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Chimney sweeps – Buying Guide and Comparison in 2022

If you consider yourself a thrifty person, you will be interested in knowing that keeping a clean chimney translates into greater savings and greater safety, since clean chimneys consume less fuel, while reducing the risk of poisoning or fires. In this sense, the use of a chimney sweep is essential to keep our chimney in the best condition all the time. The market is full of different types of chimney sweeps, among which the Wolfpack Professional Line 22020755 stands out., which has a rigid metal shaft to remove the most embedded soot. In addition, it offers a large number of spikes made of nylon to facilitate cleaning. On the other hand, if you are looking for a special chimney sweep for pellet stoves made of flexible steel cable cane with coating up to 6 meters long, we recommend the Baretto Spanzzole KB6-2SCP.

Opinions on the best chimney sweeps

If you have a chimney, you need a special brush to help keep it in good condition, so it is very important to know which is the best chimney sweep on the market. In this sense, we have prepared a short list of the five best chimney sweeps of 2022, so that we can help you choose the model that works best for you.

Wolfpack Professional Line 22020755

It is a chimney sweep with nylon spikes, a flexible material that can be very useful to remove the soot that is produced in the upper part of the tube where the smoke comes out of the chimney. Also, it is important to note that nylon is not abrasive on stainless steel walls, which helps to clean without damaging the surface.

In this sense, the shaft is made of metal, which provides rigidity and resistance to clean even the most embedded dirt, which is why many think that it is the best chimney sweep today.

As for its measurements, it offers a diameter of 20 cm, but it is available in presentations of 15 and 25 cm. You can also get it with a flexible shaft in diameters of 12, 10 and 8 cm. In this way, it is possible to choose the model that best suits the size of your fireplace.

If you are looking for the best chimney sweep of the moment, then you should take into account some of the positive and negative characteristics of this model before selecting one.


Spikes: The spikes have been made of nylon to easily remove soot without scratching delicate surfaces.

Shaft: Offers a metal shaft that provides great rigidity. Similarly, it is available in presentations with a flexible axis.

Diameter: You can find it in diameter from 8 to 25 cm to choose it according to the size of your fireplace.


Thread: It may be difficult to find a rod compatible with this model, since the thread measures 12 mm.

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Baretto Spazzole KB6-2SCP

The Baretto Spazzole company is considered the best brand of chimney sweeps at the moment, as it offers high-quality and efficient products, such as this model, which has optimal performance for cleaning Pellet stoves comfortably and easily.

This product integrates 2 flexible steel cable rods, providing greater rigidity to reach the most complicated areas of your fireplace. Each flexible rod has a length of 3 m.

This practical and complete kit includes a pellet brush made of nylon with an 80 mm diameter and a 100 mm diameter brush. It also includes a handle that will make it easier for you to handle the brush.

If you still don’t know which chimney sweep to buy, we recommend you continue reading this section so that you know some of the best and cheapest models currently on the market. This product has great flexibility, which allows it to reach difficult places.


Flexibility: This product has two flexible rods, which allow you to reach any corner without difficulty.

Material : The rods are made of steel cable with a reinforced coating that increases rigidity and elasticity.

Brush : This versatile chimney cleaner includes two interchangeable brushes, one 80 mm and the other 100 mm, which you will choose according to the type of work or its difficulty.

Kit: This product includes a complete chimney cleaning kit that includes: 2 flexible rods, 1 80 mm brush, 1 100 mm brush, 1 handle and a multipurpose brush.


Elbows: If the diameter of the elbow you are cleaning is too narrow, the broom will not pass easily.

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MASSO 231168

If your budget is a bit tight and you are looking for an efficient alternative to traditional cleaning brushes, we recommend using a chimney sweep log, which during combustion expels chemical gases known as chimney sweeps that break down the soot accumulated on the walls of the chimneys.

This product is considered the best value for money chimney sweep, as it offers great comfort and ease of use, being ideal for cleaning all types of chimneys.

It has a high performance and its use produces a significant reduction in fuel consumption, which gives you a long-term economic benefit. This product measures 27.7 x 7.7 x 7.7 centimeters.

These days, there are many different models and types of chimney sweeps to choose from, so if you’re looking for one of the cheapest alternatives to traditional chimney sweeps, be sure to check out this handy chimney sweep.


Versatility : This product is indicated for cleaning a wide variety of fireplaces, stoves, heating and thermal installations, wood stoves and boilers, among others.

Performance : This cleaning log offers high performance, thus generating a reduction in fuel consumption.

Cleans : Efficiently cleans soot, ashes, resins and any type of encrustation produced by burning firewood and coal.

Convenience : It is an alternative to clean chimneys that is extremely easy to use, since it only has to be placed inside the chimney and switched on.


Use: Its effect is not instantaneous, so you must use this product regularly so that you can observe a notable change.

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If you are looking for a product that helps you clean your pellet stove efficiently without the need to use brushes, we recommend you take this chimney sweep into account.

This product is used to improve the efficiency of pellet stoves, considerably reducing consumption after continuous use, while managing to prevent possible fires.

This chimney sweep is contained in a 2-kilogram package of a product that during combustion releases catalytic substances that disintegrate the accumulation of soot adhered to the internal walls of your chimney.

It is very important to know the positive and negative characteristics of each model before choosing one of them, so that you do not regret the purchase.


Content : This product is contained in a 2 kg package, so you can use it for various uses.

Versatile : You will be able to thoroughly clean the accumulation of soot found in the pipes of braziers, stoves and pellet boilers.

Safe : This product is very easy and safe to use, so you don’t have to worry about suffering an unforeseen accident and its cleaning is very simple.

Alternative : This chimney cleaner comes at a great price, making it a very efficient and easy inexpensive alternative to traditional chimney brushes.


Use: The use can be a bit uncomfortable, since it is made up of small granules that can be spread if you are not careful.

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Using the DIAVOLINA 15030 chimney sweep log will help you keep your chimney clean, reducing consumption and notably improving the sensation of heat produced by your heating system.

This product should be allowed to burn for approximately 45 – 60 minutes so that the catalytic chemicals attack the soot in the stack. When the product takes effect, the soot will disintegrate, falling into the chimney and facilitating cleaning with a dustpan.

It is advisable to use this product every 2 or 3 months to guarantee good cleaning and efficiency of the chimney, even managing to avoid possible occlusions or fires.

Before finishing reading and running to buy a new chimney sweep, we recommend that you know how much use you can give the product before it runs out, if it is a consumable.


Heating : The use of this product can help stoves or fireplaces to increase the heating power, helping us to achieve greater comfort in the room.

Versatility : This versatile product is indicated to be used with any type of fireplace, stove or kitchen.

Use: Keep in mind that this product must be allowed to burn completely. For this reason, the package includes 6 pieces, giving you enough for six applications.

Operation : This log is consumed in 40 to 60 minutes, but its action continues for hours after the ash has been consumed.

Ease : The use of this product is extremely simple, so you should not worry about using it wrongly.


Price: The price of this product is higher than other similar chimney cleaner logs.

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