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Capsule coffee machine – Buying Guide, Opinions and Analysis

Coffee machines are household appliances that have evolved considerably over time, which is why today the best brands offer capsule coffee machines; sophisticated models that prepare your coffee every morning in a few minutes and with the precise dose to offer a cup of rich and sparkling coffee. Among the best options available, the Nespresso Essenza Mini stands out, with a compact size that hardly takes up space, a modern design and two coffee programs. Another coffee maker worth considering is the De’Longhi Inissia, a programmable machine, with auto-off and rapid heat-up features.

The 10 Best Capsule Coffee Machines – Opinions 2022

Capsule coffee machines are a product that has grown exponentially in recent years. Therefore, in order to facilitate your purchase decision, here is a selection of the 10 best capsule coffee machines of the moment, according to user ratings.


Nespresso capsule coffee machine

1. Nespresso Intenso Krups Essenza Mini XN1108 19 bars

Among the best capsule coffee machines of 2022, this Nespresso model stands out for its ultra-compact design. It could be the most suitable coffee maker for lovers of good coffee who have little space in their kitchen, since its dimensions are only 33 x 8.4 x 20.4 cm and it has a 0. 6 litres.

This Nespresso capsule coffee machine is equipped with two programs that allow you to prepare an exquisite short or long coffee; although you can also prepare the coffee in the measures of your preference. Likewise, it has a container capable of storing up to 9 used capsules.

It is a model that offers you the automatic shutdown function, which is activated after 9 minutes of inactivity. On the other hand, it has a pump equipped with 19 bars of pressure, which gives you a foamy and full-bodied coffee.

Nespresso could be the best brand of capsule coffee machines, given its history and prestige in the coffee field. Learn more about this model below.


capsules: With the purchase you will receive a set of 14 capsules containing various aromas and flavors of coffee.

Fast heating: It is a coffee maker that heats the water in 25 seconds.

Energy saving: Activates the low consumption mode after 3 minutes and the automatic shutdown function after 9 minutes.


Cable length: Greater length in the power cable is missing, since it seems to have been shorter than expected.

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Delonghi capsule coffee machine

2. Nespresso De’Longhi Inissia EN80.B single-dose automatic shutdown

If you are looking for the best capsule coffee machine with high performance and easy to use, this Delonghi capsule coffee machine model could be an excellent proposal. With 1260 watts of power and a pressure of 19 bars, it is a machine that prepares a perfect coffee, since it is a product manufactured under the license of Nespresso.

Likewise, it has the Thermoblock system, a rapid heating mechanism that allows the coffee maker to be ready for operation in just 25 seconds. It also favors a comfortable and simple introduction of the capsules and has a deposit for used capsules, being able to store up to 10.

In order to save energy, it is a model that turns off automatically after 9 minutes of inoperability. As for its design, it offers a folding anti-drip tray that favors the use of larger cups; In addition, it has a comfortable carrying handle.

This model could be the best capsule coffee maker 2022 if you have a kitchen with a few square meters or if you are looking for an efficient and compact machine. Read more details about this coffee maker below.


Tank: The machine is equipped with a tank that offers up to 0.8 liters of capacity, enough for 9 coffees.

capsules: Includes 18 capsules with different coffee flavors and also supports compatible capsules.

Available colors: In addition to the elegant black color, you can also choose the coffee maker in a cream color, according to your tastes and decoration.


Noise: The noise generated by the coffee maker has turned out to be louder than expected.

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Tassimo capsule coffee machine

3. Bosch TAS4502 Tassimo Joy 1300W 

If in addition to coffee you also like to prepare other recipes, you may be looking for the best multi-beverage capsule coffee machine. In this sense, this fully automatic Tassimo capsule coffee machine could cover all your needs. It is a machine designed to prepare a rich sparkling coffee in different versions (latte, macchiato, cappuccino and espresso) and also hot drinks such as tea and chocolate.

It is a smart coffee maker equipped with an optical reader that identifies the barcode present on each capsule, so you only have to insert the capsule and press a button to enjoy your favorite drink. Likewise, it is capable of adjusting the temperature, the amount of water and the preparation time.

It has a water tank that offers a capacity of 1.4 liters, making it an ideal model for a large family. In addition, it offers an attractive and modern design that looks in any kitchen.

If you like to enjoy various hot drinks, you could consider this model as the best capsule coffee machine of the moment. Learn more about this product.


Filtering system: It is equipped with a Brita anti-limescale filter and offers a cleaning and descaling function.

Adjustable height: It has a stainless steel grid that favors height adjustment according to the size of the cup.

Automatic: It has an optical reader, a system that adjusts the temperature and water and also LED indicator lights.


Gift capsules: Unlike other models, this coffee maker does not include gift capsules with the purchase.

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Dolce Gusto capsule coffee machine

4. Krups Dolce Gusto Oblo KP1108 15 bar pressure

The Oblo Dolce Gusto capsule coffee machine is an exclusive machine that has an original, modern and attractive design; so in addition to being a functional product, it is an appliance that could steal the spotlight in your kitchen. It is also a cheap capsule coffee machine, since it offers an affordable cost compared to other similar models.

It has a manual operation system that allows you to prepare the drink according to your tastes and preferences, so you only have to manipulate its lever conveniently. Likewise, it has a power of 1500 watts and a pump that generates 15 bars of pressure, so you can enjoy an exquisite hot drink.

On the other hand, it is a multifunction machine that favors the preparation of an espresso coffee with a delicious layer of cream, a chococino and you can even enjoy the full range of teas. In addition, it has a removable water reservoir of 0.8 liters capacity.

Because it is one of the cheapest, functional coffee machines with an aesthetic component, this model could be a good purchase option. Know its pros and cons.



Drinks to your liking: Thanks to its manual operation, just by manipulating the lever you can make the drink you prefer and in the size you want.

Multi-temperature: It offers you the option to enjoy hot drinks and also cold drinks.

Presentation: It is a modern coffee maker with a design that you can choose in black or red.


Accessory: Some miss the inclusion of a glass or cup similar to the one presented in advertising.

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Bosch Tassimo capsule coffee machine

5. Bosch TAS1402 Tassimo Vivy 2 1300W

If you have a demanding palate and enjoy variety, this Bosch Tassimo capsule coffee machine could be what you are looking for. We are facing the best value for money capsule coffee machine, since it is not only one of the cheapest at the moment, but it also offers versatile and multifunctional qualities. Because of this, you can easily prepare more than 40 hot drinks.

It is a compact machine that does not take up much space on your counter, since its dimensions are 16.9 x 31 x 25.1 cm. Likewise, it is equipped with Intellibrew technology that offers you a drink with a perfect flavor, since it has a barcode reader that identifies each capsule. In addition, the manufacturer offers you a wide range of colors to choose from, according to your style and the decoration of your kitchen.

Given its affordable cost, brand name endorsement, and functional design, this coffee maker is worth your consideration. Here is a summary of its pros and cons.


Ease of use: It is an automatic coffee maker that allows you to enjoy your drink by simply inserting the T Disc and pressing a button.

Tank: Its removable 0.7 liter tank favors effortless filling.

Drinks: It is capable of preparing more than 40 hot drinks, totally personalized and to your liking.


Closing: The closing mechanism where the capsules are placed could be improved; since for some it has been more complicated than expected.

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Express capsule coffee machine

6. Ikohs Multi Capsule Italian Espresso Machine

This model could be the best capsule coffee machine that offers you the possibility of preparing an exquisite and foamy espresso coffee and that also allows you to enjoy the comfort that capsules offer. It is a multi-capsule machine equipped with an innovative mechanism that adapts to the capsules offered by the best brands: Nespresso and Dolce Gusto; as well as admits the use of ground coffee.

This Express capsule coffee machine has a power of 1450 watts and 19 bars of pressure, which gives you optimal performance and the best flavors and aromas in each cup of coffee. It also has a transparent, removable water tank with a capacity of 0.7 liters; enough for several doses.

You can prepare your favorite coffee and savor it at an ideal temperature. In addition, it has the function that turns off the coffee maker automatically, in order to save energy.

If you are a coffee lover in all its versions and you enjoy its various textures and aromas, this machine could meet your expectations. Analyze its pros and cons.


Multifunctional: It admits the capsules of the best brands, also those of infusions and those of Starbucks and it also works with ground coffee.

Hot drinks: You will have all your drinks with a temperature of 65°C.

Colors: It is available in black, gray, vanilla and white; so you can choose the one you like the most.


Plastic Smell: The new machine seems to give off a strong plastic smell. However, it is a smell that disappears after several washes.

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Senseo capsule coffee machine

7. Philips Senseo New Original Coffee Maker Choice of Creamer Plus

The Philips Senseo capsule coffee machine is a machine that, unlike its congeners, does not use aluminum or plastic capsules. This model uses an ecological format made of paper, which favors rapid extraction of the aroma and essence of coffee, while offering a more affordable cost than other conventional capsules.

Its design allows you to simultaneously prepare up to two cups of coffee, for which it has an intuitive front selector; You can choose between one or two cups and adjust the intensity of the flavor between long mild or short strong.

Likewise, it is a model that has Crema Plus technology, which offers a fine and velvety layer of cream in each cup. On the other hand, it has a 0.7 liter water reservoir and you have the option of choosing the coffee maker in the color of your choice.

If you have decided to invest in one of these machines, but you don’t know which capsule coffee machine to buy among so many available options, this Philips model could be a good alternative. Know its qualities and disadvantages.


Two simultaneous drinks: Thanks to its design, you will have the option of preparing up to two delicious hot drinks.

Intensities: You can enjoy two intensities of coffee, either short and intense or a long and smooth coffee.

Automatic shutdown: The coffee maker automatically switches off after 30 minutes of inactivity.



Milk frother: The integrated milk frother system is missing so you can prepare cappuccinos.

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Coffee machine compatible with Nespresso capsules

8. Beem Espresso Perfect Coffee Maker with Nespresso Capsule Attachment

Having a coffee machine that is compatible with Nespresso capsules, Lavazza and Jacobs capsules, among others, is a great advantage. But if it also admits ground coffee and coffee bags, then you will have at your fingertips all the textures, aromas and flavors that this exquisite drink offers. This Beem coffee maker model offers you these qualities and more, since it is a multifunctional and intelligent model.

Its design allows you to use the ground coffee of your choice, so you can prepare a full-bodied and sparkling espresso; Likewise, thanks to the fact that it accepts original and compatible capsules, you can make any coffee specialty.

It is a machine equipped with a 20 bar pressure pump and 1470 watts of power, which favors optimal performance. On the other hand, it has a 1.25 liter water tank, making it ideal for the office or for a large family.

If you like to prepare various coffee recipes, with this multifunction machine you can do it like the Italian baristas. Find out more about this model below.



Materials and design: It is a coffee maker made of stainless steel, resistant and hygienic and its classic design fits in any kitchen.

Warming tray: It has a top tray that preheats the cups before use.

Cleaning: Both the drip tray and the water tank are removable parts that facilitate cleaning.


Cost: This is the most expensive capsule coffee maker in our entire selection. However, you will have a machine with a long useful life.

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Krups capsule coffee machine

9. Dolce Gusto Krups Mini Me KP123B 1500W

The Krups Mini Me capsule coffee machine is a machine that offers an elegant and compact design; but don’t be fooled by its small size, as it is a model that offers great features. As it is an automatic coffee maker, its handling is intuitive, you will only have to select the amount of drink and press the button to obtain the exact dose of your preference.

Thanks to its compact size and its attractive presence, it is a model that you can use not only in your kitchen, but also in an office or office. Likewise, by having 15 bars of pressure, your coffee will have all the essence and flavor present in each capsule; In addition, you can enjoy an exquisite layer of cream or foam of the coffee recipe that you like the most. Additionally, it has an easily removable 0.8 liter water tank and a milk tank.

Elegant, small and efficient, this capsule coffee machine could be your great ally when it comes to preparing the most delicious hot drinks. Read a little more and know the pros and cons of it.



Variety of drinks: You can enjoy different hot drinks in different versions: coffee, chocolate and tea.

Play&Select technology: Thanks to which the coffee maker adjusts the amount you want to drink and even in XL drinks.

Design: It is a modern and compact coffee maker that fits perfectly with any decorative style.


Vibration: The coffee maker tends to vibrate when preparing the coffee; however, this is solved by completely filling the water tank.

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Mixed capsule and espresso coffee machine

10. Kooma Espresso Portable Capsules Compatible NS Ground Coffee

If you are a lover of adventure and good coffee, this mixed capsule and espresso machine with a portable design could be the best option for you to take the flavor with you wherever you go. It is a product designed for people who do outdoor activities, as it allows them to enjoy a delicious cup of coffee at any time of the day.

It is a coffee maker that supports the preparation of ground coffee, as well as Nespresso capsules and a wide variety of infusions. Additionally, it is equipped with 19 bars of pressure and a vertical pumping system, which guarantees efficiency and easy extraction of the drink; so you will avoid losses or spills. In addition to all this, it comes equipped with a glass cup and a silicone cover, which favors a safe grip and prevents you from burning yourself with hot coffee.

Given its design and affordable cost, this coffee maker could be the perfect gift for any adventurer who does not miss out on a comforting cup of coffee. Learn more about the product.



Portability: You can take it to the beach, mountains or camping; as well as in your caravan or when playing sports outdoors.

Operation: It does not need batteries or cables to work, just hot water and coffee.

Closing system: It has a secure and easy to handle screw closure system.


Milk: It misses a compartment where to put the milk. However, it is a product that fulfills its purpose.

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Shopping guide

We know that choosing a coffee maker from the wide variety that the market offers could be complicated. For this reason, we have prepared this guide to buy the best capsule coffee maker, where you will find valuable information that could help you choose the most convenient brand and model for your coffee needs.

brand and use

A prestigious brand gives its products an excellent reputation, trust and support. In this sense, today there are two major leading brands in the manufacture of these coffee machines: Dolce Gusto and Nespresso. Two brands that have positioned themselves among the favorites of many, given the benefits that each one offers in its products and that are aimed at the main use that you are going to give to the machine.

Starting with Nespresso, a Nestlé group company present in more than 60 countries. Their coffee machines offer better quality than their counterparts, so their cost is usually higher. Nespresso specializes in making the perfect coffee, long or short. It also offers its variants, such as latte coffee, cappuccino, macchiato, among others. For this reason, if you are a coffee lover and you are not worried about how much a model of this brand costs, Nespresso could be your best option.

Dolce Gusto, for its part, offers versatile machines of excellent quality, those that dare to prepare something more than coffee; since they are capable of providing various hot drinks such as infusions, teas, coffee and milk and even chocolates. However, although their coffee is delicious, it does not have the unique flavor that Nespresso offers. For this reason, if what you are looking for is a coffee maker that allows you to prepare several recipes, Dolce Gusto could meet your expectations.

There are other trusted brands on the market, such as Philips and Bosch, which offer coffeemakers with multifunctional qualities. Likewise, there are also some white brands where you could find a good and cheap coffee maker that fits your budget.

Operating mode

When you make your comparison of capsule coffee machines, you will have to see if the chosen model offers a manual or automatic mode of operation. Manual coffee machines are usually cheaper and have a strainer mechanism that allows you to choose the exact amount of coffee you want; With the push of a button you can stop the flow of water and prepare the drink to your liking.

Automatic coffee machines turn out to be the most expensive models in the category, since they are systems that carry out all the work of preparing coffee by themselves; so you won’t have to worry about anything. They are high-end coffee machines that allow you to prepare various measures: short or long, according to your preferences.

Functional and aesthetic aspects

Among the functional aspects we have, first of all, the capacity of the water tank. This compartment will indicate the amount of coffee or hot drinks that you can prepare without having to refill it again. In this sense, if you are single you can choose a compact coffee maker with a reduced deposit; On the contrary, if your family is large, you should consider a model that provides greater capacity.

Another aspect that you should pay attention to is that the coffee maker offers a design that facilitates the process of inserting and extracting the capsules. Finally, something that you should not ignore is the importance of pressure; This mechanism is responsible for the coffee maker being able to efficiently extract all the essence of the coffee contained in the capsules. For this reason, choose a model that offers more than 12 bars of pressure, since the higher the pressure, the more body, volume, flavor and foam the coffee will have.

Regarding the aesthetic aspects, although these are factors that are not necessarily vital for the coffee maker, since they do not affect the quality of the coffee in any way; however, they must be taken into account. Among them we have the design of the machine itself, size, weight, color, capsule storage system, etc.

Capsule Types

Currently, most manufacturers offer coffee machines that work with all types of capsules; so they support original brand pods and compatible pods. You can also find reusable capsules and single-use capsules; the latter are the best known, they are vacuum sealed and once the coffee is prepared they are discarded.

Likewise, some models of coffee machines work with capsules made of plastic and aluminum, while others use capsules designed in paper; similar to tea bags. The capsules usually offer an average of 7 grams of ground coffee, the exact dose to prepare a cup.

Frequently asked questions

Q1: How to use a capsule coffee machine?

Although each model of coffee maker comes with a user manual attached that tells you the correct way to use it, in general, capsule coffee machines work in a similar way. First, you must fill the tank intended for water (according to its capacity) and then place the cup lifter. Next, take the chosen capsule to prepare the coffee of your choice and proceed to lift the upper lever and insert the capsule correctly into the space provided for it. Place the cup on the coffee outlet and you only have to press the button and wait a few minutes to obtain a frothy and rich coffee, ready to drink.

Q2: How to clean a capsule coffee machine?

Keeping your coffee maker always clean could prolong its lifespan. For this reason, for proper cleaning, begin by removing the last used capsule. Then, empty the water that might be in the tank and introduce new water mixed with softener; This step is very important, since the level of lime present in the water significantly affects the performance of the coffee maker.

Then (depending on the model), proceed to press the corresponding button and activate the “Descaling” mode; This process will allow the liquid to circulate through all internal ducts of the machine, eliminating lime and dirt that may be present. Empty the tank and to finish, pass a damp cloth through its external casing and clean any coffee residue.

Q3: Which coffee maker has the most variety of capsules?

The market is overflowing with models and the main brands compete to offer multifunction capsule coffee machines, with the capacity to prepare a wide variety of drinks. However, one machine that could be among the best in its class is the Bosch Tassimo Suny TAS3202; an automatic coffee maker that with the push of a button, you can get your favorite hot drink. Thanks to its Intellibrew technology, it is able to recognize the capsule and prepare tea, chocolate and various varieties of coffee.

Q4: What capsules are compatible with the Dolce Gusto coffee machine?

There are several brands of capsules compatible with the Dolce Gusto coffee machine. However, among those with the best reputation we have Barista Italiano, an external brand to Nestlé that offers 4 flavors: intense, cappuccino, delicate and decaffeinated. Another favorite brand of many is Café Italiano, which offers compatible capsules that have up to 6 different flavors: roma, napoli, trieste, firenze, venezia and decaffeinated.

Q5: What capsules does the Tassimo coffee machine use?

Unlike Dolce Gusto coffee machines that use original and compatible capsules, the Tassimo coffee machine only uses original capsules of the same brand. For this reason, you should be careful and choose capsules identified with the name Tassimo, which have a barcode and a logo similar to a colored flower.

Q6: Can a capsule coffee machine be damaged by using compatible capsules?

According to a study carried out by the Organization of Consumers and Users, in which two coffee machines with the same capsules (same brand and model) were used for the preparation of 1700 coffees, where one used original capsules and in the other they placed compatible capsules of other brands. It was determined that the machines do not suffer any damage, neither in the short nor in the long term; as well as no damage to the capsules, or significant consequences in terms of coffee quality.

Q7: Which is better, Nespresso or Dolce Gusto capsule coffee machine?

Nespresso and Dolce Gusto are two great manufacturers recognized for their high quality. Choosing one or the other will depend on your particular needs, since both offer high-end coffee machines and features aimed at demanding users.

Starting with the Nespresso coffee machines, a prestigious firm worldwide and the one that stands out because its models are designed to please coffee lovers, since they are machines that only prepare this drink; so they can offer capsules with a wide variety of coffees of different flavors. For this reason, it is a coffee maker designed to drink the best coffee.

With regard to Dolce Gusto coffee machines, this manufacturer has diversified the functions of its products and for this reason, today it offers machines designed for people who prefer variety, sin

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