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Window Cleaner Robot – Buying Guide, Opinions and Analysis

If you are one of those who prefer to use technological innovations to simplify cleaning at home, you should review the advantages offered by window cleaning robots. These devices are designed to clean windows effortlessly, automatically with special products, and are very efficient. An interesting model is the Cecotec Conga WinDroit 970, because it has an intelligent browser that, combined with its square design, allows you to easily clean the edges and corners of the windows. For its part, the Cecotec Conga WinDroid 870 Connected model offers 4 different programs to adapt it to each need. Plus, it works with reusable cloths, so it’s environmentally friendly.

The 8 Best Window Cleaning Robots – Opinions 2022

Cleaning the glass of large windows that exist in buildings or in your home can be a difficult task, but there are devices on the market designed to facilitate this work, such as window cleaning robots. These are new equipment with which you will not have to spend a lot of time to remove dirt from your windows. Below, we present a list of 8 products that could meet your expectations, since they have adequate technology to automate cleaning, their power is efficient, they are safe and easy to use. 

Conga window cleaning robot

1. Cecotec Window Cleaner Robot WinDroid 970

The Conga window cleaning robot is an interesting redesigned model of the Cecotec brand, which incorporates ITech Win 4.0 technology, an algorithm that facilitates intelligent navigation of the system through an App, calculating the most suitable route to clean the windows, detecting the limits of it and doing an effective cleaning job on any glass surface.

The cleaning process of this device is carried out through the constant vibration of the upper mop, which performs an intensive rubbing on the surface to remove the most difficult dirt. Additionally, its configuration can be done by means of a wireless control knob.

On the other hand, it is important to note that this robot has 5 different cleaning stages, to provide a more professional result and without making so much effort, as it incorporates Advance Clean 5 technology, which makes it possible to moisten surfaces, rub, drain and dry. the crystals.

Cecotec is a recognized brand in the market for automated window cleaning appliances, so this model could be the best window cleaning robot of the moment. Know the pros and cons of the Conga WinDroid 970.


Technology: This model incorporates advanced smart navigation technology that calculates the limit of the surface to be cleaned.

Efficiency: It has 5 cleaning stages that allow you to effectively clean windows and any glass surface, removing even the most difficult stains.

Automatic shutdown: It has a device that allows the automatic shutdown of the robot when cleaning is finished.


Halo: It is likely that with this device there will be a little halo on the surface after use, it is recommended to pass a dry cloth for a better finish.

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Cecotec window cleaning robot 

2. Cecotec Window Cleaner Robot Conga WinDroid 870 Connected iTechWin 4.0

It is a Cecotec window cleaning robot that has an application for smartphones, which allows you to easily control the operation of the device. In the same way, it has a remote control for greater practicality. Also, it offers 4 programs to clean windows easily and automatically.

As for safety, it has a triple protection system made up of a rope, an uninterruptible power supply and an algorithm that detects obstacles and edges to avoid blows.

On the other hand, it is a piece of equipment that respects the environment, since it incorporates microfiber cloths that can be reused and machine washed for easy maintenance. As if that were not enough, it offers the AutoStop system that stops the equipment automatically when cleaning is finished, which favors energy savings.

If you need a robot at an affordable price, you should learn more about this model, since it is one of the cheapest options on the list. Let’s see its pros and cons.


Security: It offers a security system that keeps the device glued to the surface, even if there is a power failure.

Multifunctionality: It has 4 automatic operating modes for greater versatility.

Control: It can be controlled remotely via the smartphone app or with the included remote control.


Design: Due to its circular design, it may not be able to access the corners of the windows.

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Professional window cleaning robot

3. Mamibot W120-T Robotic Window Cleaner 

If you are looking for a professional window cleaning robot, we recommend you take a look at the Mamibot W120-T model, an automatic window cleaner with an innovative white design, made with good quality and resistant materials, incorporating a powerful fixing system, as well as as multiple functions that could meet your needs to clean your window glass.

For its operation you only have to press the power button and that’s it, its handling is very simple and intuitive, it even has an application that you can download on your mobile to control the cleaning programs.

Another interesting feature that we should highlight about this model is that you can clean all kinds of surfaces, from mirrors, interior or exterior windows, screens or any type of glass. In addition, its operation is very quiet, reaching a maximum level of 65 dB. 

With this model you can clean even the most difficult to access corners, since it can reach up to 5 meters of action.

This device could be considered the best window cleaning robot, because with it you will save time in your cleaning routine because it is quite fast and efficient. Here are its pros and cons.


Cleaning modes: This product works with the NZ combination in cleaning on the surface, which allows you to tackle a greater coverage.

Application: For its operation, this model has the iGlass application as a control, which you can download to your smartphone for control.

Design: This model comes in a new square design in white and with large dimensions, being ideal for cleaning large surfaces.


Cost: The cost of this window cleaning robot is somewhat high, so it probably won’t fit all budgets.

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Winbot window cleaning robot


4. Ecovacs Winbot 880 Window Cleaner Robot with Smart Navigation

This Winbot window cleaning robot is capable of efficient cleaning, since it has Win-Slam 2.0 navigation technology, which is why it offers a mapping system so as not to leave any space on the surface without cleaning. Similarly, the device returns to the starting point at the end of cleaning to indicate that you can remove it.

For greater safety, it incorporates an edge detection system that helps avoid obstacles and allows you to clean only the glass for better finishes. Also, it can stick firmly to the surface, as it offers a suction mechanism that prevents it from falling.

As for its operation, it has a four-phase system that allows the robot to go through the same place several times for a deep cleaning. As if that were not enough, it offers a rectangular design to access the corners, as well as a handle for easy transport.

If you want to get one of the best window cleaning robots of 2022, then you should pay special attention to this model as it offers great versatility.


Operation: The robot has a Deep Cleaning mode, in which it passes through the same area several times to obtain better results.

Navigation: Offers Win-Slam 2.0 navigation, which allows the team to evenly clean the glass.

Accessories: Includes 4 cleaning pads, 1 remote control, 1 power cord and 1 cloth.


Detergent: It is recommended to use it with water, since when applying soap the device could leave stains on the glass, which would be counterproductive.

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Hobot window cleaning robot 

5. Hobot Robot Window Cleaner 188 Smart

Hobot surprises us with this intelligent and patented model of a cleaning robot, mainly designed to clean windows, mirrors, bathroom screens, among other surfaces, being of great help if there are large windows in your home or office, because it is a versatile device with which you can clean both horizontally and vertically.

For its operation, this Hobot window cleaning robot has two discs that are covered with a microfiber cloth, which facilitates movement on the surface, with the additional advantage that this cloth is completely removable and can be easily washed. 

Put some window cleaner on the cloth before putting the device on the surface and you will see how the discs move, rotating around the window, removing dust and dirt. In addition, it has 3 automatic cleaning functions and a remote control for manual handling.

Hobot is considered by many users as the best window cleaning robot brand of the moment, because it offers advanced technology and good quality in its devices. So we invite you to learn about the most important features of one of its best-selling models.


Adaptation: With this model you can clean glass, windows, mirrors or bathroom screens, because it adapts without problems to any surface.

Security: It has a UPS battery that will feed the robot uninterruptedly in case of power cuts for up to 20 minutes.

Cable: It incorporates a safety cable that supports up to 150 kg of weight, which is fixed at a certain point to prevent the device from falling.


Price: This isn’t the cheapest option on our list, but it’s a high-quality all-in-one with good features.

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Other products

6. Eco-De Robot Window Cleaner Absolut Carbon Winclean

The Absolut Carbon Winclean window cleaning robot from Eco-De is an efficient intelligent model, ideal for facilitating the cleaning of windows and leaving them in good condition. It works with a powerful 80 watt motor, combined with 3 cleaning modes that allow you to clean surfaces in different positions.

On the other hand, we must note that this product has Al technology, which are sensors that detect frames and other obstacles, as well as window limits, which allows efficient cleaning of almost any surface.

Likewise, it is important to point out that the Absolut Carbon model incorporates an appropriate safety system, being provided with a 5 meter long rope, ideal to avoid possible falls in case of being out of service, or without suction or for when there are problems of power outages. Plus, it comes with a dozen mops, so you don’t have to worry about buying refills for a while.

If you are looking for cheap and efficient options to clean your windows, we recommend you review the advantages and disadvantages of this model, considered by many users to be the best value for money window cleaning robot.


Operation: This model incorporates three cleaning modes that are chosen automatically, to clean the surfaces depending on the degree of dirt.

Multifunctional: It is a multifunctional device, suitable for cleaning windows, bathroom screens, tiles, glass surfaces, among others, with optimal results.

AutoStop: It also has the AutoStop system, which allows the device to stop automatically when cleaning is finished.


Wiring: You must be careful when installing the safety rope next to the wiring, because if you do not do it in the correct way, they could wrap around each other and cause inconveniences during their operation.

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7. DynaSun Automatic Home Window Cleaner W110 Smart

It is likely that you still have doubts about which window cleaning robot to buy, because as we have seen there are many interesting options on the market. However, you might like this DynaSun model, because it has a good price and its use is quite simple, since it has three automatic cleaning programs.

These cleaning modes are: “high and low”, the automatic program “left right” and “right left”, as well as a “dual cleaning function” mode, which is suitable for cleaning heavily soiled exterior surfaces or glass. Additionally, this equipment has a manual cleaning program that you can control remotely through the included remote control. 

On the other hand, it should be noted that this model has a powerful 80-watt motor, which allows its cleaning speed to reach 4 minutes per square meter, making it an efficient and suitable device for cleaning different smooth surfaces and glazed.

Let’s see more interesting features of this model, so you can determine if it meets your expectations.


Technology: This model incorporates a new intelligent technology that allows calculating and drawing a cleaning route, so that the process is more efficient.

Operation: DynaSun Home W110 adheres to smooth or glass surfaces, thanks to the two rotating cleaning wheels and the lower pressure for optimal operation.

Automatic stop: When the window cleaning is complete, this appliance stops automatically, avoiding inefficient energy consumption.


Cable: The cable must remain connected to the plug so that the device can work, although it has the UPS system that provides 30 minutes of autonomy in the event of a power failure.

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8. Novohogar Window Cleaner Robot W-Clean900 75W 70dB

For those who prefer to comfortably clean glassware and windows with great safety, we recommend the Novohogar brand W-Clean900 window cleaning robot, because it is specially designed for domestic use, providing innovative, effective and fast-drying cleaning, as it has the drain function.

This model has a sensor that detects frames, so that the cleaning of the crystals is more thorough, since it moves across the surface with great safety.

Additionally, the cleaning configuration can be carried out in the form of “Z”, which is appropriate for those wide windows, or in “N”, suitable for elongated surfaces, but if you prefer you can combine both programs.

Another interesting advantage of this model is that it has a remote control, which allows you to configure any of the three cleaning programs, which considerably helps to better clean the windows in your home.

If you want to know which is the best window cleaning robot, the Novohogar W-Clean900 could be the answer you are looking for. Learn a little more about its main features.


Cleaning modes:   The cleaning of this model can be configured in three different modes, both in the form of Z and N, or you can combine both movements.

Smart: This appliance has a smart sensor that detects frames and obstacles, making it easy to clean and move safely.

Suction: It is properly attached to smooth and glazed surfaces, thanks to its highly efficient suction system.


Noise: This model reaches a noise level of 70 dB, so it is not as quiet as other models, but it is bearable and very efficient.

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Shopping guide 

Cleaning glass and large windows manually can be a dangerous job, because to obtain optimal results we must incur some risks, especially when cleaning exterior surfaces. But thanks to technological advances, there are different safe and efficient devices that have been created to facilitate the cleaning of these elements. So, we invite you to learn about the different aspects that we include in this guide to buying the best window cleaning robot, which will help you obtain good quality equipment, with excellent features and the benefits that its use will bring you. 

Technology and innovation

When you are ready to make a comparison of window cleaning robots, the first aspect you should look at is the technology incorporated in its operation, which has to do with the navigation and movement system on the surface, as well as the operating mechanism, since It will not do you much good to buy a cheap device, but one that does not move efficiently to clean the windows or falls on the floor all the time.

In this context, it is appropriate to point out that a window cleaning robot works by means of a suction pump, which is the mechanism in charge of keeping the equipment adhered to the surface to be cleaned during the time of use, which is activated with a remote or remote control. through some intelligent application, which you can download on your mobile.

In general, these devices incorporate a system of rotating brushes or mops with microfiber cloths to clean. Other models incorporate rinsing or drying functions, which makes them multifunctional. Keep in mind that models that have automatic cleaning are more efficient because they cover the entire surface until it is completely cleaned, they even have the ability to automatically detect obstacles and window frames, such as the Alfawise S60 model. window cleaning robot , which incorporates said technology.

On the other hand, there are window cleaning robots that have a remote control, which facilitates their operation from the comfort of the sofa, since the user will be able to manage the functions without much effort.

Security system 

Another important feature that you should check in these devices is their security system, so it is convenient to verify that the chosen product has a battery-powered suction system, which allows the possibility of the robot remaining attached to the glass in case of there is an electrical fault. In general, this type of system provides autonomy that does not exceed 20 minutes, but you can find devices that reach up to 50 minutes of continuous use.

There are also kits that incorporate a connection cord, very resistant and with a great length that will prevent the window cleaning kit from ending up on the floor if something inconvenient happens. Although probably, the security system incorporated in the device can considerably influence how much a robotic window cleaner costs, so it is convenient to take these factors into account at the time of your purchase.

cleaning programs

Most window cleaning robots incorporate different cleaning programs. There are models that can only clean dry, others do it both dry and wet, the latter being the most convenient, because they remove dirt more efficiently, since you only have to add a few drops of liquid glass cleaner to the surface that want to clean, activate the device and that’s it.

As for the cleaning modes, in general, these equipments incorporate three operating programs, which allow sliding in movements that go from left to right, from top to bottom and combinations of both movements.

On the other hand, we must mention that these appliances are versatile, since in addition to cleaning glass, they are very useful for cleaning different smooth surfaces, such as tiles, bathroom screens and all kinds of windows. 

Another advantage that you should take advantage of when buying one of these smart pieces of equipment is that they include an adequate number of mops so that you can change them depending on the use you are giving them. The good thing about these mops is that most are made with microfiber fabric, which is fully washable and can be reused, which guarantees the commitment of these equipment to the environment.

Frequently asked questions 

Q1: How to use a robot window cleaner?

If you are using a robotic window cleaner for the first time, the most appropriate thing to do is to read the instruction manual to understand how it works, because there they give you recommendations regarding the correct way to use it. Next, it is necessary to place the mop in the robot device and apply liquid glass cleaner directly on the fabric or if you prefer, you can place it on the glass to be cleaned.

Now, connect the cable to a nearby socket, proceed to adhere the device to the window or surface and press the power button to activate it. Once turned on, choose the desired cleaning program and let the device do its job.

Q2: What liquid does a robotic window cleaner use?

The robotic window cleaner uses a liquid specially formulated for cleaning glass surfaces. In general, the brand of the device sells you its own glass cleaning fluid, but there is a wide variety of products on the market that you can use without any inconvenience.

But if your budget is somewhat tight, there is also the possibility of preparing your own homemade window cleaner, for which you can take a look at the different recipes that exist on the web.


Q3: Which windows can I clean with a robotic window cleaner?

You can clean any glass window in your home, work or business, it is recommended that the robot incorporates the function of detecting obstacles, window frames, corners or edges, which would prevent the device from continuing to work when approaching the end of the surface to be cleaned. clean and drop on the floor.

Q4: What is the safety cable of a robotic window cleaner for?

Precisely, the safety cable is incorporated as a protection mechanism against accidental falls of the device, since it holds the robot with a resistant rope and that has a wide length, being appropriate for those cases in which windows with different heights must be cleaned, avoiding possible damage to the device or people.

Q5: Which is better, window cleaning robot or window cleaning vacuum?

Both teams are suitable for cleaning glass surfaces, windows or glass doors. The difference is that with the window cleaning robot, you only have to activate the power button and adhere the equipment to the surface to be cleaned, because its operation is automatic, this being a great advantage that puts it above window cleaning vacuums. This is because with the window cleaner it is necessary to hold the device and the user must carry out the movements for the cleaning process.

Q6: Can I use a robotic window cleaner on tiles?

Yes. The window cleaning robots are designed to be used on different surfaces, including tiles, a feature that makes them multipurpose equipment, since they not only clean windows, they are also used to clean bathroom partitions, safety sheets, smooth-textured tables, glass doors, among others.

To clean the tiles, you just have to activate your window cleaning robot in the usual way, since its operation is the same on this surface and it does not need any different way.

Q7: When to change robot window cleaning sponges?

It all depends on the useful life of the window cleaning robot sponge, as well as the quality of the fabric it is made of. It is precisely the use that you will give to the sponge and the level of dirt on the windows that will indicate the best time to change them. 

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