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Nespresso Capsules – Buying Guide, Opinions and Analysis


One of the advantages of coffee capsules is that, thanks to the popularity of the Nespresso coffee machine, several brands have opted for this presentation of drinks with and without caffeine. In case you are looking for some recommendations to buy, we recommend first of all the Solimo Ristretto. The pack offers 100 capsules so you can enjoy certified coffee with natural roasting along with your breakfast. Second, you can check out the Starbucks By Nespresso, a set of 80 capsules with assorted flavors. They are recyclable and each one of them has different intensities to adapt to the taste of each palate.

The 9 Best Nespresso Capsules – Opinions 2022


Nespresso coffee machines are quite popular thanks to how much they make it easy to enjoy a good cup of coffee. Therefore, there is a wide variety of compatible capsules on the market that you can choose from and here you will learn about some of the most provocative options.

Nespresso compatible capsules


1. Solimo Amazon Brand Ristretto Capsules Compatible With Nespresso Coffee

From the Solimo brand, we present you an option of Nespresso capsules that stands out for allowing you to choose a pack of 2 coffee packages depending on the type you prefer: ristretto or lungo. Each one will have 50 capsules for a total of 100 units.

Ristretto coffee provides an intensity of 5/5 with body, strong flavor and enough for a dose of 25 milliliters. For its part, the café lungo has 3/5 in intensity, its flavor is milder and it is sufficient for approximately 120 milliliters of water.

On the other hand, the content of the capsules is ground coffee obtained naturally by knowledgeable hands capable of giving the beans the appropriate treatment together with the roasting, which, in both beans, is of the semi-extra dark type.

In addition, these cheap Nespresso compatible capsules come separately in their respective box so you can keep them in order when choosing which one to use in your coffee machine.

Considering that it could be among the best Nespresso capsules of the moment, it is convenient to know all the details:


Types: The set includes ristretto and lungo as types of coffee, each with different intensities and profiles.

Strength: The intensity of the flavor is 3/5 for one type and 5/5 for the other, allowing you to choose the one you like best.

Quantity: Each box includes a total of 50 capsules so you can enjoy 100 drinks in total.

Cultivation: The cultivation of coffee beans is carried out by certified farmers who guarantee the quality of the product.



Cream: Keep in mind that its preparation does not produce as much cream as other capsules.

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2. Marcilla Ristretto Compatible Capsules Nespresso Aluminum  

Marcilla capsules for Nespresso are appreciated by many consumers, which is why we now present the Ristretto pack.

This alternative gives you 40 capsules of ground coffee with natural roasting in case you want to prepare the drink in a classic format. Each unit has 5.2 grams of coffee with a blend of robustas and arabica coffees designed for a more intense flavor, which can reach level 12 in this case.

On the other hand, the Nespresso de Marcilla compatible capsules have the advantage of being made entirely of aluminium, which allows the coffee to be better preserved to keep the flavor and aroma intact. Compared to other options, you will probably notice a more intense caffeine flavor, making it very practical to combine it with milk or cream. In addition, as indicated, this type of packaging helps to make better use of the content in order to obtain more coffee with a single capsule.

If you have difficulty choosing which Nespresso capsules to buy, take a look at the details of this Marcilla pack:


Intensity: Ristretto de Marcilla coffee has a flavor intensity of 12 for those looking for drinks with body.

Materials: These capsules are made of aluminum, which better maintains the flavor and aromas.

Roasting: The coffee beans have been naturally roasted to avoid the use of chemicals during this process.


Variety: There is no variety of flavor or intensity, since all the capsules contain the same type of coffee.

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Starbucks capsules for Nespresso


3. Starbucks By Nespresso Variety Pack 8 X Tubes

When buying Nespresso capsules in a pack, it is necessary to know all the types of coffee that make it up in order to determine which one will be more pleasant.

On this occasion, we recommend the Starbucks capsule pack for Nespresso, since with your purchase you will get 80 capsules divided into packs of 10, each with a different flavor.

Among the options offered by the Starbucks pack for Nespresso, you can find Verona, Espresso roast, Colombian, House blend, Decaffeinated, Single origin Sumatra, Pike Place and Blonde roast espresso capsules to try the variety you want. They present variations in flavor, aroma, intensity and amount of caffeine, so you will have coffee for practically all tastes.

In addition, it should be noted that the set includes presentations of the entire line of capsules for Nespresso from Starbucks, helping you take a tour of all its products and thus be able to choose which flavor you like best.

Starbucks will probably become the best capsule brand for Nespresso, so you should consider their product:


Flavor: Being Starbucks capsules, you will be able to notice the similarity of flavor in drinks marketed by the network of coffee shops.

Types: There are several types included in this set so you can choose different drinks.

Roasts: The roasts of the grains are according to the flavor of the coffee offered, maintaining the flavor and aroma.

Quantity: The pack includes a total of 80 Nespresso capsules to choose from.



Intensity: The intensity of the coffee flavor could be increased, but this depends on the tastes of each person.

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Flavor capsules for Nespresso


4. Il Caffè Italiano FrHome Nespresso 60 Compatible Coffee Capsules

Another alternative that could be among the best capsules for Nespresso is that of FrHome with the Tour d’Italia.

These are flavored capsules for Nespresso that, together, add up to a total of 60 units in 6 packages of 10 each. The options in flavors and types of coffee are Napoli, Roma, Torino, Firenze, Venezia and Trieste, each with its respective blend of ground coffee to vary the flavor.

In this sense, it is convenient to know that in each of the packages you can find the type of roast, intensity and, of course, flavor of the coffee clearly identified to help you keep everything organized when looking for the one you need.

Also, with these coffee capsules for Nespresso you won’t have to worry about their handling, since they have a standard size and structure to avoid compatibility problems with modern coffee machines.

Offering variety in flavor and intensity, we believe that this FrHome product could be worth your attention:


Traditional: The coffee mix for drinks follows traditional recipes from the 18th century.

Types: There are a total of 6 types of coffee, presented in 10 capsules of each one to enjoy various flavors.

Aromas: You will be able to appreciate the variety of different aromas in each type of grain thanks to its mixtures.

Intensities: The intensity between flavors can vary considerably so you can find your favorite.



Identification: The capsules are differentiated by color, but the type of coffee indicated on the lid of each one is missing.

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Coffee capsules with milk for Nespresso


5. Note D’Espresso Instant Vanilla Cappuccino Capsules

One of the cheapest products on this list are the Note D’Espresso capsules, so you can enjoy a hot drink without spending too much.

The pack offers coffee with milk capsules for Nespresso with a content of 6.5 grams for a dose of approximately 80 milliliters. 40 capsules are included and all have a special closing mechanism capable of increasing their shelf life. For its part, the box has a practical design to have a place to store all the units in case you do not have a dispenser.

The content of the capsules will allow you to enjoy a soft, comforting and delicious drink to accompany your afternoons. They are compatible with all models of Nespresso coffee machines and their preparation will leave a pleasant aroma throughout your kitchen thanks to the leading role of vanilla.

Next, you will be able to know more details about these Note D’Espresso capsules for Nespresso:


Classic flavor: The vanilla cappuccino that you can enjoy in these capsules is considered a classic drink.

Protection: The capsules have an oxygen barrier to be able to store them outside the kitchen if you need it.

Set: You will get 40 vanilla cappuccino capsules that you can make in your Nespresso coffee machine.


Amount of coffee: To fill a cup with intense flavor, at least 2-3 capsules are needed.

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Nespresso chocolate capsules


6. FrHome 50 Capsules Compatible Nespresso Chocolate Il Caffè Italiano

FrHome Cioccolata could be among the best Nespresso capsules of 2022, which is why we invite you to find out what you could enjoy with them.

This pack has for you 50 capsules filled with cocoa with milk with which you can make hot chocolate for those rainy and cold nights. They do not contain caffeine, being suitable to be consumed by children. It is also noted that a sweet flavor predominates when preparing the drink, so you may not even need to add sugar.

On the other hand, these chocolate capsules for Nespresso are divided into 5 packages that contain 10 units of the product each, helping to protect the integrity of the capsules in order to extend their useful life in the kitchen. In addition to this, the presentation bag can serve as a storage tool if you do not want to fill your drawers with Nespresso capsules.

In case you want to enjoy a hot chocolate drink with your Nespresso coffee machine, we recommend you review the pros and cons of the FrHome product:


Type: These are capsules to make hot chocolate, offering aroma, sweetness and thickness.

Units: With the purchase of this offer you can save money by getting 50 individual capsules.

Packages: The content is divided into 5 packages of 10 capsules to maintain order. 


Coffee: Do not overlook that these Nespresso capsules do not contain coffee, but only cocoa with milk and sugar.

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Tea capsules for Nespresso


7. Note D’Espresso Green Tea Capsules Exclusively Compatible

Note D’Espresso has a pack that, for some, could be the best capsules for Nespresso with a quality-price ratio for infusions.

The Note D’Espresso option stands out because it does not offer the classic coffee, but rather a green tea filling with which you can automatically prepare cups of this beneficial drink.

It offers a total of 40 units with 3 grams of green tea each, allowing you to prepare doses of 150 milliliters for each capsule, helping you get all the benefits of tea with each meal.

They have the oxygen barrier sealing system, which helps protect the content so that it has the expected aroma and flavor when it is prepared. Consequently, these tea capsules for Nespresso can be safely stored on the kitchen counter, being suitable for being placed in vertical dispensers.

Being one of the cheapest purchase options, it would not hurt to consider its pros and cons before choosing it: 


Healthy: The content of green tea will be a healthy alternative to accompany your snacks, in addition to the fact that they do not include sugar.

Taste: The flavor of the drink is quite similar to that of a natural green tea, thus satisfying the palate.

Content: The pack is made up of 40 capsules that are fully compatible with Nespresso coffee machines.


Quantity: The amount of green tea that can be prepared with a single capsule may be small for some tastes.

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Capsules for cutting for Nespresso


8. Italian Coffee Compatible Capsules Nespresso Coffee Cut With Milk

In case you still don’t know which are the best capsules for Nespresso, this Italian Coffee product may catch your attention, since it is a different alternative if you want to vary the flavor of your coffees.

The pack offers you 60 capsules of coffee cut with milk so you don’t have to combine other flavors when preparing your daily drink. Each unit is filled with 4.5 grams and features one part soluble coffee and one part skimmed milk powder. Its flavor, as mentioned, is pleasant for day to day, in addition to being prepared very quickly.

On the other hand, the Nespresso capsules have the right design to be used in different models of this type of coffee machine, they have enough filling for 50-milliliter doses and are separated in packages of 10, which helps keep them fresh. intact and ready to use as soon as you feel like it.

If you are looking for an alternative to coffee capsules cut with milk, here are the most important aspects of this option:


Units: 60 capsules of coffee cut with milk are included for your consumption and that of whoever you want to invite.

Quantity: They offer enough product for a cup thanks to the 4.5 grams of coffee that the capsules contain.

Packaging: In the box you will find packaging separating the capsules to keep them fresh longer.


Flavor: The flavor could be more intense to be better appreciated by consumers.

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Milk capsules for Nespresso 


9. Central Leche Asturiana Semi-skimmed Milk Capsules 4 packages

If you want to buy some delicious capsules for Nespresso milk, you could evaluate the benefits of the Central Leche Asturiana pack, since its content will allow you to turn your classic coffees into cut coffees.

Now we are facing a box with 4 packages of 16 capsules each for a total of 64 units. All capsules are semi-skimmed milk powder, and are designed to be combined with stronger coffee drinks.

They maintain the necessary shape to be used in Nespresso coffee machines and have a good quality seal that is responsible for keeping the milk in good condition until the moment you combine it with your drink.

It is also noted that the capsules have a very pleasant flavor to add to coffee and, although they can change the color of the drink, they will lighten the bitterness quite a bit in case it is excessive for your palate.

Being a very practical option in capsules, we now invite you to evaluate its positive and negative characteristics:


Units: The Central Leche Asturiana pack offers you a total of 64 capsules of its product for Nespresso coffee machines.

Utility: You can use these capsules to turn an American coffee into a cappuccino, for example.

Handling: They are used intuitively thanks to the standard design of Nespresso capsules.


Intensity: The intensity of the milk flavor is a bit weak for the taste of some.

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Accessories for Nespresso capsules


Nespresso capsule holder


Exzact Nespresso Classic Compatible Coffee Capsule Holder

Exzact EXNP021-40 is a Nespresso capsule holder specially designed to house the well-known containers of this automatic coffee machine and keep your kitchen organized.

It has a size of 12.5 x 12.5 x 38.5 centimeters to hold a maximum of 40 capsules, more than enough for you to drink coffee with your breakfast for a month.

It is made of metal with a chrome finish to be robust and has a felt-covered base designed not to damage your worktop.

In addition, this Nespresso capsule holder is rotatable, thus making it easy to choose the flavor you want to enjoy on a particular day.

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Shopping guide


A Nespresso coffee machine offers speed, convenience and ease of use, so you have a wide variety of options when it comes to compatible capsules. If you want to take advantage of your money by choosing a good and economical alternative, we advise you to take into account the following important aspects beforehand.

type of coffee

In this guide to buying the best Nespresso capsules, the first thing we will review is the type of coffee. In the opinion of some buyers, this should be one of the main characteristics evaluated in any comparison of Nespresso capsules, since the variety of options on the market is quite wide.

One of the things that makes the capsules stand out is that you can enjoy all kinds of caffeinated beverages at home without the need for a barista, since natural coffee is available in all kinds of variations and intensities, as well as those combined with milk, chocolate, vanilla and many more.

In addition, the flavor of the coffee should also be considered based on the grain used for its preparation. The different harvesting methods, locations and processing can greatly influence the taste of the drink, which is why it would be convenient to purchase a varied pack if it is your first time with this type of coffee maker. So you can know which flavor you prefer.

Taking into account the aforementioned, when choosing your Nespresso capsules you can choose a particular type to accompany your breakfast or snack, as well as a varied pack of flavors to enjoy different drinks every morning while you discover which one you like the most.

Intensity and roast

Although the coffee in the capsules for Nespresso is considered as processed, they can also offer varied flavor intensities, as well as various types of roasting of the beans, which gives the drink body.

For example, if you want a coffee that is not bitter and feels smooth on the palate, you might consider capsule options with 3/5 body, while those above this level have a more intense flavor.

In the case of roasting, one of the most recommended to be able to appreciate the flavor of coffee is natural roasting, since it better preserves the aroma, color and flavor of the grain. However, there are several alternatives and combinations that you can find in the Nespresso capsule sets, so it will depend on your taste to choose the most delicious one for you.

product content

A detail that is also recommended to review to make better use of the money invested is the content of the product. This refers precisely to the amount of coffee offered by each of the Nespresso capsules. In general, you can prepare a large cup with approximately 5 to 8 grams of coffee, so it is common to find options that include this amount or do not exceed 10 grams at most.

Number of capsules

The number of capsules for Nespresso that a certain pack offers is usually one of the things that most affects how much it costs, which is why, before buying, you should carefully consider the value for money of each alternative on the market.

In this sense, it should be noted that one of the advantages offered by Nespresso capsules is that, if they are purchased in large quantities, you can save more money than buying them one by one. For this, the best-known brands offer packs that can include 50, 80 or 100 capsules for Nespresso at a relatively affordable price.

These types of presentations are practical because they prevent you from having to buy new capsules every time. In addition, they allow you to have enough coffee at home for many breakfasts and even to invite your friends or family when they visit.

Presentation of the pack

The presentation of the set or pack of capsules for Nespresso that you acquire has its importance in the fact that it can be a bit complicated to keep each unit organized.

As you may know, the capsules for Nespresso coffee machines are small, so if the set has several flavors, you cannot simply place them in a drawer, since the movement would cause them to mix and this would make it difficult to find the one you want. In the case of capsules of a single flavor, simply the disorder would be an impulse to look for an alternative that helps you accommodate them.

If this is your case, you will be pleased to know that many packs of Nespresso capsules come in cardboard boxes, which will serve as a container to store them. There are even flavor options that individually separate each capsule to make it easy to find the one you want.

Frequently asked questions


Q1: How to use Nespresso capsules?

Capsules of this type are designed to work with Nespresso coffee machines, which offer fairly fast brew cycles compared to regular coffee machines.

To use a capsule, you must first prepare the coffee maker by filling the tank with water and activating the heating function. Place the cup under the outlet of the coffee maker and wait for the water to come out, which will come out at high temperatures to raise the temperature. Throw it away after the cup is hot.

Now open the coffee maker simply by pulling the handle to reveal the capsule compartment. Here you will have to place a dose in the required position, close the coffee maker again and, after a few seconds, you will see the coffee come out ready.

Q2: Where are the coffee capsules for Nespresso disposed of?

Capsules for Nespresso coffee machines cannot be recycled in the usual program, since, according to recycling regulations, they are not classified as packaging.

Due to this, the main brands that sell the capsules have embarked on a movement in which they offer special recycling containers that can be located in their stores. In them you can get rid of the used capsules so that the companies take care of them.


Q3: How to fill the Nespresso capsules?

If you want to reuse your Nespresso capsule, you must first completely remove the aluminum lid that covers it to remove the remains of used coffee. You can even wash it under tap water to make sure you get it all off.

Once you have the capsule clean, dry it with a cloth and fill it with the ground coffee of your choice, applying enough pressure to compact it. Then cut a piece of aluminum foil big enough to cover the top of the capsule and press the edges to close it as well as possible. Once achieved, you will have your capsule ready and filled to use it again with your coffee maker.

However, you should know that it is not highly recommended to fill the Nespresso capsules, as they could cause problems with the coffee machine. In case you want to save, you can consider reusable alternatives.

Q4: Where to store the Nespresso capsules?

Nespresso capsules, being sealed, can be stored in many places without risk. However, many prefer to keep them in a drawer in the kitchen so they are close at hand and near the coffee maker. In addition, you also have the option of acquiring a dispenser to organize them. These are available in a variety of designs and can make an eye-catching countertop accessory.


Q5: What expiration date do Nespresso capsules have?

The expiration date of each capsule for Nespresso is usually stamped on the same packaging, as well as on the presentation box. However, if it has been deleted for some reason, you should know that most of these products have a consumable life of between 8 to 9 months. After this time, they must be discarded to avoid any inconvenience.

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