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Cassette fireplaces – Buying Guide and Comparison in 2022

If you are building your house and want to prepare for the cold seasons of the year, you have probably already thought about installing a wood-burning fireplace, but its low caloric output and high smoke production have made you change your mind. The ideal alternative is to acquire a practical cassette fireplace, which, apart from providing several advantages, improves energy performance, while, by having a closed design with vitroceramic glass, it prevents the emission of smoke so that it does not enter our home.. Among the favorite models of users, the Kratki Arke 70 stands out, which emits very little CO2, so it is environmentally friendly. In addition, it has a ceramic disc inside, capable of withstanding very high temperatures for greater durability. On the other hand, if you are looking for a model with a higher heat output of up to 14 kW and a clean glass system that allows you to see its interior at all times, we recommend the BRONPI MÉRIDA fireplace.

Opinions on the best cassette fireplaces

If you want to buy the best cassette fireplace on the market, it is important to make a detailed comparison between the positive and negative characteristics of each of the models in the following list, which analyzes some of the best cassette fireplaces of 2022.

Kratki Arke 70

It is a cassette fireplace that can generate a nominal thermal power of 8 kW. In addition, it uses hardwood up to 30 cm in length as fuel, so it is compatible with beech and other similar species.

In terms of consumption, it is a type A+ fireplace and offers an efficiency of up to 84%. Also, it produces almost no CO2 emissions, which provides a more environmentally friendly operation. For this reason, many think that it is the best cassette fireplace of the moment.

On the other hand, it provides a long useful life, since it has a robust and stable structure made of solid steel, capable of withstanding high temperatures and constant use. It is important to note that its interior is made up of a heat-resistant ceramic disc. It also has a central grid that drops the ashes into a lower compartment, which facilitates cleaning.

If you are wondering which is the best brand of cassette fireplace and you are looking for one of the cheapest models, then you should consider the Arke 70 fireplace from the Kratki company.


Fan: It has a fan with 3 power options to help distribute heat better in the room.

Ecological: It offers an ecological operation, since it produces less CO2 during its use than other fireplaces.

Cleaning: It incorporates a practical compartment for ashes that facilitates cleaning for greater practicality.


Weight: It is necessary to install it between 2 or more people, since its structure has a weight of 110 kg.

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If you want to know which is the best cassette fireplace, we recommend you take into account this powerful model, which generates a heat output of 14 kW and obtains a performance of 77%. It has useful measurements of 50.8 x 28.2 x 32 cm.

This fireplace has a consumption of 4.2 kg/h and offers a large heated volume of up to 350 cubic meters. It is made of cast iron and sheet metal, which gives it durability and resistance to high temperatures. His weight is about 101 kg.

It incorporates a smoke outlet with a diameter of 200 mm that helps to correctly evacuate the smoke from the chamber. It integrates a wide and clean glass, which helps to have visibility of the interior at all times.

If you still do not know which cassette fireplace to buy, it is advisable to be guided by the price, since it is favorable to choose one of the cheapest models. This model is the best value for money cassette fireplace.


Power : This fireplace generates a heating power of up to 14 kW, being one of the most powerful models on the market.

Economy : This model offers great performance and caloric range, as well as great power at an unbeatable price.

Range : Its caloric range perfectly covers areas of 350 cubic meters, being able to install this fireplace in a living room.

Smoke outlet: This model has a smoke outlet with a diameter of 20 centimeters, which helps to correctly evacuate the smoke.


Weight : This product requires special treatment to avoid accidents, since it weighs 101 kilograms.

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Dimplex 210388

Dimplex is a brand with a good position in the market, in whose purchase catalog you will find this cassette fireplace, designed so that you can create a cozy atmosphere in the living room, bedroom or any room in the home.

The equipment produces a fog effect and a 3D flame of great visual appeal, which is harmless when in contact with the skin, as it is artificial. For this, the fireplace incorporates a water tank, whose capacity allows you to enjoy eight hours of continuous operation. Likewise, the structure will have to be connected to a power outlet to be turned on, which generates low energy consumption, corresponding to 64 watts.

In addition, this fireplace offers intuitive programming through a small panel integrated into the structure and, for greater practicality, you can have a remote control, so you can adjust the operation without getting up from your chair or bed.

With this cassette fireplace you will create a cozy atmosphere in any of the rooms of the home, thanks to the realism and intensity of its flame. Next, you will be able to know the main pros and cons of this design.


Remote control: With the remote control built into this product, it is possible to control the operation of the fireplace from any angle in the room quickly and easily.

Low consumption: You will enjoy low electricity consumption, which will favor monthly energy billing.

Safety: This is a cassette fireplace that is safe to handle by anyone, because its flame is completely harmless to the touch.

Tank: The high containment capacity offered by the water tank integrated into the structure, allows you to enjoy up to eight hours of continuous operation.


Heating: This product has not been designed to fulfill the function of a heater, since it is a decorative model.

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MaisonFire 1000

With this cassette fireplace you will complement the decoration of the living room or bedroom. Aesthetically, the metal structure with a rectangular format and a black varnished surface provides an elegant design line. For its part, when you turn on the equipment you will be able to create a cozy atmosphere in the room, due to the realism of the flames, smoke effect and sound, which emulates burning logs.

All this is possible thanks to the ultrasonic technology integrated into the fireplace, which acts directly with the water placed in the lower tank of the structure, to create a fine mist and, in turn, project a 3D light effect for the flames. 

In addition, the product incorporates a remote control that works through a wireless Bluetooth connection, with which you can easily adjust the level of fire, intensity of smoke and volume of the crackling of the wood.

If you are looking for a cassette fireplace with an elegant design and whose flames recreate a real effect, but without causing burns on contact, then you should review the details of this model.


Bases: The product incorporates a base that allows the fireplace to be kept at a reasonable distance from the ground or surface on which it is planned to be placed.

Remote control: It is possible to control the operation of the equipment from any point in the room, thanks to the integrated remote control.

Realism: The fireplace generates a multi-level adjustable sound that mimics the crackle of burning wood.

Flame: By generating an artificial flame through ultrasonic technology, you will not have to worry about toxic emissions or getting hurt by touching said fire.


Weight: The 70-pound body of this cassette fireplace might be a bit heavy for some people to handle on their own.

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Dimplex 204226

This product has managed to stand out in the market due to its attractive decorative design, which recreates the incineration area of ​​a real fireplace. The structure has been made of metal and varnished in black and incorporates a double base that keeps it off the ground.

On the other hand, it has a grille that maintains the ventilation of the electrical components. In addition, the equipment has an easy-to-fill water tank to feed the mechanism that generates the smoke effect, while the halogen bulbs are responsible for producing the light or flame effect through the trunks.

On the other hand, there is the control panel arranged on one of the sides, through which the intensity of the electric flame can be adjusted, as well as turning the fireplace on and off. In the same way, the person can use the remote control attached with the purchase, to carry out said programming.

This is a cassette fireplace for interiors, which can be built into any piece of furniture. Next, the positive and other less flattering aspects of the product.


Adjustable flame: You can adjust the intensity of the flames as you wish, to create different atmospheres in the room.

Design: Its rectangular design line and detailed finishes give the fireplace an elegant touch.

Base: The structure has a base that keeps it off the ground, in order to facilitate cleaning, without having to move the equipment from one space to another.

Remote control: It will be easy to turn on – turn off and adjust the flame from any angle of the room, since it includes a device for this purpose with wireless connection.


Power cord: You should place the device no more than a meter away from the power source, otherwise the power cord might be a bit short.

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MaisonFire CAS500M

If you are looking for a new and modern fireplace that has a modern and versatile design, this model could be the one for you. This product comes in independent modules that can be placed in series with other similar models up to 8 meters and at the same time can be synchronized with the Bluetooth controller.

You can regulate and adjust the intensity of the flame and the sound effect of the ember burning easily from the remote control. It uses an “Opti-myst” technology, which gives a great realism to the flame with the effect of smoke and heating.

This new model incorporates ultrasonic technology that manages to create a very pleasant ultra-fine water mist. It has dimensions of 50.8 x 35.4 x 23.6 cm and weighs about 15 kg.

Lastly, don’t forget to look at the type of control the model offers, as well as its ease of use, so that it offers extensive control to the user. This fireplace integrates a remote control that facilitates its control.


Series : This product can be connected in series with other similar models, forming a chimney of up to 8 meters.

Control : It incorporates a practical Bluetooth remote control, with which we can control the fireplace and its special functions.

Opti-myst: This technology allows to generate a perfectly realistic flame and smoke, giving the room a pleasant and cozy effect.

Versatile : This model can be installed both as a central open-air fireplace or as a cassette type, integrated into the wall.


Price: This model has the highest price on this list. In such a way, if you have a limited budget, you can choose another fireplace.

Kratki Amelia

If you are looking for a cassette fireplace that stands out for having a classic and elegant design, that looks according to the decoration of your home, we recommend you look at this beautiful model. It has a power of 25 kW, generating an efficiency of 75%.

This fireplace has a smoke exhaust hole of 20 cm in diameter and has total dimensions of 75 x 90 x 44.35 cm. This model is made of 8 mm thick cast iron. It integrates a practical ashtray for easy cleaning.  

You will be able to get the most out of the firewood thanks to the manual control of the bottom of the chimney, which you can modify by using a built-in damper. This model manages to resist up to 800 degrees Celsius.

It is important to take into account the design that the product presents, so that it does not break the style of the room where you are going to install it. This model stands out for its classic and elegant design.


Power : This powerful model has a heating power of up to 25 kW, so it can efficiently heat large rooms.

Design : This fireplace features a classic design, looking great in an elegant living room.

Thickness : Thanks to its 8 mm thick cast iron walls, the fireplace manages to resist up to 800 degrees Celsius.

Ashtray : It incorporates a practical ashtray drawer that collects all the remains of burned wood.


Integrated : This model must only be installed in an integrated way, such as a cassette chimney.

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