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To take care of tables and surfaces, the use of cup holders has been present for generations in most homes. Currently, there is such a wide range of these objects that we can make a ranking of the best. So among the most outstanding we mention the Personalize your 1309 case pack, made with a cork base and an MDF surface, personalized with the photo you want. For its part, the Hama 4156 model is a good option if you want to give children a manual activity, as it offers the opportunity to decorate the cup holders with colored beads for a unique and special design. 

The 10 Best Coasters – Opinions 2022

If you are interested in renewing your coasters, need more or simply want to give a very functional gift, we invite you to see our list with the best coasters of 2022, in which we explain the main characteristics and evaluations that other users have made about the products recommended.

custom coasters

1. Personalize your Personalized Coaster case with Photos and Text

Since the increase in popularity of personalized coasters with beer brands, companies, among others, the potential of these elements as decorative and functional objects that can display any image, text or design has been observed.

In this sense, the company Personalize your case offers us what may be the best coaster, an interesting proposal that consists of a pack of 3 coasters made with a cork base and a wooden surface, on which sublimation is done. 

Also, to protect the print, a varnish has been applied to each coaster. In this way, the humidity of the drinks cannot damage the image, according to the manufacturer. 

Regarding the size, each object measures 9.5 cm x 9.5 cm x 0.4 cm, so it is very useful to place glasses, jugs, beer bottles, wines, among others. 

Due to all these characteristics, some users affirm that this pack is the best coaster of the moment, so read the summary of pros and cons that we made about this product.


Material: The coasters have a cork base to offer an efficient fixation to the table surface, while the mdf on the top gives a good finish.

Sublimation: The surface of the coasters can be personalized with any photo and text of your choice.

Quantity: The pack includes 3 units, so you can have a coaster service for three people. 

Size: The coasters measure 9.5 cm and have a good thickness to absorb moisture properly.


Design: Care must be taken to fill in the entire space of the photo when choosing the personalization, otherwise there will be some white areas on the coaster.

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Hama Beads coaster

2. Hama Dan Import 4159 Coasters and Large Beads

Giving away a toy that children can decorate to their liking is an opportunity to boost their creativity, especially if it is an object that they can use every day, as is the case with the Hama Beads coaster.

This product consists of a set of three coasters and brightly colored beads, so that children can decorate and unleash their imagination, creating fun designs.

Hama Beads is popularizing the trend of mosaic art for children and adults in the Spanish market, so this manual activity can bring benefits such as concentration, fine motor skills, imagination development, anxiety reduction and much more. That is why this product is among the best coasters of 2022, as it has a decorative function that stands out beyond its usefulness to prevent stains on the table. 

If you don’t know which coasters to buy, we invite you to continue reading the description of the selected products and the following summary of the positive and negative characteristics of the Hama model.


Set: The pack includes three coasters and many colorful beads to create fun designs.

Manufacturing: The coasters are made of plastic with a circular format, offering good resistance. 

Utility: In addition to its function as a coaster, this product is an educational tool for children and adults to enhance fine motor skills, concentration and even relax while creating their designs. 


Age: There is a minimum age range recommended by the manufacturer for the use of this product, since small basins can cause accidents in young children. 

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Ikea coasters

3. Ikea 365 cork coasters

Ikea never ceases to surprise its customers with original proposals and great style. This time it offers what may be the best value for money coaster, as it is a pack with two utensils made of cork to offer a good level of absorption.

In this way, any excess liquid is prevented from reaching the surface and leaving a stain, while also reducing the noise of glasses, cups or mugs. As for the design, the Ikea coasters stand out for their simplicity and functionality, because although they are available in a natural color, they can be combined with other implements on the table to give them more eye-catching.

Regarding the size, each coaster measures 9 cm, so its dimension is appropriate for most glasses and cups that we can have at home. Consequently, Ikea offers us, according to users, the best cup holder for 5 euros, and for this reason you cannot miss the summary of the characteristics of this model below. 


Sustainable: The coasters are made of cork, a natural, renewable and light material. 

Absorption: Due to their manufacture, these coasters have a good level of absorption, preventing the passage of liquids towards the table.

Dimensions: With a measurement of 9 cm, these coasters fit most cups, glasses and glasses that we use at home. 


Units: The set includes only one pair of coasters, when other models include three or more units. 

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original coasters

4. Bohoria® Premium Design Coasters Set of 6

To stand out with your guests, you can opt for the original Bohoria coasters, a total of 6 units with individual and colorful designs of attractive mandalas that will surely be the center of attention at the table. 

These coasters have a natural cork base that offers good resistance to slipping, while at the same time preventing the passage of liquid to the surface. In addition, the coating of a metal sheet with the printing of high-quality designs increases their attractiveness and their resistance to continuous use, keeping the image in good condition. 

For its part, the circular format of the coasters with a measure of 9 cm allows them to be used with conventional cups, bottles and glasses. So if you are wondering which is the best coaster, surely this model suits your needs. 

We cannot forget that Bohoria has a wide catalog of these products, which is why some users think that it is the best brand of coasters in our selection. For this reason, we have prepared a summary of the main characteristics of this particular model.


Colors: The appeal of this set lies in the colorful and different mandala designs on each coaster, making it a decorative and useful element on the table.

Format: The coasters are round and measure 9 cm, so they adapt to most glasses, cups or mugs that we generally use.

Construction: These coasters have a natural cork base and a metal veneer on the surface that protects the high-quality print. 


Price: In the comments it is repeated that the price of this set is a bit high. However, the quality of the coasters and their colorful designs are worth the investment. 

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car coasters

5. Maso Car mount with RGB Led Lights

The car coasters offered by Maso will make your vehicle look modern and fun, as the LED lights greatly increase its appeal, especially with the option of changing colors in 17 different tones, also serving as a decorative element for the interior of the car. 

This pack of two waterproof mats has vibration and light sensors to turn on with sudden movements and in the dark, while its lighting is dim during the day. 

This model works with a switch and remote control with which you can change the programming of the lights and choose the one you like best. In addition, it is powered through a USB port, taking around 2 hours to charge and maintaining an autonomy of up to 15 days. In total, the LED supports have a useful life of 50 thousand hours, efficiently compensating for the investment. 

This product is highly recommended if you like your car to look good, even from the inside, with this type of functional and decorative accessories. Here is a summary of its features.


Operation: These waterproof holders incorporate LED lights that you can change or program using a remote control, in this way you will protect the cup holder area of ​​the car and give a different touch to its interior.

Autonomy: The product takes 2 hours to fully charge and the battery lasts 15 days, according to the manufacturer, so you can use it for two weeks without worrying about recharging it.

Lighting: The lights come in 17 different colors that you can alternate to make the supports more attractive. 


USB Cable: Only one USB cable is included, so only one mount can be charged at a time. 

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crochet coasters

6. Kilofly Small Crochet Cotton Lace Coaster Set

It is not surprising that you have grown up seeing the crochet coasters knitted by a member of the family at your grandparents’ house, and if you like this romantic and vintage touch in the decoration of your table, Kilofly offers this pack.

It is a handmade product that includes 4 coasters, knitted fabric and a lace design to highlight your table and protect it properly. This is because the coasters measure 10 cm, so they fit correctly in most of the teapots, cups and glasses that we use regularly at home.

This set can also serve as a nice gift for your grandmother, your mother or a friend who likes this vintage style and has crochet tablecloths. On the other hand, it should be noted that this model comes in beige and white, both tones are totally neutral and easily adapt to other shades.

If you were interested in this product, we invite you to know the summary we made of its positive and negative aspects. 


Units: The pack includes 4 coasters of 10 cm each, with a round and functional format.

Manufacturing: The coasters have been woven with cotton, so they are completely washable and reusable. 

Design: The crochet knitting gives it a lace shape, beautiful and romantic, with an old-fashioned style reminiscent of grandma’s house with crochet tablecloths and accessories. 


Colors: The product is only offered in two shades: white and beige, so if you are looking for something more colorful, you can continue checking the other options. 

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wooden coasters

7. Divit Coasters Set of 6 drink coasters 

Continuing with the handmade products, we could not fail to mention the Divit Coasters wooden coasters made with ecological and reusable materials for a durable, beautiful and functional finish.

The base of these coasters is non-slip and the surface has a good level of absorption, as well as resistance to cold and heat. In addition, the coasters have a protective varnish so that they maintain their shine, preventing them from wearing out with daily use.

Regarding the quantity and presentation of this set, we can affirm that it is one of its most attractive points. First of all, the pack includes 6 units, so it allows you to make a complete table service or receive several guests for dinner, while its size of 10 cm offers a large surface to place drinks, bottles, among others. 

For its part, the presentation of the coasters in a wooden boat further increases the visual and decorative appeal of the product, making it the center of attention due to its rustic style.

If you liked this model, you can read the positive and negative aspects that we distinguish in it.


Style: The natural design of the wood grains stands out in each coaster, while highlighting the boat that serves as a support, as it also has a rustic and decorative style.

Materials: This product has been made with wood of sustainable origin, it does not have toxic elements and it has a protective varnish to maintain the shine in each piece.

Size: The coasters are 10cm in size and fit glasses, cups and bottles, while the ship measures 23cm x 10cm x 13cm so it can be placed as a centerpiece. 


Price: This product is not among the cheapest in our selection. However, the design, quality and materials of the coasters are consistent with the price.

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cork coasters

8. AIEX Beer Coaster Set Drinks Coasters Cup Drinks

The classic cork coasters continue to be among the favorites of users, especially for the attractive and original designs such as those offered by Aiex.

This model consists of a set of 12 units with an original black mandala design that stands out against the natural color of the cork, making it a functional and highly decorative product. 

As for the dimensions, these coasters measure 10 cm and have a thickness of 0.5 cm, which is why they are suitable for different types of containers, bottles, cups or glasses, offering a good level of absorption, since due to their thickness it does not leave pass rings of liquid or moisture to the table surface.

Regarding the material, we can mention that cork is a natural product of sustainable origin, it also resists humidity, heat and is easy to maintain. To learn more about this model, check out the pros and cons section below.


Design: There are 4 different patterns of mandalas to increase the visual appeal of these objects, serving as decoration in your home, kitchen and even in the office.

Quantity: The pack includes 12 units in total, being one of the products with the most coasters on our list.

Material: The cork of these coasters offer a non-slip base, an absorbent surface, resistant to water, heat and easy to clean. 


Odor: Coasters may have a noticeable odor from packaging. However, over time it fades.

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vinyl coasters

9. Senhai Set of 6 Retro Vinyl Coasters

Whoever said that utensils were boring hadn’t seen these vinyl coasters, ideal for theme parties or those who were passionate about the time when there were no cassettes or compact discs. 

This Senhai model includes 6 units that have a small rubber on the base to prevent slipping and protect the table from moisture from drinks, glasses and cups, at the same time that it will decorate a dinner party or even your desk with style.

As for the size, these coasters have a standard measurement of approximately 10 cm, so they adapt to most cups or glasses that we use at home. Now, this product also stands out for being one of the cheap models in our selection, so it can be a good gift option for fans of music and the retro wave. 

As it is one of the cheapest coasters, it is necessary to analyze the main characteristics of this model below. 


Design: The originality of this product is one of its main attractions, as it works well as a gift or to use in your own home.

Pack: There are 6 coasters that are included for a low cost, being a good investment.

Non- slip: Each disc has a rubber ring at the base to offer a good grip on the surface. 


Sticker: The sticker in the center of each coaster may not hold up to constant moisture and may end up peeling off after some time. 

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felt coasters

10. Mitavo Round Felt Coasters Set of 10 Premium

With an elegant and functional design, Mitavo’s felt coasters are in our selection for being one of the favorites of users, since their black finish makes them suitable for combining with modern decorations.

In terms of size, each coaster measures 10 cm and is 5 mm thick, so it can be used with most glasses, mugs and jugs in everyday household use. In addition, the thickness of the pieces work as absorbers, preventing the passage of moisture to the surface.

Similarly, felt is a fabric that offers stability to prevent glasses from slipping, while giving a very attractive finish to the set, which is made up of 10 units. This last aspect makes this product a good investment for restaurants, hotels and even for the home. 


Quality: The felt fabric offers a good finish, functionality and resistance to moisture to protect surfaces. 

Units: The set includes 10 standard-size coasters, so they can be used with most glasses, cups, bottles, among others.

Presentation: A small felt box is included with the coasters, also in black, which serves as an organizer to keep them organized. 


Colors: A greater range of colors to choose from is missing.

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Shopping guide

If there is an object at home that is functional and necessary for different occasions, it is the coasters, as these prevent drinks, containers or cups from leaving marks and stains on the tables. For this reason, they never go out of style and their design is renewed to adapt to new decoration trends. In this sense, we have prepared a guide to buy the best coaster, with the necessary information for you to make a smart investment.


When making a comparison of coasters, the first thing you will notice is that there is a wide variety of materials with which they are made. From handcrafted models made of wood, with rustic finishes, to plastic ones with silicone inserts to give the base greater firmness, there are many options to choose from.

Another favorite material for the construction of these is cork, due to its sustainable origin and its absorption capacity that does not let moisture pass to the surfaces, in addition to being economical. 

If we are talking about fabrics, you can also find felt coasters or the classic and romantic crochet coasters that will give your decoration a vintage touch, while protecting your table from stains. 

But, if you are not sure what you are looking for or what style goes with your decoration, you should review the different options on the market and analyze which of them is the best, because you should remember that coasters can also complement your accessories on the table., maintaining a harmony with the colors or becoming the center of attention. 

Dimensions and quantity

It is very important to know that coasters generally come in square or circular formats, and with a standard size that ranges between 9 and 10 cm. These dimensions allow them to adapt to the size of bottles, jugs, cups, glasses and glasses that we normally use at home, restaurants or the office. However, they can also be obtained with shapes of flowers, triangles, among others.

As for the thickness, the average measurement is 5 mm depending on the material, as this prevents moisture from passing through the coaster and staining the table. 

On the other hand, depending on the model and the manufacturer, the number of coasters may vary depending on the offer. There are products that only include a couple of these stands, while others come with more than 4 units, making them ideal for use at parties and celebrations with friends. That way each guest can use a coaster for her drinks. 

This aspect can determine how much the coaster set costs, although the brand, material and design of the coaster also influence to establish a competitive market price.


There is no doubt that coasters are functional to protect tables, but they are also very useful to complement the decoration of your home, as many models incorporate colors, shapes and attractive designs to be a prominent element when serving a drink.

In general, we get used to seeing coasters as advertising items on which food or drink brands place their logo to make themselves known. But, at home we can also take advantage of these elements to give your table a modern, vintage or whatever style you prefer.

For example, there are models in wood color with a rustic appearance, but that give elegance when used, ideal for apartments with natural decoration or ecological reasons. Likewise, you can opt for personalized models, as there are manufacturers specialized in stamping photographs and texts on the surface of the cup holders, to serve as a special gift or a souvenir at a wedding, Christmas or other occasion.

Accessories and complements

If you think about making a good investment, you should buy a set of coasters with a holder or organizer box, since this way you can collect and order each coaster and avoid leaving it lying anywhere in the house.

In this sense, many manufacturers have used the organizer boxes as decorative elements to increase the eye-catching of the product, giving them the shape of a boat, a compact disc box or simply a discreet organizer.

For its part, there are models designed to be used in cars as special supports for the beverage area that incorporate LED lighting. This accessory will give a modern touch to the car, as some products of this type include a remote control to choose the colors and program the lighting.

On these models, it is important to observe the type of power they use and the autonomy they offer. In general, these are USB ports and the cable is included to connect within the same car, offering a range of several days depending on the use given.

In short, the market for coasters is so wide and adapts to the needs, tastes and budget of each user, so we are sure that it will not be difficult for you, with all this information, to find the product you are looking for to take care of your tables.

Frequently asked questions 

Q1: How to use a coasters?

The purpose of coasters is to protect tables and surfaces from drink stains, however their usefulness goes further, because they can also be used as a decorative element to complement the colors of the tablecloth, the decoration of a party and serve as a an exiting gift or souvenir at corporate events, weddings, birthdays and family gatherings. For this reason, you can buy personalized coasters with a photograph or a text, to turn it into a special detail and, above all, very useful at home. 

Q2: How to make coasters?

Coasters are definitely cheap, but if you’re good at crafts, you can try making your own using materials that you probably have at home and you can even include the children to participate in the activity by making their own coasters. For this you can use old compact discs that you have lying around the house, foam rubber and paint. 

You can use universal glue or school types and not hot silicone because with moisture, it can come off. Now, you must mark the circumference of the disc on the EVA foam, cut it out and glue it. If you want to give the base more support, you can use small EVA foam circles and place them underneath so they don’t slide. 

Children can use colored markers and draw a picture or personalize the coasters to make them more special. 

Q3: How do coasters that change color in the cold work?

Generally, products that change color with cold or heat use thermochromic pigments that allow the modification in a reversible way, depending on the temperature. The use of micropigments in the design of ceramic coasters has become very popular, because the effect they give with the temperature of the cup or glass makes a very attractive color change during use.

Q4: Which are better, cork or metal coasters?

It is not so easy to say which material is the best for the manufacture of a coaster, as this will depend on your tastes, the style of your preference and your budget. However, we can mention that cork coasters stand out for their sustainable origin, good level of absorption of temperature and humidity, in addition to their low cost, which is an advantage for many users. Those made of metal, on the other hand, can also have a sustainable origin as they are made of recycled metal. Likewise, these can have very attractive drawings or prints to increase their eye-catching appearance. 

Q5: How to clean the coasters?

The cleaning of the coaster will depend, in large part, on the material with which it is made and the protective treatment it has to take care of its surface. A soft cloth or absorbent towel can usually be used to remove excess moisture from wood, metal, or plastic, especially before storage. For crocheted or felted patterns, you can hang them up and let them air dry if they’re very damp. But, if the coasters are made of cork, you just have to wipe them with a dry cloth and they will be ready to store until the next time.

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