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Window Cleaner – Buying Guide, Opinions and Analysis

Being able to see the other side through impeccable, streak-free glass is all that is sought after with the use of glass cleaners. Choosing a product with the right cleaning formula will help you get the job done easily and with considerably better results than when using just water. Kärcher RM 500 detergent can help you see yourself in front of a mirror free from fingerprints and common dirt. And, if you want to shine your windows like a professional, Leifheit 41414 will show all its competition with its effective polishing alcohol.

The 9 Best Window Cleaners – Opinions 2022

These are the 9 best alternatives that will help you with those real world situations where we find ourselves with dirt stains on windows, mirrors and other surfaces such as tiles.

1. Kärcher Window Cleaner RM 500

This concentrated detergent is among the best window cleaners of 2022 given its effective action on any smooth surface that is resistant to water. Many times, you have the right accessories such as microfiber cloths or glass cleaning brushes, but if you don’t have a quality formula, the marks can become very difficult to remove. 

This 0.5 liter solution has been specifically created to achieve streak-free cleaning on glass and mirror surfaces. Whether with the tools of your manufacturer brand or manually, its power removes grease adhesions and dirt or resistant stains without leaving any type of trace.

For optimal cleaning, you can directly or dilutedly pour the necessary amount into a dispenser container to spray the surface and rub with a microfiber cloth. The results will be immediate and also very long-lasting. 

Just as this manufacturer develops powerful cleaning equipment, it also gives its detergents excellent properties. Let’s see more of this 500ml Kärcher window cleaner.


Concentrated: Its power is achieved thanks to concentrated ingredients designed for complex cleaning tasks. 

Properties: When applied, it is characterized by a pleasant and fresh aroma, as well as good moisturizing properties. 

Non-marking: It offers a deep cleaning against layers of grease and fingerprints and does not leave marks like others. 

Indications: It is clear with the notices and warnings suggested by the CE to avoid accidents due to misuse. 


Irritation: Without proper use, it is a product that could cause significant eye irritation.

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2. Leifheit 41414 Glass Cleaner

This is one of the leading brands in Europe specializing in household cleaning items. With this glass cleaner, Leifheit proposes one of the most effective ideas for bright windows. In addition to removing dirt, it contains special alcohol for a shine that achieves a shiny finish.

It is a liter of product that is transformed into the opportunity to be able to clean in depth a large number of times. To achieve this, you only have to dilute 3 caps of the liquid concentrate in 5 liters of water, giving you a sufficient amount of cleaner for various smooth surfaces. 

In addition to the effectiveness of its power, each time it is passed through the glass, it creates a thin protective film that will prevent dirt from sticking, making successive cleanings easier. You can use this window cleaner with a mop or increase the intensity of its action with other tools. 

With more than 60 years of dedication to the cleaning field, this could be considered the best brand of glass cleaner. Let’s review the attributes of this Leifheit product.


Purpose: The special polishing alcohol ingredient makes it an excellent product for cleaning and polishing. 

Utility: It is a product that works very well to clean mirrors, glass and other types of smooth surfaces. 

Lid: In addition to the fact that the lid is the exact dosage measure for a correct dilution, its opening system is safe against children. 


Diluted: You must follow the instructions and dilute it so that you can achieve a cleaning that does not leave traces.

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3. Unger FR500 Liquid Glass Cleaner

Inviting shine into your home is very easy with the best concentrated glass cleaner you can get on the market. The dedication of this international manufacturer to the careful manufacture of window cleaning, general cleaning and floor care products makes it one of the most reliable in all of Europe.

With this cleaning agent you will get 5 liters of the product to leave glass surfaces truly radiant. Thanks to its effective detergent power, you can remove all kinds of dirt. So it will be enough for you to dilute it in water so that you can check its high performance.

In fact, this concentrated glass cleaning liquid is the one recommended by Unger for really professional and efficient results for both the internal and external part of the windows. It is definitely an option to consider for those who are dedicated to the cleaning service as a business. 

Whether you apply it with your own tools or with the innovative technology that Unger offers, this product shows quality in every one of its features. 


Quantity: There are 5 liters of concentrated glass cleaner that, diluted in the appropriate measures of water, will last for many cleanings. 

Biodegradable: It is a detergent that does not leave traces in the environment, degrading naturally and in a short time. 

No allergies: In addition to being eco-friendly, it does not irritate the skin, which guarantees use without worrying about allergies. 


Price: Its quality and quantity in liters makes it quite expensive among other good options on the market.

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4. Sonax 02605000 Window cleaning product

Finding the best glass cleaner to restore the shine to your windows or other glass surfaces is important, but when it comes to your car it is much more so. If you are one of those who has a true passion for your car and you take great care in its care, then this product is for you. 

It is a container that contains 5 liters of window cleaning liquid with a fresh lemon scent and that, in addition to providing a pleasant smell, can remove traces of oil, soot, grease stains and even insects that stick and hinder proper visibility through of the windshield. 

Sonax accumulates an experience that began with the first automatic car wash installations in the 1960s. Now, thanks to its research department, the quality of its Made in Germany car care products is indisputable. 

Let’s know more details about this product that will allow the transparency of the glass of your windshield to be real. 


Utility: Its use is ideal for keeping both the windshield and the headlights very clean, especially the Xenon ones. 

Funnel: The container includes a practical funnel that is very useful when you pour the liquid directly into the windshield washer reservoir. 

Brand: It is backed by a highly prestigious German brand that is present with its products in more than 100 countries. 


Concentration: You should know that it is not a concentrated glass cleaner that will yield more than the 5 liters that its container brings.

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5. HG 142050109 Special Glass and Mirrors

If your strategy is to place curtains or blinds so you don’t have to clean your glass frequently because you consider the specific products to be very expensive, this is the alternative for you. HG has manufactured the best value for money glass cleaner with a special formula so that glass and mirrors shine without stains to hide. 

Since 1969, this Dutch brand has specialized in cleaning and beautifying inside and outside the home and includes this excellent cleaner in its range of interior products. You will be able to clean windows and mirrors observing that it does not leave marks and that, in addition, it takes only a few seconds to dry completely. 

Likewise, these 0.5 liters guarantee their cleaning action against grease and finger marks. Just spray and rub with kitchen paper or a cloth and a fresh and pleasant aroma will be left behind after application. 

In addition to being one of the cheapest alternatives among other brands, this glass cleaner has many other advantages. 


Packaging: It is a product that comes in its spray-type container to easily and comfortably spray the cleaning liquid. 

Ultra-fast: It offers a formula that guarantees effectiveness in removing dirt and very fast drying. 

Special: It is a special glass cleaner created among the HG product range for clean and streak-free windows and glass. 


Interiors: It is a product that works better indoors since it would dry much faster with the sun or breeze and could leave stains.

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6. Cristasol Crystalline Ajax Pistol

Ajax is a brand of recognized prestige in the cleaning market, which is why it is present in more than 200 countries around the world. For this reason, having the Cristasol Ajax could be the best option to facilitate the difficult task of cleaning mirrors and glass, leaving everything sparkling and with a minimum of effort.

It is a highly effective product that has been developed under the strictest quality controls, so it provides quick and easy cleaning to your windows, bathroom screens, car windshields, glasses and any glass surface; leaving everything shiny and without traces.

Similarly, its transparent formula with anti-fog effect is very useful to deal with fogging. In addition, its anti-rain effect prevents drops from sticking to the windows. On the other hand, it is presented in a practical bottle containing 750 ml of product and equipped with a useful sprayer.

It is not only one of the cheapest cleaners on the market, but also one of the most effective. Get to know its highlights.


Brand: It is a glass cleaner that enjoys the support of a brand recognized for its products for cleaning homes and offices.

Efficacy: Thanks to its innovative transparent formula, it effectively cleans windows, bathroom screens, lamps and windshields without leaving a trace.

Ease of use: In order to facilitate its application, it has a practical bottle that offers a spray nozzle.


Care: You should avoid contact with the eyes, as this product could cause serious eye irritation.

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7. Pim Pam Neutral Window Cleaner

Never underestimate the power of windows that let in light, turning the space into a light and bright space. Pim Pam knows this from her experience of more than 25 years, being a specialist manufacturer of industrial and professional cleaning products. 

So bring 5 liters of one of the best glass cleaners to quickly and manually scrub any glass or tiled surface and, in general, any hard area that is resistant to water such as mirrors, windows, tiled walls, countertops or screens, among others.   

This liquid detergent effectively removes oily stains and those marks left by touching the windows with your fingers. It is applied undiluted by spraying directly onto the surface or by placing a small amount on a lint-free cloth or soft paper towel. For extra shine, wipe with a dry cloth after cleaning. 

If you are wondering which glass cleaner to buy that is worth your investment, knowing more about its characteristics may encourage you to acquire it. 


Effectiveness: Its special combination of detergents removes dirt with high effectiveness just by gently rubbing.   

Drying: It has a high content of alcoholic solvents that allows a very fast drying without marks after its application. 

Neutral pH: In addition to its neutral pH property, it leaves a pleasant scent every time it is applied. 


Chemicals: It is a product with flammable ingredients that, in addition, can cause serious eye irritation if not applied properly.

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8. Maddox Detail Glass Cleaner Triple Action Glass Cleaner

This product fulfills 3 functions, since it not only cleans glass surfaces, but it can also degrease and polish for greater effectiveness. In this way, it is possible to clean the windows of the kitchen, the bathroom and the rooms without having to use other detergents. 

It is among the best window cleaners today, since its composition includes emollient and dispersing agents, which help to quickly remove grease adhering to the glass. In addition, it is capable of cleaning the dirt generated by tobacco smoke, making it convenient if there are smokers at home. 

Also, it is good to mention that it evaporates very quickly, so it does not leave marks on the glass. As if that were not enough, it has a pleasant aroma that lingers in the environment for a while after applying it. In this sense, it is also suitable for cleaning car windows.

To keep the crystals in good condition, it is necessary to acquire an efficient product. For this reason, we recommend you analyze in detail the pros and cons of this model. 


Multifunction: It offers triple action, since in addition to cleaning it can remove grease and provide a glossier finish. 

Composition: Thanks to the dispersing and emollient agents, it helps to remove the most encrusted dirt.

Aroma: One of the advantages of this model is that it leaves a pleasant perfume where you apply it.


Cloth: It is necessary to use a microfiber cloth to obtain better results, since with other materials traces of the product may remain.

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9. Maya 4002718 Multi Spray Professional Window Cleaner

With this professional glass cleaner, you can use the curtains only to beautify the environment and not to hide the dirt on the windows. In addition, it is special for removing stains on all types of surfaces that are resistant to water. 

One of the most notable aspects of this multi-spray is that it belongs to the Green Speed ​​ecological cleaning range with 100% biodegradable characteristics. Its ingredients are completely natural and phosphate-free and the container is made from recycled plastic and 75% sugar cane, so it would never be a polluting element for the sea. 

When spraying the liquid on surfaces made of materials such as glass, plastic, metal and even wood, it begins to act quickly with particles that are responsible for wrapping and suspending the dirt so that it can be easily removed without a trace. 

It is very difficult to doubt that this is the best glass cleaner of the moment. Let’s highlight more of its beneficial properties.   


Ecolabel: This certificate guarantees that you use a product that respects the environment as much as possible when cleaning. 

Ingredients: Its effectiveness is based on natural ingredients and tensoactive eco-surfactants that envelop dirt effectively. 

Surfaces: The computer monitor is included in the group of surfaces that can benefit from its action. 


Quantity: Since it is not a concentrated glass cleaner, the quantity of 500 ml may seem small if you plan to use the product for professional service. 

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Shopping guide

Don’t let glass grime get so far that you only see islands of dust and fingerprints through your windows. With this guide to buying the best glass cleaner, you will be able to choose the most suitable one so that cleaning the glass in your home can be a simple and frequent task that keeps surfaces impeccable and shiny all the time. 


To start the evaluation of aspects that will define your purchase, you must start the comparison of window cleaners with the four types of presentation formats of this product. At the time of purchase, you can find it in liquid form, foam, as pills or wipes. 

Liquid glass cleaner is one of the most familiar formats. However, it also offers variations within its same type. You should look at the description of how to apply it and you will know if it is ready to be used or if it is concentrated and has to be diluted first. 

In the same way, within the forms that require previous preparations, there are effervescent tablets. These are nothing more than solid concentrated detergent that will only need water to dilute. They do not take up storage space and only take a few seconds to dissolve. 

Foam window cleaners usually come in an aerosol form. When activated, an extra strong foamy substance is produced that does not drip and helps to remove the most difficult deposits. Although today there is a production of CFC-free aerosols, care must always be taken that it is a product contained under extreme pressure. 

Finally, glass cleaning wipes are a very convenient option for quick touch-ups. There are even some that work perfectly for cleaning the lenses of glasses. If you take care to close your packaging very well, they will not dry as quickly. 


Another important characteristic to consider is the ingredients or active principles of its composition. Not only do they influence how much the window cleaner costs, but they must be taken into account depending on how allergic you are or want to take care of the environment. 

From there, those who use chemical products or compounds as a base for both cleaning and flavoring and those who opt for vinegar or other natural elements. Opinions differ as to their effectiveness, so it will be a matter of weighing the pros and cons of each formula. 

Ammonia is one of the most used ingredients for its power to remove dirt and odors, as well as its rapid evaporation. However, its possible incidence in respiratory or allergic skin reactions is undeniable. 

For their part, alcohol and glycol ethers are also very effective against grease stains and germs. To avoid eye irritation or possible poisoning with these ingredients, ensure proper ventilation and use. 

Although there are those who say that its effectiveness is not comparable to that of chemical formulas, the use of eco-surfactants, white vinegar and plants such as eucalyptus, pine and mint in natural glass cleaners can achieve cleaning with a very good smell and free of allergies.. Even its containers can be biodegradable made with vegetable ingredients.


Another aspect that you cannot let surprise you is the price of the glass cleaner. The variation in costs is quite wide and we will explain the reasons for you to take them into account at the time of your choice. The first thing that influences is the amount, especially when you want to buy it in liquid form.

Being clear on this will avoid frustrations about how much you’re buying and what price you’re paying. For example, a liter of glass cleaner you choose can mean literally a liter to use or it could turn into many more liters of use if it is concentrated and has to be diluted. 

On the other hand, you may think that a liter that is already diluted is cheaper, but it will last less time than a concentrated one that yields preparation after preparation. Similarly, the value varies when choosing between containers with spray guns or not and containing 500 ml, 1, 2, 5 or up to 20 liters. 

Likewise, the use for which the window cleaner has been formulated is decisive. Products are offered for various purposes with a multi-use function, only for mirrors and windows or those intended as windshield wipers for the best visibility when driving.

Specialized glass cleaners are usually a little more expensive, as are the ecological ones, and it will be up to you to want to make the investment. In addition to taking care of the environment, the latter can prevent the damage that ammonia and alcohol could cause in televisions, monitors and other electronic devices.

Frequently asked questions


Q1: How to use the glass cleaner? 

Glass cleaner is a detergent that, if not used correctly, could leave soapy stains and marks in its wake. When too much is applied, the liquid or foam can drip and leave streaks, so only spray or pour on the cloth as necessary. After you rub it in and remove the dirt, you can buff it up with another dry cloth. 

Try as much as possible that the cloth you use is microfiber and avoid paper towels, as they could leave lint. Squeegees are also ideal for removing glass cleaner. Another tip is not to clean at times when the sun shines directly on the windows, as this could cause the glass to dry out very quickly and leave stains. 

Q2: How to make a homemade glass cleaner? 

One of the most popular and simple homemade recipes to leave your windows impeccable is by combining water and white vinegar in equal parts. Three drops of dishwashing liquid are added to this solution and the mixture is ready to start grease and germs. 

There are those who, to reinforce the cleaning effect of vinegar, prefer to mix it with the power of lemon. Two cups of water, two tablespoons of vinegar and ten drops of lemon essential oil create a great formula that, in addition to being effective, will have a pleasant citrus aroma. 

Q3: What happens if you drink glass cleaner?

If keeping the window cleaner out of the reach of children did not work and you suspect or are sure that the child drank it, it is best to call your treating doctor for immediate instructions or take him to the nearest health center.

If it is an ammonia or alcohol-based product, you should not try to induce vomiting or give the child anything to eat or drink. 

Q4: How does the water repellent glass cleaner work? 

The 2-in-1 products that are window cleaner and rain repellent make up one of the best options when you know that you are going to drive on a rainy day, likely to hail or snow. The action of the repellent together with the breeze causes the water or hail to slip and not adhere to the glass. They are widely recommended when you do not want to take risks due to poor visibility in a very humid climate.

Q5: Which is better, alcohol-based or vinegar-based glass cleaner? 

This decision is largely based on sensitivity to respiratory reactions. Alcohol is an effective cleaner of dirt and grease, but without proper ventilation it could affect breathing or irritate the eyes. Also, you have to be very careful to keep it away from small children. 

For its part, vinegar is not an irritant or an allergy agent. Although good at cutting through grease and killing germs, the action of a window cleaner with vinegar as an active ingredient is not considered as powerful as an alcohol-based one. 

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