The best butane gas stoves

Butane Gas Stoves – Buying Guide and Comparison in 2022

Winter is a perfect time to stay at home wrapped in a blanket with our partner in the warmth of a heating system and enjoying a movie. The ideal solution in these cases is to acquire one of the practical butane gas stoves, which are one of the most economical heating systems on the market and have evolved to be increasingly safer for the user. Among the wide variety of models offered by the market, the Orbegozo HBF90 stands out, a gas stove with a blue flame that offers great power, so it can efficiently heat medium-sized rooms, and it is also easy to transport. On the other hand, if you are looking for a model that integrates a good safety system that cuts off the flow of gas in case the flame goes out and at the same time offers an innovative and modern aesthetic thanks to its elegant design and steel construction, we recommend the De’Longhi VBF.



Opinions on the best butane gas stoves

Choosing the best butane gas stove represents an important investment for our home, so it is necessary to first know the utility that you are going to give to this product. Among the best butane gas stoves of 2022 are with different types of infrared ignition, blue flame and catalytic.

Orbegozo HBF90

This stove can generate a power of 4200 W, which provides rapid heat spread in rooms up to 35 m². In this sense, gas ignition produces a blue flame, which has lower fuel consumption but higher temperature emission.

As for practicality, it has 4 swivel wheels and side handles to transport it easily. Likewise, it has the ignition button in the upper part of the structure to avoid contact with the gas area.

It is compatible with butane and propane gas, so you can choose the fuel system according to your options, it is only necessary to regulate the operation of the stove in relation to the type of gas. To guarantee safety, it has a system that automatically disconnects the gas when it does not detect the flame, which helps to prevent leaks.

Enjoying a pleasant stay is possible if you have a quality butane gas stove, like this model from the Orbegozo brand. Let’s know its pros and cons.


Propagation: It offers two outputs to heat the room evenly.

Flame: It can produce a blue flame, which favors a greater heat expulsion but a lower fuel consumption.

Compatibility: It is compatible with butane and propane gas, so you can choose the combustion system that suits you best.


Design: The structure does not have protection on the back, so the cylinder connection can be seen with the naked eye, which makes the design less attractive.

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De’Longhi VBF

The De’Longhi VBF butane gas stove has a maximum heating power of up to 4,200W, ideal for optimally heating rooms and offices. This model allows personalized and manual control of the intensity of the flame to achieve maximum comfort.

This model offers maximum protection and safety, since it has a rear metal cover that keeps the installed gas cylinder protected and out of the reach of children, while this device stops the flow of gas in the event that the flame turn off or the level of CO2 in the environment exceeds 1.5%.

The innovative design of this model makes it modern and elegant, looking great in any space where you install it. It is made of white painted steel and without sharp corners. It integrates a handle on the side and lower wheels that make it easy to move the device around the room comfortably.

Facing so many models offered by the market can make it difficult for us to make a decision when choosing the ideal device for us. For this reason, it is important to know which is the best brand of butane gas stoves in order to facilitate the selection.


Power: This model has a maximum heating power of up to 4,200W, which allows you to efficiently heat the room or office.

Safety : Integrates a double safety system, which interrupts the gas flow immediately when the flame goes out or when the level of CO2 in the atmosphere is exceeded.

Cover : This device has a rear cover that protects and keeps the gas cylinder hidden to prevent access to it.

Control : Allows you to manually adjust the intensity of the flame to your liking to achieve maximum comfort.


Ignition : This model has an uncomfortable ignition system, since when you press the button the stove moves, so you have to hold it well when doing so.

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Cecotec Ready Warm 4000 Slim Fold

It is a gas stove that has an adjustable thermostat with 3 operating modes; eco, normal and maximum, which allows you to achieve the most comfortable temperature according to the surrounding climate. In this sense, it offers powers from 1.6 to 4.2 kW, enough to heat any room in the house, office or commercial premises in a short time.

In terms of design, it is a compact and portable stove, since it has dimensions of 42 x 14 x 73 cm, so it takes up little space in any room where you decide to install or store it. In addition, it has 4 multidirectional wheels and ergonomic handles to easily move it across the room.

On the other hand, it can be used with 10 kg cylinders, since it incorporates a brass valve that resists corrosion and is capable of efficiently conducting electricity to the resistances that generate heat.

If you need an efficient and compact heating stove that you can place in any room, then this model may be a good option.


Power: To increase functionality, it offers 3 power levels, from 1.6 to 4.2 kW.

Connection: The valve of the cylinders is made of brass, which can resist corrosion and properly conduct electricity.

Safety: It offers a safety system that automatically turns off the flame when gas levels are higher than recommended.


Unstable: The wheels may be a bit unstable, so it is necessary to hold the stove by the side handles when moving it.

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Butsir EBBC0016

This model is considered the best value for money butane gas stove because it has one of the cheapest prices on the market and optimal performance. It has a variable power in two consumption levels of 98 grams with 1,500W per hour with one burner on and up to 200 grams with 3,000W per hour if both burners are on.

The Butsir EBBC0016 gas stove uses an infrared burner and integrates a piezoelectric ignition that protects the device against improper use. It is an ideal model to take on your walks since it uses small gas cylinders of 3.5 kilograms.

It measures approximately 36 x 52.5 x 36 centimeters, so it allows you to install it comfortably in small spaces and thanks to its practical multidirectional wheels you can move the device comfortably and effortlessly.

One of the most important recommendations is to look carefully at the security system that the different models of gas stoves present, so that you are confident that your family remains protected while the device is in operation.


Power : It has a consumption and variable power at two levels of 98 gr/h at 1,500W and 200gr/h at 3,000W.

Cylinders : This practical model allows you to install small 3.5-kilogram gas cylinders, allowing you to take it to your camps.

Versatility : You can use this gas stove both at home and on your outings thanks to its compact design and integration with camping butane cylinders.

Protection : It integrates a practical and safe piezoelectric ignition system that helps to avoid unforeseen accidents.


Size: This model does not accept large cylinders, so it is not highly recommended for heating large spaces.

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KALIN Infrared

With the practical Kalin butane gas stove you can easily heat rooms or areas of up to 120 cubic meters at its maximum power of 4,200W and at an unbeatable price, since it has one of the cheapest prices on this list. It uses a type of infrared burner and normal butane gas cylinders.

One of the main characteristics that we must always take into account is safety, which is why this practical model integrates a useful safety system that stops the flow of gas in the event that the device tips over, if it detects an excessive level of CO2 in the atmosphere or even if the flame goes out, keeping our family protected.

The measurements that this device presents are 74.5 x 43 x 39 centimeters thanks to which you can install it comfortably and without difficulty in small spaces, always taking care that there are no flammable objects nearby as a precaution.

Finally, we recommend that you pay attention to the size, burner system that it integrates and the space that manages to efficiently heat the model before proceeding and purchasing the device, so that you are completely satisfied with the purchase.


Power: This practical model has a maximum heating power of up to 4,200W, allowing you to efficiently heat areas of 120 cubic meters.

Burner : This butane gas stove has an infrared burner, with the advantage that it consumes less than other burner systems.

Ignition : It has a piezoelectric ignition system that protects the device from improper use.

Space : It efficiently heats spaces of up to 120 cubic meters.

Consumption : This model stands out for consuming a small amount of gas, generating long-term savings.


Regulator : This model lacks the hose and the regulator that connects to the gas bottle.

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These products used to be among the most recommended, but now they are no longer available

Orbegozo HBF 95

If you are wondering which is the best butane gas stove, we recommend you take into account this practical model with blue flame technology, which has a calorific power of 3,500W, ideal for efficiently heating your room. It integrates a push-button ignition system which makes it easy to put this device on the market.

This model features a flame effect imitating burning wood, providing soft lighting and a more cozy feeling when close to this stove. It integrates a triple safety system against flame failure, atmospheric analyzer and piezoelectric ignition.

It includes four practical swiveling wheels and a carrying handle that make it easy to move this device around your office or from one room to another with ease and comfort. The approximate measurements of the stove are 40 x 70 x 29 centimeters.

This model is considered by some users to be the best butane gas stove of the moment due to the affordable price and good performance it offers. However, before proceeding to purchase one of these useful devices, it is necessary to know all the positive and negative functions of each model.


Power: It has a maximum heating power of up to 3,500W, allowing you to heat your home and office efficiently.

Ignition : Integrates a piezoelectric ignition system which protects your family from curious hands.

Security : It has a great security system, which stops the flow of air in case of unexpected flame out or when the system detects an inadequate level of CO2 in the atmosphere.

Practical : Thanks to its practical wheels and carrying handle, you can comfortably take this device anywhere.


Regulator : The regulator of this gas stove can be a bit awkward to use since sometimes you have to push it so that it turns correctly.


The REPUESTOELECTRO FHT-NL gas stove is an ideal model to install outside your home, either in a garden or on a terrace, looking spectacular and heating spaces of 20 to 25 square meters in case you want to enjoy a meeting in family or friends. It has an adjustable heating power of up to 1,300W and European CE quality certification.

These models must always be installed in open spaces and are designed with a burner that emits heat by radiation at low temperature with piezoelectric ignition for greater safety. This stove designed to withstand strong winds and extreme weather conditions thanks to its gray steel construction.

This device allows you to easily install butane or propane gas cylinders. It has an anti-tip safety system that turns off the stove in case it falls. It integrates two small wheels that facilitate its transfer and has a height of 2.22 centimeters.

If you are still wondering which butane gas stove to buy, we recommend that you pay close attention to this model and to the description of the positive and negative characteristics that we will present in the next section.


Exterior : This model is specially designed to be installed outdoors, either in the patio, the garden or the terrace.

Power : It has the highest adjustable caloric power on the market for this type of gas stove, reaching 1,300W.

Safety : Integrates a safety system that stops the flow of gas in case the model tips over.

Versatility : This model allows you to use both butane and propane gas cylinders.


Ignition: Some users comment that the piezoelectric ignition system has faults, becoming damaged at the time of use.

Noise : This device can generate an annoying noise when the gas flow is at a minimum level.  

Orbegozo 16215

The best gas stove is the one that offers you instinctive operation, ease of handling and attractive design. Such is the case of this model, made by the Orbegozo house.

Its black chromed aluminum casing measures 40 x 70 x 29 centimeters wide, high, and deep and weighs 10.2 kilograms, making it a robust heating unit that you can place in any space in your home. In addition, to improve its mobility, four swiveling polymer wheels and a pair of grab handles are incorporated.

This gas stove has a wood imitation design, blue flame technology and a work force of 3500 watts, which you can regulate at three levels. The ignition process is carried out by pressing a button and, for greater safety, it incorporates the automatic disconnection function in the event of a concentration of butane gas greater than the required standards.

Below, we present some of the quality indicators present in this model of heaters, with which you can evaluate its operation, format, mobility and even safety. These are just some of the reasons why it is considered the best gas stove of the moment.


Power: The maximum energy consumption of the heater is equivalent to 3500 watts of power.

Dimensions: The equipment measures 40 x 70 x 29 centimeters, corresponding to the width, height and depth of the casing.

Wheels: A total of four wheels are incorporated in the lower part, designed to facilitate the process of mobilizing the structure.

Safety: The stove incorporates an automatic disconnection mechanism, which is activated when detecting a high concentration of gas.


Power button: Some of the buyers coincide in negatively qualifying the power on of the device, since the button intended for it is uncomfortable and makes the process difficult.

De’Longhi VBF2

When reviewing the shopping lists belonging to the best gas stoves of 2022, you will find this model developed by the De’Longhi house as a reference. It is a gas heating equipment that has a maximum power of 4200 watts, which with the help of the built-in regulating thermostat will allow you to adjust said workforce. In this way, you will adapt the temperature according to your needs.

The design of the stainless steel equipment is modern, compact and light. Its structure has a format of 43 x 48 x 78 centimeters and weighs only 2.5 kilograms. In the lower part you have a base with wheels to improve mobility.

As a safety measure, in case the pilot flame goes out unexpectedly, we have an automatic mechanism that stops the butane gas used for its operation from escaping. Also, a protective cover for the pump area is incorporated.

All De’Longhi products are made under the supervision of trained experts and with the highest quality standards, so it is not surprising to find this manufacturer positioned as the best brand of gas stoves. Read the details of one of his models.


Dimensions: This stove has depth, width, and height dimensions equivalent to 43 x 48 x 78 centimeters, making it a compact device.

Wheels: You will be able to handle the product quickly and easily, because it incorporates a system of wheels at the base of the structure.

Power: It is a team with a heating power of 4200 watts, which you can regulate by means of a built-in thermostat.

Safety: This model of stoves has a compartment with an easy-to-fit metal lid, arranged so that you can safely place the butane gas bottle.


Fragile: For some buyers, the structure of the stove is a bit fragile, a situation that was evidenced by constantly moving the device.

Campingaz BF5000

This Campingaz heating model is probably the answer for those who are wondering which is the best gas stove. Its design offers a pleasant aesthetic in garnet red, while the format of the casing is rectangular, robust and has dimensions of 78 x 45 x 35 centimeters.

As for the mobility of the device, you will have a pair of side handles and a lower base with wheels, so its weight of 10 kilograms will not be inconvenient to slide the heater from one space to another.

The equipment has an electrical force of 4200 watts and is easy to operate. You only have to install the butane gas bottle in the indicated compartment, verifying that there are no leaks, and then press the ignition button, producing a blue flame in the pilot of the catalytic stove. It is important to mention that the air conditioning process has a capacity of approximately 120 cubic meters and is suitable for spaces no larger than 25 square meters.

So that you no longer have doubts about which gas stove to buy, we present the pros and cons of this model that stands out for its robust, resistant and easy-to-handle design.


Power: The electrical energy consumption offered by the device is 4200 watts, being a power that you can regulate at three levels.

Handles: The heater has a pair of ergonomically designed handles, arranged on the upper sides of the casing.

Wheels: In order to provide an adequate method of mobilization, a base with a total of four wheels is incorporated, which will allow you to move the structure comfortably.

Dimensions: The body of the stove has a height, width, depth equivalent to 78 x 45 x 35 centimeters, being appropriate dimensions for the different spaces of your home.


Cover: The absence of a protective cover has been a flaw that buyers have repeatedly highlighted.

Sychar eco45

In this opportunity, Sicar incorporates in the market a gas stove with an elegant and avant-garde design, which will give a touch of distinction to the spaces of your home. The structure is robust but stylized, it has dimensions of 73.7 x 46.5 x 15 centimeters and a weight of eight kilograms.

The paint on the outside of the casing has an anti-scratch treatment, which prevents deterioration due to the temperature acquired during its operation. A peculiarity of the model is that you can keep it on a horizontal surface, as well as install it on the wall by means of a pair of adjustment hooks.

Its power is equivalent to 4000 watts and a voltage of 230 volts, generating an air conditioning of 110 cubic meters. Also, we must mention that the manufacturer included an automatic stop safety system. In this way, the gas outlet will be interrupted when the blue flame goes out unexpectedly.

The Sicar eco45 gas stoves have been developed to offer you equipment that, apart from effectively fulfilling its function as heaters, also serve as decorative elements for the spaces of your home.


Power: The nominal power with which the stove was provided is 4000 watts and works together with a voltage of 230 volts.

Security: As a security measure, an automatic stop system is incorporated, in charge of interrupting the gas outlet if the flame goes out.

Installation: The equipment has an easy-to-install design, which you can comfortably place on the floor or mount it on the wall.

Dimensions: The dimensions height, width, depth are 73.7 x 46.5 x 15 centimeters, so it is a robust but stylized format.


Weight: Based on a user’s usage experience, the equipment is a bit heavy for wall mounting.

Einhell 2333120

If you want to have at your disposal the best value for money gas stove, you should consider this model belonging to the Einhell house among your options, because it is among the cheapest of our recommendations.

It is an outdoor heater made up of a small structure measuring 33.4 x 23.5 x 10.5 centimeters, made of cast aluminum with high resistance to weathering. Its weight is just 2.14 kilograms and on the front it incorporates a reflector together with a protection grid, thus avoiding any type of incident.

The operation of this gas radiator is instinctive, so you will only have to press a button to activate its operation. It is important to note that its power is 4400 watts, as well as that it includes a connection hose and regulator piece to release a pressure of 50 bars of propane or butane gas, as the case may be.

This model, valued by users as one of the cheapest, offers you a resistant design with a compact format and light weight. In addition, both the gas output and its power are adjustable.


Gas: This stove can be used with both butane and propane gas, so you can use the type of fuel that suits you best.

Format: It is a stove with a structure of 33.4 x 23.5 x 10.5 centimeters and a weight of 2.14 kilograms.

Power: The electrical work force available to the equipment can be regulated from 2900 watts and up to a maximum of 4400 watts.

Pressure: The manufacturer incorporated a gas pressure regulation system at 50 mbar into the heater.


Instruction manual: The little information in the instruction manual about the stove installation process is a complaint made by some buyers on web portals.

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