temperature adjustment buttons are black with gold, which provides beauty to decorate your kitchen very well. It even comes with 3 cast-iron racks where you’ll place the pots and pans you use.

Another aspect that you should know is that it has dimensions of 90 x 60 x 93 cm, which you should compare with the space you have in houses for their respective installation.  

This could be the best butane gas stove of the moment, since it is provided with the following characteristics.


Burners: Its upper part is equipped with 5 burners of different sizes, so that you can choose the one that best suits each recipe.

Oven: It has a grill function, as well as a chrome tray and grill in the oven, for greater ease when cooking different foods.

Size: The measurements are 90 x 60 x 93 cm, so you can install it in kitchens of various sizes.



Light: Although it comes with a light for the oven, it cannot be left fixed while you put in or take out the food.

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2. Sauber Kitchen SCW5GB 5 Burners Butane Gas

This is a butane gas stove with an oven, so you can pamper your loved ones by preparing various recipes in this compartment of the model. In addition, it has a specially conditioned space as a bottle holder, next to the oven. Thus, you do not have to carry out additional installations in your kitchen and you can have everything at hand, in one place.

So that you can adapt the power of the stove to the portion of food you are going to prepare, the model has 5 burners: the largest has a power of 3.5 KW, while the smallest has a power of 0.95 KW. In addition, your oven has a convenient capacity of 60 liters.

In relation to its appearance, it is a traditional kitchen, in white. However, it has a modern security system in each of the stoves, which is activated in the event of flame failure.

To find out which butane gas stove to buy, analyze in detail the advantages and possible drawbacks that each product has.


Distribution: Thanks to its 5 cooking areas and the diversity in the power of its stoves, you can optimize its use according to your needs.

Oven: It offers a capacity of 60 liters, so you can prepare portions for a large family.

Lid: Due to this accessory, you can cover the stove and use this section as another worktop.


Double heat source: The oven does not have a top burner, something that certain recipes may require.

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Butane gas cooktops

3. Cata L 705 Ci Plate Built-in Gas Glass Rotating

Perhaps this is the answer to which is the best butane gas cooker, given that it is a built-in plate with 5 burners. In addition, although it comes ready to use with natural gas, you can also change it to butane gas, thanks to the fact that it comes with the materials for this task.

If you are looking for butane gas cooktops on the Internet, perhaps with this model you can meet your requirements, since it has an elegant black glass design, gray buttons or thermostats and automatic ignition. Likewise, it brings cast iron grills that provide long durability.

Even, it only requires a hole of 55.2 x 47 cm for its correct assembly. In other words, you will be able to install it in large or small kitchens without any problem. On the other hand, we mention that it incorporates a safety valve, to prevent gas leaks in fires.

Here is a summary of its most important pros and cons. Our goal is for you to know all the highlights of this Cata cuisine.


Size: For mounting it requires only a hole of 55.2 x 47 cm and its general dimensions are 70 x 51 x 10 cm.

Burners: It is a gas plate with 5 burners of different sizes, so that you can choose which one to use in your recipes.

Materials: The grills are made of cast iron and the plate is heat-resistant glass, so it will last you a long time.



Adjustment: It is not very precise when the fire is placed at the minimum, that is, it does not go down too much.

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Beko butane gas cooker

4. Beko CSG-42009DW Cooker 4F Gas Oven

A Beko butane gas stove like this one can help you make delicious recipes, since it not only comes with 4 burners of various sizes, but also has a gas grill oven.

Its dimensions are 85 x 50 x 50 cm, so it fits very well in almost any size of kitchen. In addition, its white design combines with many decoration styles and the adjustment controls offer electric ignition of the burners.

As if that were not enough, the kitchen has a very efficient security system. This is the automatic gas shutdown. In this way, if you leave the gas open due to forgetfulness or distraction, this security system will cut off the fuel outlet. Perhaps this is the most efficient way to prevent major fires at home. However, we recommend checking that the controls are closed after using the kitchen.

This could be the best brand of butane gas stoves, since Beko specializes in manufacturing them, as well as plates, ovens and other products for the home. These are the highlights of the kitchen.


Functionality: With 4 burners and 1 oven you can enjoy many recipes that you like, such as paella, pizza or cake.

Design: It has a very nice white design with black upper grills, in addition, it measures 85 x 50 x 50 cm.

Security: Even if you forget to close the gas outlet, the security system will stop the leak.



Cooking: The oven cannot heat up and down at the same time. You have to use the grill separately if you want to gratin food.  

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Butane gas kitchen countertops

5. Hisense GG633B Natural Gas Hob 3 Zones 

Among the butane gas kitchen countertops, this Hisense model stands out for its practical design, in addition to its affordable cost. Both are attributes that the Hisense brand tries to offer in its extensive catalog of household items.

It has three burners of different power, so you can use the most appropriate according to the portion of food you are preparing and the size of your pan. In relation to its use, you can control the level of flame in a simple way, thanks to its rotary buttons, so it is a very easy to use plate.

To provide greater resistance and good heat distribution, its grids are made of cast iron and the lower glass plate. In addition to facilitating the cleaning of the stove, it gives the model a modern and attractive touch.

In case this product has caught your attention, you will be interested in knowing more about it.


Intuitive use: You won’t have to study complex instruction manuals, its use is traditional and simple.

Design: It is a plate with a modern appearance, thanks to its lower glass, so it will complement your kitchen giving it an attractive touch.

Versatility: By offering three burners of different power, you can comfortably prepare larger or smaller portions.


Flame adjustment: The power difference when controlling the flame is not very significant, something that could be improved.

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Two-burner stove with butane gas

6. Orbegozo Gas stove FO 2720 Body INOX

This product offered by the Orbegozo brand has two burners with piezoelectric ignition, for greater ease of use. The small fire reaches a power of 3.4 kW and the large one 4.3 kW, so you can choose which one to use in your recipes. In addition, its dimensions are 71 x 13 x 41 cm, making it ideal for small kitchens.

In addition to this, this two-burner butane gas cooker is made of tempered glass on the surface, a material that combines very well with the stainless steel finish of its body and adjustment knobs.

It is a portable kitchen with non-slip bases, providing greater stability and safety on any surface you use it. As if that were not enough, this kitchen model has the FFD security system, which closes the gas outlet if the flame goes out with the wind, for example.

In the next section we will show you the pros and cons that make this countertop model a suitable product for houses or small homes.


Dimensions: This kitchen has 2 burners, one small and one large, also has general dimensions of 71 x 13 x 41 cm.

Ignition: The ignition is electrical and is done directly from the rotary adjustment knobs.

Surface: Its surface is made of tempered glass and the body is made of stainless steel, both materials are durable.



Fires: Because it only has two fires, you can only use it in homes with few people.

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Teka butane gas kitchen

7. Teka Butane Gas Hob with 4 burners and enameled grills

This Teka butane gas cooker has four burners, one slow 1.00 kW, two medium speed 1.75 kW and one very fast 3.00 kW. In this way, it offers various options for you to choose the one you want or according to the type of food you will cook.

It has dimensions of 58 x 50 cm, so it does not take up too much space. Also, it has a stainless steel surface that will be easy to clean after each use.

On the other hand, we mention that this Teka gas hob works with a voltage of 220 to 240; this is because you need to connect to household electricity for your autoignition to work. You can enjoy this function directly from its 4 flame adjustment controls. 

If you are still not sure which butane gas hob to choose, don’t forget to review the pros and cons of the Teka HLX 60 4G AL.


Size: It has dimensions of 58 x 50 cm, so it does not take up much space in your kitchen.

Material: It is made of brushed stainless steel, so it will withstand liquid splashes without any inconvenience.

Fires: It has 4 burners, one large, two medium and the auxiliary one that reaches 1 kW.



Ignition: Sometimes the electric ignition takes a while, so you must press the controls for a few seconds.

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Portable butane gas cooker

8. Super Ego SEH024800 Portable gas stove

If you are looking for the best value for money butane gas stove, check the details of the Super Ego SEH024800, since it is one of the cheapest, but it has 2 burners, one small and one large. In addition, it is quite small and portable, so you can use it outdoors at any time. It even comes with a lid that, when lifted, blocks air currents, reducing the chances of the fire going out in the middle of cooking your food.

This portable butane gas stove has a beautiful white design with an enamel grill that is easy to disassemble and clean. Also, it incorporates black plastic bases for greater stability on any surface.

On the other hand, it should be noted that it has electric ignition directly on each of its controls.

To help you choose a good kitchen, we recommend models like the Super Ego SEH024800, since it is one of the cheapest portable kitchens.


Fires: Bring 2 fires of different sizes so you can choose the one that best suits your requirements.

Body: The body of this portable kitchen is painted white and is resistant to corrosion.

Lid: It has a lid that you can open to reduce the accidental extinguishing of the flame with the wind.



Grill: The grill has a very large hole for small coffee pots, so you have to heat the drink in a larger container. 

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Shopping guide

With this guide to buying the best butane gas stove, you have the opportunity to analyze the main characteristics that this type of product should bring. For example, number of fires, manufacturing materials, types of kitchens, electrical ignition, safety, etc.


When buying a butane gas stove you have to take into account the size you have for it in your home, especially if you are going to embed it.

Built-in kitchens are normally of the plate type, that is, they are only made up of the upper part where the burners are, without the oven. Also, some people call them countertops, but maybe that’s not the most appropriate term. When you search the Internet for this type of kitchen, check its size and the dimensions of the hole where you will install it. In the description of the product you will find information about it, but if such data does not exist, you should look on the official page of the kitchen.


The portable kitchen is essential to take with your friends and cook outdoors. Also, you can use it in your own home, for example, in the garden or by the pool, depending on the design of your house.

And don’t worry about how much a portable kitchen costs, because there are several options, and many are close to 50 euros. This means that you can find a good and cheap portable kitchen on Amazon Spain if you do not want to spend too much.


Safety is important whenever it comes to gas stoves. Therefore, most manufacturers include some security system in their kitchens. A good alternative is, for example, the one that closes the gas outlet if the flame accidentally goes out with the wind and you don’t realize it. Also, there are kitchens with safety valves, which cut off the gas outlet if a fire occurs.


When you make a comparison of butane gas stoves, this is a feature that you must take into account.

Stainless steel is becoming more and more popular, since it is resistant to water, certain unforeseen blows and rust, in addition to being very easy to clean. This material is mainly used on the surface of kitchens, right where the fires go. Other kitchens use tempered glass, which is highly versatile against corrosion and typically cleans faster than stainless steel. It is a glass that, even if it gets very hot, does not deteriorate.

On the other hand, many kitchen grills are made of cast iron, a very strong and durable material.

number of fires

The number of fires or burners in a kitchen determines to a large extent the price, although this can vary depending on the size and the manufacturing materials. Keep in mind that you must choose the stove with the number of burners that you are used to using at home.

If you are one of those people who cook different foods at the same time, you will need a stove that has at least 4 burners, although there are also good options of stoves with 5 burners that could be useful.

size of the fires

A kitchen usually provides fires of different sizes. Our recommendation is that you check the size of each fire before buying the kitchen, because there are very small pots and they could get too hot on large fires. For example, the pots that are used to fry eggs should be placed on the famous auxiliary fires, because they offer a flame according to that size.

kitchen size

Before seeing the various types of kitchen designs that exist, it is essential that you review the measurements of the space you have in your kitchen for it. To do this, use any tape measure you have at home or borrow one from a friend. If you do not take this aspect into account, the kitchen you buy may not fit in your kitchen. Also, it may be too small and leave an unwanted gap in your kitchen décor.

Of course, you can also make arrangements at home. In other words, instead of looking for the right size kitchen, modify some spaces in the house so that it can fit in without problems.

piezoelectric ignition

Today many kitchens have piezoelectric ignition or other technology that allows automatic ignition of the flame. However, not all kitchens have that option, so check this out in the product review to be sure. The piezoelectric ignition works many times from the flame adjustment controls, avoiding the use of matches or lighters, which can accidentally burn your hands.


Frequently asked questions

Q1: How to use a butane gas stove?

Just push in and turn the knob for the burner you want to use to the left. However, while some ranges will light this way, others have a separate button for electric ignition. If the stove you bought has the button on another side of the control panel, just press it at the same time you turn the knob for the burner you’ll be using. To turn off the cooker simply turn the knob clockwise.

Also, it is important that you use the pots according to the size of the burners in your kitchen, so that gas consumption is as efficient as possible. 

Q2: How to change the jets of a butane gas stove to natural gas?

If your kitchen has 4 burners, you must buy the 4 jets, two medium, one large and one small for the auxiliary burner. Next, you have to remove the grills and burners that are above the stove to expose the place where the factory jets are located.

The process is simple, each jet has to be replaced by its equivalent in size. You should use the number 7 hex socket wrench to fit each jet, turning the wrench without using too much force.

Q3: How to connect a butane gas cooker?

To do this you need to have a gas hose, the butane regulator and 2 metal clamps. Next, you should place one end of the hose on the regulator and the other end on the kitchen gas outlet. The clamps will reinforce the connections made, so there is no butane gas leak.

Subsequently, you put pressure on the regulator in the butane cylinder. The regulator has a key on the top, you just have to open it to allow the gas to pass to your kitchen. You can also do the same steps to give butane gas to other household equipment, for example, the water heater or the heating appliance.

Q4: How to change the cylinder of a butane gas cooker?

The first thing you should do is close the regulator tap, to cut off the gas flow. Next, you remove the pressure regulator and install it on the new cylinder. 

Finally, check that there has been no gas leak. To do this, he opens the regulator valve to allow the gas to pass through and puts a little soapy water on the hose connections, right where the clamps are. If some bubbles form when doing so, it is because there is a leak and you must solve that problem before turning on the kitchen.

Q5: If there was a leak in a butane gas stove, where would the gas be?

In general, the kitchens that are based on butane gas have several holes in the lower part, these holes were placed there so that the gas can escape more easily. In addition, butane gas has twice the density of air, which causes it to sink to the ground. This does not mean that butane is no longer dangerous when it is on the ground, as it is still highly explosive. It is best to hire a specialist to check your gas connections throughout the home.

Keep in mind that you need to periodically check your gas connection at home, as sometimes the hoses expire or the regulators deteriorate. In most cases, the review is mandatory from time to time, as stipulated by the authorities or specialized companies of the place where you are.  

Q6: How to clean a butane gas stove?

The way to clean the kitchen depends on how dirty it is, but, normally, with a degreasing soap and a soft cloth you can remove food residues that accidentally fall on it. If it’s dusty, just use a damp cloth.

Also, there are special liquids for the material with which your kitchen is made. For example, if it is stainless steel, you can use a special liquid for metals.

Q7: What documentation is necessary to install a butane gas stove?

It is to obtain a certification for this type of installations. In Spain there are companies that have authorized professionals for the installation and distribution of this type of flammable material. They verify the safety of both the gas installation and each device that uses it.

Finally, if the results of the review are favorable, the company gives you a document, stating, in summary, that your gas connection is safe and, above all, legal.


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