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Coat Rack – Opinions, Analysis and Comparison in 2022

When it comes to organizing coats and other winter clothes in your office, you have two options. Either you place them on the chairs, with the inconvenience and risk of deterioration that these garments will have, or you choose a quality coat rack in which to have everything well organized. A market in which we also have a wide range of options to choose from, ranging from the most traditional floor coat racks to coat racks with shelves, wall or even door racks. Among what the market offers us, we find models such as the Umbra Sticks wall coat rack, which has five hooks capable of supporting up to 2.3 kilos each in a simple design made up of small plugs. Also modern is the Versa 18790111 coat rack, which in its design is reminiscent of a tree and changes the usual hooks for some pretty branches.

The best racks on the market

When winter arrives, the number of garments we wear increases significantly: coats, scarves, trench coats, jackets… Garments that require the best coat rack of the moment to be properly organized and not end up on the floor or be scattered around our office. Fortunately, the variety of solutions that we have within our reach makes it easy to decide which is the best coat rack with which we can equip ourselves, as you can see in our selection.

Shadow Sticks

Our selection of the best coat racks for 2022 starts with an efficient wall-mounted coat rack. The Umbra Sticks model is a compact wall-mounted coat rack equipped with five different hooks that are capable of supporting a weight of up to 2.3 kilos. In addition, these hooks can be opened or closed as needed so if you don’t plan to use it, it is properly hidden on the wall as if it were a beautiful sculpture.

A model with a beautiful design formed by a kind of studs that also has four different colors to choose from, so that, if you don’t like white, you can opt for black, gray or anthracite. An additional element that is not only used to hang clothes, but also adds extra elegance to any room where the coat rack is placed.

Let’s see some more details about this model that, seeing the comments of the users, could well belong to the best brand of coat racks of the moment.


Resistance : Each hook supports a weight of 2.3 kilos, so you will not have problems even with larger garments.

Colors : If you are looking for a black coat rack, this model is also available in this color, as well as in anthracite and dark brown.

Design : Thanks to its beautiful design in the form of wooden blocks, this coat rack looks great in almost any decoration.

Folding hooks: In case you are not going to use all or some of the hooks, you can always fold them over the body of the coat rack.

Compact : The coat rack measures 49.5 centimeters long by 18.4 wide and 2.4 deep, being quite compact and discreet.


Assembly : As with all wall coat racks, it is necessary to make a drill to proceed with its assembly, since it is necessary to drill the wall.

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Versa 18790111

If for you the best coat rack is the one that has a different and modern line, surely this model will interest you. And it is that the Versa 18790111 coat rack changes the design of the conventional coat rack for a design reminiscent of a tree and in which the branches become hooks where you can leave your clothes. In total, this model has nine different branches, made of lacquered metal and with wooden heads, in order to give you adequate resistance during use.

The finish of the product is also striking, in a beautiful lacquered white tone that breaks the conventional image of the more traditional black coat racks. A stable model, thanks to its 32-centimeter wooden base, which prevents the coat rack from tipping over in normal conditions. And although it requires assembly, it is so simple that it will only take five minutes to have your coat rack ready.

If you are looking for a hall or office coat rack that has a different image, find out more about this beautiful Versa model.


Design: This elegant white coat rack has been manufactured with a structure reminiscent of a tree, with 9 branches that serve as hooks for your clothes.

Finish: The lacquered finish gives the coat rack an extra elegance, while increasing its resistance and its useful life.

Base: To stay in place, this standing coat rack has a rounded wooden base that gives the set greater stability.

Tips : The wooden tips better protect your garments and prevent their deterioration due to the friction of the use of the coat rack.


Tightening : It may be necessary to tighten the screw located at the bottom of the coat rack from time to time, so that it maintains its position firmly.

Garment distribution: It is important to distribute the garments correctly, both to avoid the possible fall of the rack and to prevent premature deterioration.

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The SONGMIC HSR04B model is a coat rack with a shelf, or rather with shelves, with which it is easy to have ample space not only for your clothes but also for bags, briefcases and other objects. Specifically, this model has a design of 187 centimeters high, 68.8 wide and 35.2 deep, which are those that correspond to the bottom of those shelves.

In the upper part we have a total of 18 hooks, capable of supporting up to 5 kilos each, while in the lower part there are 3 shelves with a load capacity of 40 kilos. A large space that is also elegant, thanks to the simple design of this black coat rack with which it turns out to have everything at hand. And for greater security, it includes a strap to anchor it to the wall and the legs are adjustable in height.

If you don’t know which coat rack to buy but you are sure you want a coat rack with a shelf, this Songmics model more than meets your needs.


Hooks : The coat rack has 18 separate hooks with an individual load capacity of 5 kilos.

Shelves : Thanks to its tubular construction, each of the shelves supports a weight of up to 40 kilos, also having a high resistance.

Elegance : The design in black and with a glossy finish gives this model an extra elegance.


Assembly : The assembly process can be somewhat complex, so it is recommended to follow the instructions precisely to avoid inconveniences.

Necessary space : Due to its characteristics, this model occupies a little more space than other coat racks that we have seen.

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AmazonBasics GAR 001

It is a versatile coat rack with 9 supports to place all kinds of clothing after arriving at the house, such as scarves, coats, hats, jackets, among others. In addition, it is capable of preventing clothes from falling to the ground, since the supports have rounded tips that prevent the wardrobe from slipping.

It has a size of 62.5 x 173 cm, so it is compact enough to place it in the entrance of the house, the corridor, the bedroom or the main room without taking up much space.

Regarding the design, it is a 3-legged structure that you can easily combine with different types of decorations in your home, thanks to the fact that the surface has a black powder-coated finish, therefore, it is capable of providing an elegant appearance. to stay. Similarly, it is resistant to rust, which favors the durability of the coat rack.

A coat rack is a very functional piece of furniture to hang your clothes when you get home. For this reason it is worth learning more about this model.


Supports: It has 9 main supports to hang different types of garments, such as coats, scarves, jackets, among others.

Finish: The frame offers an attractive black powder coat finish, which adds to the attractiveness of the coat rack and makes it resistant to rust.

Dimensions: It has dimensions of 62.5 x 173 cm, so you can place it in any room without taking up much space.


Tools: Although a hex key is included for installation, a common wrench is required to tighten the nuts.

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Premier Housewares 0509728

The Premier Housewares 0509728 door rack is the most recommended solution in those places where space is scarce and you do not want, or cannot, place a different type of rack. This coat rack has been made of a resistant chrome material, so you do not have to worry about the weight when hanging clothes from it. In total, you will have 10 hooks located in two different rows, to organize the garments more efficiently.

This product has the additional advantage that it does not require any installation other than placing it on any door, as long as it is less than 4 centimeters thick, and can be used instantly. All this, in addition, in a quality product that is among the cheapest that we have analyzed, being a firm candidate to be the best value for money coat rack in our comparison.

If you are looking for cheap coat racks with which to make the most of the space in your office or office, this model has just what you need.


Capacity : Thanks to its 10 hooks, located in two rows, this coat rack allows you to place a good amount of clothes almost without taking up space.

Materials : The coat rack has been made of high quality and resistant chromed metal, which supports the weight and also looks great behind the door.

Assembly : The assembly of this door rack is as easy as hanging it on the door and starting to use it.


Door thickness: This model cannot be installed on doors with a thickness of more than 4 centimeters, due to the size of its supports.

Padding : The padding of the supports is missing, which prevents the door from being scratched during the use of the coat rack.

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These products used to be among the most recommended, but now they are no longer available

LANGRIA Standing Tree

In our selection there is also room for the more traditional coat racks, although with improved capacity and comfort. That is why we have chosen the LANGRIA Tree Stand coat rack. This traditional black coat rack has the usual structure of this product, but adds two more levels of hooks located in the central and lower part of the product. This increases the available space and gives you more options to organize your things efficiently.

So you already have a space available for coats, another for bags and backpacks and another for umbrellas, for example. All this in a product with a wide base that gives the coat rack stability, to which contributes a resistant metal construction and a beautiful glossy finish, so that you give a special touch to the room in which you place the coat rack.

If you are looking for a traditional coat rack but with a little more space, this black coat rack from Langria may be able to satisfy you.


Three levels: The three levels of the coat rack allow you to organize your clothes, bag, coats, briefcases and even umbrellas efficiently.

Simplicity: This coat rack is simple and, therefore, suitable for those who do not want to complicate it with the more particular designs of other models.

Finish : The glossy black paint finish adds extra quality to the product and a touch of elegance to the room in which it is placed.


Delivery : The coat rack is delivered completely disassembled although, fortunately, the assembly process does not take more than 10 or 15 minutes, according to the manufacturer.

Weight distribution: As with other floor coat racks, it is recommended to properly distribute the weight to avoid inconveniences.

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