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Salad Spinner – Buying Guide, Opinions and Analysis

One of the secrets of the great chefs to prepare perfect salads is to avoid leaving water on the leaves after washing them. To do this, today we have mechanisms that are simple to use and clean that allow these leaves to be centrifuged, leaving them completely dry and ready to eat. So that you can achieve the best results, bet on high-quality models and resistant materials such as the Lacor 61405 model. This product has a stainless steel design, with a non-slip base and a capacity of up to 4.5 liters, to dry in a single pass. Another outstanding product on the market is the KitchenCraft KCSPINNERSML, which has a diameter of 19 centimeters and is made of high-quality plastic that guarantees both adequate moisture extraction and a long useful life that allows it to be used for a long time.

The 5 Best Salad Spinners – Opinions 2022

To simplify things when cooking, you must have a salad spinner and here we show you the most recommended by customers so that you can choose the one that best suits your daily meal routine, thus guaranteeing a smart purchase.

1. Lacor 61405 stainless steel vegetable centrifuge

Main advantage:

The Lacor salad spinner is made of highly resistant materials so that the equipment itself offers you a long useful life so that you get the most out of it.

Main disadvantage:

A detail to consider about the Lacor salad spinner is that, as commented by one of its buyers, water stains may appear if it is not dried properly.

Verdict: 9.9/10

One of the best alternatives to drain your vegetables and avoid accumulating water in your salads is a centrifuge and the Lacor model, 61405, seems to be a great option on the market.

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Salad spinners are mainly used to remove excess water from vegetables, especially lettuce. It is very important to wash this vegetable well since it can contain bacteria that cause stomach problems, however, this can cause our salad to be watery.

The 61405 of Lacor is a centrifuge for salad of domestic use. It stands out for being made of stainless steel, since most are made of plastic. This makes it a very resistant utensil that can be used for much longer. In addition, it gives it an attractive, modern, elegant look that is very easy to combine with the other elements in your kitchen.

Another advantage of using stainless steel is that you can easily wash your centrifuge without fear of it being damaged or worn out to avoid the presence of bad odours.


Some models of salad spinners can be considered multifunctional since their designs allow them to be used for different purposes. This feature is important for those users who want to make the most of their investment, so if you are one of them, we recommend you keep reading.

The 61405 salad spinner from Lacor is one of these multifunctional types. This model can also be used as a bowl to prepare the salad or serve it if you wish, since it is made of stainless steel and is very elegant for the table. In addition, it has a special lid that will allow you to store what is left over so that it can stay fresh for longer by putting it in the fridge.

There are many uses that can be given to a bowl with a lid in the kitchen, since you can store leftover food, defrost some food to prepare dinner, among many other things.


When it comes to purchasing a kitchen utensil, it is very necessary that you take into account the type of energy and the amount it consumes. For example, for ovens, it is recommended to acquire those that are within good consumption categories since they can be expensive to use. There are other teams that only use batteries, which means a constant cost to replace them.

But none of the above should be a concern if you decide to purchase the Lacor salad spinner. This model is designed to be used manually, that is, it does not require electricity to work.

The centrifugal movement is rotating and this equipment is designed to function as such by means of the same movement. Thanks to this, you will not have to worry about connecting it to a power outlet or how much you will have to pay on your bill to turn it on since it is completely free.

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2. Kitchen Craft Mini Salad Spinner Compact Salad Spinner

This colander of only 19 cm is ideal for preparing healthy salads for two people. Its compact design does not take up much space in the kitchen and it is a very functional utensil.

Made of the highest quality acrylic material, it is a product of the renowned Kitchen Craft brand and users recognize it as the best salad spinner because it is easy and simple to use, in a few minutes you can have well-washed and dried lettuce leaves for serve them very crispy in the salad. In addition, the lid has an opening to add the dressing to your vegetable mixture.

To facilitate hygiene, it is dishwasher safe, a plus that customers appreciate. As if that were not enough, it is distinguished by its excellent value for money, it is a product with a good finish that cannot be missing in kitchens and at the lowest market price.

In case you want to have a product developed by the best brand of salad spinners, we invite you to review the positive elements of this Kitchen Craft model, which has received this qualification from customers.


Design: Its design is made in white with the main piece in a transparent color so that you can have good visibility of the content at all times.

Simple use: The handling of the utensil in general is very simple, and it works by means of the manual centrifuge mechanism, hence there will be no inconveniences when handling it.

Size: Its compact size means that you can store it anywhere without problems, allowing you to take it with you in case you need it.

Cleaning: Being made of an acrylic material, it is a utensil that you can easily wash, so that cleaning tasks will not be a problem.

Opening: It has a special opening through which you can add the dressing of your choice when preparing the salad, so that you will not have any inconveniences to flavor your vegetables.

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3. Zyliss Easy Spin Centrifuge for Salad

The key to a good salad is that the vegetables are well dried. A task in which the salad spinners become very helpful tools, effortlessly leaving the leaves free of water.

This is what we achieved with the Zyliss E940002 model, which is one of the most comfortable models on the market to use.

To do this, it has a rope-activated system that starts the spin process at high speed, being more effective and more relaxed than crank models.

An easy-to-use product, which comes in two different diameters, so you can choose the one that suits you best.

And if you need it, you can use the centrifuge itself as a lunch box, storing the leaves for several days in good condition.


Transparent exterior: The transparent exterior allows you to visually control the drying process of your vegetables.

Lunch box: The salad spinner can be used as a lunch box, keeping vegetables fresh for days.

Rope system: The rope system makes use much more comfortable compared to conventional crank models.

Stop button: Includes a stop button that allows you to stop the process so you don’t have to wait for the basket to stop on its own.


Useful space: The internal useful space does not correspond to the diameter of the product, which must be considered when making the purchase.

Price: The model has a higher price than others on the market, although according to users, the investment is worth it.

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4. Moulinex K1010114 Salad Drainer

To prepare your salads and vegetables in a fast, healthy and above all delicious way without spending a lot of money, customers say that the Moulinex is the best value for money salad spinner.

With a diameter of 26 cm, it has the precise capacity to prepare a large number of salads at once, its efficient and simple crank mechanism quickly drains fruits, vegetables, herbs and vegetables.

Made of excellent material, available in white with red, users widely recommend it for its quality and low price. In addition to working perfectly with any food, it can be used as a preservative and to facilitate cleaning, it is dishwasher compatible.

The customers who bought it affirm that it has a good grip, so a quick draining is obtained and its semi-rigid plastic is synonymous with durability and resistance, it is a tool that works perfectly and is very cheap.

Certainly, among the cheapest centrifuges, this one from Moulinex stands out, whose positive and negative factors you can learn about below.


Capacity: With a diameter of 26 cm, this product has enough space to process a considerable amount inside.

Design: It has a simple design in white, which, being a neutral color, will combine correctly with your kitchen, if you want it not to be out of place on a visual level.

Resistance: It is made of semi-rigid plastic that will be of great help because it is a light, resistant and easy-to-clean material that will not give you problems with the utensil.

Mechanism: The operating mechanism it uses is manual, so you can completely control the spin speed and do it the way you see fit.


Filling: According to users, if the drainer is filled too much, it will not work correctly, which is logical, so it is convenient to separate the content in case you need to drain a large volume of it.

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5. Ibili 783124 Centrifuge with Comfort Crank 24

Made of resistant plastic and an acrylic bowl, the Ibili has a solid and comfortable handle. Users recommend this vegetable drainer for its great durability and resistance, which labels it as one of the cheapest salad spinners.  

On the lid it has a hooking system on the sides so that it is well held during the spin. Among its features, customers highlight its large capacity and the non-slip surface that prevents accidents during operation, in addition to its rapid draining that leaves vegetables perfectly dry and crisp to prepare a delicious and fresh salad in a short time.

Its versatility also allows it to be used as a preserver or to serve vegetables directly in it. It is designed in an attractive combination of green and white and has a diameter of 24 cm.

If you still do not decide which salad spinner to buy, then check out the following positive and negative elements of this model.


Size: Its size of 24 centimeters in diameter suggests that it will have enough space inside when washing and drying the vegetables of your choice, especially lettuce.

Guarantee: It has a guarantee from the German brand for a period of eight years, which is a positive factor in the responsible use of the utensil.

Mechanism: It works by means of a manual mechanism with which you can spin comfortably and always following your spinning needs.

Design: It was designed combining green and white colors that evoke cleanliness and freshness, making your kitchen a colorful space and when serving the salad it will look nice.


Resistance: Being made of plastic, customers say that great care must be taken because any fall can impair its performance or even deteriorate it completely.

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Lacor 61405 centrifuge vegetables stainless steel

The Lacor vegetable centrifuge stands out for its manufacture in stainless steel which, in addition to being very functional and highly durable, brings elegance to kitchen accessories.

Considered one of the best salad spinners of 2022, customers prefer it for its 4.5 liter capacity that allows you to quickly and deliciously prepare salads for multiple guests.

Its steel bowl also serves as a salad bowl so vegetables can be drained efficiently while maintaining their crunchy texture and served in the same container to make things easier when it comes to serving the table.

Among its accessories, it includes a closing lid that allows the rest to be refrigerated and kept fresh. The non-slip 24 cm base provides stability during the spin process, which is why customers consider this utensil essential in any kitchen, especially for salad lovers.

According to the opinion of the clients, this product is the best salad spinner of the moment, so that we will proceed to know its most relevant positive aspects.


Resistance: Its manufacture in stainless steel notably favors the resistance and durability of the utensil, being the element that all customers highlight the most, since they feel that it will be an investment that will last for a long time.

Use: It can be used in various ways, either as a centrifuge, as a bowl, that is, as a salad bowl more directly, or else as a cup to preserve vegetables.

Conservation: It is designed to promote the preservation of vegetables, since it includes its respective lid, thus preventing the entry of excess air, insects, or other surrounding elements.

Mechanism: It works by means of a manual mechanism, which allows the spinning process to be carried out in the traditional way, while at the same time combining the positive elements of the ingenious utensil.

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Buying Guide – What is the best salad spinner on the market?

Salads are a must-have dish at lunchtime. The variety of vegetables and ingredients that can be mixed is suitable for all tastes, whether as a main dish or a side dish. It is an important source of vitamins and minerals that, by adding some protein such as chicken pieces, become a complete meal and are very versatile when it comes to preparing them.

But who likes a salad with bland, watery lettuces, where the dressing sits at the bottom of the bowl with an unacceptable amount of water, losing all of its visual and taste appeal?

To avoid this situation and always have a fresh salad with crunchy vegetables, there are centrifuges, whose main function is to drain the food and effectively remove excess water in a short time. When purchasing this practical utensil, you must take into account the following characteristics that we summarize in this simple guide to buying the best salad spinner.


Choosing the size is very important when you decide to choose a model among those shown in the comparison of salad spinners, since you should clearly know if you eat salads frequently and how much you really do.

If you are a large family, you usually have to serve salad for several people, so you need to drain enough vegetables to save time.

In this case, there are utensils on the market with a maximum capacity of up to 6 liters with a diameter greater than 23cm. If, on the other hand, there are only two or less at home when eating salads, you can buy the smallest ones that usually have a diameter of 18 or 19 cm and have enough capacity to prepare two portions of salads.

There are also industrial drainers, whose capacity exceeds 10 liters and are designed for use in restaurants, hotels, inns, among others.


Centrifuges made of stainless steel, acrylic or resistant plastic are available on the market. Each of these elements directly affect the price of the drainer.

In the first case, stainless steel guarantees a durable and resistant product over time, ideal if you consume salads on a daily basis and will give the utensil daily use. On the other hand, you can choose a good and economical option such as those made of plastic or acrylic that, even though they are made of a resistant material, their price is lower because it is known that the drainer can deteriorate over time or break if it falls.


When determining which is the best salad spinner on the market, remember that salad spinners can easily be operated with the traditional crank mechanism, where you turn the lever to activate the spinner and the speed of the spinner depends on how fast you turn it. to the handle; these require effort on the part of the operator.

There are also those that use a traction cord, this is one of the cheapest. On the other hand, there are higher quality ones that use batteries and their rotation speed can be adjusted, so the physical effort is zero. Likewise, there are models that include a fastening system on the lid to hook it to the bowl and avoid accidents. This is very beneficial, as are the rubber bases, which have some containers that provide stability on the counter when spinning.

As for the braking system, some models use a button that, when pressed, stops the container. Knowing how much each of the types that exist in the market costs, you should know that they have different prices according to the characteristics mentioned here, that they can be adjusted to your budget and fully fulfill their function regardless of the chosen one.


Although by its name you may think that the use of the colander is limited only to lettuce and vegetables, you should know that this utensil is very practical and beneficial in the kitchen, it also serves as a strainer for pasta, as long as its material tolerates high temperatures. You can also drain fruits and vegetables or soak grains and legumes.

In addition, most of the available models are designed to be able to use the bowl directly as a salad bowl and with lids that allow you to use them as preservatives in the fridge or in the cupboard with the ease of stacking other containers on top, to save as much energy as possible. space.

These are some of the advantages that make the salad spinner an indispensable tool in today’s kitchens, since they mainly save the time and work required to dry the lettuce leaves one by one, as our grandmothers used to do to be able to prepare a salad. rich and fresh salad.

How to use a salad spinner

When it comes to making your salads, it is easier and more practical to use a centrifuge, since it allows you to remove the greatest amount of water from your vegetables, making your salads more delicious. Therefore, you have decided to buy a salad spinner. So we have created this article so that you are prepared when you use it for the first time.

Rinse the centrifuge for the first time

When using this kitchen utensil for the first time, it is recommended to wash and rinse it to eliminate dirt and bacteria that are obtained from transport and packaging. To do this, unpack the centrifuge, remove the protective films. Then wash the bowl, basket and lid separately under the sink faucet and then drain them for use.

Wash the vegetables before making the salad

The first thing you should do is remove the parts that are bad or yellow from the green leaves. For this you will need a clean knife and a cutting board. Place the leaves on the board and cut off the parts you think are damaged and throw them away. Then, place the leaves in a bowl with water and a little vinegar or baking soda and wait 10 minutes to disinfect them. After that time, remove the leaves from the bowl, dump the water, put the leaves back in the bowl and fill it again with water to rinse the leaves. Throw that water back and leave the leaves in the bowl and then drain them in the centrifuge.

Place the leaves in the basket of the centrifuge

After the leaves are ready and rinsed, proceed to place them in the basket of the centrifuge. Try not to exceed the capacity of the basket so that the vegetables are not too crowded and can be damaged. Then place the basket in the bowl of the centrifuge. Then, locate the lid and proceed to cover it. Some lid models include a flat strainer to reinforce the drainage of water.  

Proceed to use the centrifuge

Once the centrifuge is covered, proceed to turn the crank located on the top of the lid. Make several turns so that the basket drainer removes the greatest amount of water from the leaves. Some models have a retractable rope to rotate the basket and drain the vegetables properly. To do this, take the handle that joins the rope and pull back several times so that the basket rotates.

You can stop making the turns when you think the vegetables are well drained. Some centrifuges have a stop button, usually located on the top of the lid, which is used to stop the centrifuge immediately.

Once the vegetables have been drained with the centrifuge, proceed to remove the basket from the bowl and you will notice that at the bottom there are traces of water that the device extracted from the vegetables. Throw away that water and place the drained vegetables in said bowl.

In some centrifuges, the bowl is ideal to be used as a practical salad bowl, which you can take directly to the table. You can carry it with its lid, where some models have a hole that will allow you to add dressing to your salads.

The most popular brands

Salad spinners are designed to help you get rid of any excess water that your vegetables may have. If you are interested in acquiring one of these practical utensils, we recommend that you mainly evaluate these three recognized brands.

Ibili Menaje is a Spanish company dedicated to the design and manufacture of a wide variety of kitchen tools. They are well known in the hotel and restaurant world thanks to the practicality of their products and their distribution throughout Europe.

The company has 75 years of experience in the market, since it was founded in 1942, during which time it has managed to enter the market and earn the trust and appreciation of its customers.

Its catalog has more than 2,000 products, among which are simple, practical and very easy-to-use designs. Likewise, they are very varied and have different applications so that any housewife can feel identified and get the most out of it.

Salad spinners can be purchased in three different models, each with a manual spin system for your convenience. Two of them have a mill turning system and the other with a lever system; This allows you to choose the one that is easiest for you to use. The central office of Ibili Menaje is located in the province of Bergara, Spain.

The Zyliss brand was founded in 1948 by the Swedish Karl Zysset. Since its inception, Zyliss has focused its focus on the world of cooking and its tools. One of its first products was a garlic press, which featured a practical and innovative design that is still enjoying success around the world.

Over time, the company expanded its catalog in order to offer its customers a good quality and easy-to-use alternative to carry out all the recipes they wanted. From the Zyliss brand you can find endless products such as cutters, peelers, knives, cutting boards, salad spinners and much more.

One of its achievements is having obtained the Red Dot Award, a coveted design award that evaluates the most relevant aspects of products such as innovation, their contribution to society and user satisfaction.

Zyliss’s headquarters are in the city of Farnborough, UK. If you are interested in learning more about their products, do not forget to take a look at their official page.

Oxo is a company of American origin founded in 1990. It all started when one day, the founder, Sam Farber, noticed how his wife complained about the discomfort and pain when holding a peeler of the time due to suffering from of arthritis. The scene caused Farber to question the design of the tool and this led to an investigation and preparation that would later start Oxo.

With innovative designs and a couple of prototypes, Farber founded the company with the goal of making cookware more ergonomic and easier to use. He soon had hundreds of ideas and models, as well as dozens of design iterations.

He achieved success in a short time thanks to his innovative ideas and his products would soon be found in many homes, which would lay the foundation for his growth and development in new utensils.

Today, Oxo has a catalog of more than 1,000 products designed to cover practically all kitchen utensil needs, characterized by being simple and comfortable to use.

Oxo’s headquarters are in New York City, United States.

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Estos productos solían encontrarse entre los más recomendados, pero ahora ya no están disponibles

Zyliss E94002

Si en tus comidas no faltan los vegetales debes conocer cuál es la mejor centrifugadora para ensaladas, un utensilio indispensable en la actualidad.

Por recomendación de los usuarios la Zyliss es perfecta para retirar el exceso de agua de las verduras de hoja como la espinaca, lechugas, repollo o acelga pero también es ideal para escurrir las hierbas frescas como perejil, cilantro y albahaca. Los clientes afirman que su uso es muy práctico y sencillo.

Elaborado en un resistente material, libre de BPA, el bol soporta temperaturas elevadas lo que te permite colar pasta y verduras cocidas sin poner en riesgo tu salud. Asimismo cuenta con un sistema de frenado para controlar la velocidad del centrifugado.

La tapa plana que incluye es muy útil ya que permite apilar otros utensilios sobre ella para aprovechar los espacios en la nevera o en la alacena. El mecanismo de cordón retráctil requiere menos esfuerzo y por ello los clientes la prefieren.

Independientemente de que busques la mejor centrifugadora para ensaladas por 100 euros, o no te importe mucho su precio, los pros y contras de este modelo de seguro te interesarán, así que revísalos a continuación.


Frenado: Incorpora un novedoso sistema de frenado con el que podrás controlar la velocidad del centrifugado de acuerdo a tus preferencias y necesidades.

Bol: Incluye su respectivo bol que te servirá para colocar tu ensalada, una vez que hayas procedido a lavar todos los vegetales.

Tapa: Posee una tapa que no solo sirve para mantener bien protegido el interior de la ensaladera, sino que permitirá soportar otros envases sobre ella, en caso de que desees colocarla en el refrigerador.

Libre de BPA: Es una centrifugadora libre de BPA, por lo que no estarás exponiendo tu salud a dicho componente, como sí sucede con otros utensilios de cocina que incluyen este material.


Precio: Para algunos clientes el precio es cuestionable, pero la verdad es que no es demasiado excesivo y será una inversión que vale la pena, según afirman los demás clientes.

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