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Drawer – Opinions, Analysis and Comparison in 2022

Having enough space to organize our daily work is key in any office. That is why there are accessories such as drawers, which help us to have the most everyday objects at hand without having them exposed or scattered on our desk. But, for this product to be efficient, we need to opt for models with enough space for our needs, with measurements that fit into our environment and with a design that follows the line of our desk and the rest of the office furniture. If you are looking for a model in black, the SONGMICS OFC60BK chest of drawersIt is a quality proposal. This chest of drawers has three drawers, one of which is a filing cabinet, with a wide range of uses and lockable closure for greater security. If you prefer a wooden chest of drawers, the Grupo Julio Díaz Blanca model would be a good alternative. This chest of drawers has four drawers without an external handle, offering a good space to store everything you need.

The best chests of drawers on the market

Almost always, next to a desk we find a chest of drawers. And it is that this office furniture is key to having nearby those things that we need in our daily tasks, allowing us to have everything at hand and well organized. A task for which it is essential to choose a quality chest of drawers, with the space and distribution that we may need and, incidentally, that also fits into our decoration and the style of our office. So that you have a choice, we leave you some interesting proposals that cover all kinds of finishes and materials.


If you are looking for the best chest of drawers for your desk, the SONGMICS OFC60BK model is one of our highlights. This black metal chest of drawers has an arrangement of three drawers in which to store everything you need. The first two drawers are of conventional size while the lower one is a filing cabinet, with different configurations for use with hanging files.

It also includes a handy interior organizer for your pens, pencils, and other small stationery. This chest of drawers with wheels has the advantage of having a lockable closure, so that you can prevent unwanted access to its interior. Something to which its resistant steel construction contributes, with a beautiful black finish. And for you to move it comfortably, you have four wheels on the base with which it is easy to move the product wherever it is needed.

If you want to know more about what for many is the best chest of drawers at the moment, discover some more details about this product.


Resistance : Since this black chest of drawers has been made of steel, it is resistant and withstands the toughest uses.

Lock : The upper drawer of the chest of drawers has a lock, being very suitable for storing everything you want to have protected.

Drawer organizer: The chest of drawers also has an organizer where you can comfortably place all your stationery items.

Braked wheels: Thanks to its braked wheels, it is easy to place the product in its place and prevent it from slipping.

File drawer: The bottom drawer has standard measurements for use with hanging files in different configurations.


Assembly : The manufacturer emphasizes that care be taken when mounting the wheels, to avoid deterioration or that of the furniture.

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Julio Diaz Blanca Group

The Grupo Julio Diaz Blanca white wooden chest of drawers is another of the models that we find among the best chests of drawers of 2022. This chest of drawers has measurements of 40 centimeters wide by 50 deep and a height of 76 centimeters, in which we find four different drawers of conventional size. These drawers have a metal slide and extraction stop, which makes the difference compared to cheap drawer units with simple plastic strips.

It also has hidden handles in the front structure of the drawer itself, which prevents its deterioration as happens with external or overlapping handles. It is finished off with four nylon wheels, so you can move it comfortably. A complete proposal that is delivered fully assembled and with high quality packaging, so that you only have to unpack it and start using it immediately.

If you don’t know which chest of drawers to buy, this traditional cut model is very practical when it comes to having additional space in your office.


Handles : The handles are integrated into the front of each drawer, which is an extra quality and resistance.

Measurements : The chest of drawers has measurements of 40 centimeters wide by 50 deep, although you have other different measurements, if you need them.

Finish: Its beautiful white finish has a high quality and is easy to clean.

Assembly : The only assembly required for this product is to remove it from the packaging and start using it.


File cabinet : If you are looking for a model with a file drawer, you will have to opt for another option, since this drawer does not include it.

Wheel brake: The wheels do not have brakes, although it is true that with some weight it is not easy to move the chest of drawers involuntarily.

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Curve Style

Located among the cheapest chests of drawers in our selection, the Curver Style model is another interesting proposal. In this case we change the material, since the Curver Style chest of drawers has been made of plastic. However, the product has a high resistance, as corresponds to what many users consider to be the best brand of chest of drawers within this segment, being able to use it both in the bathroom and in a cleaning room or directly next to your desk.

To do this, this chest of drawers has a design with three drawers of considerable height, also having an elegant finish reminiscent of wicker. The product has a rectangular shape, similar to conventional chest of drawers, so it is easy to place it anywhere. And to top it off, thanks to the quality of these materials, you won’t have any problems keeping it in perfect condition.

Learn more about this model, which is close to becoming the best quality-price chest of drawers that we have analyzed.


Drawer height: The height of the drawers is somewhat higher than that of a conventional drawer, so you will have more space for your bulkier objects.

Finish : The braided finish is reminiscent of wicker chests of drawers and furniture, to give the product extra elegance.

Integrated handles: The handles integrated into the structure of the product prevent snags and give it extra resistance and comfort.


Legs : This model does not have wheels, but is supported by four legs, which prevents it from being moved from its site unless it is carried by weight.

Weight distribution: Since we are talking about a light chest of drawers, it is necessary to be careful when removing the drawers, since if we do not distribute the load well, it can tip forward.

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Pierre-Henry 95220

The Pierre Henry 95220 chest of drawers is another metallic model with which to keep everything we need well organized and safe. Organization is easy, since the chest of drawers has three drawers in A4 format with measurements of 40 x 40 centimeters, providing a good capacity. And as for security, in addition to its resistant metal structure, this chest of drawers also has a lock with which it is possible to close the central and lower drawers, for extra security.

A model that is finished off with four free-turning wheels with which it is possible to place and move the product comfortably, as well as integrated and slightly overlapping handles on the front of the drawer, which facilitate the opening of the drawers without damage or inconvenience.

If you are still not sure which is the best chest of drawers with which you can equip your office, learn more about this model that, perhaps, will help you make a decision.


Handles : Although they are not fully integrated, the included handles are of quality and allow the drawers to be opened without complications.

Lock : The included lock allows two drawers to be closed, thus preventing unauthorized access to their contents.

Finish : The polished black metal finish gives the product an extra eye-catching effect, allowing it to fit into almost any decor.


Brake for the wheels: As with other models, the wheels do not have a brake that allows the chest of drawers to be completely immobilized.

Total height: The height of this chest of drawers is 57 centimeters, which, perhaps, may not be enough for those who want a little more storage space.

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Wohnling WL1 342

Designed for those looking for a more traditional desk chest of drawers, the Wohnling WL1 342 model is a beautiful wooden chest of drawers with an elegant beech finish that fits into any modern office. This chest of drawers is made of MDF board duly finished off with this elegant decoration, including three different drawers in its layout.

The first two are conventional-size drawers, while the bottom drawer is file-size, with space to comfortably store your hanging files as well as larger items. All this in a model with measurements of 60 centimeters in height, 48 in width and 40 in depth, which allows you to take advantage of the space adequately without overwhelming your work area. It is finished off with the usual wheels located at the base, which facilitate the movement of the product.

So that you know something more about everything that this model offers you, we leave you some of its most outstanding characteristics.


Drawer layout: Since the drawer layout follows the format of 2 normal drawers and 1 filing cabinet, you will have all the space you need to organize.

Resistance: The chest of drawers offers high resistance, both due to the materials used in its manufacture and due to its own structure and design.

Finish: The beautiful beech color finish is very suitable for those who have a more classic office.


Handles: The handles are external, which is somewhat inconvenient compared to the integrated ones. Nonetheless, these are of a high quality and strongly mounted.

Assembly: The chest of drawers requires a small assembly that, although it does not take too long, it should be taken into account.

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